pepper carrot

pepper carrot

PepperCarrot. A Novel by William Mckee

Based on Pepper and Carrot works by David Revoy

She sat at her workbench. Twirling the feather pen in her
hand. A Cat slept peacefully beside her.

The mailman approached the mailbox with caution. Warning:
Witch Property, the box read. He had been watching the
house since these new witches had moved in. Several nights
ago as he was chopping onions he noticed from his window
green smoke drifting out from the property. He had concerns
for what mischief they were up to.
What was worse is it wasn't just a single witch that had
moved in - it was a group of them. Three adult witches and a
child. He had seen the lot of them leave the house on their
broomsticks. He had thought about approaching the house and
having a peak through the window but he was worried that there
might be traps - or that the witches return and cast a spell
on him.
The girl had been friendly. He had seen her walking down the
road with her ginger cat. He had been mowing his lawns (something
they needed to do) when she walked past his house giving
him a wave and yelling "Hello Neighbour, I'm Pepper".
Pepper had a basket containing mushrooms. She offered some
mushrooms to the man but he refused. She tried to talk to him
further but he rushed back inside like he was afraid of her.
The man stomped up his front door steps, opened the door and headed
The door slammed behind him.
Peaking out the window he watches as Pepper is steering at the
house. He closes the curt-ins and continues to peak out.
Pepper calls out to her cat which is distracted playing
with a moth, "Come on Carrot, Let's finish our walk".
The two continue to walk down the road.

The house might need some maintenance Pepper thought. She
the mailbox and looked out to her home in the distance.
The garden had grown wild. An ancient oak tree wrapped its
way through the house. Pepper had asked her godmothers
about clearing it. They were shocked and refused explaining
that the oak tree was in fact alive and they wouldn't dare
chop it.

Pepper had been given permission to mow the lawns. Maybe
if she maintained the house the neighbour wouldn't be
frightened of her anymore. She wasn't surprised when she
was told that they didn't own a lawnmower. 'Put your
training to use and use magic', Pepper was told. She spent
the morning looking through books for a spell that would
allow her to cut the grass. She found the perfect recipe.
The ingredients read: rose petals, cardamom, ginger, coriander,
hibiscus, red geranium, and powdered dragons tooth. All were
common herbs - except for the dragons tooth which was rare. Pepper
stepped out the back door and
headed towards the herb garden where the herbs grew. Reaching into
her pocket she pulled out a pair of secetares which she used to
cut the herbs. She hummed to herself as she works. The sky was turning
gray, a storm was coming. The Gods had predicted she was going to
make this spell. The first rain-dropped landed as Pepper finished
picking the herbs and took a step inside.
Pepper had picked the majority of ingredients she needed from the
garden. All she needed was the powdered dragons tooth. It was
in a glass container high in the shelf. Pepper climbed the ladder and
retrieved the glass container that contained the dragons tooth. She had
gone to a great deal to retrieve this - travelling around the world in
search of dragons and attempted to remove their teeth. In the end she
ended setting up a dragon dentist business and was overloaded with
toothache dragons that needed a tooth or two removed. Sadly she then
found out that the powdered dragons tooth didn't come from dragons but from
a plant. The Binomial name for Dragons Tooth was Lotus maritimus. It is part
of the genus Lotus. Pepper had to travel to South England for the plant. She
found it on a field in which cows were grazing. The plant had grown to a
height of 30cm.
The flowers were a pale yellow colour. The leaves in three's, 'clover'-like
but longer and terminating more suddenly at the far end.
Pepper learnt to make sure she knew what she was looking for before setting
out on future trips to retrieve ingredients.

Pepper had planted the dragons teeth that she had removed from the dragons
in order to build an skeleton army. She would order this army to help out with
her duty's around the house. Pepper watered the patch of garden where she had
planted the teeth twice a day but no skeleton had risen.

Pepper continued with the recipe. Outside the lightning cracked and a rumble
of thunder could be heard. The dry ingredients were ground and added to a
boiling cauldron of wet ingredients - bats blood, lemon zest, vanilla essence,
and water. The brew bubbled as Pepper danced around the cauldron chanting:
'Witches Brew, Blind Bat, Sour Rabid, Rise Cut, Cauldron Boil and cut this
grass'. Pepper repeated this chant three times before there was a loud band
and was blown back. 'Did I over do the ingredients', she thought - picking
herself up from the ground she approached the cauldron. The previous red mixture
had changed to a pale green colour. 'It worked!', Pepper yelled giving
Carrot a high five.

Now that the potion was complete Pepper needed a test subject. The recipe
recommended kidnapping an unsuspecting human but Pepper felt that was not
very nice. Instead she decided to test it on Carrot. Her cat could cut the
lawns if the potion worked. Pepper poured the thick green mixture into
Carrots water bowl. Carrot proceeded to lap the potion from it's bowl.
Peppere observed Carrot as the potions effects started to kick in. The cats
teeth grew and changed. They turned from short white like to a large metal like
and started to vibrate. The potion was working. Outside the lightning and thunder
had stopped and the weather had cleared up. The grass was dry and sun shining.
Pepper brought Carrot outside and watched as the cat began to cut the lawns.
It was working successfully. Pepper needed to cast a spell on Carrot in order
to stop from vomiting up the grass being ingested.

Cumin, Cayenne and Thyme could see their home in the distance as they flew
their brooms. The three were returning from a day trip to Qualicity.
"What is Pepper up to?", Cayenne asked as they approach the house. Cumin
squinted the Pepper and Carrot, the two up to something in the front of the
"I'm not sure", Cumin replied, "but whatever it is I will find out". The
three witches landed at the house. Cayenne and Thyme went inside the house
carrying the shopping that they had got from Qualicity.
"You're home!', Pepper yelled excited to see Cumin standing over her.
"I guess you are wondering what we are up to?", Pepper added.
Cumin nodded, with a strange expression on her face. Pepper explained how she
created the potion and used it on Carrot and that Carrot was successfully
cutting the grass. Cumin was confused to why the grass needed cut. She had
lived in this house for years and had never cut it in the past. Pepper
explained about meeting the neighbour and wanting to do something to be more

Kielbasash vs Wharrgarblah

Magmah vs Aquah

The two schools are on the verge of war.

The house of Kielbasah is focused on cooking, baking, grilling, boiling, frying,
steaming and toasting. It is the house of alchemy and rare metals.

Wharrgarblah is the house of water, wind, clouds and the abyss. Those that are
members live deep under the ocean and rarely interact with those on land. They
believe they are super compared to those on the land.

Pepper swollen the underwater breathing potion and dived into the ocean. Carrot
followed closely behind. She had been receiving guest training from the house
of Wharrgarblah. The house was cauctionst at first with the training but soon
after discovering Peppers talents of water spells - they welcomed her.

Saffron floated on her broom with her cat Komona and watched Pepper dive into
the water. She had been following her for several weeks - with the suspension
that Pepper had became involved with the house Wharrgarblah or Aquah as Saffron
believed the house should be refereed as. Saffron despised the house. Because of
them she was an orphan. He parents were killed in the war between the two
houses. Saffron would do anything in her power to bring down the house and she
felt betrayed by Pepper for being involved with the house.

As Pepper swam she looked behind her and saw Carrot following close behind.
She had cast a spell on him that allowed him to enter the water without
getting wet - an air bubble. This allowed him to breath under water also.
This was just one of the spells Pepper had learnt from her new trainer at
the school of Wharrgarblah. She knew people would be suspicious of her
training with this school. She had learnt that her ancestors were part of the
house and that is why she was drawn into the house. Pepper wasn't worried. She
believed the houses should be kind and accepting to each other - sharing and
Today Pepper was going to learn how to summon miniature bigfish. She had first
encountered BigFish when she was holidaying on an nearby island. Cumin had taught
her how to summon demons so she was able to pickup the spells for summoning
water spirits easily.

Saffron had attempted to follow Pepper further. She hoovered above the water.
She was too frightened to enter the water herself, there could be traps or she
might end up drowning. Instead she had cast a spell that allowed to her send
an eye into the ocean to follow Pepper. She was able to stay above the water,
but view what the eye was seeing. They eye was following closely behind Pepper
and Carrot. Saffron hoped that the eye wouldn't be noticed - for her sake and

Peppers broom had transformed and developed organic fins and propellers to
allow her to travel quickly under the water. She was able to zip along quickly,
with Carrot perched on the front of the broom.

How did the war between Magmah and Aquah begin?

Houses accused each other of stealing one others spell
Aquah unleashed an attack on Magmah. The two houses decided that the winner of
the war would decide the name of the other house and release all their spell
secrets. Of course like any war there was no winner and in the end on the break
of both houses collapsing the High Council of Ah decided that both houses lost
and renamed both houses. A peace treaty between the two houses was signed but
rivery was still tense between the houses.

The magical land of Hereva was born from the magical forces known as 'Chaos and
Evolutions'. Hereva formed when the magic elements of the cosmos evolved from the

The trainer was waiting for Pepper at the magical underwater city.
She had planned the week out of spells that she would be teaching Pepper. The woman
tapped her feet as she waited for Pepper. She had no patience for lateness.

Coriander's fiftieth birthday was approaching and she had given a long list
of requests to her Father. She wanted to have the best birthday in Hereva and would
be highly disappointed if he didn't attend to all her requests. Her Father was meeting
with King Acren today. He had been pressuring the city of Komona to implement the tax

Saffron steered out her bedroom window to the city of Kormana below. She lived high
above the city in a tall castle. Saffron liked to live up so high, it gave her power
above all those below her. The city itself was already floating Hereva. Her castle
was owned by the King, but one day when he died she would inherit all his worth. She
prayed that he wouldn't die anytime soon though, life was good with him around.
Only the rich and upper-class lived in Komona, the poor and peasants lived below on

Saffron sighed as she brushed her long blonde hair. Looking into the mirror her
large blue eyes stared back. She was perfect. Sitting on the dressing table
was her purple witches hat. She reached for it and place it upon her head. It matched
her suit. It was important she looked good. She wanted to be the best
witch so headed out the door to her classes. She knew the only way she was going to
be the best was attend classes. Saffron headed down the hallway, past the other
children rooms. They would still be sleeping, all orphans like herself but lazy
and unmotivated - unlike herself. Reaching the end of the hallway she headed down the
flight of steps. It wound around and around, past several stories of sleeping quarters.
Finally she reached the bottom where she was greeted by several orphanage working
preparing breakfast. She had no time for breakfast and waved them goodbye as she
unlocked the front door and headed out into the street. Saffron shrived in the brisk
cold morning. She wished she had another layer of clothes. Winter was approaching and
the tempture was changing. Saffron looked to her right. A group merchant were pushing
their cattle and cargo down the road towards the market. To Saffrons left was a bakery,
clothes store, potions shop, and the butcher. She headed towards the bakery. Outside
the bakery the smells were too good. The smell of fresh baking made Saffron regret
skipping out on breakfast. She skipped into the store. No one was behind the counter.
They must have been out the back. Saffron grabbed a cream bun and rushed back outside
before anyone spotted her. She walked down the road, eating the cream bun quite pleased
with herself. This was better than the breakfast her orphanage offered.
Now she needed to get to class.

Pepper sat on her bed and steered out the window. Her hands on knees.
Carrot looked up. She knows Pepper is upset about her birthday.
Carrot jumps up on the bed and trys to comfite Pepper.
"It's nearly my birthday and I don't have any friends to celebrate
it with..", Pepper cries. Her head lowers and she bursts into tears.
Hands cover her face. Carrot strokes Peppers shoulder, it does no use.
An idea springs into Carrots head. She springs across to the table.
Carrots claw points at a framed photograph.
"Oh, invite the other witches we met at the Poition Contest?", Pepper
congrats Carrot. A smile apeared on Peppers face. Carrot is pleased with herself.
Pepper and Carrot work together and write invitations with Peppers feather pen.
The two remember back to the day of the potion contest.

"As Mayor of Komona I declear the potion content... Open!",
The mans arms stretched out in excitment. In his right hand he grasped a rolled
scroll. The bag of gold behind him sparked in the sunlight. The four Witchs glearing
at the prize and each other. The winner would get a large prize.
"Our town is delighted to welcome no fewer than four witches for this first
edition", the major continued. He turned and faced the four witches,
"Please give a HUGE round of applause". The crowd burst with noise. A mixture of
nonmagical and magical beings were present in the crowd. Every house of magic was
present. This was one of the key events that lead to Hereva to be destoried. Death
had succecced finally. Pepper faced Death several times. She set traps for him and
hunted him down. For once it wasn't Death that did the hunting. Pepper could feel
icey breath on the back of his shoulder. She knew he was present. Twisting her head
she looked back. Nothing. The bottom of The Great Tree was visible. It's bark
obsorbing the healthy rays of the sun. Tinkle of silver made Pepper focus again.
Coriander was introduced first by the speaker, "All the way from the great
Technologist's Union, it's an honor to welcome the ravishing and ingenious
CORIANDER!". Posing with her chicken in her right arm and holding an orange
potion with her left arm.
Pepper had traveled back to that moment several times in an attempt to change
the future. It was no use, each time she changed events it got worse.

The speaker continues to introduce the witches,
"not to forget our local girl, Komona's very own witch SAFFRON!". Tilting her head to the
right Saffron smiled holding her right hand on her hip and in the left arm holding the
potion, filled with a yellow bubbly liquid.

"... Our third participant come to us from the lands of setting moons, SHICHIMI!",
The foxs tail was wrapped around the back of Shichimis neck and the fox perched on
the witches left arm. In her other hand she grasped a potion that was green and
had no bubble.
".. and finally, our last participant from the forest of Squirels End, Pepper!",
Standing with a sour and disapointed look on her face. Carrot held up Peppers
potions. It was a pale yellow colour. Death approved of the colour but would rather
a pale green.

The problem with time travel is it's easy to get lost and create too many

The Demons of Chaosah Hornük, Eyeük and Spidük had morphed into their
Wharrgarblah alternative they were much the same - except water and
wind based. Hornük's green fur had grown in length. For the past week
they had been summoned daily into Hereva. The Four Horse Man had been
unleased on the world and the Demons had been summoned to stop them.
Famine had caused the crops in Hereva to die - starting with Squirrel's
End. The 2,000 villagers that lived there - the majority of them Farmers
and poor lost everything. War causd a war between
magic houses. Citizens of Hereva became ill because of the rider
Pestilence. Disease spread. Death was present at Komona when the package
was being transfered. "Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds"

A package was being transfered from Squirrel's
end to Komona. The contents would stop the war. Both Magmah and Aquah
wanted to get their hands on it. The interception happened when the
package was traveling through the park in centre Komona. Aquah forces had
breached the city. The majority of the attack came from the skys.
Saffron's grandparents forght for Magmah and Peppers for Aquah.
The cities walls were destoried by the attack. A large Aquah army
moved through the crumbling walls. The Magmah army retreaded.
The magic school of Ah had discovered the seeds. An eldely witch
that lived in Squirrels Edge had created them. When Magmah and
Aquah had discovered the two armies launched attacks on the farmland
in search for the package. It only contained three seeds. When the Ah
transporer was intercepted in Komona one of the seeds was dropping -
causing The Great Tree to grow - lifting the city of Komona into the
sky. The polin of the tree spread to other areas of Hereva. In Squirrels
Edge the creatures are morphed and plants trees grow with magical powers.
The quality of the food improves dramatically. The crops grow easily.
The Great Tree stops the war. The armies lay down their arms go home.
The House of Ah force Magmah and Aquah to change their names to Kielbasah
and Wharrgarblah.

Only four dudes so hardcore they can wipe out all sentient life on Hereva.
Portal opened to Hereva and they entered and attempted to wipe out a fourth of the
world each.

The Burger King crown sat upon the statues head. His mouth opening revealing a
nice set of white teeth. The brown beard was well groomed and his hair
curled. "Where is your God now"?, the Statue spoke.

War had been around for centuies and despite Henevas best effects, some of them are
still alive. In his right arm he welded a white staff. It was bluetooth connected.
At the top of the staff was a monitor display. Feeds were sent over and procied
by War. Approval or Denial was given. His job was mostly automated now. After he
was defeated by The Great Tree he lived a relaxed life. Staying in the city of
Komona he stayed hidden by hiding in plain daylight.

"Mama were all going to die"

"WHO ELSE WERE YOU EXPECTING?", Death whispered into the slowed Witches ear.
Her fingers almost touched her wand. Bursting into laughter Death clapped his

"Let the games begin!", a voice boomed over the statium. "The vote will be by
applaud-o-meter". First up Coriander's demostration. The dark skinned Witch stood
forward. Holding in left right hand was a dead bird. It's feathers pale. The Bird
had meet with Death already. "Ladies and Gentlemen", Coriander greeted the crowd.
"Fear death no more, thanks to my...", she poured the liquid from her potion onto
the dead animal. "Potion of ZOMBIFICATION!", she yelled towards the crowd. The crowd
clapped as the dead animal rose from the dead and marched forward. Death had failed and
felt very disapointed. Among the crowd Death steered at the girl and the
bright smile on her face, so pleased with herself that she was able to cheat him.
"FANTASTIC! Coriander defies death itself with this mi-ra-cu-lous potion!"
Because they were mocking him Death felt more angry.
Coriander bowed and the applause grew louder. Saffron intrupted the moment,
"But please.. save your applause, people of Komana". The crowd was silent.
"beacause here is MY potion", Saffron announced holding her poition obove her
head. "The real potion you've all been waiting for: the one which will amaze
your neighbors...", the young witch had captavated the crowd. "...make them
jealous!", Saffrpn poured her potion onto the zombie bird. "... all this is possible
with the simple application of a single drop of my ...", a drip of the potion
touched the feathers of the bird.
"POTION OF POSHNESS", Saffron screamed. The bird grew in size. It gained a curly
hairdo and dark gray coloured sunglasses. A brown pokerdot handbag apeared
under it's right wing. The crowd burst into applause.
"Fantastic! Incredible! This potion could make all of Komana rich!". Saffron steered
at Coriander with a smerk on her face. Coriander looked back and frowned.
"Your applause can't be wrong. Coriander has already been eliminated", a smile
flashed accross Saffrons face. Deeper into the abyss Coriander fell. She had been
defeated. The voice moved on to the third witch, "That last demostration would now
seem difficult to beat for Shichimi".

one of the oldest tricks in the book too place. Death had slowed the Witch
down but she was still making a grab for her wand. He thought she had lost.
But for the second time that day Death was wrong. The Witch was able to reach
for her wand and yell off several words that Death didn't understand.
This caused him to be become stunned. The slowing spell Death had cast on the
witch was reserved.

The eye continued to follow Pepper under the ocean. The young witch had summoned
three of her demons that she commanded to attach the practice dummy.
Her Demons had morphed since Pepper had learnt these new sets of summon
spells. No longer were they land based Demons who liked cupcakes and drinking
tea, they were water and wind warrior elements.
The three Demons themselves were proud of their new powers. They were better
equipped to defend Pepper - like they had defended her parents and
grandparents before. In the end they had failed their masters - both
Peppers grandparents and parents were killed under their protection. The three
Demons swore that the devastation would never happen again and have focused
on protecting Pepper.

The neighbour peeked out his lounge windows at the Witches house.
A tall dark figure swept across the Witches property. Beside the figure
was a small Witch. She had a concerned expression. The neighbour knew something
was wrong. The older Witches were not home. He had seen the Three leave the
house on their brooms in the early morning.
He had to do something. Contact somebody. Stop this figure.
His best hope was to take his flying car and find the Witches. They would
go gone to the markets in Korama.
Using the old rusted blue car he was able to travel to the City to warn the
Three Witches.

The Witches had just finished their shopping and flying past the branches
of The Great Tree. In the distance ahead of them a madman was driving a
blue flying car towards then. The Witches dashed out the way as the car
came near, slamming on the breaks. The vehicle slowed down, the man inside
yelling and waving, one arm clutching the steering wheel.The Witches look
around in wonder. The driver was clearly trying to communicate with them.
A man opened the door of the halted vechile, it was floating there with three Witches
at a cautions distance observing. He yelled about something happened at their
home and they needed to return. Created a summoning portal that teleported the
three witches to their home. They rushed inside the building to find Pepper.
They found the girl at her desk drawing up plans for her next spell. Nothing
was wrong. Beside her slept Carrot, the ginger coloured Cat.
A large smile appeared on Peppers face as she noticed her three godmothers
in the room. The shortest and oldest on the left. The leader of the group.
A skinny, tall, young spell tutor and an older plump rounded potions master.
The three had been training the Pepper everything they knew about being a
Witch. Pepper was to become a true witch of chaos. The three had promised
the girls parents and grandparents that they would train the girl.
The majority of children Peppers age became orphans due to the war between
two of the magic houses. Other houses were caught in the middle of the
convicts. Lands were destroyed and inhabits slaughtered.

Peppers new demons took on new forms. Instead of the texture of slime on their
bodies they had a water and transparent wind type forms. They were able to
switch back to their previous forms. One Demon was pure water based. Another
was pure wind based. The final was a mixture of the water and wind.
The water based demon was shaped like a mixture of dolphin and octopus.
Shaped like a dolphin for quick and efficient movement in the water. Long
octopus-like arms and legs coming off the body. When the demon was on land
it used these octopus legs to walk, it was certainly not faster than
travelling under the water, but it was OK.
The other side of the schools spells - wind. This demon was filled with fast
moving modules that caused the appearance of things to be blurred and mixed
up. Transparent at essence.
The final demon was a hybrid of the wind and water spells. The appearance was
a blurred effect with water being crashed around the figure. Waves hitting
the shoreline. Lightning cracks. Thunder booms.
Pepper had successfully summoned the three demons in their water and
wind forms. Her previous attempts were failures and the demons were twisted,
deformed, and powerless. She was excited for herself that this was a success.
She knew her parents would be proud of her. If they were still alive. She
had joined this house of magic as she wanted to take revenge for her
parents and houses peoples deaths.
Saffron was her largest threat. Pepper had recently discovered she was following
Pepper. The girl won't be able to follow her to the underwater city but she
was able to summon a eye that followed Pepper and Carrot under the water
and to the city. Pepper couldn't allow Saffron to discover where the city
was as she would unleash her army onto the city. Pepper instead cast a spell
of her own that replaced the footage that the eye recorded with fake images,
leading the army into a trap and death.
He had told Pepper that judgement day was coming and she needed to train for it,
War was near between some of the worlds most powerful Witches and creatures.
The water elements attacked the cities walls coming in from the north east
side off the ocean. The city had attempted to setup boulders to stop the
water and break up the flow. The wind elements swept in and lifted these
obscures. The path was clear for the water to crash upon the cities walls.
After the wind elements had cleared a path, the focused on attacking the
city walls in an attempt to collapse. The walls were tough and they stood
strong. The water elements changed tactics and the sky started to pour
with rain and hail above the city. Wind elements stopped attacking the city
walls and started to lift up the ground - causing mud to spread over the city.
The mixture of mud and rain caused people to move slow and become inaccurate
with their weapons.
The elements still needed to breach the city. Their defences were low. The
Water elements searched the city for an weak spots. They discovered a door
which had started to leak under the pressure of water and rain. The elements
were able to focus the door - causing a series of tidal waves to hit the door.
Wind elements assisted the water in creation of the tidal waves.
The door burst down after the third tidal wave hit it. Water smashed it's way over the guard building and towards the market square. The elements had
gained entry to the city.
The towns people were helpless when the waves came. They were knee deep in mud and unable to move.
The rain had stopped now that water was focused on tidal waves throughout the
city. A bright sun shone down - causing the mud to harden - trapping the
guards on the spot. They were able to fight the elements but were unable to
move and dodge the attacks. The elements were winning.
Under the ocean in the city an army of Witches controlled these elements -
commanding them to attack the city. They were after one thing - the seed of
flight. It is told that these seeds will grow a magical tree that has the
power of growth and flight - and spreads it to others. The Aquaq Witches wanted
the seed for themselves. Amongst the army of Witches was Peppers parents and
grandparents. Six witches. All commanding the attack on the city of Komora.
The city was in a panic.

The Three Witches left Pepper and headed into another room - closing the
door behind them. 'She seems fine', the youngest Witch spoke. The other two
stood there and steered at the other for sometime. 'The neighbour was not
making it up though, he had evidence of the events taking place', another
added. The three discussed for sometime how they would deal with Pepper and
the events that had unfolded. Finally they came to a agreement. The three
exited the room and headed towards Pepper.
Pepper stood up from her chair and looked around at her three Godmothers.

Death stood at the door. Leaning against the wooden frame. He gazed at
Pepper. She stood there, looking back at him. Her godmothers around her.
Death had yet to realised that the neighbour had spotted him walking in the
witches home with Pepper. His jaw dropped when the three witches questioned
Pepper over the event. Death bolted. He left the building. War had failed and
now they were being punished for it. The four horsemen successfully killed
Pepper parents and grandparents. For years Pepper had manoeuvred them.
They had tracked Pepper down to an orphanage. After her parents were killed
she was sent here to learn to become a Witch. She was given a cat that she
named Carrot.
No longer did they have the two magic houses at war with each other, with the
rest of the houses stuck in the middle. The operation was a success but years
later they discovered left overs. Recently returned to the world and attacking
Pepper. Causing her to learn more about her grandparents and parents.
She was the last left in the bloodline. The rest had been hunted down and
thrown into Hades. It was there they were judged in front of the gods and
thrown to hell or allowed into heaven. There has been attempts to return to
the world of Hevena from heaven. Several tried but failed. Once they reached
heaven, there was no escape.
Those that were cast to hell were able to return to the world of the living
and spread Satan's word. It is a horrible job and the pay is lousy.
Some believe that those in hell are given more freedom than those in heaven.
That is until someone escaped from heaven. A rogue Angle attacked heaven
and disabled the security used to stop people escaping. The angel was able
to leave heaven and returned to the world of the living. It was here that
the angel meet a wizard and feel in love. The two had three children.
Another family Saffrons grandparents.

Along with Peppers broom her demons had changed. They were now water and wind
based. She was learning how to control their new powers. The demons would be
similar to what her parents controlled. Peppers great-great-great grandmother
had been an angel from heaven that had escaped heaven and returned to the
world of the living. The four horse men were tasked with hunting down and returning
those that were of the blood tree.

Saffron hurried off to class. She hated being late and today was going to be
one of those days. The girl had decided she needed to set her alarm spell to
activate earlier. She didn't need as much sleep as she use to. It was
important for her to focus on her studies. Though she lived in an orphanage
a large sum of her parents fortune was invested into the orphanage. No
expense was spared for the school. It was the very best. The tutors were
highly trained Witches and Wizards who had spent their lives perfecting their
craft. Peppers tutors had spent their live at their home experimenting
never leaving or achieving anything. They just said they were only
interested in creating a true witch.

Pepper awoke with the sun shining into her eyes. The witch thought she
had left her bedroom window open. Brisk morning breeze brushed her face.
Opening one eye Pepper could see The Great Tree in the distance. The city of
Komonai. She remembered about the potion contest. Realising that she must have
fallen asleep. A winged duck landed on her bed. Pepper looked at it in wonder
"QUACK", the duck asked Pepper. "You are too kind, but I have a potions
event to attend", pepper replies to the duck. "Another time?", smiles
Pepper. The duck fly's off disappointed. Pepper realised that she was being
carried to the potions event with her broomstick lifting he bed with Pepper
and Carrot inside. Pepper thanked Carrot for organising everything and getting
her to the potions event on time. The cat looked down from its perch on the
broom - giving Pepper a thumbs up. Peppers witches hat was too her right.#
Pepper steered at it for a moment. The crinkle fabric crinkling in the
wind, with the pointed top waving back and forward. There was a fresh set
of clothes in her bag. Inside the bag was a potion filled with a yellow liquid.
It was not the thick green liquid she had created. Carrot must of packed the
wrong potion. Pepper was disappointed and annoyed with Carrot. There was no
way that the potion was going to work. She had lost already.

Pepper tried to hide her fear when she landed at the event. She stood proud
on her neatly made bed, wearing a fresh set of clothes. Her witches hat sat
on her head. Looking down she waved at the crowd who cheered her on. Her
bed and broom gently landed by the stage. Pepper leaped out with Carrot
springing side to side behind her. Three figures stood on the stage in
front of Pepper. On old grayhaired mustage, short and round man stood with
two young witches - they must of been the same age as Pepper. The dark
skinned witch had a afro, their witches hat
parting it to the side. Around her neck she
wore a necklace with two skulls. Under the
necklace she wore a red jacket and a white shirt
. A pair of goggles wrapped around the neck of her hat. She wore these when riding her
A fair haired witch stood on the other side.
She had Asian features but her skin was pale
white. Her top was loose hanging with large
open cuffs. Goldern writing patterns on a red
base. Underneath she wore a low cut white
shirt. In her right hand she clutched a green
liquid filled glass bottle.
There was spose to be four witches completing
today. Pepper was glad she was not the
last to arrive. A purple tip of a hat appeared
in view of those on stage. All four on the
stage looked at the approaching figure.
Under the purple hat was shoulder height
straight blonde hair. Wide blue eyes steered
back. The witch flashed a white smile at the
contestants as she took her place.
Since all four witches had arrived the contest
ready to begin. The Mayor introduced the
First was the dark skinned witch Coriander,
travelling from the Technologists Union for
the event.

The witch that had arrived at the event last was next to be announced.
Saffron. She posed for the crowd. Cheers erupted from the crowd.
Saffron believed because it was a home crowd she would have an
advantage on winning. A large sum on gold was part of the prize, along
with scholarships and internships.

The contestants were to demo their potion their potions in the order they
were introduced. Pepper was grateful of this. Perhaps she will have a chance
after all.
The potions had to be used on a test subject. Today's potion contest test subject
was a yellow bird. Coriander was the first witch to demo their potion.

The pale white witch was next. Her home is

Pepper was the final witch to be introduced. She stood there with her arms
folded looking cross. She was still angry with Carrot and looked at her
cat in dicuist.

"Best holidays ever", the witch shrugged. A group of skeleton warriors charged
at the group of witches. Coriander posed battle ready in the centre. Welding
a buster sword with two hands.

The day after the party Pepper woke late inn the morning. The sky was a bright
blue with a few scatted clouds.
At the front door Pepper and Carrot discovered signals of the mountains, the
forest, and the clouds? The two wondered why security had been activated.
Then Pepper remembered. She had forgotten to disable the security systems and
her party guests had been detained. Pepper and Carrot travelled on the broom
to each of the trapped guests. First they found Saffron who was lifted into
the air with a branch from the ancient tree. The tree laughed as Pepper
apologised to Saffron and released her. She was not impressed.
The next witch that Pepper and Carrot discovered was Coriander. Her leg was
chained to a friendly giant mountain. Along the top soil lay with green grass
sprouting out.
Pepper asked them if they had a good night, besides the light rain.
"Everyone is safe, no harm done, right?", Pepper asks for forgiveness.
She tells them she has prepared tea and invite the witches home.
They are annoyed with Pepper but follow her home anyway - they are all
thirsty after a night of being trapped by the security system.
The way the other witches were looking at Pepper was upsetting for her. Pepper
heard them whispering nasty remarks - especially Saffron.
The witches pets wanted to fix this. Together they decided to make
themselves sick, causing Pepper to lead and cure every ones pets. The plan works,
the animals get sick, Pepper cures them. Everyone is happy with Pepper.
One of the side effects of the cure was fur and feather loss. All the animals
are annoyed with Carrot as he didn't tell them this and if he had told them
they would of not gone along with the plan.

Carrot had ran off and Pepper couldn't find him. She was beginning to worry
about her cats safety. It wasn't like him to run off. Pepper tracked Carrot
deep into the forest. She had never been this deep before. Calling Carrots
name Pepper found the cat sleeping on the grass under a rocky cliff.
As Pepper wakes Carrot a shining blue circle light appeared behind them.
Pepper looks around surprised of the magic happening. The light explodes,
revealing a tunnel where the rocks use to be. Pepper and Carrot had to
follow the tunnel.
The tunnel lead to a blue pool of water with several blue flying creatures
hovering above. The leader of the group welcomes them to the magical fairy
cave. Pepper and Carrot realise that they have discovered fairies.
The fairies grant them a single wish promising anything they desire.
'anything... ...I desire', Pepper wonders. The ideas of what she would wish
for appear in her head. A new hat and wand, a unicorn, a dress, a doll, gold,
wings, or love. These were just a selection of ideas that Pepper thought of.
Pepper started to ask for her wish, "I... I'd like to", She stumbled.
"uh, what I'd like is that...", Carrot interrupted Pepper with a tired,
"Meow". Immediately Carrot collapsed to sleep. Tne fairies announced the
wish had been granted and disappeared. Pepper was annoyed with Carrot. The
cat had wasted the one wish on asking to go back to sleep.
What was the effects of the green potion? Used to summon demons into the
world that starts to fight with the flying creature. Need to use potions on
the demons in order to beat the flying creatures. Need to control the demons
around the city wiping out any invading creatures. Fades between war between
houses (water demon invasion), and new war of flying creature vs peppers

The thick green liquid sat wasted at Peppers home. All she had was a glass
bottle with Carrots urine in. It was from his latest vet visit.
To stop the oversized beast from destroying the city Pepper threatened to pour
the potion on the animal. In disgust the flying creature agreed to leave the
city. Where did it go? What was the outcome of leaving the city? What if
Peppers trick didn't work, instead it took over the city.

The cauldron boiled as Pepper tipped the final ingredients in. It sizzled.
"and the last touch", Pepper annouched to Carrot. He wasn't paying any
attention. Instead Carrot was sleeping.
Pepper tasted the potion. She looked over and asked Carrot if it was strong
enough. Carrot was still sleeping. Pepper went ahead and poured the rest
of the package into the cauldron. A yellow and green light blasted from the
pot. A golden liquid spread up - covering several items in Peppers room,
including her broom.
In a attempt to stop it - Carrot jumped into the cauldron. The cat was covered
in the Golden liquid.
Later that night they entered into a witch race. Pepper wore her goggles and
had the number '18' tapped to the end of her broom. Carrot floated above the
broom attached with a rope. He wore goggles similar to Peppers.
Both Carrot and the broom were glowing in the night sky a golden colour.

"That's exactly what I need", Pepper told Carrot. The cat looked up from it's
sleeping spot. "CARROT", the witch yelled. Carrot was fully awake now.
"Get ready, we'll hunt the ingredients together". Pepper dragged Carrot from
its bed.

"First I need a few pearls of mist from those black clouds...", Pepper told
Carrot. The two were flying though a storm. The cloud were so dark and thick
it was impossible to see. Carrot held the net used to catch the pearls.
Pepper needed to travel to the haunted jungle for red berries.

"Egg shells from the Phoenix valley of the volcano's and finally a drop of
milk from a young DragonCow.

On the day of the potion contest Pepper was finishing her genius potion at
2.00am in the morning. She knew her potion would beat the other witches -
including Saffron. The witch needed to test the potion on someone.

"CARROT", called Pepper. Her ginger cat would be a perfect test subject.
Opening the window, Pepper yelled into the night sky, "CARROT".

Food was used to lure Carrot back home. The ginger cat was on the outskirts
of the city. Saffrons cat was perched up on a tree. Carrot had been singing
to the cat.

Carrot burst through his cat door. Pepper picked the cat up with both arms.
'aww, Carrot', Pepper spoke as she held the cat.
"Sweet kitty cat, you've come all by yourself". A wide smile swept over
Peppers face. "At the very moment when I need my favourite assistant".

Pepper had remembered that she needed Carrot to test the potion.
Carrot sat on a pink pillow chair. In front of the cat the owner, Pepper
revealed, "the potion of Genius". Pepper forces Carrot to take a sip of the
potion through a strew. "Do please take a sip", Pepper insists, holding the
straw in the cats mouth. Carrot swallows and ingests some of the blue
liquid. He gains a burst of energy and knowledge then becomes over whelmed and
just wants to sleep. Visions of other universes and planets blast through
the cats mind. On a chalk board Carrot writes E=Mc2. Pepper is shocked when
the cat begins to write. She has no idea of the cats talents. Pepper attempts
to guess what Carrot is writing.

"E? Energy? Eternal? Emotion?", Pepper attempted to guess what Carrot was
writing. "What else can this mean? Embed? Empty?", Pepper was growing angry
that she couldn't guess it. When Carrot had finally finished Carrot didn't
understand what the cat had written.
Carrots eyes glowed a blue colour and spirals were in replacement of the cats
normal eyes.
"C'mon Carrot, I'm running out of words and this really doesn't make any
sense", Pepper complained. "This really doesn't make any sense". Pepper
turned blue. Clutching the potion the witch growled, yelling "Nothing ever
works for me".

Carrot had fallen asleep. Pepper decided to throw the potion out the window
and start again. The potion smashed through the window and onto the grass
outside. The blue liquid oozes out of the cracked bottle. It creates a pool
of glowing blue liquid. The liquid effects a group of ants who develop
advance intelligence levels. The liquid effects other animals and begins a
war between insects. Those ants take the liquid back to their colony,
infected the majority of the ants in the area. They advance to high level
maths and robotics. Create an army of insect robots that are used in the

Steel waiter robot used for household work. Able to print the robots then
cast a spell of zombifaction to bring it to life. Config file that allows
choice in how the bot works. App to update the robots from device, or
cronjobs. Knows to do certain things. Eg: Get car to return children home
daily. Car is parked at school daily and used for other uses.

Rea can be loosely thought of as collecting the by-products of a task.
By concentrating on making a potion for a loved one the practitioner can
harness some of the Rea used in creating the potion. Conversely if there is no
attachment, or if the practitioner is careless then the Rea is lost and the
Rea must be obtained via other more costly means.

Rea is used for all aspects of live on Hereva. Farmers in the village of
Squirrel's End use Rea to grow healthier crops. They use Rea to ward off
denizens of the forest. Witches of Hereva find the use of Rea for mere
"chores" beneath them, and reserve their Rea use for more important matters.

Training is one of the schools of magic allows for more controlled and
focused use of Rea. Without this training Rea becomes
more of a "guided intention" rather than a direct command of Rea. By careful
study,focus, and desire one can learn to harness Rea to
conform to their will. As the Herevans learned how to control Rea they quickly
realized this power could cause havoc if not properly taught, and
formed the schools of magic to properly teach the various ways of harnessing
Some schools become more secretive about their methods for controlling Rea ,
while others remained open to all students (mostly from necessity, but some
because of the charters of their founding members). Most of the people of
Hereva know a little bit of the schools of magic they were exposed to.
For example the farmers of Hereva know a diluted form of Hippiah magic passed on from generation to the next. There is a difference in mimicking the magic of a school and knowing all their secret knowledge.

Rea use must be replenished. It can be replenished in various ways -
n, focus and dedication of a project. Beware those who claim to have
invented a way to regenerate Rea with effort.

The group of genius ants become known as Savant-Ant. There were affected by
the potion of Genius.

The flying created that landed on Peppers bed when flying to the potion
contest was a Dragon-drake.

Hornuk is a Demon of Chaosah and is male. He lives in Dimension Chaosah
but can be summoned for a short time in Hereva's main reality.
Hornuk is a midsize hairy green demon. Horns stick out the top of his
head and long sharp claws are attached to his fingers. The demons favourite
food is cupcakes.

Eyeuk was the next demon to appear from the portal. He was a similar size to
the previous demon, Hornuk. Instead of green hair Eyeuk was covered in red.
He had an extra two eyes and large muscles. Clutched in his hand was a
trident weapon. Eyeuk leads the demons.

The final demon to walk through the portal was Spiduk. The only female in the
group of demons. She is a similar size to her male counter-parts but
spider shaped with a purple glow to her body. She carried with her a cup of
tea, that she was sipping on. In another arm she carried a teapot.

Theorem-the-Golem was a male Golem that in the Mountain behind Squirrel's
End. He is part of the security systems created by Pepper. Pigeons live with

The Dragonmoose is a male dragon that lives high in the clouds on the top
of the mountains behind Squirrel's End. He's a large and hairy dragon with
a moose shaped head. A very friendly creature. Female Dragonmooose eggs have
a range of colours - from pastel blue to yellow.

Pepper and Carrot. The Storm. Pepper is flying her broom. Carrot is perched
behind Pepper. It is late afternoon and the sun was about to set. The broom
travelled towards Peppers home.

"What a nice day we had visiting the girls. I really want to arrive home
now and have a relaxing bat", Pepper explains to Carrot.
In the distance big, dark clouds form. A flash of lightning blinds the night
sky. This is most disturbing for Pepper. Strong wind that caused trees to

Pepper lands in her front yard. Leaves and objects are twisting around. The
two rush inside and take refuge. There are a group of other animals that they
find and join. Only those that formed groups survived. The place is crowded with
animals. Outside the storm gets worse. In the morning when they go outside
find the town been destroyed by the storm. Needed to rebuild the witches
house. Rebuild it as a conference centre. Hotel on site. Tall building filled
with a range of rooms. Self contained. Fibre Ethernet. Bed(optional), Desk
(optional), bathroom(optional, custom), kitchen(optional).
Custom design the room. Power charge, server room. Encrypted data of
everything created.
"I know", Pepper yells, "I will make a stone golm as Coriander taught me".
The young witch held out her wand. Her hand was shaking. She had never
summoned something this difficult before. Carrot had placed the stone and
ingredients in place. All Pepper needed to do was wave her wand and say that
magic chant. She had practice it millions of times. It was easy. Pepper
waved her wand, the words flowing from her mouth. A flash of light and
the rocks that Pepper had been pointing at rearranged themselves. They melted
and formed a humanoid figure.
The golem is commanded by Pepper to remove the tree the is trapping
another animal. Badger is free after the golam moves the tree.
Pepper decides to the the golem shopping so that the golem lifts the
heavy items - cauldron, chair, desk, bed, and the mushrooms.
Pepper was able to spend money she had won at potions contest on the
new gear.

The group of travellers passed through a villa. It was certainly luxurious.
In a the front a maze of a garden leading to the front door. In the centre
of the maze is a fountain and a pond. It is very popular for swimmers.
The group walk past the front door. The golem is staring intensively at
something. The close up shows a winab nade if stone. She was beautiful.
She had a Greek resemblance about her. Pepper notices the golem looking
at the motionless statue.

"Do you like her?", Pepper asks.
"OK, I will turn her into a golem also. Then you can both help me carry
this shopping home". Pepper waves her wand and speaks those magical words.

The two golems held hands and carried Peppers shopping down the streets.
A man in expensive clothing approached the travelling group. He was angry
because they had stolen the golem from his garden. Now when he looked out
his window the golem is gone, and he liked to look at the golem very much.
Now he had tracked down and found the golem here on the streets of the city.
The man is rich and has bribed the city guards to arrest the travelling group.
He ordered the city guards and the guards rush forward towards the travelling
party. The group splits and rushes off, fighting off the guards.
Pepper stands on a hilltop over looking the battle. "Beware", She begins to
yell, "For he is fearless, and therefore powerful". Her wand points towards
the enemy. Bright flash of light travels forward, disabling an enemies in
the path.
The sun is setting. The two golems still holding hands starng into anothers
eyes. Their movements are jerky and slow. They are turning to stone again and
are lifeless. The man stops yelling and realised that the golems were in love.
A fountain appeared around the two golems with water running through it.
Pepper is sad because it is dark and she has shopping that she needs to take
home but both her golems had turned to stone. The rich man helps carrot and
orders a taxi to take her and the shopping home.

The land was covered by snow. Two figure walk through the snowy weather -
their identities hidden in the snow. Above the two figures is a bat. flying
The taller of the group has a barrier tied to their back. They are walking
with the wind and snow spraying into their face. Holding an arm up to block
the weather. The travellers walk towards a wooden house. Smoke is emerging
from the chimney. Light glowed out the windows. Inside of house. The snow
covered figures step through the front door. The room turns and watch as the
figures shake snow from their clothes. The bartender greets them with a large
smile, "Welcome to the Prancing Unicorn", he greets them. "Are you here for
the challenge of the wise of the Mountain?", the man asks the group.
The tall figure finally reveals - it is Pepper. The bartender asks them
if the need a room for the night. Pepper agrees and requests a cauldron for
the room. She is offered a jug of beer but declines and asks for hot chocolate

In the main dining hall the travelling group take a seat. The
waitress delivers three hot chocolates to the group. Pepper, Carrot,
and Cumin thank the waitress and begin to drink their chocolate.
The barrel that Pepper was carrying is sitting on the table. Around the room
people are looking at the group and whispering.
Pepper over hears some of the remarks the room is speaking.
"Impossible... This little girl? She will never make it. None have climbed
the mountain in eight years". The chatter was upsetting for Pepper. She was
"Do you think we can make it?", Pepper asks Carrot. She is worried that
Cayenne is going too far with 'do not use magic'. Doubt spreads through
Peppers mind. Cumin examples to Pepper that it would of been best to leave
the broom at home so there is no chance of cheating.
"The Mountain of the perpetual snow is a test that anyone considering herself
worth of respect accomplishes at least once in her life", Cumin tells Pepper.
A tall mountain with a thin path leading to the top. Clouds grow thick in
the upper area. Above the clouds, the peak of the mountain stands.
It has been known as the home of a wise man, a hermit that lives on the top
of the mountain. He receives visitors only once a year.
An elderly man sits on a tall stone throne covered in snow. The man stares at
the warrior bowing before him. A barrel similar to Peppers barrel is sitting
beside him.
It is said the first to reach the throne on the final day of February with
a barrel filled at 'Prancing Unicorn', will reclieve a gift from the man
upon the throne.

Two Catholic roaming the country in search of God. They found him. He was
in the sky, in Market Street San Francisco, and Dean had God sweating out of
SWEAT FOR GOD. And once he has found Him, the Godhood of God is forever
Established and really must not be spoken about. Misinterpreted as a tale
of companions out looking for kicks.

Pepper and Carrot hid behind an old tree. It's branches had little leaves
left. Thyme was nearby. She had just landed with her broom outside the cave.
Pepper and Carrot were watching the witch - careful that they were not
spotted. Thyme walked into the cave. Pepper and Carrot crept closer to the
cave. Inside bright coloured light reflected. Thyme was sitting in front of
a magical orb. It was glowing a purple colour. After sometime Thyme switched
the orb off with a switch on the side. Pepper and Carrot hid on he entryway
to the cave - careful that Thyme didn't spot them on her way out. They watched
as Thyme mounted her broomstick and took off into the distance.

Pepper and Carrot went inside the cave. Pepper switched on the orb. A purple
light raised from the orb. The image on the orb showed a young wizard wearing
nothing but a purple scarf around his waste. He had blonde hair and a well
built body. Yellow stars and moons scatted the scarf. Pepper face turned
pink in embarrassment of the images. She was quick to close it and open up a
endless runner game - involving a unicorn. The light being admitted by the
orb was a light blue. The light switched to red as they reached the next
level. As they were playing the game crashes - causing a dark blue to
be admitted from the monitor. They were worried they had broken it. Looking
up a giant spider stood above them. One of the spiders legs was in the air.
It was moving towards Pepper and Carrot. The two were frightened of the spider
and hided together. The leg was brought down - not on Pepper and Carrot -
but on the orb. The orb rebooted and a black screen with green text
was displayed. The game that Pepper and Carrot were playing was displayed.
This made the two happy. Holding the spiders web Pepper and Carrot followed
the spider. It lead them into the server room. Here another spider was
installing new systems on broken orbs. Each image displayed text and images.

The spider in room with a long gray beard and large dark rimmed glasses was
typing away and his workstation. Six monitors displaying pixels sat in front
of the spider. The spider sat on a stone seat. It looked like it had been
carved out of the cave. A white web ran from the workstation to the centre
back of the room. The web ran down the long cave foyer area. Below a river
of water. The connections caused to glow a bright yellow. This contrasted
on the dark blue atmosphere the spiders had created. Pepper and Carrot are
shown how the system created by the spiders was created. They explained how
the technology had been developed by the ants and passed onto them. The
ants had moved on with their technology and were exploring other worlds. The
spiders were assisting them on their mission.
After the ants came into contact with the genius potion their technology
rockets. They build ships that send ants and other insects to space.
Developed AI system that is used by Hevena. Ants mix together schools of
magic with their advance math.
What would quick math acceleration look like? What would be the effects.

The Witch had been teaching potions for 15 years at both the community
college and K-12 levels. Over the years, she has developed more than 2,600
video tutorials on topics from death to lock picking, and made these
videos available on YouTube, originally under a CC BY-NC-SA license.
Her website and

Share Remix. Reuse. Legally. Creative Commons Aotearoa New Zealand. A global
non-profit organisation. Helps people share their copyright orks for reuse
by others. Permission in advance. Six licences. Allows choose kind of
permissions granted over work. Restrictive licences prevent sharing of
derivative works and commercial reuse. Open licence allows uses to adapt,
remix and share materials as they wish, with credit to original work.

Creative Commons Aoteatura New Zealand, the kaitiaki of the Creative Commons
licences in NZ. Keep local licences up to date, support licence users and
advocate for the use of Creative Commons licensing in a range of different
dectors. Do not give legal advice, but can provide helpful information.

Finding Create Commons Content

Over 700 million works available under a Creative Commons licence.
Some of the most popular sites holding or pointing to Creative Commons
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Finding in New Zealand. DigitalNZ. cc .nz search. Finding Music. Nine Inch
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Who uses Creative Commons?

Artists and Musicians. Creating new business models. Expand their audience
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And with that the screen flashed to a dialog box that said they had learnt
enough for now and should take a break, maybe thing over and discuss what
they have learnt up to this point.
Pepper and Carrot looked at each other in fascination at what they had learnt.
They had been taught about copyright and how it's there to protect the artist
from being ripped off. The licence did more bad than good. Creative Commons
as they understood it, was a hack on copyright. It allowed those that held
copyright to give people permission in advance.

Experimented with framing and cropping to be more cinematic. Treat light and
colour as an actor.
Introduces a new 'technology' in the world of Pepper and Carrot. Video,
erotism, parental control, video games, bugs, blue screen of death, code,
network and the World Wide Web.
Challenge to insert these elements in the fantasy world of Hereva.

Pepper home is Squirrels End has been replaced with the orbs that boot an
operating system. The ants developed a single board orb based computer. It
has an ARM quad core processor with built in wifi and blue tooth. Attached
to the orb. Orb is PCB board. This acts as a display for the computer.
Possible to boot Microsoft systems but a *nix based operating system
recommend. Able to use as home media centres. Kodi media centre. Select the
show and media centre will download and play media.
The orb was able to be used in all of Peppers classes. She used the software
GIMP and produced digital paintings. She licensed under a free and open
licence the content she created.

Pepper and Carrot and Copyright

For sometime he had been searching for web comics that could be remixed. The
copyright works of Jem was remixed into new artworks but none of her comics
were taken into a written form. Maybe something to explore?

Through the site DeviantArt the web comic Pepper&Carrot was discovered. This
was instant inspiration. Upfront he knew he could remix this as permission had
been granted in advance. If the works hadn't been under a Creative Commons
licence then the remix wouldn't of happened. There is no way the artist who's
work is under copyright will be contacted and permission seeked to use the

This is a novel about witches, technology, and copyright. It's a children
novel with fantasy, science fiction, and historic fiction influence. The
fantasy comes from the witches world of hevena, science fiction for the
copyright licences and tech, historic fiction for creating a medieval world.

Attempts have been made to keep true to the Pepper and Carrot universe.
Excising characters and stories developed instead of fresh. This helps
with linking the web comic with the novel. Influences have also been
taken from Fan Fiction writing of Pepper&Carrot.

A co-author would be fun to work work. Maybe someone that will give a basic
plot or senerial and I can expand from there. This is why web comic is an
excellent trigger. Able to write about images - colours, objects, characters,
environments - everything that is displayed in the web comic can be transferred
to text.

Pepper had transformed her home. No longer was it empty with modem technology
but now devices were scatted around her home. Her main reason to use the
tech was to improve her productivity of magic.

The spiders had decided of a one orb per orphan. It was a goal to get old orbs
refurnished and given to the orphans around Hevena that had nothing.
The spiders adjusted his glasses with a twitch of a nose. Out of the corner
of their eye they saw two figures enter the room. In the zone they didn't
want to be distracted by intruders. Smashing the keys the bugs in the
software were removed.

How people access information has radically changed. Until recently most of
archival items were largely unknown. Rich resource that includes photos,
newspapers, oral histories and maps. Requests for resources that took up
valuable staff time and "put people off using the images". Someone that leans
towards openness. Material coming in digital form only. Digitise the material
and let the donors keep the original. Building material with this system.
"Our focus has been on accessibility, rather than reuse. Releasing images of
the collection for download is now a core part of the work flow of copyright
assessment. Providing the highest-resolution image file means wider scope
for reuse. "Let's iterate!".
Start with what you do now, at the bottom of the mountain. Don't worry at
what's at the top. It might be solved on the trip, if it doesn't concentrate
better on solving at the top.
Internal efficiency savings. New clearer copyright and open licensing statements
mean less confusion, less worry about inadvertently doing something illegal,
and less time taken up processing rights requests and queries. Cut through the
copyright bureaucracy.

Pepper wanted to become a IP and copyright witch. She would fight for justice
in the courts and side with witches that shared their creations. For too long
laws had sweep over them that didn't give them permission to share the resources
they were creating. There had been several reports of copyright infringement
at the school. The outcome was the death of several witches - all by burning.
As they are being burnt the Hevena Copyright Law is read aloud to them.
Not only are their last moments on the planet painful, they are also filled
with lawyers preaching. After the final burning screams of the witches fade
the final passage is read. "ALL RIGHTS RESERVED".

Pepper had defensive security in place in case the ip and copyright police
raided her. She had been receiving death threats over her latest potions.
A large company was accusing Pepper of breaking patents. Pepper argued back
that like software spell and potion patents were wrong. She had been working
on getting spell and potion patents banned.

It was copyright that first started the war between the two houses. One Earth
based and the other water. They accessed each other of copyright infringement.
The whole case went over the top. Billions of tax payers money was spent on
fighting, countless lives on both sides were lost. The documents contained in
the parel being shipped was trademark and bonds shares of the world.
Everything that a copyright logo could be attached to was in this file. It
contained the meta data to all of pepper&carrot.

The black and white C logo glowed brightly on the opening screen. It always
appeared at this moment, much to Peppers frustration. It started it fade.
At last it was time for Pepper and Carrot to enter the scene. Those with
the logo Pepper and Carrot below their portrait. Both Pepper and Carrot had
large gleaming their smiles. Both had shining white teeth - with Carrots
being extra sharp. The two held their pose at the scene contained. Next a
range of stages would be setup. There were several choices. Peppers home.
inside. bedroom. cauldron. kormoda city. markets. shops. orphanage.
contest stadium. heIt was random what scene was going to happen. It could
be any of the choices - it depended on the scene. The whole show was improve.
Live actors with rough scripts - or guidelines. Nothing was truly planned
and the actors were encouraged to develop new story.
The actress that played Pepper was recently replaced. There had been a terrible
accident and the actress had died. Whenever a actor dies they need to be
replaced. Sometimes it can be hard to find a new actor. this time it was
easy. The company advertised the job on various actor message replied - and
got dozens of replies from young ladies (and a few men) that believed they
would make a perfect Pepper actor. The interviews took time. Those that had
a high and low chance of the job were moved into the next process with all
the middle thrown out.

She had travelled with her Mother to the audition. They wanted to do it for the
experience, nothing else. It was a nice Mother and daughter activity to do.
Audition for a television show. The company had thought about using lookalikes
for the actors but the detail wasn't precise enough. They needed exact
clones. The company had been experimenting with cloning but it had been
a failure. The funded was keeping the research alive. Scientists were able
to study the process and release the results under a open licensed document.
In the entrance foyer to the school a TV glared with sports playing. The
sports were muted with light background music being played in the background.
It wasn't too loud and allowed people to hear each other and not boring as
silence. There were options. Music pauses when someone speaker. This was
popular amongst many. "GET OUT OF THE WAY", being yelled would be heard as
the elevator jazz would be paused and the booming voice would injected.
There was a global channel that people were in - off this were various
alternative channels. The system was built on the music genooue project. The
engine and data was open sourced and received a boost of contributes.
At first they thought the project was going to fail but it was boosted to
full health when the transition to open source occurred.

The most merciful8 is the inability of the mind to correlate all its contents.
Living on a placid island of ignorance in the midst's of black seas of infinity.
This was not meant to voyage far. Sciences have hitherto harmed little
piecing together dissociated knowledge will open up terrifying vistas of
reality and frightful position stays. Go or flee to safety of new dark age.
Grandeur of the cosmic cycle. where worlds form transient incidents. freeze
the blood if not masked by a bland optimism. Titan blocks and sky-flung
monoliths. Dripping with green ooze and sinister with latent horror.
chaotic sensation attempted to render by the almost unpronounceable jumpily of
letters. Hybrid spawn were braying, bellowing, and writhing about a
monstrous ring-shaped bonfire.
In the centre stood a great granite monolith, of top of that a noxious cavern
statuette. flame-grit monolith. Bodies of helpless squatters.

No idea where this is going. Almost April so Camp NanoWriMo begins. Goal is
35,000 rough draft childrens/young adult novel. Idea was to work on Pepper and Carrot
themed novel. Warming up with writing about them in March. Take the works
written in March and have a goal of 50,000 words - 15,000 words from the
month of March. Have activies and plans for helping generate novel.
Read webcomic. Write about whats happening in the panels that you believe
are most important. Free to test as many different writing styles as posible.

Main character of the story is a 14 year old witch named Pepper. She owns a
cat called Carrot. He is a fluffy orange coloured cat. The novel begins when
Pepper arrives at the witches orphanage in Squirals End. She is dropped off at
the house with a suitcase, a orb, and her cat - Carrot. As she walks to the
front door she can see the magic moving around her. This area of Hevena was
hit hard by the nector. It changed stuff. Made everything better. stronger.
more productive. happier. a pig.

The novel followed Pepper and Carrot through training to become
a fully qua;ified witch. One of the subjects that Pepper studies is
She does this through reading about creative commons and applying the
licence to some content she makes.
This is not a historic fiction. This is not a science fiction. This is not
a fantasy novel.
Lets make stuff creatives commons. How to do it? Get the words. Get the image.
Include this on any work under a creative commons licence. Use a licence

Pepper was the choosen witch of chaorsa. Decides to not fulfill a destiny,
but instead is smart and resourceful. She is an orphan. This novel is a
Write Pepper and Carrot in a range of different genres. Crime, Mystery,
Romance, thriller, horror, science fiction, historic fiction.
coming-of-age story. Adult reader that have trouble buying into a magic system.
Story that explores the character with a little magic in the background.
If story straddles between literary and fantasy, capture this audience.
Why does the magic system work how it does? How did it come about?
These are questions that will be touched on. First book is the first two year
of Pepper at the orphange. Second book is third and fourth. Third and final
book is her sixth year and life.

This is a story about a girl named Pepper. She had recently become a orphan
and had arrived at the orphanage with all the other orphan children. Life
was horrible. Food was rare. The water was dirty. People were dying the
city. Famine had spread. The crops at the farms in Squrrials End were dead. The
animals disease ridden and sick. Infections spread amongst the cities. It
couldn't be controled. It spread till life was scarse. It was foretold that
a witch would rise and become a True Witch of Chaoseha - cure and purge the
evil and sickness. Strike down with holy vengence. Praise the lord. The yell
echoed the Church room.

"Talk like that could get you killed", Pepper spoke.
The other Witchs mouth quivered. Pepper had shut her up. The troops needed to
be kept in place. Otherwise they would have no rules and wont do what is asked
of them. Churches had been outlawed by the council. They saw them as a threat.
The church that Pepper and Saffron were standing in was one of the last remainding
churches. If the council discovered the church they would burn it down. It
would make headline news if it did. It had been almost ten years since the
last church was burnt down. The footage was always shown with the tunes
the tiger lillies start a fire playing. This footage was played on repeat
on some channels till today. Other mainstream channels play it during the
adbreak. The footage of the church burning is followed by selfie images of
Jesus Christ being killed. A selfie stick was placed above him and people
could pay to get a photo (or five) with the dying man.

With the advancment of the witches spells and potions crypto had become
useless as spells would be able to attack the code. Through reverse
engineering the work could be cracked. This caused panic. Packets could be
encrupt and private keys forged. It was unspeakable of the harm it could do.
That's why the war happened. It was a bunch of witches fighting over zeros
and ones. The security of the Hevena people. From those farmers in Squrriels
End to those rich merchants and bakery owners. Guilt sank in Saffrons
face. Of the floating city of Komarha. The annoucment continued.
"ALL WITCHES REPORT TO YOUR CELL LEADER", the announcment voice boome. The
quality of the speakers were not high. The prison had forbitt the use of
audio packages - giving the excuse that it was a security threat. No one had
ever successfully escaped from the prison. Since the uproar the prison had
been turned into a camp for witches. Somewhere the council were able to lock
them away. Those that attempted to escape where killed, along with anyone
that may of assisted them in their escape. When being torched they were
asked to name and kill those that helped them escape. The one that attempted
to escape was killed in the end- after much pain. Life was not good for the
witches. The portal between the magical world of Hevena and Earth had been
open - both people and animals from each world entered the others world.
On Earth the Witches were treated like the devil and burnt to death. Ther was
no nice policy. Those waiting to be burnt lived in the prison camps. Here they
were forced to work and create goods that was then sold by the concil at high
price with little of the profits given back to the prisoneer. Some considered
it slavee labour. Groups around the world were in support of the witches and
several humans were caught attempting to enter a witch prison camp. They weere

The witch conquered the Hevena and tyrannically ruled over the world after
the fall of the King. Ebchanced weapons that caused those that used them to
cut their own bodies.
wolves, crows, black bees, monkey.

The axe slipped and of off his left leg. The Witch made a new leg out of
tin. The leg worked well once the man adjusted. Again the axe slipped and
mans right leg was chopped off. The Witch made another leg out of tin.
The echanted axe cut off the mans arms. The witch made the man new arms
from tin. The head was the next to be removed by the the enchanted axe. The
Witch was able to fix that with a tin head.
The man thought he had beaten the council. The axe sliped again and
cut the tinman in half. The Witch created a body from tin. The Tinman was
missing his heart. His entire body had been replaced by circuit boards. A
network of servers talking to each other. The result is a humanold robot
automonus. The man lost all his love for the girl.

body shone brightly in the sun. Did not matter now if axe slipped. Could not
cut him. Only one danger - that his joints would rust. Kept an oil can in
his cottage and took care to oil change him whever needed. A day when he
forgot to this. Caught in a rainstorm. Joints rusted rapidy in the wet weather.
Stood in the same spot for a year. Until the traveling group had rescured
him. The Tinman decided to join the traveling group and seek out a new heart.
Perhaps then he will love the girl.
What most worried Pepper was that her breaad was nearly gone, and another
meal for herself and Carrot would empty the basket. She could not live
unless fed.
Pepper and her companions had been walking through tick woods. The road was
still paved with brick, but these were covered by dried branches and dead
leaves. The walking surface was uneven.
There were few birds in the area of the forest. The birds loved
open country where there is plenty of sunshine. A deep growl was heard from
a wild animal hidden among the trees. These sounds made Peppers heart beat
fast, for she did not know what they were. Carrot knew, walking close to
"How long will it be," Pepper asked of the Tin Woodman, "before we are out
of Squrrials End?"

"I cannot tell," Tin andwered, "for I have never been to the city of Kormona.
But my father went there once, when I was a boy, and he said it was a long
journey through a dangerous country, although nearer to the city where
he dwells the country is so beautiful. But I am not afraid so long as I have
my oil-can, and nothing can hurt the other, while you bear upon your forhead
the mark of the The True Witch of Chaosa's kiss, and that will protect you
from harm".

"He is my cat, Carrot," answered Pepper.

"Is is made of tin, or stuffed?" the bearded man asked.

"Neither. He's a--a--a meat dog," said Pepper.
"Oh! He's a curious animal and seems remarkable small, now that I look at him.
No one would think of hurting it, except a corward like me," continued the man

"What makes you a coward"? asked Pepper, looking at the giant man in wonder,
for he was as big as a small horse.

"It's a mystery," replied the man. "I suppose I was born that way. All the
others in the forest naturally expect me to be brave. If I yelled loudly
everythng living would be frightened and move out of the way. Whenever I've
met someone and I've been awfully scared. Just a yell and the person runs
away. Of course I let them escape".

"But that isn't right. You shouldm't be a coward" said Pepper.

"I know it", returned the man, wiping a tear from his eye with the tip of his tail. "Itis my great sorrow, and makes my life very unhappy".

Pepper had enough writing for the day. She had reached for word count for the
day. Her project was part of the copyright paper she was taking. It invoved
the task on using material either in public domain or creative commons,
remixing the content and sharing the new material created. Pepper decided to
write a novel for her project. She merged together a range of materal -
beginning with the Pepper&Carrot webcomics by authorname, creative commons
resources, the wizard of oz. By using a range of material content would be
easy to write. By sampling a range of content the work is already done. It's
just about merging it togther.

On the riverbanj a tree full of fine fruit. This pleased Pepper, who had
eaten nothing but nuts all day, and she made a hearty meal of the ripe

Pepper awoke from her long sleep and opened her eyes. She was greatly
astonished to find herself lying upon the grass, with thousands of mice standing
arpnd and looking at her timily. But the Scarecrow tod her about everything, and turning to the dignified little Mouse, he said:
"ermit me to introduce you her Majesty, the Queen."

Pepper nodded gravely and the Queen made a cursty, after which she beame
quite friendly with the little girl.

The mice were fasten to the truck. All mice had been harnessed, they were able
to pull it eaily. They could sit on it and were drawn swiftly by their
horses to where the man lay asleep.

After a great deal of hard work, for the man was heavy they manage to get him
up on the truck.

Pepper needed a break. She was 39% through The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. It's
an excellent written book. It's been fun for her to mix the worlds of
Wizard of Oz and Pepper&Carrot together. This was only posible because
of public domain and creative commons. As a learning resource go take a
book or 2 and remix them into a new, unique novel. Look at joining some
online writing group. Even better join a local one then connect with those
online. Regular meetups

"If you ever need us again," she said, "come out into the field and call, and we
shall hear you and come to your assistance. Good-bye!

"Good-bye!" they all answered, and aay the Queen rran, while Pepper held
Carrot tightly lest he should run after her and frighten her.

Crow brought Pepper some fruit from a tree near by, which she ate for her

"I have always though myself very big and terrible; yet as such little things
as flowers came near to killing me, and such small animals as micee have saved my life.
How strange it all is! But, compades, what shall we do now?

"WWe must journey on until we find the road of brick again," said Pepper,
"and then we can keep on to Kormona."

The Warrior being fully refreshe, and feeling quite like himself again, they
started upon the journet.

"I want him to give me some brains," said Crow eagerlyl.

"Oh, company could do that easily enough," declared the man. "He has more
brains than he needs."

"And I want him to give me a heart," said Tin.

Everyone had they requests for what they wanted. Pepper character wants to
return home. Man wants courage. Tin wants heart. Crow wants
Pepper just wants to finish highschool. This is just a story of her project.
Mix the subjects around. Has to attend a conference and speak. Can be
lightning talk. Slides must be used. Recommend 1 slide per minute talk.
Q and A is fine, maybe even doing the whole talk in a Q&A setting.

What has been writen in March serves as a prologue. For the month of April the
aim is for 50,000 words. The event is Camp NaNoWriMo. This will be 1,667
words per day. There is no planning ahead on the novel. The only planning
was a title. It started as peppercarrot then changed to peppercarrotcopyright.
I had though of peppercarrotdeath.
Then again, it is a trilogy.

Pepper, Carrot, Crow, Tin, Man are the traveling party in the novel that
pepper is writing. Pepper, Carrot and Cumin are the characters traveling
snow. Each version of Pepper studies something different. Reader is given
the info that Pepper learns.

What is the outcome in the end of the first book? 2nd? third? Made to thin
it is going to be normal story pace but then novel 'changes'. How does this
change happen? Can it be done without being lame?

The protaginst is 14 years old therefore it is a young adult novel. More
resolution takes place than a adult novel. Shift the lens.

Orbs. Now only 35 gold. With a built in 3d touch display the new single board
quad core computers were selling like hotcakes. Ever child in Hevena and
their father wanted one of these devices. It was running a custom build of
the Debian Linux ARM system.
Loading it with a free operating system meant that it was able to be sold
cheaper. The company behind the orb was a non-profit based in the UK. One
of the founders noticed a lack of university enterence students with
computer skills. The Orb was created as an education tool. A way of getting
people intereste in computers and getting them to create stuff rather than
just consume.
The orb was made to be tinkered with. People were encrourged to build new
and exciting creations with it.

Death was interested in the orb. He didn't get time off often but when he did
he enjoyed playing video games or watching movies with his orb. He hadn't
tinkered with the system and built something unique. Death had always wanted
to tinker with systems but the education was poor when he was in school. It
wasn't the teachers fault. Technology was moving so quickly they needed indrustyleaders to teach the teachers, then the teachers teach the children.
"I'm not sure if this is going to work. It is worth a go" said Death.
An orb machine had broken. it had been overclocked and the processer heated
up. This didn't matter, you could just buy a new orb and place the SD card
into the new orb. Sometimes the SD cards failed. It was easy to keep a
backup of them. Post companies also offered services of backup methods.
Able to withdraw private and public keys via ATM.

A volunteer from Creative Commons Hevena came to Peppers Orphanage in Squrrials
End to speak to all the teachers in the area. The Witches Instrutue of
Education had bunddled together teachers from various schools that were
interested in licensing and getting Creative Commons policys into schools.
Oh that's what this novel will be called. Creative Commons in Schools. It
will tell of a journey of copyright infringment to sharing, remixing, and
adapting of works. Teachers around Hevena would no longer break copyright
by sharing the resources they are creating. The copyright belongs to the
board of trustess.

The Witches squeezed into the orphange conference room. It could fit around
800 souls. The place was packed. Several Witches were flying on their
broomsticks - unable to decided where to sit. Several decided to stay
perched upon their brooms. This made it hard for those in a seat to see.
The speaker was introduced and walked out on stage. Their slides appeared.
They spoke clearly and confidently about the subject. They were in fact
terrified but it didn't show. Never had they spoken in front of this many
people. So many well educated and able to sense any fault.
The crowd went wild with laughter and aookiuse,

Learning about Creative Commons build digital citizenship. Founded by fellas.
that wanted to see an altenative to copyright. It's not even tested. Copyright
hasn't been around for long. It was created in a attempt to protect creations
that people make. Has big Stop you may not use this sign, People go crazy over
it. They love it. They thrive on it.

The houses were all painted with with orange roofs. A stone wall protected
the city. The entrance was steps leading up to a large stone pillar.
The stake of the great tree weaved below the stone walls. The stalks had grown
thick and tough. People had built houses on the stalks. The city had grown
to over population and extension helped. Markets and shops considered
expanding their presence into these areas. They only traded above
the city.

There was a floating island that houses only the cities riches residents.
Their houses are large. There are no shops but they have chefs and cooks
on hand for meals - plus servants they can send to the markets for more
food. Many didn't need to leave their home. They were happy living amongst
the clouds. Above those living on the floating korama city.

It is unknown the event that started the war between Magmah and Aquah but
Hereva was changed because of it. Both schools enlisted aid from any
other schools. The schools were dragged into years of conflict.
The house Hippiah attempted to stay neutral but the starvation and famine
was so great they supplied Magmah with food. Chaosah was at the height of
their powers. They played both schools against each other. At the height of
the war Zombiah used their magic to animate and re-animate both mechanical
constructs and fallen warriors.

The High Council of Ah remained silent for the majority of the war. Once
Zombiah began-animating fallen warriors Ah took notice. Once Ah become
involved with the conflict the fighting ceased. Remaining remember from the
magic schools were assembled and a treaty was brokered. The results of
what are stored in a magic lock-box visible only to select member's of the
schools. The treaty brought an end to thee fighting and bloodshed that had
long plagued Hereva.

The High Council of Ah come to the decision that both Magmah and Aquah were
to blame for the conflict. The punishment was the houses suffer the ultimate
shame of being renamed by the other school. Magmah renamed Aquah as
Warrgarblah. Aquah renamed Magmah as Kielbasah.

After the treaty was signed Zombiah focused on animating constructs and
creating stronger materials. It is unknown if Ah was responsible for Zombiah
change in focus, or if it became uneconomical to re-animate the dead.

Pepper and Carrot live in a house overlooking the forest near the village
of Squirrels End. The house is fused with together with trees of the forest
with conventional building materials. It is unclear if the house is
magically entwined with a tree or if the tree grew around the house.
Perhaps both as the tree continues to grow around the house. Outside the
house is a mailbox with the number '33' and the sign 'WARNING - WITCHES
PROPERTY'. Countless traps are set thorough the forest. The traps are
effective and have kept the dangers from the forest and idly curious from
discovering the house.

Little is known who lives in the Witches house but other Witches tutor Pepper
at the house, to bring her up as a 'True Witch of Chaosah'.

Flora and fauna around Pepper's house tends to exhibit strange behaviours. The
ants near the home ere able to under advance maths as the result of a
potion tossed from Pepper's home. It is believed they took this math and
applied it. One of the outcomes were the orb computer

War and Peace. Leo Tolstoy.

After Pepper had driven off with her son to visit Saffron, the Witch sat for
a long time all alone applying her handkerchief to her eyes. The Witch, with
her daughter and a large number of guests, was already seated in the drawing
room. The count took the gentlemen into his study and him showed them his
choice collection of orb computers. From time to time he went out to ask:
"Hasn't she come yet?" They were expecting Cumin , a witch distinguished not
for wealth or rank, but for common sense and frank plainness of speech.
Cumin was known to all magic schools, and both cities wondered at her,
laughed privately at her rudeness, and told good stories about her, while
none the less all without exception respected and feared.

At the men's end of the table the talk grew more and more animated. The
wizards told them that the declaration of war had already appeared in
Squirrel's End and that a copy, which he had himself seen, had that day been
forwarded by courier to the commander-in-chef.

The Wizard was a stout, tall, plethoric, kormona. evidently devoted to the
service and patriotically Squirrel's End. He spoke with a Kormona
accent "blah blah blah" he spoke this last word with particular emphasis on if
it lay the gist of the matter.

They burst out laughing, and all the guests joined in. Everyone laughed, not
at Cumin's answer but at the incredible boldness and smartness of this
little girl who had dared to treat Cumin in this fashion.

Pepper only desisted when she had been told that there would be pineapple ice.
Before the ices champagne as served round. The band again struck up, the
witch and wizard kissed, and the guests, leaving their seats, where up to
"congratulate" the witch, and reached across the table to clink glasses
with the wizard, with the children, and with one another. Again the footmen
rushed about, chairs scraped. and in the same order in which they had entered
but with redder faces. the guests returned to the drawing room and to the
wizard's study.

Pepper sat up. The little kitten brightened, its eyes shone, and it seemed
ready to lift its tail, jump down on its soft paws, and begin playing with
the ball of wirsted as a kitten should.

He had not finished the last verse before the young people began to get ready
to dance in the large hall, and the sound of feet and the coughing of the
musicians were heard from the gallery.

A Jazz band was playing that night. All the cool kids would be there. Pepper,
Saffron, Cumin and others. It was the kind of event someone wouldn't dream of
missing. But people missed the event. The unlucky ones. Those that did
attend the band that evening had a wonderful time.
The band were completely improvise. They just played their instruments together.
It was completely instrumental and there were no vocals. The crowd were happy
with the music. Several couple were swinging together on the dance floor.

To Pepper, I cannot find words to express to you my displeasure. you command
only my advance guard, and have no right to arrange an armistice without my
order. You are causing me to lose the fruits of a campaign. Break the
armistice immediately and march on the enemy. Inform him that the general
who signed the capitulation had no right to do so, and that no one
but the Emperor had that right. If, however, the Emperor ratifies that
convention, I will ratify it; but it is only a trick. March on, destroy the
army... You are in a position to seize its baggage and artillery.
The Emperor's aide-de-camp is an impostor. Officers are nothing when they have
no powers this one had none... The Austrians let themselves be tricked at
the crossing of the bridge, you are letting yourself be tricked by an
aide-de-camp of the Empire.

Soldiers scattered over the whole place were dragging logs and brushwood and were building shelters with merry
chatter andlaughhter; around the fires sat others, dressed and undressed, drying their shirts and leg bands or mending boots or overcoats and crowding
round the boilers and porridge cookers.

The wizard was sitting in the drawing-room where Cumin had engaged him, as
a man recently returned from abroad, in a political conversation in which
several others
joined but which bored the wizard. When the music began Pepper came in and
walking straight up to the wizard, laughing and blushing:

At this a sudden change evidently took place in the witches' ideas; her thin
lips grew white, though her eyes did not change, and her voice when she
began to speak passed through such transitions as she herself evidently did
not expect.

Pepper had been browsing free ebooks on the Amazon store. She had downloaded
a bunch of public domain books. One of these was War and Peace by Leo
Tolstory. Pepper decided to adapt the novel into the current novel she was
working on. There is a war that takes place between the houses in the
pepper&carrot web comic story. By using parts of War and Peace she is able
to describe situations better. It also serves as an excellent learning
resource. How much of the text needs to be changed? Sometimes it's just
character names, sometimes there are no changes. Experimenting with writing
techniques such as letter writing. This allows the novel to be written in
3rd person but have areas in 1st person. Important for young adult novel as
a common occurrence in young adult books is have the main character/protagonist
a young person and the whole book is 1st person. For a challenge write a young
adult book in first person. Maybe through the eyes of character in Pepper and
Carrot. Prompts for CampNaNoWriMo. Follow the twitter stream of sprints.
Continue rewrite of public domain and creative commons works. Whatever happens
set daily word counts. 2000 is a nice number. In November it was common to
easily reach over 2000 words. Why not make it a minimum word count?
Today had been a hard day for Pepper to reach her word count. Recently she
had been able to reach 2000 words easily. Today was a challenge.

Today is the final day of March. Tomorrow will be April. For the final day of
March I thought I might write a synopsis of the novel I am planning to write
in April as part of CampNaNoWriMo.

Set in the magical world of Hereva. Magic system or "Chaos and Evolutions".
Follows the six main magic schools:

Chaosah. The house of time, gravity, nuclear effects and underground divine
forces. Chaosah magic flows and controls all of the magic on Hereva.
Practitioners ten to work in closed quarters and are loathe to share their
magical secrets. Value practical magic over flashy displays. Alter the shape
and size of living beings. Open up portals into worlds outside of Hereva.
No official schools, preferring instead to use their own recruiting methods.

Kielbasha (previously known as Magmah). Considered a major school of magic.
The house of cooking, baking, grilling, boiling, frying, steaming, toasting.
House of alchemy and rare metals. Adepts use a blend of Hippiah and
Kielbasha magic to create dishes. Create strong material for other magical
schools. Most notable is Zombiah which uses these materials for their
animating purposes. Kielbasha is part of daily life on Hereva. Do good by
teaching a diluted form of their magic to the people of Hereva. Hold
occasional contest for determining who had best mastered the techniques of
Kielbasah. Those that pass are considered for deeper studies.


Pepper. Main character and protagonist. Aged 14. Dark brunette hair. Slim
figure. Female. Lives in Squirrels End. Studies magic law. Inner paradox
between trying to understand the mysteries of Chaosah and accepting whats
already there. Particles, galaxies, black-holes, total;-mess, deconstruction,
emptiness, fullness, infinity, paradox. She is an orphan. Educated in Squirrels
End orphanage

Carrot. Male ginger cat. Always with pepper. curious, looks for fun and

Saffron. Antagonist. Blonde, female, aged 14. Learning house of magic
Kielbashah. Wants to be rich and famous, Urban, metal, gems, forge, glass,
mirrors, shining, rocks, caves. Creates a potion of Poshness. Wants to
be best witch and restore name of her school to Magmah.

Truffel. Saffrons cat. white angora.

Shichimi. Female aged 14.

Yuzu. Double tailed cat of Shichimi.

Cumin. Witch in her sixties. round figure. witch of chosah. teacher of
potions for pepper.

Thyme. Oldest of the witches - in her 100s. Leader of the group. Short and

Caynenne. Tall and skinny. Dark black hair. Spell tutor for Pepper. Yougest -
in her 50s.

Mayor of Kormona. Big build eldely man. gray hair, mistage. Wear suits.


War between the magic houses. Seed that grows the great tree and
city of komona rises from the ground. counci of ah get peace treaty signed.
pepper (baby) is last remaining chaosah witch. Sent to Squirrels End to
receive training.

Book follows events of teenager Pepper and cat Carrot. web comic senerials
web comic as reference wite what is happening.

Learning digital citizenship is one of the classes Pepper takes. Learns about
Copyright and Creative Common licences. As part of the assignment Pepper
writes a novel. Part of the NanoWriMo comp. Goal is 50,000 words. Uses social
media to motivate herself.

Takes Creative Commons and public domain material and adapts it into her
novel. Follows word prompts to help her story progress. She is writing her
novel in first person.

Pepper makes genius potion which is then thrown away. Ants are affected by
potion and learn advance math.

Peppers first year of witches school. Learn basics of spells and potions.
Able to specialise later into areas. Creates her first portal and summons
three demons through the portals. Learns about creating portal to Earth world
where humans live. Tasked with getting ride of old potions - summons a portal
that sucks up the potions. Fails and the potions are returned. Contents
are sprayed everywhere. Attends potion contest along the a couple of her
witch friends and Saffron. Wins contest. Goes on holiday to sunny island.
Gets eaten by giant fish. Carrot claws way out of fish. Attends sleep over
at friend witch place. Playing board games where girls are fighting way
though indeed cathegeal. Carrot interrupts game by biting end boss, picking
toy up in mouth.

Cumin teaches Pepper potions, have her fetch Dragon's Tooth. Pepper attempts
to get teeth from hunting down various dragons. Fails and decided to open
a dragon dentist - offering free removal of teeth for dragons. Cumin tells
Pepper the tooth is a plant.

Potions contest. First potion wakes dead bird. 2nd potion turns bird posh.
3rd potion turns bird giant. Squashes crown. People flee. 4th potion scares
giant bird away.

Peppers birthday. Decides to invite witches she met at potions contest. They
show up but are caught by Peppers security. Pepper annoyed potion contest
witches didn't show. Summons demons and has party with them. Discovers
other witches trapped. Releases. They annoyed with Pepper. Animals decide
to become sick. Pepper saves them. Hair, fur loss is side effect.

Pepper and Carrot follow Thyme to cave where she uses orb to browse web sites.
Looking at questionable content - erotic. Pepper and Carrot switch it to
unicorn endless runner video game. Blue screen of death. Spider enters.
Gets game working for Pepper again. Pepper and Carrot follow spider to
computer room.

Assignment to frighten human. Room Pepper enters Pince sleeping. Falls in
love. Attempt to kiss. Prince switches to Thyme. Fail.

Praise the Lord for they have sinned. God strike down on these men today who
distise with your teaching.

The monks stood round the girl. Their eyes were fixed. All of these monks had
never seen a woman before. When they were born they were taken away from their
Mother and trained/served lives in priesthood. They were raised by monks.
Only males were allowed in the village. The guards were strick. Any woman
entering the town would be killed. None had succeeded till then.

Today they are going to build a church. The last one burnt down. The people
need a church.

During the war many people are captured and forced to work in camps

Get high with a little help from my friends.

I am Death, destroyer of worlds.

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