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So I've switched the website across to Ghost. I remember seeing Ghost a few years ago as a Digital Ocean 1 click app on the marketplace but I never looking into it. In many ways I prefer it to Nikola since it is easier to manage - especially for non-technical people rather than suggesting them to use WordPress.

I have a client that started her blog with Wix. I had considered moving her to Nikola but decided the learning curb was too hard. I decided to get her moved to Ghost. I helped her setup a ghost server with Digital Ocean, register a domain name, and point that domain name to the Digital Ocean server. I then got her to connect into the server and setup Ghost. I got her to add me as an admin and I cleaned up the newly created blog - along with rewriting her wix blog posts, created a logo, ico image, and gave some feedback on the content. You can check out her travel blog Dreamistry Locale.

I had considered moving my artblog to ghost. Currently it is using Nikola and I would be happy to use Ghost instead. It's somewhat hard to move so many posts across though - especially since they are a combo of .wp files pointing to a wp-content folder for images, and markdown files pointing to a galleries (using year/month/day). I had started building a python script that would open my markdown files and create posts on a ghost site with them. See how it goes.

I also started exploring using a Javascript frontend framework in order to render the blog posts - instead of using the default Ghost frontend. Gatsby was my choice - but I decided to switch to NuxtJS since I am more familiar / comfortable with vue.js.

wmckee blogpost titles with links to content being rendered with nuxt

Here is a screenshot of what I have build so far. The Nuxt app connects to wmckee via the content api key that Ghost offers.

wmckee blog content being rendered with nuxt

Here is the content view when you click on a post.

I have started looking into using bootstrap in order to help with styling. I also want to render more details rather than just blog title / content such as tags / author / date publish etc.

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