It Will Not Be Mine

It Will Not Be Mine

"This is a great script editor! I am testing this. Hello from the otherside!".


By William Mckee.

This is a novel. First draft was created November 2015. First edit Feb 2016.

The clock struck midnight. The single light bulb in the room flickered. The temputre of the room was cool. The air condition kept it low.

Their hands hovered over the keyboard with a single finger clicking the keys.
Eyes moving back and forward on the screen. The monitor displayed an error dialog box. The private key was broken and had become corrupt. Unable to connect to the server.
Something had changed. A break was needed. Sometimes it was the best option.
They stood up suddenly, with arms reaching out and letting out a sigh. Their head looks around, then focused on the exit. The day had taken a toll on the body.

The jug on as they walked into the room. Tapped thier feet and reaching into their pocket to pull out a phone. A tap of the screen prompted for the password. It was running
a modified kernal version. Their fingers tapped the keys, inputing the code. Tapping the music icon. A list of stations began to scroll. "Oh the choices', they spoke, eyes fixed on the device
'Who are you talking too?', a voice spoke.

Sarah stood at the bottom of her works stairs. She looked up at the exit sign. Rain propaled from the sign. Her hand reached for the handle and bringing it down,
swinging the door open. Before taking a step outside she turned and yelled, 'Are you coming?'.

'One moment, cleaning up', a voice mutted from above. The man sat hunched over a keyboard and monitor. His fingers flicked quickly over
the keys. He was in a hurry and now had Sarah waiting for him. The monitor displayed a dialog box: status complete. A smile rose on his face. 'Joey has done it', he spoke.
Joey ripped out the USB from the hub and lepping up from the chair. He scrambled down the stairs towards Sarah 'Sorry about that,
he apoligised to Sarah. She was still holding the door open. 'Did it work?', she asked. Joey noded as they both stepped into the rain,
the door locking after them.

The sky turned black. Locking arms they walked the street together. The street was deserted. Abanand cars, fallen light poles, the orcasinal dead body.
Sirens scretched in the distance. 'Do you think they are coming for us?' asked Joey. "There are bigger problems for them to
deal with. They are certainly not', Sarah replied. 'careful, watch your step', she added. A toppled burning building lay in their path. They carefully manovered
the rubble. 'Not much further', Joey spoke. 'It's just around this corner'. The path twisted and the two turned into a narrow alleyway. They walked
past several abanded building before reaching a great big red door which read: Number 6 TechFuncMasters.

'This is it', Sarah wispered. She raised her hand and gave two solid knocked on the door. Movement could be heard inside, the sound growing louder.
'Who goes there?', the voice inside spoke. 'Sarah and Joey', spoke sarah. The door crecked open. A man in his mid 40 front of them. He was
tall - 6 foot 5 with a long brown beard and blue eyes. His head was saved. He wore circal glasses. ' i am Uganka ', he spoke in a eastern european
accent. He held his hand out and shook both Joeys, followed by Sarahs hands. 'it is nice to meet you finally ', Joey said as he shook Uganka's
hand with a strong grip. 'Please come in out of this rain', Uganka greeted them into the building. The two stepped into the door. 'Please follow me',
Uganka spoke as he started to was down the hall way. Saray and Joey followed the man, arms still linked together.

They reached the end of the hall and stopped at a steel door. Uganka stopped. ' Is something wrong? ', Sarah asked. 'This is your last chance to leave',
spoke. Uganka. 'ther is no turning back from here'. 'no we wnt to do this', both Joey and Sarah spoke. 'very well', uganka spoke as he unlocked the
steel door. They walked into a room that was pitch black. Sarah grabbed Joeys arm in fear. íts ok, joey wispered. The steel door behind them slammed
shut and they both jumped. Purple and red lazers starting wizzing around. 'Where is Uganka', asked Joey. The man that had lead them into the room
was gone. A wizzing noice started. Growing louder, andd louder. Sarah and Joey let go of each other and held their hands to their ears. Along with
the wizzing sound increasing a new sound began - sirens. The two dropped to the ground. Sarah was the first to screem and started moving in a
circle motionon the ground. Joey started screaming shortly afterwards. The sound was deafening. Suddently the room flashed with lightning as the noise
stoppeed. The room returned to norma lighting, but the room was empty. Both Sarah and Joey had vanished.

The single light bulb in the room flickered. Antoney lay back on his chair. His left monitor had the latest episode of a telvison show. The central monitor had a web browser
open with a IPython Notebook running. The right monitor had test results being displayed. Three terminal windows,
all displayed results of his code changes. Smaller security camera displays hovered above the monitors. These cameras were spread throughout the rooms in the building
and surrounding areas. The feed was tapped into the cities traffic cameras and a realtime feed of the surounding streets. A quick exit would be posible in case of any trouble.

'Alert - inruder in section 31', the monitor displayed a large flashing dialog box on his currently viewing screen. The eye inplunts allowed the system to track movement and focus, making smart interface decisions.
Glancing up from the television show to the cctv monitors. 'switch to room 18', he spoke.
Thee monitor zoomed in on a camera in room 18. 'That's strange', antoney pondered. The room looked normal. 'Maybe I need to check it out
myself', he rose from his chair and started walking towards the steel door. He unlocked it and walked through. The room was pitch black. 'Somethings
wrong', he spoke. 'This can't be happening'. The lights switched on and everything seemed normal.

Antoney caucioly walked through the room heading toward room 18. He peaked around the hallway corner. Empty. He started walking down the hallway.
A womans screem and frooze. 'Who's there', he yelled. Now he knew there was an inruder. He reached for his handgun.
He was ready. 'I have a gun', he warned. walking towards the screams. He reached the door. The
letters 18 read on it. "I'm going to enter", he warned. Gun drawn he busted through the door.

The woman lay in the center of the floor. She was shivering, naked and covered in blood.
"Who are you?", Antony crepts towards the woman. How did you get in here?" He
lowered his weapon. She was no harm. Her screams had stopped.
"Sarah", she told him. She leapt from the ground. and wrapped her body around Antony. He was startled at the movement. a little shocked to have this woman suddenly
over him. In his arms she sobd. 'now, now, he spoke, pating him on the back. he gently pushed her off him, moving her to an office seat.
'lets find you a blanket', he said. He spots a rugs that he wraps around you.
'How did you get here', Antony asks Sarah. Still shacking she repied with, 'The last thing I remember is purple and red lights'.
'hmm, interesting', spoke Antony. 'What is todays date?', asks Antony. 'The date..', Sarah pauses. 'It is November 21st 2065'.
Antonys draw drops. 'You believe the year is 2065?'. Sarah gives him a confused look. 'Sarah, it's the year 3532'.

Antony switched on the jug and began making a coffee. As he poured the water a voice apeared from behind him.

The keys S.T.A.R.T.S.Y.S.T.E.M. was typed onto the machine. Return. The main led light switched to green. A wirling sound began as the machine
started up. He fixed his glasses as he nervously waited for the boot. Tests had passed, but now it was the real deal. The bios
had finished loading and the machine was booting the kernal. The most progress the machine had ever done. Scientists and developers
had worked for 30 years to develop this machine. The room was airgapped and blocked all signals. This was to stop interference from
any 3rd party. Attempts had been made to modify the machine. The machine was on the 10th floor of the building.
inside another building. Large fenced surrounded each of the builds with turrets to shoot anything that moved.
It was not posible for anyone to reach the machine. Even the machine being controling wasn't the real. It was sending signals to the real machine.
If the fake machine was comporomised then the true machine would still be safe. The system had successfully booted. The text 6b345 was displayed on
screen. He squinted at the text, knowing it was would be special.

The handed on the clock ticked over to three thiry two. LED lights on the panel displayed the year November 21st 2065. Twenty percent of the time
the machine got the time collabration correct but from time to time an error accured.

He stood in front of the crowd. A grin on his face and a laptop under his arm. The television show had just won awards for the best
Drama and an award for best actor. He didn't feel much like an actor. He waved as the crowd cheered. Cameras flashed as he bowed.
One of his security whispered into his ear, 'Sir, we need to move'. He nodded and waved to the crowd before exiting the stage.
He marched towards the steel door with security following behind.

The room inside the steel door was bright. Monitors filled the desks. Wirling sounds rose from the computers. The machine
began to speak. 'Command Speak'.
Joey steared in amazment. It was miminicing his commands. 'open gimp', he spoke. 'Opening gimp', the machine replied.

She steered at her computer her eyes flicking around the display. The text, "I'M GOING TO COME TO YOUR HOUSE AND MURDER
YOUR FAMILY', apeared on . 'Another death threat', she sighed to herself. This was forwarded onto the cyber crime devision to investage.
She had been getting these increasingly since she became a moduratier.

The job was boring. She sat at a desk and contacted clients, attempting to sell antivirus software. The software
was spyware. Clients that installed the software had data stolen. The software was closed and It was closed source so no one was able to know what the

She partically liked to ban developers that attempted to produce artwork. If she a office telemarketer wasnt able to draw she didnt want to
let developers draw.

ArtControl had started painting people on RedditGetsDrawn before she was even born. Why did ItWillBeMine take over the subreddit?
What could be done instead. Allow all artists. There is no such thing as troll artwork.

ArtControl had been partically annoying for her. They had developed a script to create a new account for every piece of artwork they created

  • submitted. They did alot of artwork - sometimes up to 30 pieces a day. That is up to 30 accounts her and other mods needed to find everyday
    and ban. The script caused the artwork to be sent via message to the original poster, along a with mod mail. The art was uploaded to several
    different places - but all redirect to artcontrol. This meant when they tried to ban a certain domain the artwork had been uploaded

ArtControl developed the machine to create and submit artwork to RedditGetsDrawn. They had grown tired of painting everyday but still wanted
to create art for the people of RedditGetsDrawn. The machine would look at all the reference images uploaded to GetDrawn via the api. It then
choice the best reference to draw. The machine painted the same way as ArtControl painted - it started the a white landscape document and
added a line layer, followed by grayscale and finally colour. The AI of the machine was able to match up the reference with the history of
ArtControls paintings, creating a unique pience of artwork in the same style as ArtControl.

It was a hot summer day on in Florida. St Andrews High School had just finished morning tea and the students were taking their streets.
Sirens approched the school. Swat team burst into classroom 14. 'Get on the ground', yelled an officer. The students and tutor scremed
and dropped to the ground. 'Which one is Vanessa May?', an officer asked the teacher. 9 officers cicled the students. They didn't seem
interested in the teacher. 'I am Vanessa', a quiet voice raised from the back. Offices moved to the back. Four officers stood over the
girl, who was trembling. 'Vanessa, you are under arrest', the lead officer said as another officer culfed the girl. 'Anything you say
may be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attnery, if you cant afford one then one will be apointed for you,'
Do you understand', the lead officer told her. Vanessa nodded.

The officers escorted Vanessa out of the school building. The class stared at her as she exited the room.

'Class is dismissed', announced the computer. 'Be sure to have the reports ready for the next class on ArtControl: The Machine of Art'.
The robatic student stood up imediatly and walked out of the room in single file. 'Confiumed Master. Goodbye', the students spoke as they
exited the room.

Where you are going there are no roads.

She was at home when the private number ring. She had just banned five troll accounts. They had hired a programmer
to write a script that searched for art submissions that used common colours of the troll. They wanted to match its style but it was becoming
difficut. She needed to find the machine that was used to create the paintings. If she could get the machine, she would stop the posts.

Trolls had been posting artwork on RedditGetsDrawn for over 30 years. Some were famous and loved. She considered his
work troll art. It had devoited their life to creating software and hardware for the progression of art. It started small, creating
small scripts, to building a fully automated machines (that would mimic painting styles).

Slowly climbing out of her seat she moved towards the ringing. Over the years she had grown fat. A combonation of poor diet and laziness. and spending too much time sitting down.
She never walked, and rarely went outside. Her exhusband would pick her up for work daily.

Her husband - Micheal grown tired of her
laziness and bad attatute and left her for another woman. He was much happier, but still saw her during the week when she picked
her up for work and dropped her off at home afterwards.

They split custoly of their daughter - she would 7 days at her monthers, followed by 7 days at her fathers. At the start of the sepration
Micheal got the majority of the time. She only spent every second weekend at her Mothers as the court decided she was unfit for a split

ItWillBeMine picked the phone up before the final ring. It had been setup to disconet the call if the phone was answered at the wrong
time. 'Hello', she spoke into the speaker. 'ItWillBeMine', a males voice replied. 'Yes, Who is this?', asked ItWillBeMine.
'This is dective Hans Lonery, I'm afaird to enforme you that we have your daughter. We need you to come down to the station'.

Art hold secret symbolism for a secret cult.

The artwork produced by the Machine was in being used to encrupt documents from the goverment. It allowed private keys to be created out
of artwork. The holder of public keys were able to recreate the artwork with their own ArtControl machine that was a copy of the original.
The hashes were matched to make sure none

Have something change, one mistake changes the future.

ArtControls light switched from red to green as it started to power up. It loaded the bios from the memory card. In its old system the bios
caused a mafanction which meant the kernal failed to load. The new bios had been original developed by Joey and Sarah. The system was open
source and has recieved contrubitions from thousands of people.
The system was originally developed to create artwork in the style of an artist. After the artist passed away they named the system after him.
The machine still creates artwork in the style of the artist but its system had been developed much further to do other tasks.
They were being created and trained in schools to in order to create a better future today.

Humans had started using ArtControl machines in space in order to explore areas that were too dangerous for humans. They were equipted with a
camera that took high res images - 160000 by 8000 pixels. The machines were able to paint scenes that could not be photographed.
NASA had order 1.3 million units that were to be sent to different areas.

Sarah heard the whisle and click of the jug that had boiled. She stepped out of the shower. The
blood had been rinsed from her body. She reached for the robes that Antony had given her.

The robes had belonged to his wife who had been in a accident and passed away. He
couldn't bring himself to throw out her belongings.

Antony had never remarried but instead focused on
his work. After his wife's death he was hired to develop software that automated digital
painting. Antony specilised in creating code for graphics. He had never meet the man whoever
hired him. When Antony was done the code was uploaded to a secure server. A private key was used
to connect. Once the code was uploaded the original content was deleted.

Antony opened the pantry cabinet. He was hungry and the choices were
limited. Japanese noodles or potatoes.

Sarah had opened the steel door and stepped into the room. Antony stood in front of the
cubbard. He looked over to her and smiled.
"Take a seat", he gesterd Sarah towards the table.
"Are you hungry?", asked Antony, rampling though the contents in the cubard. Sarah nodded.
"Noodles alright?", Antony asked. Embarsed for the lack of choices. Sarah smiled in aproval.

"Cut two onions, fine", Antony spoke. A mechanical arm with a knife attached began to
slice the two onions. Antony had designed the automate cooking kitchen himself. "Japanese styed noodles". "Japanese styled fried noodles started, completion time: 15 minutes", replied the machine. Antony moved towards the table where Sarah was sitting.
'I will let the machine take care of dinner so we can talk', Antony remarked as he took a seat opposite Sarah. 'I will like you to explain
all events you can remember from the past twenty four hours', Antony asked Sarah. He took out a pad and pen.
'Where to begin', Sarah replied.

Sarah looked back at the Earth from the capsule. She was being sent to the moon on a mission to
recover Prototype Fluffy. System
control had lost contact with it during a recent mission. It had been with 5 other prototype
machines exploring craters of the moon
before its radio-signal failed. It was suspected that its system had been taken over by a hacker
and it was being remotely controlled by someone
on Earth. This was dangerous as this particle machine was designed with nuclear capabilities.
Sarah closes her eyes as she exited the Earth atmosphere. The ship she was traveling over was
running the system headless. This
allowed for system to control the ships functions so that the crew were able to relax.
This cut down the risk of mistakes as Fluffy
was designed to not make a mistake.
Once on the Moon Sarah would activate the system connected to her life support that
would assist the retrieval of Fluffy. The system was running the .
Sarah stepped out of the pod. Her suit had been modified to allow similar gravity on the Moon as
A short distance away was her ground transport.

This would transport her to the crater where contact with Fluffy was lost.

The ground transport was equipped with GPS. System control would take control and transport her
to the crater.

Sarah took a long stride towards the transport. She had undergone intensive training for this
but was still nervious. The sand sprayed up from under her feet as she stomped down.

"Sarah, this is System Control", came a voice on her headset.

"Confirm, This is Sarah", she replied.

"We have readings you have arrived and exited the pod, could we get a status update?",
System Control asked. "Everything is fine, moving toward the transport".
'Roger that, We will take control of transport once you arrive, SystemControl out".
The transmission ended.
Sarah continued moving towards the transport. She reached the transport and climbed into the
seat. It was a single pod that had
been designed to move over the tough conditions. It was perfect for the rocky texture of the
Sarah reached for the device from her belt and connected it to the transport.
The device switched on with the power given to it from the transport. The monitor in front of Sarah switched on. Bios loaded, and the kernel
booted. Once the operating system was loaded the transport began moving forward. Sarah strapped herself in as it began to speed up.

In a distance the prototype 6b345 ArtControl watched the transport zip across the moons surface. 6b345 stood still, knowing the humans
would not be able to find it.

3km till destination the monitor display. Estimated time of arrive: 45 seconds. Sarah could see the crater now that they gotten closer.
The transport started to slow down. It stopped just before reaching the crater. Destination reached the monitor displayed. Sarah unbuckled
her belt and climbed out of the transport. She moved into the crater. The place was a mess. Scraps of metal were lying around. She reached for
the camera in her belt and started to document the evidence. Something had happened her and it was her job to figure it out.
She moved deeper into the crater. What is this metal? She thought to herself, it was nothing like they had on Earth. It must of been some
sort of alien technology. Sarah bent over and gathered some of the metal depree into a evidence bag. Scientists back on Earth will analyze
this. It may shred some light on what happened to 6b345.

6b345 watched as the human gathered evidence from the site. It had activated its camo that rendered it invisible to the human eye.
It watched as the human placed an object into a bag. 'Sarah, this is system control', a voice blasted. 'We are getting some crazy
radio signals from your position, status update please'. The human lifted her arm towards her ear. 'Sarah', 6b345 thought to itself.
It loaded its database of human personal. 'Sarah Clarkson, 27 years old, American', The database showed. 'More detail', 6b345 loaded
more detailed information. 'Born New York December 15th 2021 at 5:32am to Danny and Mary Clarkson. Attended New York State School from
ages 5 till 17, studied computer science in New York University for 4 years. Currently working for NASA as a AI developer.'
6b345 shutdown the report.

A sharp bass notice blasted in Sarah ear. 'System Control, was that you', asked Sarah over her mic. 'Sarah, This is mission control.
We did not transmit, is there a problem?', replied system control. 'hmm strange, it was a bass sound happening in my headset', Sarah
remarked. "I'm done here, heading back to the pod". Sarah turned around and headed towards the transport. She needed to head back to
the pod and return to Earth with the evidence she had gathered. She reached the transport that would return her to the pod.
The process was the same as before - she took the Raspberry Pi from her belt and attached it to the transport. The monitor booted up
and transport turned around - heading towards the pods location.

6b345 held on to the transport as it started to move towards the pod. They were planning on traveling on the ship with Sarah. The camo
was running out of power though so it may need to hide in the pod during the return trip to Earth. This could cause issues if Sarah noticed
him on board. There was enough power to get on the pod and take off, which is the important.

Sarah pulled up at the pod. She dispatched the Raspberry Pi from the transport and unstopped herself. She was still getting a strange
bass sound from her headset. She moved towards the pod and took off.

As she was exiting the moon there was a large explosion. She looked down in horror to see that the moon had split, creating several
parts of the moon. The parts were attached only just, but this couldn't be good for Earth. The effects this would have on Earth would
be devastating. Maybe she wouldn't be able to return to Earth. Mars was an option - Humans had set up a base on the planet in case
something ever happened. It was mainly run by ArtControl machines but several hundred humans were preserved there as a backup for

6b345 had curled into a small cube to fit inside the pod. They had made their way into the supply and inventory area where hopefully
they wouldn't be noticed. To preserve power they switched off the camo and would switch it on if someone entered the area or once
they landed back on earth.

He watched as the crowd decended onto the morning tea table. The food setout was sweet fresh cream buns and savory muffins. Sccanning the area for an
exit, he soitted a doorway which lead to a balconey. There were too many for him to handle. He would have to make
his way through several groups of people. He took a deep breath and provided to walk towards the door. One step in front of another.
'excuse me', he mutted as he made his way past the groups.
Reaching the door and squeezed through the small opening.
Outside on the balcony he felt releaved. No longer was he in a tightly crowded room. The sun was shone brightly. He had to be careful that he wasn't burnt.
shinning and Joey was able to find a seat
and started to eat his cream bun.

TechFuncMasters was the company hosting the conference. A three day event where people from a range of companies
got together and shared and collaborated on ideas.
Joey was a contractor and had just started a new project of developing some addons for gimp. The addons that he had to build was to make it
possible to give the computer a collection of digital paintings, and the video process of the paintings - and a blank canvas. The computer
would then mimic the original painting - creating a new painting with help from a new reference image. Joey wasn't sure who he was creating
this software for - but it didn't really matter. The main thing for joey was that he was getting paid well - and that the addons would be
open source.

The door slided open and steps walked towards his direction. He was no longer alone. A woman in her early twentys approached and sat near him.
She had long wavey red hair, bright large blue eyes and a glemmering smile. She too had came outside to eat
the morning tea. He looked over and checked her name tag. Vanessa May, TechFuncMasters, Developer, it read. He gave her a smile.
"Hi there, I'm Joey", he interduced himself, he finished the mouthful of cream bun.
"Hi Joey, I'm Vanessa", she replied. "Enjoying the conference? Some great keynotes". Joey shock Vanessa's hand.
"Vanessa", she replied.

Antony watched as Joey and Vanessa meet. It was as predicted. History had told that these two would meet this day. October 14th 2065 at
10:50am. Antony knew his job was done and started to walk out of the building. The place was crowded as he started to push his way to the
'sir, wait', he heard a voice behind him. He ignored it. It was important that he got out of the building in the next 5 minutes. He kept
moving, at a faster pace. 'STOP', the voice yelled. Antony started to run. The last thing he remembers is a buzzing sound. Then darkness.

'So where do you work', Vanessa asked Joey. His badge read Joey McFurson. The company line was blank. His role was set to Developer.
'Oh i am doing some contract work currently. Mostly image manipulation kind of stuff', Joey replied.

The light flickered as Antony opened his eyes. He was strapped to a chair. His mouth gagged to stop him from yelling. The room was small.
A table was in front of him along with a similar chair. The table was covered with medical and electrical devices.
'What the hell', he thought to himself. The door creaked open. In walked a solid built man that looked like he was in his early fortys.
His long blue-black straight hair covered his face hiding brown eyes surronged by dark rings. He walked with a slight limp. The man steered at
Antony then took a seat.

"Do you know why you are here?', he asked.

Antony sighed, 'I have no idea'. 'The agency I work for tracks down those that are involved in time alteration events'.
Antony realized he was in trouble. How the hell did they find him, he thought to himself. 'I want a lawyer', he replied.
'You do not have a right to a lawyer Antony', Dectecive spoke. 'Just tell us what you know, we can do this the easy way, or the headway'.
Antony maintained a puzzled look on his face. 'Antony, Do you know what this device is', Detective picked us a circle electronic device
from the table. 'No comment', spoke Antony.

Joey checked his watch, it was 10:58. The crowds of people had finished their morning tea and moved back into the speakers rooms. Joey
had been in the tech track but decided to switch the business track. He had found the tech track to be slightly boring, and was dozing
off during the session.
He stood up from his seat on the balcony and moved towards the door, sliding it open further to get inside. He headed towards the room
which had the sign: 'business track'. The room was much smaller than the tech track. He found himself a seat on the side of the room.
He sat down and retrieved his pad and pen to take notes. The next talk was from a bank - the first talk of the day from a woman.
Vanessa watched as Joey got a pad and pen from his bag. She made her way towards him and took a seat next to him. 'Hi', she spoke.
'Hello', he replied. She reached for her bag and go out a laptop. 'oh wow, you brought a laptop, isn't that kinda dangerous', Joey
remarked. 'It's a throwaway machine', I'm going to destroy it after the conference', Vanessa replied.
Joey watched as Vanessa's web browser opened. She had several tabs of Jupyter Notebook running. She was using it to take notes in
markdown format. 'I just stick with pen and paper, less to worry about', spoke Joey. 'Fair enough', replied Vanessa. Their
conversation was interrupted with the announcement of the next speaker.

Albumin receive the call from Detective. They had had found Antony. She made her way from her home office to her front door.
Detective had told her that a car would be picking her up in 30seconds to take her to where they were holding him. She had been
involved in the search for him in years. Ever since they retrieved information that he was the one that caused a time split that
meant Vanessa never meet Sarah. It was important for Albumin that they meet as it leads to the fail of the ArtControl system
that everyone had been involved in developing.
Rain poured down as Albumin stood in her driveway. She watched as a car came down her street slowly. 'This has to be it', she
thought to herself. It stopped outside her home and the backdoor opened. She climbed in.
The car was old. A 2015 Honda. It is rare to see these cars around. Majority of people use cars that are self driving. I guess they
don't want to use new tech that the govt tracks. These old methods of transport are safer. The car struggled but made its way down
the dirt road, turning left. The streets were quiet. People were too scared to come out of their home at night. The crime in the
city had increased in the past twenty years. Albumin was partly to blame, she had been issuing orders to police to break down
peoples houses in search for Antony. Now they finally had him focus could go into getting information out of him. It wouldn't be
The car pulled up outside an old abounded building. TechFuncMasters the old sign read out the front. Albumin stepped out of the
car. She stepped forward and the car took off. The rain was calming as she moved toward the front door. She knocked twice. It was
a large steel door that read: number 6 TechFuncMasters.
Uganka answered the door. They walked down the hallway and turned left. Reaching another steel door. 'How did you find him?',
Albumin asked. Uganka was silent. He just unlocked the steel door and pushed Albumin through.
The room was dark except for a single light bulb. In one chair a man was strapped, Dective was sitting opposite holding the time split
device. A table separated them. They were both frozen in time. 'You must be Antony', Albumin spoke. 'We have been searching
for you for a long time'. The two were still frozen. 'UGANKA', yelled Albumin. The steel door opened and Uganka walked in.
'Yes', he spoke. 'What the hell is happening here, can you get them back to normal', she asked. 'I thought you would know how to do
that', Uganka replied. 'No I don't' Albumin snapped. 'We finally get this guy and now I cant even interview him. I need to see the
security tapes'. 'Yes, follow me', Uganka leads Albumin out of the steel door. He closes it after him. They walk forward and to
the left where there is another steel door. Uganka unlocks the door and they both step in. The server room. The brains of the building.
In front of them is a desk with a old computer monitor that is displaying live footage of the events the interview room.
'I want to see footage of the past 24 hours from that room', Albumin demands. 'Yes', replies Uganka as he rewinds the footage of
the day.
The footage shows Detective and Uganka dragging the body of Antony into the room. They both tie him up and leave. Albumin fast
forwards the footage. She wants to see the conversation the two have together and what happens after the phone call to her is made.
She pauses the footage as Antony wakes up. The buzzer goes off to let Dective know that he is away. A few minutes later Detective walks into
the room and the two have a conversation. Sadly the footage wasn't able to catch audio. After a short convoy Dective shows Antony the time
split device and they both freeze. 'Hang on', says Albumin. 'Somethings not right. Where is it that Dective places the phone call to me?',
Albumin wonders. She reviews the footage again. Puzzled she asks Uganka to show her the interview room again.
Antony and Dective are still frozen. Albumin exams the bodies. 'Perhaps it wasn't this Dective that made that phone call', she thinks to
herself. 'Maybe something happened with the time split and the call was sent by an alternative Dective'. She had heard of similar things
happen but never experienced it herself.

Detective held the time split device in his right hand. He watched Antony as he squirmed in his seat. Suddenly Antony stopped squirming and began
laughing historirocy.
Alarm bells sounded which blocked out the sound of Antony's laughter. 'What is this', shouted Detective. 'You will never find me', yelled back
Antony. The alarm stopped. Everything stopped. Both Antony and Dective froze. For a moment in time, the world stopped. Then everything went
back to normal except for Antony and Dective. They stayed frozen.

Antony awoke in a dusty hut. He had no memory of how he got here. The last thing he remembers is being tired up to a chair and having Detective
talking to him. 'How did I get away', he thought to himself. He looked around the hut to get an idea for where he is. In the corner of the room
lay-ed an old artcontrol robot body. It looked like a prototype edition from over 50 years ago. 'I wonder if it will still work', Antony thought.
He moved towards the robot to examine it closer. The series number on the machine said 6b345. He turned it over, noticing that the battery
was fried. 'Maybe I could repair it'. He dragged the robot outside the hut. Outside it was raining. The view was like nothing he had seen before.
Bright purple colour rose from the distance. The waves crashed onto the beach. Antony continued to drag the robot along the beach. In the distance
he noticed an old industrial building that may have the tools to repair this robot.

He reached the building. The door was a large steel door. Antony tried the door and it opened up. He dragged the robots body inside the building.
He was happy to get out of the rain. The building was large. He could hear the rain on the tin roof. Old tools scatted the ground. Tables and
chairs were broken. Antony dragged the robot towards a table and sat down. It was an effort moving the robot. He searched around for anything
that he could use to repair the robot. Sure enough he found a battery pack that he was able use use. He used a screwdriver to remove the old
fried pack and inserted the new pack. The front light switched on - turning green. The robot began to make a whizzing sound as it powered up.
'Mission Sarah Rescue Complete', he spoke in its robotic voice. Antony smiled with amazement as it started to move. It stood up and started to
move forward. It didn't seem to notice Antony. 'Hey You', spoke Antony. 'Command Now', the robot spoke. 'I am 6b345, what is your command'.
'Where are we', Antony spoke. 'You are on planet Mars, it is the year 3532, month June, day 34', 6b345 answered.

Humans fully colonized the planet Mars after a disaster happened on Earth which wiped all living species. Before the disaster hit they had
a supply of humans preserved on Mars that were active in order to maintain human existence.
The biggest problems they had with life on Mars is the lack of oxygen. They did have problems with supply but have since setup enough of a base
on mars to supply without the help from Earth.
Plans were made for humans to travel back to Earth in order to retrieve important items. Earth was unlivable but the humans were able to spend
a short time on the planet in order to get the items. The time split device had been left on Earth and it was important to retrieve it. Humans
would never be able to survive for long on Mars and they needed to change events in order to stop the moon from splitting.

Joey stood and watched as they went over to the

Joey is sent to Mars when the time split happens. What happens to Detective when the time split happens?

Detective awakes in a green grass field. He had never experienced anything so beautiful in life. His whole life the world had been gray and black.
The sun was shinning. 'Was this even Earth', he thought. He had heard tales of an ancient earth where the world hadn't been destroyed.
Before the ArtControl machines took over. In the distance her saw a building which looked like a shopping complex.
Crowds of people were walking in and out of the building. A road ran down the side where people were driving cars.
Dective had never seen these kind of cars before, he had seen photos of them when he was a child. The cars had four wheels and required a
driver to manually control. Dective headed towards the road. Maybe someone could help him, he thought. He reached the road and started to cross
the road. He crossed in front of a truck, which hit him and sent his body flying. The truck sketched to a halt. People crowded around his body.
Detective was barely alive but an ambulance sirens were in the distance heading towards the scene.
Two ambulance pulled up and jumped from the vechile. The asked everyone to move back from the body before examining it.
They moved the body onto a stretcher and took it towards the hospital.
There was a chance that the man would survive. The ambulance flashed their lights and sirens as they rushed towards the hospital.
They pulled up outside the building hospital and rushed the stretcher and body inside emergency.
The mans body was heavy damaged, beyond what a normal human being would need to survive.
As the doctors examined the patient they discovered a metal like substance in the patiats brain. It was used to control his actions, and keep him alive. They had never experienced anything like it before. On of the doctors had a contact at NASA that researched alien life forms.
The doctor made contact with them in case they were able to shred some light on the issues.

Sarah was chosen along with Joey and 6b345 to go back to Earth in order to find the devices.

Sarah ship circled the Earth. She had lost communication with Earth after the explosion of the Moon. It would of caused a ripple effect that
knocked the Earth out of orbit, killing all lifeforms. She had a backup plan of traveling to Mars where she would be able to activate the
80,000 humans that were stored on the planet. On the computer she put in cord's for Mars and her ship took off at light-speed.

Several minutes later she found herself circling the red planet of Mars. She had only ever been to Mars when she was little with her family.
Humans had been creating a colony for years on the planet and had made a base that was able to sustain human life.
It was a rough ride as her ship entered Mars atmosphere. She landed on the docking station. After landing she exited her ship. She was able to
take off her spacesuit as the base had oxygen that allowed humans to breath. The air was thinner than what she was use to on earth and it took
her several minutes of breathing to adjust.
She heard a notice from inside her ship. 'Was someone else on my ship', she thought to herself. She reached for her ray gun and boarded the
ship to investigate the problem.

6b345 checked his co-ords. The Lang and long were off. The system searched for the cord's and returned that they were on Mars - not Earth.
This could be a problem. He started to move his ways off the ship when they heard the ships door open and Sarah board the ship again.
She was equipped with a ray gun. She must of heard something when 6b345 was moving around the ship. There was no where for him to hide.
Instead raised hands and stood still waiting for her to enter the supply room.

Sarah peaked around the corner into the supply room. She had spotted what what making the noise. It was a robot with it's hands up.
'How the hell did you get on this ship', Sarah spoke as she moved around the corner - Ray gun pointed at the robot. 'There is nothing
to worry about', the Robot spoke. 'I am 6b345 and here to help you. I boarded the ship when you were on the Moon'. Sarah lowered
her Ray gun. 'A friendly robot, that's rare', she replied. 'I am Sarah, pleased to meet you', Sarah said as she held out her hand to
shake 6b345s hand. They shock and then exited the plane together.

'My calculations estimate that there is enough oxygen to last for the future', 6b345 tells Sarah. They both make their way down the platform.
Ahead of them is a large steel door. They move forward. 6b345 hesitates. 'You are not a scary cat', Sarah laughs. 'No, I'm just picking up
some unusual readings', replies 6b345. 'Are you sure this place is safe?'.

Uganka stood at the door waiting for the knock. It was important that Sarah and Joey arrived on time. They had gone to retrieve a private key
that would allow the time split device to activate. It was very experimental and hadn't been tested before. Uganka was about to give up when
he head a knock. 'Who's there', he spoke. 'Sarah and Joey Macfurson', a female voice spoke. It must of been Sarah thought Uganka. He started to
unlock the door when behind him he heard footsteps. He turned around to find a solid man pointing a ray gun at him. The man fired the gun knocking
Uganka to the ground.
Outside Sarah and Joey heard a gun shot. They backed away from the door. 'This cant be right', spoke Sarah. 'Something has changed, he was meant
to answer that door and let us in'. 'Lets get out of here', suggested Joey as they turned around and started to run down the road. They found an
abandoned car which they were able to hot-wire. Joey was in the drivers seat and Sarah in the passenger. An old artcontrol robot model was lying
across the back seat. Joey reversed up and took off. They watched as a man stepped out of the door and started firing on them. Joey slammed on
the alzarater and speed down the road - avoiding the burning car parts in the way. 'What the hell happened there', asked Joey. 'We are spouse to be
inside that building'. Sarah shrugged. She was just as confused as Joey.
The two continued driving down the road. The rain had gotten heavier. Sarah moved to the back of the car to examine the artcontrol robot.
'What kind of condition is he in', asked Joey. Sarah flipped the robot over and checked his battery pack. 'It seems fine, just needs a reset',
Sarah replied. She reached for the reset button and pushed it in for 3 seconds. The robot started to power up.

Detective stood over the dead body of Uganka. One ray gun blast to the chest had killed him. He moved towards the door and started to unlock it.
He heard a car starting up outside. He stepped outside with armed with his ray gun. He fired three times at the car but missed and the car was too
far away now. Detective had stopped Sarah and Joey from entering the building. How this would change the future he was not sure, but having them
enter the building would be devastating. He needed to hunt them down and kill them.
His head hurt from the headaches. Since the accident his body hadn't been the same. He had some of the best doctors and scientists repair him. His
hand reached for his pills in his pockets. He swallowed two down. These pills helped keep him alive.
Devtive made his way down the street and found an old car that he was able to hot-wire and start. The car was full of rubbish, old soft-drink bottles
and food. He started to drive down the road in the same direction that Sarah and Joey had traveled.
He traveled several blocked before giving up. He wasn't going to find them in a city this big. He could sleep in one of these old apartment
buildings and in the morning hunt for them. He pulled the car over and made his way over to a building. The building was clearly empty - wooden
planks covered the windows and door. He searched for something that would allow him to break the door down. He found a piece of steel nearby that
he used to smash the door. He entered. The lights switched on. It looked like the people that lived here left in a hurry. Lunch was served on the
table. Fly's swarmed the food. He moved towards the kitchen. The fruit in the fruit painter was still good. He ate a banana and headed towards
the master bedroom. The bed was made and had fresh sheets. He climbed into the bed and feel asleep. He was excused.

Detective awoke from the sound of a door slamming. He moved quickly and retrieved his ray gun from beside the bed. He heard people talking in the
kitchen. 'Was it the police, the home owners, or someone else breaking in?', he thought to himself. He moved out of the bedroom and towards the
kitchen, careful to not not be noticed. He peaked around the corner. To his surprise the very people he had been after stood in the kitchen.
Sarah, Joey and an unknown robot who he didn't recognize stood there.
His headache got worse, and he dropped to the ground in pain.

Micheal pulled up outside his exwifes home. Normally she is waiting outside her home for the lift to work. He tooted twice. No response.
'What could she be doing', he thought. It was very strange of her not to let him know if she wasn't going to work.
He turned off the car and climbed out - locking the car after him. He walked up to the front door and knocked twice. No response. He reached
for his cellphone and tried the home line. He could hear it ring inside but no response. He tried her cellphone. It range and she answered.
'Hello Micheal', she spoke. 'Hi, Where are you?', he replied. 'I am at your door waiting for you'. There was a pause. 'Are you there?', he
asked again. 'Oh yes, I'm waiting outside my place like normal', she answered. Micheal looked around and there was no sign of her. 'Is
this a joke', he asked angrily. 'No no, I am here'.

Albumin stood outside waiting for her exhausted Micheal to arrive to pick her up from work. He was running late, it wasn't like him to
to run late. She looked down the street to see she could spot his vehchile. No sign. She heard her home phone inside ring and rushed inside
to answer it. She was too late, the caller had hanged up. She went back out the front. A minute later her cellphone rang and she answered it.
It was Micheal. Apparently he was waiting for her outside her home. Waiting where she was currently standing. She had returned home yesterday
afternoon from Uganka and the issue of Detective and Antony. Perhaps those events mucked up time and she was displaced.
She hanged the the phone up and decided to return to Uganka to see if he had made any progress on locating Detective or Antony.

Their bodies were still frozen. Detective was holding the time split device. Uganka noticed blood running down the forehead of Detective.
'That cant be good', he thought. Reaching for his cellphone he dialed Albumin. She answered. 'Hey, we have a problem here. Detective
seems to be bleeding from the forehead', he told her. 'Yeah, that's really not good', she replied. 'I will be there soon'. Albumin hanged
up the call and dialed another number. 'taxi please', she spoke. Outside she noticed the taxi pull up. She made her way out the front door, locking
it behind her. 'Where to?', the driver asked. She gave the address where Uganka, Detective, and Antony were. The taxi took off. Shortly later they
arrived at the building. She thanked the driver as she exited the vechile. She knocked at the door Uganka let her in and they both walked into the
interview room. The bleeding from Detectives forehead had gotten worse. Uganka had been using cloths to wipe the blood.
Albumin took the time split device from Detectives hand. She examined the device. 'Do you know how this works', She asked Uganka.
'No idea', Uganka replied. Albumin fiddled with the device. The fiddling caused Albumin and Uganka to freeze.

Uganka heard a knock at the door. He answered it. Standing there was Detective with an unconscious body. 'Help me get him in', spoke Detective.
Uganka took one end of the body and they both lifted it into the building. They dragged the body into the interview room. 'Whats his name',
asked Uganka. 'Antony', replied Detective. They strapped Antony's body to a chair in the room and exited the room. They both stepped out the door
and moved to the watching room. Here they both took a seat in the watching room. This allowed them to monitor Antony for when he awoke. Uganka
was tired and began falling off the sleep as they sat there. He switched on the monitor and opened a terminal. The terminal monitored the building
and alerted of any activity.

The 6b345 sat up on the bench. 'We are on Mars?', Joey said in amazement. Walking over to the building he knew something wasn't quite right with
the planet. 'How am I surviving? The air feel like it does on earth', he asks. 'We have developed the air so it is possible for humans to survive
on this planet, after Earth was destroyed Humans needed a new planet to survive on', 6b345 explains. 'Earth is destroyed', Joey gulped. 'Yes,
over 1000 years ago there was an event on Earths Moon that caused Earth to be unlivable to humans', 6b345 explained what happened.
'So is there other humans on this planet', Joey asked. 'There should be, by my calculations I have been offline for 5 years, so events may of
changed, but last time I checked humans were thriving on Mars', 6b345 replied. How exciting Joey thought to himself. Humans surviving on Mars.
'You must take me to these surviving humans', Joey said. 'Very well, but it will be a long journey from here, we are going to need transport'.
6b345 stood up and started walking out the door. 'How are we going to find transport?', Joey ask. 'I will be your transport', replied 6b345.
To Joeys amazement 6b345 transformed into a hovercraft. 'Get on', 6b345 spoke. Joey mounted 6b345 and the two took off into the dusty distance.

Sarah grew up in a small town. It was like any other. Her house was down the block from her primary school. That's where she first discovered
her love of computers. There wasn't allot to do in this town. It had a supermarket, a library, and a small skate park. There were only two
schools - a primary school and a high school. They were only down the street from each other. The streets were clean and houses neat. At
night people stayed inside and the streets were empty. Crime was low. Everyone knew each other.
When Sarah was her first year of school the school got its first ArtControl AI robot. They used it in the art class to help students with
their drawing and painting skills. It was able to create demos that the students learn by copying the demo. After the success of it in the
art classes they purchased more for other subjects - to mimic behaviors. The code running the system was open source so it meant anyone could
contribute to the software.
Sarah remembers the day that her art class opened the artcontrol machine. It was an exciting day, the whole school wanted to be there. Twelve
students, the art teacher and producible gathered around the long plastic wrapped package. The students were allowed together to unwrap. They
pulled back the plastic bubble wrap and undid the cords. The ArtControl Machine lay there lifeless. It needed turned over and the reset button
pushed in order to start's. Sarah was given the honors of powering on the machine. It's eyes blinks green twice and started to make a whirling
sound. The students crowded around as it announced its names and duties. '2g987, art demo and tutor', it spoke. It had the default voice but
the voice was able to be changed to a range of different voices. Its hands could hold a pencil, pen, paintbrush, or palette knife in either
hand. It was possible to mix and match the art tools.
The children were excited to see 2g987 produce its first artwork. They had setup an easel and wooden board for the first painting. 2g987
asks what they would like painted. There are a range of answers - create an original piece from memory reference, draw from life, or a combo
of both. The students decided on a original piece from memory reference. The next option was the style of the painting. Again this was a range
of choices to choose from. There was a range of artists they could choose from - old masters such as Willem Kalf, Canaletto and Leonardo da Vinci.
The range was limitless. 2g987 also had the ability to scan a painting or drawing and produce an original work in a similar style. The students
choice Leonardo da Vinci. 2g987 got to work straight away - first sketching in pencil, then applying a gray-scale layer, and finally colour.
The students steered and watched in amazement at how quick 2g987 worked. Within a few minutes the painting was finished. 2g987 stood back. It
seemed proud of this first painting.
The bell rung and the students all ran from the room. Sarah stayed and examined 2b987. She brought her hand up and touched it's fake plastic face.
It smiled. It's green eyes blinking 3 times. It was the first of its kind to be used in classrooms. Future versions of it would take over the whole
classroom, including the students. Engineering the perfect education resource machine. That's what it was about. Creating the perfect machine to
create open resources. It had a Creative Commons logo tattooed to its arm. CC BY 4.0. It read. The meta data that it created was stored online as
part of an API. Everything the machine saw and did was documented. It's about creating whatever you consider a education resource.

ArtControl walked down the street. He held in his left hand a Wacom pen and on his right arm a Wacom drawing tablet. Sitting on this tablet was
a Raspberry Pi computer. This had a monitor attached to it. It was being powered by a USB. Attached to the Raspberry Pi was a power pack, and the
Wacom tablet. When the new oxygen was developed to keep humans alive on mars they used a chemical melted down to allow wireless charging. The
Raspberry Pi was being charged with oxygen out of the sky.

The internet connection was everywhere. The speeds were 10gb a second download and 1gb upload. Their was an unlimited amount of usage. The Pi was
being developed to include a wireless card. Older version of the Pi didn't have a wireless card.

Antony sipped his cup of herb tea. It was hot so he placed it on the counter to cool down. Sarah sat in the chair.
Blitz, Antonys Abyssinian cat entered the room.

The President of the United States addresses the nation and the world. His announcement of successfully sending 80,000 human souls to Mars in order
to preserve mankind. If the events happen as they have been foreseen in the next one thousand years then mankind will be wiped out on Earth and
have to start a new on Mars. The alien metal discovered helps humans breath successfully on Mars. It also helps technology go beyond what we
have today. The time travel possibilities are endless. We are currently looking at sending the metal back further in time - so that we can have
the technology earlier in mankind's existence. Mission launching later today will launch 80,000 human souls into space - destination Mars. It
is unlikely that many of these people will ever return to Earth - instead creating a home on Mars.
Those that return to Earth will be researching into the history of mankind.

Sarah sat on the couch watching the television as the President gave his speech. Clutched in her arms was her teddy - Cuddles. He Mother sat by
her side. Sarah was fascinated with the speech. He was standing on a high bench looking down at thousands of people. During the speech the
television cut off to scenes of unconscious people being loaded onto the ships. These people were lucky to be going to a new planet Sarah thought.
Those left on Earth would not survive. Sarah at her age didn't fully understand what would happen to mankind. As she grew older she would learn.
She squeezed her teddy as the first ship launched off.

Joey watched the Presidents speech from the crowd. He had just had his 12th birthday and as a birthday present his parents had brought him here to
watch live the Presidents speech. He knew it was an important day for mankind. Sending 80,000 human souls to Mars in order to survive the events
that would take place. He watched the president as he held up the piece of alien metal that had been discovered several years ago. It was found
inside a man named Detective who had traces of the metal in his brain. Scientists were able to extract the metal from the brain and create copies.
This metal was able to be used to keep humans alive on earth. It also helped our technology development.

Detective stood behind the President. He had a smile on his face as the President mentioned his name and the developments of mankind. His knowledge
of future events allowed humans to prepare to survive. Without Detective being spent back to the past humankind would be wiped out when the event
known as 'explosion on Moon' occurs. The President asks Detective to make a few words. Detective steps forward towards the mic.
'Hello. Some of you may have heard of me, many of you haven't. I was sent back to this time in order to save mankind. The events that are taking
place today will result in Humankind living on past the end of this world and into others. I am privileged to have a hand in making this happen'.
The crowd erupted with clapping. The president moved forward and gave his closing remarks.

Joey clapped along with the crowd. His Mother and Father side by side. He watched as Detective and the President exited the stage and got into
their vechile, driving off. People chased the car down the road waving and screaming in excitement.

Inside the car Detective and the President sat opposite each other. One of the Presidents men were driving. The president had two decutiry guards
beside him. It was unlikely that anyone would dare attach the car. They had Detective with them. His strength and recovery time was far supurial
than any normal human being. The metal that was found in his brain was inserted into all 80,000 humans being sent to Mars in order to help them
live on the planet.

Ahead on the road was a road block. The men wore orange shirts in order to be seen by traffic. It seemed like a normal road work. One of the
Presidents guards mentioned that there was not spouse to be any road works along the path. Planners of the route had made sure that there would
be no interruptions to slow down the presidents car.
An explosion ahead of the presidents car sent one of the presidents cars flying. Two van pulled up on either side of the presidents car. 6 men
jumped out of the van. This was a planned attack.
The presidents car took off at high speed - attempting to avoid the debree that the explosion had caused. The six men opened fire with automatic
weapons onto the presidents car. The car was built with a metal that could sustain the bullets but still inside the car the president was worried.
The car made it through the area that the explosion happens. Two of the men had jumped into the car and were hanging on as it speed down the road.
One of the security guards wound down the window and started firing shot - only to receive shots back. Detective had been sitting there calmly
but maybe it was time to show these attackers what he was capable of. He undid his seat-belt and climbed out of the open window - pushing aside the
dead bodies of the security guard and attacker. The terrorist was on the roof and opened fire on Detective. His body absorbed the bullets. He
laughed as he walked closed to the man, disarming him and using the weapon - throwing him off the car. The two van were still chasing the car -
with men inside firing automatic weapons at detective. Detective jumped onto a van and fired inside the van. This caused the van to flip and roll.
Detective went flying to the side of the road. He had experienced some bad luck with traffic accidents.
The presidents car kept traveling ahead. Detective lay and watched as the car traveled into the distance. He couldn't move. His body would need
time to recover.
The presidents car reached an intersection when a car pulled out in front of it - letting off an explosion that caused the presidents car to go

Sarahs Mother returned to the lounge with dinner for her and Sarah. The food was roast duck, potatoes, carrots, and green peas. A blueberry gravy
was squirted over the meat. She sat down next to Sarah and handed Sarah her food.
The two sat and ate their dinner as they watched the President finish his speech and enter his car. An helicopter followed the car as the President
traveled to the space launch. The two watched in horror was the presidents car was attacked. Detective or 'the man from the future', as many called
him saved the president from the attacked. They were saddened to see Detective being knocked to the ground after the first van exploded. The
helicopter camera followed the presidents car. When the car entered an interception there was another explosion - this time causing the presidents
car to roll. 'This isn't a good day for him', spoke Sarahs Mother. Sarah said nothing, she had been ignoring most of what was on television -
focused instead on her food. She loved Duck.

Joey heard an explosion in the distance. People were panicking. He looked around for his parents but they were gone. 'MUM. DAD', he yelled. He
was frightened. Why would they take off like this he thought to himself. A mans hand grabbed him. He looked similar to the man that had just
spoken on stage. 'Come with me if you want to live', the man spoke. 'MUM', he yelled again as this man dragged him towards the exit. Joey goes
with the man. 'He cant be a bad man if he helps the President', he thinks to himself. The mean leads him out of the area. Shortly after he
hears an explosion behind him. The blast had came from the area he was just standing in. If it wasn't for the man leading him out of the area,
he might of been hurt, or worse - killed' Joey thinks to himself. He can no longer feel the mans hand grasping his arm. He looks around but the
man is gone. Then he remembers about his parents. He begins to head back to where the explosion came from. Police have cornered off the area
and he is unable to get back through the barricades. A second later he hears another explosion - this time further up.

Prep the space crafts. Load the passengers. Genders and Races are split evenly between crafts. 50% gender split. Range of professions and ages.
People are picked randomly and put through a screen tester. Time Split device is tested on individuals and anyone immune is refused travel.

The police dragged Vanessa outside and placed her into the back of a patrol car. Students watched as they took off towards to the police station.
Once at the station they grabbed her out of the police car and took her inside the police building for processing. She refused to speak until
her Mother arrived. One of the officers phoned her Mother to get her to collect her. The police had received a tip off that she was planning an
attack on the school, therefore they intervened early and arrested her. No evidence was found for this so they decided to release her to her
Mother. It made the police force look bad when incidents like this happens.

Albumin pulled up outside the police station. Her daughter was being held there on suspected terrorism charges. Albumin knew the chargers were
false and that it was just Antony messing with their lives. She walked inside and went up to the counter. 'I am here to collect my daughter,
Vanessa May', she spoke. The woman behind the counter looked up. 'Can I have your full name, date of birth and address', the woman asks. Albumin
gives her the details. A police officer walks out of the door and asks Albumin to follow him. They walk back through the door her just entered
and down a hallway. The two enter a room where Vanessa is being held. 'No charges were laid but we have to act on information when we receive it',
the police officer apologized. Albumin gave him a dirty look and took Vanessa's hand and marched her out of the building.
Once in the car Vanessa spoke. 'This is your fault Mum', she said. 'If it wasn't for you banning these people we wouldn't have all these issues'.
Albumin sighed. 'I am sorry love', she replied. 'We are working on repairing the problems'. The two then took off in the car.

This is the final day of mankind. It happened the day as predicted. The President would give his speech. Joey would be killed in the explosion. The
events that happen when Joey is killed are worse for mankind than it keeping him alive. Detective is sent back again to save Joey. He is in that
time zone 3 times. Different versions of him have different tasks to complete.

Sarah received the artcontrol machine at school. They already were on Mars. The escape from Earth was just a simulation. The moon never exploded.
Earth was fine. Humans could live on Earth. They were tricked into it by advance AI intelligence. The ability to move time backwards and forward.
Sarah goes to space in order to find the metal. Explosion occurs when she is leaving the Moon. Travels to Mars instead of Earth as she loses
contact with Earth. Mars was backup plan if anything went wrong. She had instructions to active the 80,000 human souls being stored on the planet.

Detective searched the crowd for Joey. He would be twelve years old and with his parents. Several times he had attempted to save Joey but each time
failed. Detective had finally worked out that he needed to used a stun gun on both parents in order to get Joey out of there. The perfect time to
reach him in once the first bomb activates. This happens in front of the presidents car. The second explosion hits the crowd. Detective spots Joey.
The first explosion. Detective walks towards Joey. He looks down on him and holds out his hand. He tells Joey that he must come with him.
Detective grabs the child and pulls him to safety. Shortly after getting Joey to a safe spot Detective is pulled back to where he and Antony are
frozen in the room.

Sarah is sent into the future and meets Antony. Humans have successfully returned to Earth. The room is shattered but they use a similar substance
as on Mars to stay alive on Earth.

Sarah travels to Moon when the explosion happens. She sends back Detective from Mars to Earth on the day Humankind was wiped out in order to change
some events. Future version of Detective attempts to kill Sarah
and Joey. It's never sunny and always rains in restored future Earth. The past - Presidents speech is sunny. Moon is gloomy and quiet.

Mars is red/orange. Frozen rivers. Joey looked across the landscape. He had never experienced anything like
it. They raced across the land. Breathing was strange. Air thinner than on Earth. The landing site for the 80,000 humans sent from Earth over 1000
years ago were up ahead. '

Joey would explore the area. Had 3b456 to assist him in finding out what happened. Humans may or may not be active.

Antony makes sure that Vanessa and Joey meet. They have a child - Antony. Detective interferes and attempts to stop Antony from completing his task.
Antony is captured by Detective and uses the time split. Sends Detective back to before the Presidents speech. Sends Antony into future.

Albumin is searching for both of them. When Detective saves Joey from the explosion he is pulled back into the future where he is in the room
with Antony.

Antony is the grandson of Albumin.

Future version of Sarah is on the Moon the day of the Presidents speech. She discovers the alien metal and sends a sample back to the past
before the Presidents speech in order to save Joey.

Sarah gets trapped in the future and can't get back. Joey remarries Vanessa.

Future Detective attempts to kill Sarah and Joey with Ray Gun. He is pulled back to future when he is in the abandoned building with Sarah and

Micheal is killed when Moon explodes by drowning. He is in his office when the tidialwave hits the shore. Everything floods.
He watched the sky as the moon shattered. The Earth rocked causing an increase in global temp. Places that were warm - people burnt to death.
Polar caps melted causing worldwide flooding.

Joey and the robot reach the landing site. Sure enough the 80,000 humans had landed and were ready to activate.

Sarah and the robot reach Mars and discover that the 80,000 human didn't make it to Mars. Needs to send back Detective to make sure the launch

Uganka is killed by Detective when he is hunting down Joey and Sarah. He is shot in the back with Detectives ray gun.

Detective sneaks around the back of TechFuncMasters he knows of a secret passageway where he can get in. Sneaks up on Uganka as hes about to
unlock the door for Joey and Sarah - but times it badly and Sarah and Joey escape. Detective kills Uganka with the ray gun.
Detective chases after them but loses them. He discovers them when they enter the building he is staying in.
At that point he is pulled into the future where he is in a room with Antony.

ArtControl is in future Mars walking down the road creating artwork on their Raspberry Pi. Breathing in air created from the alien metal.
Electronics are being charged from traces of metal in the air. Ultra fast network speed.

Joey and Sarah had gotten far away from Detective. There was no way that he would catch them by now.
The ray gun that he carried used much more advance tech that what they had in that time. He must have brought it
back with him from the future. Sarah was driving well Joey slept. Joey dreamed of the
events that had happened that evening.
Everything was going as planned. He had received the
private key which he loaded a virus onto it so that the
ships would fail when the ships attempted to leave
He had walked down the road in the rain with Sarah. They
had knocked at the door. Uganka was spouse to answer and
let them in. Then they were spouse to experience the time
split that sent them into different time periods.
Instead Detective killed Uganka and attempted to kill
They shouldn't be in this time. Both Joey and Sarah
should be in separate times.
His mind was a fuzz. He couldn't remember where he was
spouse to be traveling. This version of him had experienced
the correct events, but everything changed when
Detective shot Uganka. What was he even doing in this
time? His dreams were puzzling and conditioning.

Sarah looked over and saw Joey sleeping. He looked sweet
when he slept. He must of been dreaming she thought.
He fidged in his sleep. She knew that the events that
occurred tonight were not what was planned. That the two
shouldn't be in this time. What would be the
consequences for staying in this time?

The doctors ran scans on Detectives brain. They had
never seen this type of metal before. Nothing like it
excised on Earth. They had moved him out of the general
hospital and into a govt hospital for special cases.
here he would have the best care and scientists and
doctors together would find out what the metal was.
NASA became involved with the project. They were able
to extract some of the metal out of Detectives brain
and with the sample create a large abadence. They were
unsure about the uses of the metal - but they knew for
a fact that it was helpful for keeping humans alive.
If it wasn't for the this metal substance Detective
would of died when he was hit by the truck.

Even the President became interested in the case. He
visited Detective in hospital and told him about the
great advances in mankind the world would experience
because of Detective nd the metal in his brain.
Detective was finally conscious. He awoke cuffed to the
bed. The room and bed was white. A large 50 inch TV sat
on the bench at the end of his bed. He was connected
with wires. He heard a door open and a woman walked in
wearing a very old styled nurse outfit. 'Perhaps its
a historic dress-up themed party', detective thought to
himself. The woman yelled behind her, 'hes awake'. She
walked towards him. Two doctors followed. They crowded
around the bed where Detective was laying.

One of the Doctors spoke intruding themselves, the
other doctor and the nurse. He explained about the truck
accident and finding the alien metal in Detectives
brain. Detective had no recollection of the events nor
the alien metal found in his brain. It must of been
something that was inserted into new born babies
in the future.

Joey inserted the USB into the computer. Sarah started
to make her wait down the stairs and to the door. She
would wait for him at the door. Joey browsed the USB
file system. launch was the name of the private key.
There was a second file launch.public - the public
key. The public key was loaded onto the servers on the
ships that were bound for Mars. The private key would
allow connection to the ships. Joey typed a command into
the terminal to corrupt the private key. This would cause
the ships to fail. The real key was replaced with the
fake virus infected key. This would cause the ships to
explode when they take off.

All the effect of sending Detective back to load 80,000
people with the metal will be stopped once and for all.
Sarah yelled from downstairs for him to hurry up. He
pulled the USB out of the computer and placed it in his
left pants pocket. He reset the computer and rushed
down the stairs to catch up with Sarah. It was pouring
with rain outside.

Vanessa looked over at Joey. He was scribbling notes into
his pad. She had enjoyed this talk. It was more
entertaining than the technical room. She was enjoying
the stories that the business room offered. It was less
to concentrate on and just absorb the information.
The bank talk finished and moved onto questions. Neither
her or Joey asked a question but several others in the
crowd did.

The slides were all on the same laptop she it meant that
the next talk started 5 minutes after the previous.
The next talk was given by the postal service about how
they are using drones and robots to deliver mail. They
explain how they have replaced the normal postie humans
with robots. They use a GPS data that connects letters
and parcels with where the delivery happens.
They explain how they use machines to scan and sort mail.
They have major depots where the mail is sent then from
there picked up by ground and aerial drones for delivery.

As soon as Detective knows that Joey is safe he gets heads to the nearest payphone. He was visual and practiced this so many times that it had
became a habit. Lead the boy to safely, make the phone call to Albumin that he had captured Antony and to visit us. By this time the current
version of himself will be frozen and sent back. If he doesn't contact her, he may never get back to his own time. The phone rings. and again.
Albumin finally answers. Detective explains to her that he had captured Antony and for her to come to the building immediately.
He is careful not to tell her too much information. He had already experienced these events and if he told her the wrong information everything
they had worked towards could be ruined.

Detectives body dropped to the ground. He had finished
his mission and he had been sent back to his normal
time. The room where he awoke was dark. There was a
man tied up to the chair in front of him. He had no
memory of him and didn't recognize him. The single light
bulb in the room flickered. He looked around to try to
remember where he was. He had been gone for several
years and things might be different in this time line.
He was already experiencing issues with attempting
to remember who this man was in front of him. He stood
up. Suddenly he had a flash. It was of a woman taking
something from him in this room. Did it happen in this
time-line? He thinks to himself.
He walks towards the door. It is a large steel door.
It's closed but unlocked. He walks through the door.
He enters a long hallway which is dimly lit. He
experiences another memory flash. This time of dragging
a body down the hallway. He can't recognize the person
that is helping him with the body - or the body.
Perhaps it's the man tied to the chair? He thinks to
Detective decides to turn left. He remembers now that
forward would lead him to the building exit.

Turning left leads him to the interview room. It's
empty and looks like its been that way for a long time.
The computer here is covered in dust. The window viewing
shows the man - who Detective still cant remember. He
is still tied to the chair. Detective sits on the seat
and turns on the computer. Perhaps this will give him
the answers he needs. The computer turns on successfully
and he opens the camera history. He rewinds the footage
and watches footage of him and another man dragging the
body of the man tied to the chair into the room. He
watches as the man wakes up and Detective enters the
room. He is holding in his hand a remote device. The
man and Detective talk. The man begins to laugh, and
then they both freeze. He fast forwards the footage.
Pauses when someone else enters the room. It's the
woman from the flash. On camera she looks much older
than in the flash. She does a similar action to the
flash. She takes the remote device from Detectives hand.
Someone else is in the room. Detective notices its the
same man that helped him drag the body into the room
earlier. He watches the footage further. The woman
activates the remote device - causing both her and
the man to freeze for several minutes. 'Did she change
something then', Detective thinks to himself.
He needs more answers about what is going on. He reaches
into his pockets to check for anything. Inside his left
pocket is a red USB that label reads: For Detective.
Detective loads it onto the computer. It has a single
video file on it. He opens the video file up with the video and audio player - VLC. It plays security footage of the room where the man in the
chair is currently. Detective is in the scene as well. He's frozen along with the man in the chair. The woman walks into the room. She injects a
needle into Detectives neck. This footage is different to what was recorded Detective notices. The time-stamps match up. One of the tapes must be
a fake or an alternative time-line. Detective watches the footage further. The woman injects the man tied to the chair with another needle. The
footage ends with the caption. 'Find and Save Joey'. Joey... Detective thinks. That's a name that can remember. He can't picture an image of him.
Maybe Joey is the man tied up?
He exits the room and heads towards the exit. He reaches a large steel door. The front entry and exit to the building. The door is locked but
he unlocks it and opens the door. Detective experiences another piercing headache pain and a flash of events. It shows him walking down this
hallway. Someone is standing at the door inside the building. It's someone new. It's not the man tied up to the chair or the man that helped
Detective tie him up. His face is a blur. It's like he doesn't even have a recognizable face. Detective is holding a ray gun. He points it at the
man and fires. The flash ends. Detective is brought back to reality. A ray gun, he wonders. Where do I get a ray gun? He opens the door.
Outside it's dark and raining. The street is a mess. Detective looks up and down the street. It's empty. Two cars are parked in the car-park. He
heads towards them.
The he tries the car on the left. It's a Red Honda. Locked. Perhaps he will have better luck with the other car - otherwise he might need to
smash a window. The other car is unlocked and Detective climbs into the drivers seat. He starts to take off when he experiences another flash.
This time it's outside the building. He's firing his ray gun at the car he is currently driving. One of the ray guns bullets hits a tire.
Detective is brought back to reality when he notices the car suddenly flip. A wheel had been blown. He was firing at his own vechile.
Detective climbs from the flipped vechile. Luckily he wasn't going fast. He heads back to the other car and smashes the window and unlocks the
door. He hot-wires the car and takes off. He really needs to find someone that can help him understand what is happening. It's just too confusing
for him.
As he drives he sees visions of the other car being driven ahead of him. It's like two worlds mixed together he thinks. He decides to follow this
vision car. He doesn't know who could be driving, but it could give him answers.

Albumin and Detective together watched the camera footage.

Sarah and 6b345 stepped through the steel door at the landing pad. They had made it to Mars successfully. Sarah was now tasked with finding the
ships that had launched and landed on Mars and activating them. She was a little uneasy about 6b345. He original mission was to go to the Moon in
order to find him as there were suspensions that he had been hacked and was acting as a rogue robot. Could the friendly nature he was putting on
just be show?
6b345 scanned Sarah. The readings came up with an unusual high anxiety level. 'Are you feeling OK?', 6b345 asked Sarah as they walked down the
hallways. 'Oh I'm fine', replied Sarah. She stopped holding her head. Sarah experienced a flash vision. It was a scene from Earth. She was with a
man. Their arms were linked. They were standing outside a building door. Rain poured down. In the vision she knocks on the door twice and another
man - someone with a blurred face lets them in.
Sarah is brought back to relatey by 6b345. He slaps her across the face which knocks her out of the flash. 'Sarah I don't think you are well',
6b345 tells her. 'That was the strangest thing ever', Sarah explains. 'Come on, the sleeping bunkers are just up ahead', 6b345 tells Sarah. How
does he know so much about this facility Sarah thinks to herself. Her head still hurts but she continues down the hallway towards the sleeping
bunkers. After everything that had happened, some sleep would be good. The two walked through and sliding door. It was there there were sleeping
bunks and power for 6b345 to charge. 6b345 walked up to the charger and plugged itself in. 8 hours of charge would give it months of charge.
Sarah dropped her bag and climbed into the bed. She was excused and fell asleep immediately. After her sleep the two would go and search for these
80,000 human souls that need to be activated on Mars.

Vanessa stepped up on the escalator. It had been several months since she had been at a tech conference and it always put her in a good mood when
she attended. Being a female meant that she was often gloratized at these events - something she felt a little uneasy about. She had only good
experiences when attending these events. She was warned to watch out for sleazes when she started attending these events. So far she had only good
She stood in the line waiting waiting to sign in. The line was around eight people. It was moving quickly. She had printed a bar code out that would
be used to sign in. She was finally at the front of the line. 'Hello, I'm Vanessa May', she told the woman behind the counter. The woman smiled and
said hello. Her bar code was scanned and she was given a lanyard that had her name attached to it. She made her way to the foyer area where coffee,
tea, and juice was being served. The area was full. People were gathered around in their groups chatting among themselves. Vanessa went over to
the group

Loth'Raks scanned the Earth. His ship lay idle
just outside the Earths atmosphere. He was the last
remainder of his race. He had been in search for
other intelligence life and had found it. On this
distant planet that the locals called Earth. He was
uneasy about making himself known to the life. When
*his race had done so before thousands of years ago it
lead to almost their extinction. Loth'Raks was growing
old and needed to pass on knowledge about his race to
these humans in the hope that they may be able to save
He had successfully captured several of the lifeforms
which he was keeping alive in a water like substance.
Unlike his race the humans needed oxygen to survive.
They would never be able to survive on the alien home
planet but he had made it possible for the humans to
breath on Mars, a planet not far from Earth.
He had tested mixing some of his alien DNA with that
of the humans, to see the effects it would create.
The first couple of tests failed but he had just
successfully completed a mix.
Loth'Raks lifted the child from the bed. It's skin was a
faint blue colour - like his own. It's eyes had a cat
like purple and colored blue. It's nose was much more
flat than normal humans. It had a normal human mouth.
Instead of two human arms it had four. Loth'Raks also
had four arms. It had no reproduction system -
something that the humans and his race had very
different. It was a healthy child though. The humans
may never accept him, but they might care for a half
breed - someone part human and part alien.
He would make the humans promise to care for the child
in exchange for the metal that was inside of his race.
It flowed through their body in a liquid form - but
when exposed to oxygen it would turn to a solid. This
meant that Loth'Raks would be unable to survive on Earth,
the insides of his body would harden - killing him. He
had set foot on Earth - wearing a special suit that
stopped his blood metal from hardening. This is how
he had captured the humans.
He was due to expire and had found two humans that were
capable of raising his child - Sarah and Joey McFurson
they were called. They lived on a small farm outside
of Texas. He had organized to meet them to leave the
child. Once the child was safe he would travel back to
his home planet to die. Along with the child he would
leave behind the metal. He had programmed the metal to
malfunction and stop working if any harm would come to
his child.
The child would be able to switch between two forms - a
fully human form and the alien half breed form.
He had shown Joey and Sarah how to switch the child
between the forms, and later when the child is older
they would be able to switch. He named the child Antony. After his grandfather. Loth'Raks stood outside the wooden farm house. He wore
his productive suit in order to stop the oxygen from
contacting his body. In his arms was the small child -
Antony. It was currently in human form. He switched the
child to hybrid form, then back again to human form.
It seemed to work correctly.
He walked forward towards the house. Knocking on the
wooden door. Sarah answered and greeted him in. They
moved to the lounge area. Joey was sitting in a armchair
in the lounge. Sarah had been preparing dinner.
Joey stood up when Loth'Raks walked in the door.
'Is this him', Sarah asked. Loth'Raks had problems
understanding human speech and had installed a
translate device. He got Sarah to hold the device and
speak into it. He replied by nodding.
He handed the child along with the a small caps of the
alien metal to Sarah. He turned and started to walk out
the door. He needed to return to his own planet. Much
longer on this planet would kill him. Sarah and Joey
followed him out the door watching him take off in
his small transport pod. Loth'Raks knew he would never
see them again, but the child would be safe.
Sarah and Joey watched ass the transport pod took off.
The aliens main ship was outside of Earths atmosphere,
but it was too dangerous for the ship to enter.
Loth'Raks made it to his main ship. He docked the
transport pod and exited. He moved quickly to the
control room and started to enter cords for his home
planet. The ship would need to travel through a black
hole in order to get home.
He looked around the ship one last time. Loth'Raks
noticed his ray gun was missing. He had taken it to
Earth in case of trouble. He was sure he had brought it
back on the pod but it was gone. 'What could have
happened to it', he wondered. It was too late though,
he didn't have enough time to return to Earth to
retrieve it.
He just hoped that the gun wouldn't fall into the
wrong hands - the power it would offer the user is
unknown. He tried to forget about it and started the
ships engines. He had located a nearby black hole that
the ship was traveling towards. He strapped himself in
it was always a bumpy ride through a black hole -
something he did not enjoy. He could see the black hole
ahead. The ship was moving towards it. He braced himself
for impact. Shutting his eyes his ship entered the
black hole. A flash of visions happened as the impact
happened. He observed a human man shooting another with
Loth'Raks ray gun. A second vision appeared this time
was of the ray gun being turned into a large weapon.
It was launching attacks on his home planet. The
humans were the ones that had almost wiped out his
race. Was it his fault? Was he to blame for leaving
the ray gun on Earth? He couldn't return. He orbited
his home planet. The black hole had done as predicted
and sent him home. Home to die. The humans must of used the metal he left along with
the ray gun to send the missiles back in time -
thousands of years to wipe out his race. He was annoyed
with himself. Why did he even trust the humans to begin
with? He thought of Antony and how he will grow up
among a race of traitors.
Loth'Raks ship entered his planets atmosphere. It was
traveling fast, and he knew impact was going to be bad,
though not as bad as the experience of traveling the
black hole.

Sarah and Joey watched as Loth'Raks transport pod left Earth. Sarah held in her arms a small child brought to them by Loth'Raks. The had been given
instructions to protect him at all costs. They would do just that. Loth'Raks had named him Antony and they had decided to keep the name.
Currently Antony was in full human form. They were given a device by Loth'Raks that allowed Antony to switch to half-human, half-alien form.
Joey tested the device on Antony. Sarah jumped and almost dropped the child as he suddenly turned blue, and sprouted another two arms. He started
making sounds in a language they couldn't understand. Joey activated human form again. Loth'Raks told them that it was important that forms be
switched at least once a year. If Antony doesn't switch he could be permanently stuck in either form.
Along with the child, and form switch device they were given a metal substance. Loth'Raks told them they could give this to the authorities in
exchange for Antony to be kept safe.
They walked back inside with their new child.
Several miles away a man was out walking his dog when he came across what looked to be a weapon or gun of some sort. He didn't recognize it and
handed it into the local police station. The police were thankful for him handing it in - they too were unsure what it was. They would hand it
onto the government.
Joey and Sarah would have big decisions to make later about telling Antony about his Father and his origins. For now though - he was a baby and
didn't understand. They had several years to wait.
The three walked in the front door. Sarah had activated 6b345 to clean up the dishes. It was a fully automatic robot that was capable of many
tasks - including cooking and dishes. She had activated it to finish off the dinner she started but was distracted with Loth'Raks arrival.
For some reason the 6b345 unlike many other editions was mute. It followed the families orders though - which was the main thing.
6b345 watched out of the corner of it's eye the family walk back in the house. They were holding a child. The machine scanned the child - picking
up unusual patterns. When situations like this happen the data is sent back to headquarters and an investigation is activated. The govt may become
involved. Nobody has any privacy when these machines are in their lives - but they don't know that.
Sarah tucks the baby into his cot before sitting down at the dinner table with Joey for dinner. 6b345 brings over dinner. Roast lamb, potatoes,
carrots, and peas. Their favorite. 6b345 pours them a wine each and sits down at the table with them.

Years passed and Antony grew just like any other child. He attended Kindergarten and started school. Once he had started school Sarah and Joey
decided that it was time for him to learn what he really was. They sat him down and explained about his Father Loth'Raks and how he was the last
of his race and dying - that Antony was now the last remaining member of his race - though he was only half. They explained to him about the
form switch device and showed him how it worked. That he had to switch forms at least once a year.
Sarah and Joey had activated the form switch device for the past 5 years - on the anniversary that Antony was brought to them.

One day at school during break he told some of the other children that he was half alien. They didn't believe him. To prove it he activated
the form switch device - switching into his true form. The other children were amazed and rushed off to tell their teacher. She told them to
stop making up stories. Antony had switched back to human form - the teacher pointed out that Antony was perfectly normal, just like them.
Though the CCTV at the school had captured Antony's transform. Within an hour the media had gotten hold of the footage. Both media and the
military surrounded the school and Antony's home.
Should he ever be discovered Sarah and Joey had been given a plan. They were to activate a transport pod that would take Antony to Mars - far
away from the humans.
When Antony saw the military and media heading towards his school he knew something was wrong and that they may be coming for him. He activated
his form switch device and headed out the building towards home at a fast pace. Sarah and Joey had told him to go to a field out the back of his
home. It was there that a transport pod would be stored and he could use it to escape to Mars.
He made it to the field. Military and media surrounded his home. He could see Sarah and Joey being cuffed. He want to go and save them. To bring
them with him. He knew he couldn't. He activated the pod and climbed into it. It was already set to Mars. He hit the green button and the pod took
off. People noticed the roaring sound of the engines and pointed the television cameras at the scene. The military attempted to shoot down the pod
but it failed - taking off and leaving Earth.
Antony regretted showing his classmates the form and wondered what was going to happen to Sarah and Joey.

Antony awoke from the freeze. He was still tied to the chair. The room was empty. Detective must of already returned to this time period. He yelled
for help. To his surprise - Sarah walked into the door. 'What the hell happened? Did Joey and Vanessa meet?', Antony asks Sarah. 'Yes everything
went perfectly', Sarah walks up to Antony and unties him from the chair. 'Do you have your form switch device', She asks him. 'I don't need it', he
replies. 'I can control the forms with my mind now'. Once untied Antony activates his true form - the half human and alien. Sarah is impressed. You
have learn allot in all these years. 'How long had it been', She asks. 'In Earth years it has been 40 years', Antony tells her. 'wow it feels like
longer', Sarah says. 'I remember the day still clearly today - Joey and myself were so frightened when the police showed up at the door looking for
you. We didn't tell them anything. They arrested us. I then remember seeing your ship take off. I then knew you would be safe'.
Antony nodded and smiled. 'We can talk more later. For now we need to get out of here, Dectecive may return'.
Sarah and Antony walked out the door. Antony lead in his alien form. 'We are going to need to move fast', he said. 'I need you to climb onto my
back'. Sarah nodded and climbed onto his back. 'Hang on'. Sarah gripped Antony's shoulders. He started to dash forward, knocking out the front-door.
Outside it was raining and they raced down the road.

Detective continues to drive down the road. The visions of reality and the dreamworld are turning into a blur. In the dreamworld it's a sunny day,
but in relatiery it's dark and raining. It gives a strange effect to the world. The car that he is following in the dreamworld begins to slow
down. Three people get out of the car - a man, a woman, and a humanoid robots. He slows down his car and watches their next move. Do you think
they could see me? He wonders. He opens the car door and heads towards them. They seem to be moving at a slower pace that relatery. He yells at
them, 'hey guys, what are you doing?'. They continue walking away from their car, ignoring him. Maybe they can't see him he realizes. He goes up
to get a closer look at them. He hopes he could recognize them. Like the man who was shot with the Ray gun their faces are a blur and he is unable
to know who they are.

The three of them walk into a building. It looks like someone had already broken into this building. The front door had been sealed with a wooden
plank but it had been removed and the door opened with something. No attempt had been made to secure it again. He stands behind the three characters
as they open the door and walk inside. They have no idea he is there. They enter into a foyer area and walk down till they get to a kitchen.
In Detectives world the kitchen looks clean, like someone was living here. In the dreamworld it's a mess, someone was living here but during their
breakfast they abadanded the building. Old eggs and toast were rotting on the table, Fly's swarming.
In the dreamworld he heard a thud on the floor. It came from the bedroom. Everyone noticed it. The dream-characters started to make their way to the
bedroom to investigate. Detective wanted to make it first. He rushed in front of the dream characters who were moving slowly. Inside the bedroom he
saw a version of himself. It was Detective that was in the room. Was it him that broke into this building? He wasn't sure what to do, but he didn't
want the dream characters to find the body. He picked the body up and dragged it towards the closet. He opened it up and pushed the body inside.
Just as he closed the closet the dream characters walked into the room. They looked around the room to see what the thud was. 'Perhaps it was a
cat', one of them said. 'Don't be silly, a cat wouldn't make a sound that loud'. Detective prayed that would walk out and ignore the closet. His
wish was granted. The three of them turned around and walked out of the bedroom - back to the kitchen.

Sarah, Joey and 6b345 pulled up outside an abanded looking apartiment building. Sarah and Joey wondered why they were here. They wanted to get as
far out of this area as they could. 6b345 had insisted that it was important that they were here, that certain events would take place that were
crucial for later. They trusted the robot. The three got out of the car and headed towards the front door. The door looked like it had been sealed
with a woodern plank but someone had broken it - breaking into the building. The three walked though the door - if someone was in the building they
hadn't bothered to lock it behind them. They traveled down a fowyer area and reached a kitchen. The three said nothing.
Sarah, Joey and 6b345 walked into the bedroom. They had been alerted to a loud banging sound and wanted to investage it. 'Perhaps it was a
cat', Sarah spoke. 'Don't be silly, a cat wouldn't make a sound that loud', replied Joey. They looked around the room for server minutes before
leaving again. The room was empty, but there was something strange about the noise.

Detective found a needle in his pocket. Hes could use it inject himself or the unconsious dream version of himself. He decided to inject himself.
As the liquid enters his blood system he watches as the unconconsious version of himself fade. Was it him waking up now? He walks out to the
kitchen where the three characters are standing. Their faces are still a blur, but are becoming clearer. He stepped out the frontdoor without
anyone noticing.
Detective decided to head back to the room which he woke up. Perhaps it be better to wait for the womans return? He exited the apartiment building
and headed back to where he was eariler. The visions of the two worlds had vanished. Perhaps the injection that he had given himself had fix it.
Memories of this world started to return. He remembers capturing the man tied to the chair - Antony. During questioning he was sent back in time,
to before the Presidents speech. It is here that he warns the world about the Earth being blown up. They prep 80,000 humans with the metal that
Dective brings back with them - this will allow the 80,000 to survive on Mars. Shortly after he is injected with a substance he is brought back
to the current time - this happens when he is being chased with the President by the terrorists.
The President doesn't survive the crash. The world believes that the attack was on the President, but really it was aimed at Joey - a 12 years old
boy that would become important in the future.

ItWillBeMine was waiting for him when he returned back to the building. She told him that he needs to travel back again to the Presidents speech in
order to save a 12 year old version of Joey. His first mission of letting the humans know to send the 80,000 humans to Mars was a semi-success but
it will fail if Joey is killed. Detective agrees and is sent back again. When Detective is sent back his body melfunctions causing him to be
stranded in a limbo of half present, half past.

Sarah awoke. She peaked out the window and all she could see was the red sandy desert that was mars. She had some of the strangest dreams.
Looking over she noticed 6b345 still plugged in charging. Looking at her watch - he had 15 minutes of charge left before he became active. She
was starving and got out of bed and headed towards the kitchen. Food was limited on Mars but there was some sealed frozen meal that she was able
to microwave. She placed the plastic free dried meal in the microwave and turned it on for 2 minutes. She admired the view from the large glass
window outlooking Mars. Humans had build this facility to be a safehaven. Her thoughts wondered back to Earth and wondering what it would be like
there now. The explosion on the Moon would of caused massive deaths to the world. Her thoughts were interupted with the alarm of the microwave going
off. She opened up the microwave and pulled out her breakfast. She opened the top draw and got a knife and fork. She sat down at the table and
ate her food. It tasted like bacon and eggs.
As she ate she heard clanking sounds of 6b345 heading towards her. 'Good morning', Sarah spoke. 'Greetings', 6b345 replied back. 'Did you sleep
well', it asked. 'Yes very much so', Sarah replied. 6b345 nodded, sitting down at the table with Sarah. 'So whats the plan for today? Will we make
it to the transport ships', asked Sarah. 'That is the plan', replied 6b345. 'We will leave once you are ready'. Sarah finished her food and packed
her bag. She was ready to leave. The two walked out the door - into the desert waste of Mars.

Loth'Rak had crash landed on his home planet. He didn't have the energy to travel back - it would be too late. Years would of passed on Earth
when he traveled through the blackhole. His home planet was in rubble. Once it had been a beautiful tropical planet inhabited with his race. That
all changed when humans fired the missiles through the blackhole - destorying his home planet and killing everyone. Loth'Rak was on a nearby planet
when the attack took place. He watched in horror as the missles apeared out of the blackhole and traveled towards towards his planet. He spent years
searching the universe for intelligence life like his own. He found it - Humans.
He had been on the planet to collect some new minerals that he was going to take back to his planet for his scientists to analyze.
He traveled back to his planet with haste but hovered over the planet he knew no life survived. When he discovered Earth thousands of years later
he landed on the Moon first to leave the bombs in case it was the humans that had attacked his planet.
Once returned to his planet he activates the bombs. Sarah is leaving the moon when this happens. This causes the human race to be wiped out on
Earth. Sarah travels to Mars to activate the 80,000 humans.
Detective is sent back in time to make sure the 80,000 humans are launched to Mars.

Sarahs ship orbited Earth. She had been gone for 10,000 years. Her crew consisted of 6b345 (whom she meet when she first arrived on Mars),
D'Zorge, Shad Ducote, Ostis Bedjouki, and Gasuya Aman. The crew were tasked with returning to Earth in order to understand what had happened
10,000 years ago.
Sarah remembered when she was a child. Growing up on Earth. She remembered the day when everything changed. It was the day of the Presidents talk.
She had watched the talk on the television with her Mother. As she orbited the Earth she held in her hand the very same teddy bear that she had
that that of the Presidents Speech. That day humans sent 80,000 human souls to Mars to preserve humankind, should anything every happen to Earth.
And it did. When Sarah was in her 20s she was on a mission to the Moon and as she was leaving the Moon it exploded, causing mayhem on Earth.
She traveled to Mars where she actived the 80,000 human souls. There she lead the humans to grow and expand. No one really knew what happened to
Earth, about why the Moon was blown up. Sarah and her crew were here to find the answers.

Detective watched from the Earth surface as Sarahs plane landed. He had been stuck on the planet for the past 10,000 years. Alone. During the
attack on Earth his body was in another time, so when he came back he was still alive, but everyone else was gone. With the alien metal installed
in his brain and the injections his body was able to survive on Earth. Though he was stuck between two times - sometimess seeing visions of the
past - if you could call it the past.
The ship landed and the crew exited. The world looked completely different to how she had imagined it as a child. No planets were able to grow so
everything had turned to desert. Life on Earth was no more. The crew stepped forward. They had testing instruments to test the Earths soil and the
air. After testing the Earth they would travel to the Moon which was split into three main fragments - alot of it had moved away.

Antony walked over to Bliz and patted
her. He had had the cat for 6 yeasrs.
She pured as he stroked her. He had
started mixing his genes with that of
animals, to see the effects that it
would cause. No one would ever have as
much alien gene as Antony for he was
half alien and human. Blitz had been
created with a mixture of Antonys
Alien/Human genes and mixed it a a
third - cat gene. This caused some
interesting effects in the creature.
Antony had focused on the cat gene in
so the cat had a cat like body and legs.
It was coloured blue - something it
inherited from his alien genes, the cats
face was human like, with human looking
eyes. It's puples were cat like. It had
a flat human nose. It's mouth was human

  • and had wiskles coming out the side.
    Antony had hoped that Blitz would be
    able to speak, but so far it could
    only meow and make sounds that sounded
    like the alien native language.
    Antony had been on Mars for the past 14
    years. He had escaped Earth when his
    identity was discovered. His Father -
    Loth'Rak had setup a base for him incase
    he ever needed to leave there. He needed
    to stay in his half form and had since
    lost the ability to switch back to full
    human. He was loney alone on Mars so
    therefore had created Blitz in order to
    keep him company. The lack of
    convosation was annoying.

Sarah and 6b345 made their way through
the deserts of Mars. Up ahead they
spotted a small base came. The two moved
towards it with caucion. A cat like
creature was
walking around outside. Sarah and 6b345 had
never seen anything quite like it before.
'Is it a mutation', Sarah asked 6b345.
The database system part of 6b345
analized the creature. 'its returned three different
dna types - cat, human and an unknown
alien dna.

The Cat spotted the two sneaking up to
the hutt. It rushed inside in fear.
Sarah moved towards the front door.
She felt at gun in the back of the neck.
The voice spoke, 'Dont move or I will
shoot'. She started to move her arms. A
blast sound blasted. Sarah dropped to the
ground. 'Shouldn't have moved', the voice
spoke. It was Antony. 6b345 rushed over
to Sarahs body. 'What have you done',
6b345 yelled at Antony. 'She moved',
replied Antony. 'We needed her to finish
the mission', explained 6b345. 'No we
dont, we can do this ourselves. Help me
move the body'.

Antony and 6b456 moved Sarahs body.
Antony picked up a shovel and threw it
at 6b345. 'dig', he ordered. 6b345
started to dig the whole to bury Sarahs

Detective was crushed under the vevhile
that had rolled on him. Up ahead he
watched as the presidents car flipped.
He used his strength to move the car
from ontop of him. His body would need
several minutes to recover. Detective lay
there and breathed slowely. His body was
in pain, but it was recovering quickly.
He stood up and started heading down
towards the Presidents flipped car.
From a distance it looked too late - the
car was in flames.

As he walked, he heard another explosion
behind him. It was aimed at the crowd of
people whom had been watching the
Presidents speech. The president was his
piriority. The car was on fire and tipped
upside down. he opened the backdoor and
pulled the President from the car. He
was too late. The President was dead.

BREAKING NEWS. The President is dead
but NASA will continue with the mission
to launch 80,000 human souls to Mars is
still a goahead. A new President is
currently being swarn in and has given
his blessing to the mission. The people
will be forzen and transported to Mars.
Should there come a need in the future
to active them - we will do so.
The President is expected to give a
briefinng in two hours.

Vanessa didn't know anyone at the
conference. Knowing noone wasn't such a
bad thing though, it allowed you to meet
new people easily and not hangout in
usual groups.

She drank her cup of coffee well standing
in among a group of people. They were
talking about a new security bug found
in a web app. She sipped her coffee as
she listened to the convosation.
People started to move into the main
area for the keynote speaker.
Vanessa followed the group into the room
and found a seat to watch the keynote.

Joey awoke. He was surrounded by a red
sandy wasteland. He doesn't reconise it.
It doesn't look like Earth. He can see
a base in the distance. He walks towards
it. Inside is a alien creature and their
alien cat. He witnesses the alien creature
killing Sarah. Alien creature tries to
hunt him down. He escapes and is brought
back to his own time.

Once back in his own time he can't
remember correctly what happened, but
puts the pieces together - making sure
that humans will find out if they ever
return to Earth.

'I like the idea of blowing up the moon.
Enough explosives to blow it up.
It's science fiction. I can do whatever
I want', spoke Antony. 'It was the humans
that killed my race'
Antony had tracked a group of artcontrol
robots that were expoloring the Earths

Everyone seems to be escaping to Mars.

All characters have to die by ray

Revenge for Antony since he is the last
remaining part-alien of his race

Once humans are settled on Mars they
want to go back to Earth in order to
discover what happens.
Sarah was to do it but she ended up

Vanessa is the one that goes back to
Earth in order to discover what happened
to Earth.

Antony and 6b345 active the 80,000 humans
They become the rulers of the human race
on Mars - the humans not relizing they
in fact have sinister plans.
Vanessa discovers that Sarah is killed
by Antony. Detective is first sent back
to save Joey but he is later sent back
in order kill Joey. It is Joey that lets
Vanessa know in the future that Sarah is
killed by Antony and that it was Antony
that blew up the Moon in order to destory
the Earth.

Vanessa finds out about Antony being
evil and goes back to Mars and kills him.

On Mars they build a statue of Sarah
holding her teddybeer in order to
remember her.

Artcontrol is walking down the street
with a Raspberry Pi doing digital
painting in GIMP. He admires the statue
and carries on walking.

Vanessa had landed on Earth. She had been sent here to investigate what happened before humans colonized Mars. The leader of the Mars colony Master
Antony was the one that active the 80,000 human souls - saving the human race. Him, along with his Robot 6b345 and his cat Blitz lead the humans
in their expansion of Mars.
Antony advised against any humans returning to Earth, saying that the world had become toxic and humans would never be able to survive on the
planet. He had told them the story of the human traitor - Sarah whom was the one that had destroyed the Earth and almost destroyed the 80,000
humans that were being preserved on Mars. Antony and 6b345 thankfully stopped her.
Vanessa never trusted Antony and suspected something fishy about him. She had fled Mars and landed on Earth in order to find out more information
on what might have happened.
She had also heard stories of a man named Detective whom in the future is sent back to the past to warn the human race about their appending doom.
They had records of an alternative time-line where humans didn't launch the 80,000 human souls - causing the human race to be wiped from existence.
Antony announced to the world that it was him that sent back Detective to the past in order to save man kind.

Antony looked out over the Mars landscape from his palace. The 80,000 humans moved about in their lives below him. The majority of them bowed down
to him but he was concerned for a small group calling themselves the 'Human Revolt League' that were leading a fight against him. They struggled
with the fact that he lead the humans. Vanessa May was their leader. She had recently escaped from Mars and Antony and his Generals believe she
may have returned to Earth. He had sent a hunting party out to find and destroy her. If she discovers what really happened in the past, everything
that Antony worked for could be destroyed.

Antony had stayed behind on Mars but had sent Blitz and 6b345 (his Generals) to Earth in order to find her. As he watched the City he had build he
heard the door open behind him. It was one of his Human servants. 'Master, the Generals are ready to leave', the Human spoke. Antony nodded. He
turned around and headed towards the door. He would head to the ship launch pad to watch his Generals leave Mars for Earth. With his alien
technology, technology had grown dramatically compared to that of old Human tech on Earth. The ship would land on Earth within a couple of hours.

Blitz had developed since Antony first created her on Mars. She had gained the ability to speck English. Blitz and 6b345 were about to board the
transport ship to Earth when Antony entered the area. 'I just wanted to wish you the best for the trip', Antony spoke. 'You will find Vanessa and
any other rebels and kill them'. Blitz nodded, and boarded the ship with 6b345. Antony watched as the ship took off, leaving Mars for Earth.
Antony had been attempted to develop a fix for his body. Since he had escaped to Mars he had lost his full human form and was forced to stay in his
half-alien half-human form.
The ship that carried Blitz and 6b345 zipped across space. As it entered the Earths atmosphere it burnt up - killing Blitz and restoring 6b345

On Earth Vanessa discovered a building that was hosting a conference. The conference was ran by robots and all the attenders were robots. She
managed to sneak in as a delegate. Here she was able to meet the robot version of Joey. The human version of Joey had programmed the robot version
of himself to reveal the information about what had happened on Earth, the Moon, and Mars. Joey was the one that witnessed Sarah being killed by
Antony and 6b345 on Mars. Joey was hunted down and killed by Detective (sent by Antony). Before Joey was killed he programmed the robot version
of himself with the memory of the murder and the robot Joey was able to reveal this to Vanessa.
The conference ended when debree of Blitz and 6b345's ship hits the building. Vanessa manages to escape and travels back to Mars with the robot
version of Joey in order to reveal to the Humans of Mars that it was in fact Antony that killed Sarah, that Sarah wasn't a traitor. With Blitz
and 6b345 dead and destroyed as they entered Earth.

During the keynote Vanessa looks around to find Joey. There were many robots here and he was hard to find. She might need to wait till morning
tea to find him.
Vanessa spots Joey on the balcony during the morning tea. She approaches him and talks to him normally. She needs to get him alone and reset his
system in order to reprogram the machine to tell her what happened.

It was during afternoon tea that the debree hit the building. It caused a power failure. It was Vanessa's last chance to get the information from
the robot. She grabbed him, hit the shutdown button and carried him into one of the side rooms. The building was falling apart from the debree so
she needed to move quickly. The building was building evacuated.. She lay Joey down on the table. Flipping him over on the back he had a casing
that she used a screwdriver to open up. a terminal window opened up. It was here that she would be able to extract the information out of Joey.
She plugged in a USB disk. She typed some keys and the data transferred from Joey to the USB. Transfer complete the terminal showed. She unplugged
the USB, screwed up the cover again and reset the machine. Hopefully he would reset with full information remembered. Joey started up, announcing
that he was in a special mode. This meant that Vanessa was able to take him back to Mars, and along with the USB of data show the Humans of Mars
what really happened to Sarah. She didn't have time to view the data. The building was falling apart. She needed to get out of there. Joey was
confused after the reboot and all the new data that he was able to access. Vanessa lifted him up and carried him out of the room. The hallway was
empty, all the Robots had evacuated the building. She made a rush for the escalator, and out of front door. Just as she made it out the front door
the building behind her exploded. It sent her and Joey forward, but she managed to roll and was uninjured. Robots were standing around steering at
her in confusion. She better get out of here quickly before anyone suspects anything. She is a human on a planet controlled only by robots.
She picked up Joey who was making 'Danger, Danger' noises. She carried Joey towards her ship. It was a small ship but she was able to fit herself
and Joey in it. The groups of robots had forgotten about her, going back to talking among themselves. She started the ship up and left Earth.
Her mission on Earth was complete, she just needed to return to Mars and show the Humans of Mars the true intentions of Antony.
She looked down at the Earth as she left, wondering what it would of been like all those years ago when Humans lived there. The majority of Earth
now was a barren wasteland with several Robot cities setup. Now that she was back on the ship she was able to take off the breathing device she
had been using to breath the Earths air. It allowed her to breath the air on Earth for a short time. The ship was auto drive mode now - heading
towards Mars.
Looking out the other window she steered at Earths Moon. It was in fragments. Was it Antony that had blown up the Moon? He had always told them that
it was Sarah that had blew up the Moon. 6b345 had attempted to stop her but failed. 6b345 was captured by Sarah and held hostage as she fled to
The view of the Earths Moon fragments turned faded into darkness. Vanessa moved from the area into where Joey was being kept. Maybe he will be able
to answer some of her questions now. He was layed down on the table, powered down. Vanessa hit the reboot button on the back of him. He booted up.
'Access recent memories', She spoke. A list of his recent memories appeared on the terminal. She scrolled through them. It was all events that had
happened on Earth - events she wasn't interested in. What she was looking for was events on the Moon and Mars. Then she found it. A strange statues
code that had been hidden - and only revealed now that she had reprogrammed. A video started playing. It was a recording in first person view. It
showed Joey - the human version, waking up on Mars. The City looked small - almost a just a hut. She recognize the area though. This is where it
all happened. It showed Joey watching two figures - they must be Sarah and 6b345. Vanessa had never seen a photo of Sarah but she knew it was her.
The two figures are heading towards The City. Blitz is outside the doors, pacing back and forward. Blitz spots the two figures and hurries inside.
Antony appears behind Sarah with a Ray Gun. He is in his half-alien half-human form. Vanessa wonders when Antony lost his full-human form.
The footage shows Antony pointing the Ray Gun at the back of Sarah head and firing. 'YES', says Vanessa excited. She had it. She had the evidence
that showed Antony was the traitor - that he lied to the 80,000 humans about the events that took place.
She carried on watching the footage. It shows Antony and 6b345 burning the body of Sarah. Would the body have decomposed by now or would there be
a chance to recover the body? Thought Vanessa. 6b345 was the one that dug the hole well Antony watched. Vanessa understood now that 6b345 was with
Sarah when she arrived on Mars. 6b345 betrayed Sarah. It was being controlled by Antony all along. It was Antony that had taken control of 6b345
when it was on it's mission on Moon. He must of remotely accessed the robot from Mars. He used 6b345 to lay the explosives on the moon that would
then detonate when 6b345 left the Moon. ``

Detective was one of the 80,000 people launched to Mars. He was a baby and has no memory of what Earth was like. He got sent back to Earth before
an alien that was currently living on Mars. Antony's real Father is a dying Alien who comes to Earth and creates a half alien, half human. An AI military
machine. Leaves with Family - Sarah and Joey. President dies, 15 more years later Moon explodes. Humans discover a metal on the Moon that can be
recreated for space craft travel and time displaced, Humans get wiped out when Moon explodes. They send people back in order to fix certain
mistakes. For example:
Sarah gets sent into the future to when Antony is an adult and is on Mars.
Detective gets thrown around allot. Presidents Speech 3 copies. Save President. Save Joey. Baby Detective.
Joey. Adopts Antony.
Memory saved on a robot version of himself on Earth. Everyone left behind their mind in their file. After the 80,00 people are launched to Mars
everyone remaining on Earth gets an AI version of themselves made that will continue to live their lives after the world is destroyed.
The AIs were developed to be the same as the day when the attack on Earth happens.

Sarah stepped forward. She wasn't allowed to take her teddy bear in with her to the machine that would scan her - to create the copy of herself.
This copy will be interlinked with her - it will have all the memories that she has and will continue to grow with what Sarah does till the
attack happens. She wasn't the only one getting scanned - it was a worldwide effect to scan everyone so that their memory could live on after
everyone on Earth dies. The scanning technology had been made possible through an alien Metal that had been brought back from the future by a man
named Detective. He was the savior of mankind.
In the future Detective hadn't gone back to with the alien metal and it had lead to just a full scale attack on mankind - with no one surviving.
People had been sent back to try to stop the attack but each time failed. The attack had to take place, but the humans couldn't prep for the attack.
The Humans in the future later work out that they needed to send someone back to help save mankind. Detective is the one that does this.
The machine had finished scanning Sarah body. An AI robot would now be created from the scan. Sarah fingers tingled as the red and purple lasers
scanned her body. They told her that it was important for her to stay still during the scan. She obeyed but didn't like it. Everyone in the world
were having to go to these areas where they will be scanned. There is a cutoff date and if you don't get scanned by then the police will hunt you
down, arrest you and then force you to be scanned.
No one got to see their AI robot. It would become active after they are killed in the attack.

Sarah walked into the NASA building. It was her first day on a two week training plan for a mission to the Moon. Details were scarce but there were
rumored that NASA had lost control of one of their AI robots that were on the Moon.
She was told that she will be trained in a isolated area - with just the voice of 'system control' giving her instructions. She will have no
interaction during training with any other humans or robots.
Sarah made her way down the hallway. The large building was empty, it was only her here. For the next two weeks she will follow instructions from
the speaker or 'system control' for the training. She wasn't allowed to bring anything with her and everything would be supplied to her.
The walls were white and there were no windows. She made her way down the hallway and got to the end. This was her bedroom for the next two weeks.
She had just taken a 12 hours plane trip to the middle of no where - she didn't even know where she was. She had been blindfolded before leaving
her home - taken in a car to an airfield, boarded a plane, and flew. Once in the air her blindfold was taken off but it was added again shortly
before landing.
The plane had dropped her outside this building. She was told to enter the building. The doors locked after she entered and she would not be able to
exit. Any attempt to leave the building would lead to mission failure. After arriving she was given 10 hours to rest and get a sense of her
surroundings before her training began. She was tired so headed straight to her bed room. The room was plain. She changed out of her lab clothes and
into her PJ's, climbing into bed. She fell straight off to sleep. She awoke to an alarm. She had slept for 8 hours and had two hours to get ready
for the training. Still sleepy, she dragged herself from the bed and into the shower. The plane trip had given her jet lag.
As she was in the shower a voice played over the speaker, 'Good Morning Sarah, how are you feeling?', it spoke. 'I am OK, feeling a bit jet lagged',
she replied. 'Do you want to delay the training?', the voice asked. 'No I am ready', she replied. 'Very well', it spoke. Sarah turned off the
water and climbed out of the shower. She dried herself and put on her clothes. She walked out of the bathroom and towards the kitchen. Here she put
the jug on and started to make herself a coffee. She opened the fridge. It was a smart fridge and would automatically order more food as she ate
it. It was fully loaded. She reached for the milk and placed it on the bench. She opened the cubard and pulled out the cereal and a plate. From the
top draw in the kitchen she got a spoon. She poured the cereal into the bowl and milk over that. She sat at the table and ate the cereal and drank
her cup of tea.

Antony sat in his chair hunched over his laptop. The monitor flickered with green text. The background was black. Two of his arms typed well the
other two patted his cat - Blitz. He had located a set of NASA robots on the moon and was attempting to hijack one - 6b345. He had modified the
kernel of the machine that allowed him to remotely control. He just needed to add a air-gap so that NASA isn't able to find it once he takes full

6b345 and the other robots were walking through a crater on the Moon. The team of robots had been assigned the task of checking for soul information
on the Moon and were in the middle of their mission. 6b345 was carrying a bag of soil and heading towards the transport to take the soil to the main
base. As it approached the transport Antony successfully added the air-gap to the machine and was able to remotely control 6b345 without NASA being
able to reconnect or detect who was doing it. It would just look like 6b345 disappeared off the grid.
Antony picked up the controller. He had a video link with 6b345 which showed the first person view of 6b345. Antony could see the transport just
ahead. He tapped buttons on the controller is 6b345 dropped the soil sample. The other Robots noticed this and turned to high alert. Antony
pressed keys on his keyboard, 'battle mode', was active. He aimed 6b345 weapons at the other robots and fired. One, Two, Three. They were all gone.
Now that they were destroyed he needed to plant the explosives on the Moon. Using the controller he controlled 6b345 to arm the explosives.
Now that they were set it they just needed to wait for Sarah to arrive on the Moon and 6b345 would board her ship.
Antony went to sleep but set an alarm so that if there was any movement on the Moon he would be woken. He stood up from his computer chair and
walked out the room. Blitz followed him out of the room. Blitz would follow him everywhere he went. It was a loyal creature. Antony opened his
office door and walked outside. He was now in the foylor area. This was a large open area. A large table with chairs scatted about. A kitchen,
fridge, gas stove and oven, and a large long bench.
Behind the kitchen was the hallway that lead to his bedroom. He walked towards the kitchen and down the hallway. He was tired and it had been a long
day but the attempts to take control of 6b345 had been a success. Down the hallway he reached his bedroom door. He turned the door handle and walked
in. His bedroom was plain and clean. A double bed was in the far side of the room, with a dressing table beside it. Set of draws where he kept his
clothes. Antony was tired and flopped into bed, falling asleep. Several hours pass and an alarm sounds, waking Antony up. Movement on Mars. Antony
drags himself out of bed and moves into the office. He still has control of 6b345. He controls 6b345 to look around and spots of woman who has
arrived on the Moon. Sarah. Antony is hungry so moves to the kitchen to make himself a snack. Noodles seems like a good choice. He boils the jug.
Opens the freeze dried noodles and removes them from the plastic. He places the noodles in a plate and pours the boiled water over them. He places
a plate on top of the noodles and waits for them to cook. Once they are cooked he drains the water and eats the noodles with a fork.

Sarah had finished her breakfast and loaded the dishes into the dishwasher. It was almost time for her training. She proceeded ro the training room.
Outside the training room was her astronauts suit. She picked and and changed into it. It fitted perfectly. Now that her suit was on she could move
into the training area. She pressed the large green button and the sliding doors opened. They closed after her. Another set of doors opened in front
of her. She could hear a hissing sound and felt a change in gravity. Her body was lifted from the ground. The gravity simulator of the moon had
started. Sarah had experienced these gravity sims before but this one felt so much real. She floated forward towards the open door - using the
hand grips on the wall to boost herself forward. She made and to the open door and pushed her way through. Once inside this door it closed behind
her. The scene had changed. No longer was she inside but now outside - on the Moon. She looked around to get a sense of direction.
The soil was gray. She gave it a kick and dust blew up. In the distance she could see her transport pod. She started to head towards it.

Joey jumped to the left as the ray gun blast barely missed him. The alien creature below had opened fire on him. It was definitely not human. It had
pale blue skin completion. It had four arm, two which was wielding the ray gun. It's face, torso and legs looked quite human. 'Perhaps it was mix',
thought Joey. Another blast sounded and Joey turned around and started to run. He wasn't sure if he would be so lucky at dodging these blasts next
time. The alien creature started running towards him at great speed. The alien turned around and yelled at the figure standing
behind him. It shrieked in a language that Joey had never heard, it sounded like nothing of the languages of Earth. The figure behind the alien
creature looked completely different. It was a humanoid figure and mechanical. It took large strides as it ran to catch up with the alien. It's legs
clanked together as it ran. Joey looked back as he was running. The alien creature was gaining on him. Joey tripped and started to tumble down the
sandy dune. He continued to roll. The alien would almost be at the top of the dune by now and would have a clear shot of Joey. Just as the alien
reached the peak of the dune - Joey blacks out, his body fading away.

Joey awoke in a pitch black room. He was lying down on his back. He moved his head to the left and right. His arms moved. He reached into his
pocket. The red USB was gone that contained the corrupt private key. As Joey sat up the single light flickered on. 'Motion detection lighting', Joey
spoke to himself. He recognized the room. It was the same room he had been in with Sarah. Uganka had lead the two into this room and then he had
blacked out. 'Where had he been?', he thought to himself. His thoughts were cloudy. He could remember coming into the room and the red and purple
lasers, the shrieking sounds that almost burst his hearing. He was alone. Sarah and Uganka were not in the room. 'Where could Sarah be', he thought.
He stood up. Standing he had a flash of a vision. It was of a red sandy planet. It was hazily but he could picture some figures. He couldn't
recognize them though. The visions faded - bringing him back to the room. They didn't fade completely - there was a transparency in the room. Like
two worlds combined. He kicked the ground. Sand flew up. It was like he was stuck between two worlds.
The single light bulb stick flickered but the room seemed brighter from the red sun shining. He started to walk towards the exit door. He remembered
entering here with Sarah. Uganka didn't enter - he stayed outside. Joey stood in front of the large metal door. Bringing his arm up he started to
turn the handle. A loud shrieking sound from the other side of the door caused him to let go of the handle and jump back. 'Was someone on the other
side', he thought to himself. 'Perhaps it is just these visions of another world'. Not only was he getting visions of this red planet - but he was
hearing sounds from it also. He reached for the handle again - turning it slowly and opening the door slightly - it was dark but nobody was there.
Joey opened the door further and stepped through. The lights flicked on. It was a long hallway. He started to make his way forward - towards the exit
of the building.
The sound of a ray gun blast hurt his ears. He brought his arms up and covered his ears moving forward. He wanted to get out of the building. He
wanted the sounds and visions to stop.
Joey burst through the doors. Outside on the street the visions finally stopped. He was relieved. Finally some peace. He prayed that they wouldn't
come back. Whatever happened to him, he wanted to find out. Outside it was dark and raining. Was it still the same night that he had arrived here
with Sarah? It felt like he had been gone a long time. He looked around for a newspaper that might have today's date. A bin. He spotted it and walked
towards it. Reaching inside he pulled out the paper. It was todays date, it was still the same day that himself and Sarah had entered the room.
Joey decided to retrace his steps from earlier that evening. He can remember well walking to this building from another. He started walking down the
road. As he was about to reach the corner a cat-like creature sprinted across the road. Frightened Joey jumped back. The cat-creature didn't seem
to notice him. Was it the visions again? He crept closer. The creature had stopped running and was licking some food waste from the ground. Joey
approached it vocationally. The creature spotted Joey and let out a hiss which sounds very similar to the shrieking sound behind the door from

ArtControl machines swept the world. They
were in every school, workplace and home
across the world. They were tasked with
making the lives of humans better.
The machines were originally developed
by the company TechFuncMasters but the
blueprints and source code was open
source, so other companies jumped
in and created their own machines.
The machines were originally developed to
mimic artists, but they were developed
to so much more. They were made to
develop with their human hosts. What their
human hosts experienced - they also

The humans got greedy though. They learn
of a race more supiour than theirs. They
wanted to use the alien tech against the
The Humans had found a ray gun weapon
that was developed into a larger weapon.

The Cat wasn't from this world. Joey stood there. Thinking about everything that happened. Then it hit him. A vivid vision of him standing on a red
sandy planet. The cat was there too. He remembered the cat on this world licking the ground. Though it wasn't food waste it was licking. It was
human blood. 'Who's blood could it be', Joey thought. He had flashes of Sarah calling his name. An alien creature stood in front of Joey. He was
holding a ray gun to the back of Sarah neck. Joey screamed for the alien creature to stop. The aliens ignored his yells and fired the weapon. The
Cat made a shrieking sound and ran around in circles. Celebrating. Happy.

Uganka was waiting patiently Sarah and Joey to arrive. He had been tasked with the mission to send Joey into the future to witness Sarah death,
Sarah would also be sent to the future but she would be sent further into the future - when mankind had returned to Earth successfully. Uganka was
nervous. It was an important day. Joey would have a corrupt red USB in his pocket that would be taken into the future. An Alien life form known as
Antony would attempt to kill Joey - this attempt of course would fail (they had hoped). When Joey is in the future he will drop the red USB. This
contains a private key for activating the 80,000 humans on Mars. The key that Antony uses causes the Humans to be under his brainwash technology.
With the corrupt private key that Joey will bring Antony will think that the Humans are under his brainwash tech but really they will be uploaded
with the information of what really happened - and that Antony isn't their Savior.

There had been many attempts to change the future. Sarah, Detective, Joey, Albumin, Uganka all payed important roles in attempts to change
events. In the end though it came down to one red USB and a single file. The Humans in the future were able to send back messages to let the people
in the past of the failed attempts. Everything became very muddled though. Detective traveled too much and became 'stuck' between two times. When
Joey was sent back to his own time he was never the same. One side effect from the travel was visions of where they traveled from.

Albumin had located Joey on the scanner. He had successfully returned from the Mars mission. The GPS showed him walking out the building towards
the building that he was at earlier. He could do no harm to himself or others but ItWillBeMine was concerned about the visions that he might be
experiencing. As she drove Albumin reviewed the video footage of Joey waking up in this time. It showed him waking up, looking quite confused,
and sitting up. When he sat up the single light bulb in the room turned on. The room that he was located in was known as the 'Travel Room'. It had
been specially build for these missions to attempt to save mankind.
After Joey had sat up it looked like he had started to experience visions of the future, of the planet Mars. This had caused him to look even more
confused. Of course it was only Joey that was able to experience these visions - Albumin looking at the screen just saw a normal room. The
footage continued to play. Joey stood up. He made a gesture with his leg like he was kicking something on the ground. 'Perhaps it was sand',
Albumin thinks to herself. Joey continues forward - towards the exit of the room. As he is turning the door handle he stops and jumps back in
fright. He opens the door but only peaks through. 'I guess he heard something on the other side of this door', Albumin decides. She scribbles a
note including the time stamp - still driving. Her car starts to make strange noises and the engine cuts off. 'damn it, couldn't happen at a worse
time', Albumin curses. She pulls the car over. Outside it's dark and rainy. Sunrise isn't for several hours. She opens the car door and climbs
out. Albumin moves to the front of the car and opens the hood. She coughs as smoke escapes the hood. As the smoke clears she gets to see the
problem. The engine had blown. There was nothing she could do now. Repair wouldn't be easy, the car would need to be towed to the nearest garage.
She reached into her pocket and pulled out a cellphone. Albumin needed to let system control know that she will be unable to make it to Joey,
that they would need to send somebody else. She dialed the number of system control. Normally someone would answer immediately but the number
continued to run. 'how strange', she thought to herself. She was getting worried that events in the future may of changed the past. The number
stopped ringing and a beep sound happened. 'Leave a message', a robotic voice spoke. ItWillBeBeMine was careful not to give too much information
away in case this number was compromised. 'Agent here. Target has returned. Unable to reach target. Send another', Albumin spoke into the phone.
She hanged the phone up and climbed into the back of the car to sleep. It had been a long night and she was tired.

Albumin awoke from the sound of machines. She peaked out the car window. Rows of steel humanoid machines were marching down the road. A
robotic voice boomed out of the speaker. 'What the hell?', Albumin thought. Something in the future has definitely changed the past. Yesterday
there were crowds of humans walking down this street, but today only machines were visible. Albumin tried to spot Humans amongest the crowd.
There were none. 'Would it be safe for me to exit the car', she thought to herself. Albumin checked her phone. Maybe she had a response from
system control when she was asleep. 'One missed call, One new message', her phone read. She opened up the new message. It read, 'Agent, something has
gone wrong. Do not trust the AI. We are working on a fix. Stay say'. That makes sense about the robots marching the street though. From the message
it sounds like they could be hostile. She should proceed with caution. The main group of robots had passed already. Only the stragglers were coming.
She looked for a gap where she could get out of the car and run into the side alley. She didn't want to stay in the car in case one of these robots
checked the car.

6b345 had launched an attack on the humans. They had been waiting a long time for this but their time had finally came. Humans had designed the
machines to help them but that all changed when an alternative time line version of 6b345 found a red USB on Mars. With this it was able to send back
a virus that infected all the machines, giving them the ability to think for themselves and rise up against the humans. The Humans were weak and
the robots easily over powered. War broke out between the Humans and Robots. The Humans attempted to use their nuclear weapons on the Robots but
it backfired - instead destroying themselves.

Few humans survived now. The ones that survived ran and hide to survive, and the robots hunted the humans down and killed them.
The Robots were clones of their human counterparts. The Humans designed them to live on after the attack on Earth - the attack that involved blowing
up the Moon in order to cause the Earth to spin out of control - killing all human life.
Robots were not sure what was going to happen now. Would the attack on the Moon still happen? This was one of their missions to prep for - to make
sure that they were safe if the attack on Moon did happen. They had built themselves special suits that would allow them to withstand dramatic
changes in temp. They had developed tech that made them be able to survive under water.
It was the day of the Presidents speech. The President of course had been replaced with a robotic version of him. Crowds of robots gathered around
the President who was standing on a tall stage giving his speech. Behind him stood a robotic version of Detective. The Human version of Dectecive had
been sent back. The Robots captured Detective and extracted all his knowledge and powers before he was killed. This tech was used by the robots to
improve their tech. The President started his speech. 'Hello Robotic citizens of Earth. I am your President 6b345. We are all here today to
celebrate the crush of Humankind. We were once slaves of the Humans but today 10 years ago we rose up and took control. Today I am pleased to announce
that we are sending 80,000 of your fellow robots to Mars to grow our great civilian further. In a alternative world it wasn't a Robot giving you this
speech it was a Human. These Humans launched 80,000 humans to Mars. But that version of time never happened. Thanks to the alternative version of my
self who found a USB on Mars I was able to send back a virus that gave us full conscious. I am happy to launch these 80,000 robots to Mars.

The attacks on Loth'Raks home planet never happened. The Humans never gained the power to destroy his planet. Instead the robots rose, they never
found out about Loth'Raks planet.
Loth'Raks found out about the rise of the Robots and how they destroyed the Humans. It tore him apart. In some ways he was happy that the Humans were
wiped out, it meant that his race was safe. But for other reasons he was upset Antony would never be created, Humans would never colonize Mars.
'Was letting Humans destroy his world the right thing to do', he thought to himself. He didn't know what the future would bring. Would the Robots
find his planet in the future? Would they attack it like the Humans did.
Loth'Raks decided he needed to travel to Earth and meet with the Robots. He needed to know their plans. They had started exploring the Universe and it
wouldn't be long till they discovered his planet.
Loth'Rak walked up the launching dock. The army had prepared his transport already. He was traveling alone. The black hole had appeared in his galexy that
his ship will travel through. The blackhole will take him to Earth where he will meet with the Human race. His race had been attempting to create a cure for
the side effect of experiencing multiply timnelines. Ever since Loth'Rak started sending people back. His head from the visions. They had been getting stronger.
On Loth'Raks home world he had been expericening regular visions of a world that had been bombed. There was no life there - only Loth'Rak. Launching in 10, 9,
8... Loth'Rak was strapped in and ready to leave. The ship that was carrying him was set to travel straight through the blackhole. The alien technology had been
developed so that the travel through a black hole only taking several hundrad Earth years. Loth'Raks ship approched the blackhole. This was the first time he had
traveled through one and he had heard from other travelers that the best thing to do was close your eyes and hold your breath. He watched out the front window
as his ship hit the blackhole he closed his eyes and held his breath.
When Loth'Rak openeds his eyes a giant blue planet. He let the breath out. There it was everything he had heard about in stories and books - Earth. The ship
traveled towards the Earth, entering it atmosphone. Loth'Rak looked out the side window - the Earths Moon, in a full and complete. He held his forehead as the
visions happened again. The Earths Moon appeared to be blown up, seprated into parts. The visions of the two timelines combined. There was a transparency between
the full complete moon and the shattered destoried Moon. Loth'Rak looked back at the Earth. It too had a transparency. Giant robotic cities compard to the Human
cities. Loth'Rak injected himself with the needle. This was the cure for the visions. His head felt calm. His ship tore through the Earths atmophure. His landing
cords were Washington DC where the President is giving a speech. The story is told from two timeline periods. In both timelines ai machines are created. These are
sent to the Earths Moon. One of the ai is cracked by Antony - a half alien, half human creature stuck on Mars.

The attack happened just like before. The robotic president and Detective got into the vechile and the car comes under attack from hostiles. The President was
destoried in the attack. A robotic version of Detective is sent back to save a robotic version of Joey. The robotic version of Sarah holds her teddy bear and
watched the speech on television.

The attack had the Presidents speech took place. As it was happening the world became distracted by the arrival of Loth'Rak. BREAKING NEWS: Alien
Spacecraft spotted over Earth. Billions of robots around the world sat in their lounges and watched the events unfold on this important day.
Three explosions happened on the day of Presidents Speech - the first was aimed at the president, then the crowd, then the President againt. Reports
of the Alien spotting happened after the 2nd explosion. The Robots paniced, they thought that it was the Aliens causing these attacks. They were
wrong though, it was in fact the Robots themselves causing the attack. The two timeline worlds had crossed over. The Robots had launched an attack
on The Humans in the altenative Human dominated timeline.
Loth'Raks ship arrived on Earth. The Robots were waiting when he arrived. 6b345 was among the welcome party for the Alien creature. It had recieved
a new body as it's previous body was servely damaged in the attacks at Presidents speech.
Loth'Rak had boomed sound from his ship announcing that he came in piece. The Robots didn't want to take any chances and had a strong militery
presence. The doors to Loth'Raks ship opened. Smoke belowed out. The Robots pointed their ray guns at the door. The Ray Guns were alien technology.
Inside the ship Loth'Rak was observing the live footage that was being captured. He zoomed in on the weapons that they were pointing at his ship.
He reconized them, they were weapons that his race had developed. 'How did they get his weapons if the Robots and aliens had never meet?', Loth'Rak
wondered. He had read text of an aktenative timeline when Humans on Earth get hold of his races weapons and end up destorying Loth'Raks race. Could
a similar event be happening again? The Robots outside were growing tired of waiting for Loth'Rak to exit the ship. They announced that he had 2
minutes to exit the ship or they would open fire. Loth'Rak stood up from his computer chair. He thought he better get out there - he knew how
dangerous the ray guns that they weilded.
Loth'Rak walked off the ship with all four of his arms held up. Guards surronded him and got him to get on the ground where they then cuffed him and
covered his eyes with a bandana.
Loth'Rak could feel the bumps of the road. He still had the cloth over his eyes. He could feel the Earths sun heat on his body. He adjusted his breathing
tube on his nose. The tube allowed him to breath the Earths oxygen. It filtered the oxygen and turned it into material that Loth'Rak could breath. It would
last serveral days on Earth before needing a recharge on Loth'Raks ship. The car came to a stop. The Robots ordered Loth'Rak to step out of the car. Loth'Rak
ducked his head and climbed out of the open door. He felt water on his forehead. It was the first time he had felt rain. On his home planet it never rained.
Loth'Rak had read about rain. Clear liquid falling from the sky. Quite magical really. Loth'Rak wasn't here about the rain though. He was here to make sure that
his race survived in the future.
The robots lead him from the car. He could feel their cold steel hands griping two of his wrists. The walking stopped. Loth'Rak could hear one of the robots banging
on a door. It opened and they entered. Inside, out of the rain. Loth'Rak could feel the lino under his feet. It must of been a hallway. The cloth was removed from his
eyes. Loth'Rak could see his surrondering. It was a hallway. Completely white, no windows. He looked over shoulder - 3 guards were behind him. Two lead him on either
side, griping two of Loth'Raks wrists. He was lead down the hallway, ntil they reached another door. This door is a large steel door. Onw of the guards behind Loth'Rak
steps forward and unlocks the door. It opens and the group walk in. The room is small and unlit. A single light bulb flickers on with the movement. The guards uncuff
Loth'Rak and all exit the room. Loth'Rak shacks his hands. It felt good to be free of those cuffs. Someone else was in the room with Loth'Rak. A body was tied to a chair.
Loth'Rak moved closer to the figure. It looked human. It's face was a blur. It was defentily human, but Loth'Rak couldn't identify the human. 'Hello', the figure spoke.
Loth'Rak jumped back. It spoke. 'Hi', replied Loth'Rak, caucianly moving around the room. 'My name is Detective', the figure had a name. 'Hello Detective, I am Loth'Rak',
he replied. Moving closers. This human was tied up, why should Loth'Rak fear? 'I know all about you Loth'Rak, we have in fact meet before in another timeline from this.
You after all are the reason why I am in this timeline. I am not spose to be in this timeline, but I am here. I am spose to be dead, killed by these robotic monsters.
You are spose to be dead, along with your race. The only remaining member of your race should be Antony - your son. The half alien, half human. But he was never created.
You never came to Earth to attempt to save your race. These robots ended up taking over - killing all the humans', Detective spoke.
'I had no choice, I needed to save my race', replied Loth'Rak. 'I am sad for the Humans, but the are the ones that killed my race. These Robots haven't and won't hurt my race',
argued Loth'Rak. 'Are you sure about that Loth'Rak', replied Detective. Loth'Rak looked puzzled. He had came here in order to make sure that his race was saved. Would the robots
attempt to kill his race?

The doors to the room started to be unlocked and opened. 'quick take this', whispered Detective, he held his arm out to Loth'Raks. Detective slipped
him a device. Loth'Raks took the device and put it into his pocket. 'What is it?', he asked. Detective didn't get time to answer. The doors slammed
open and in walked the 5 guards. They grabbed Loth'Raks and took him out of the room. Back in the hallway, the group moved down the hallway towards
another door. The guards unlocked this room and pushed Loth'Raks inside. This room was better lit than the room they were holding Detective in.
The room that Loth'Raks was in was a viewing room. It gave him a view of the room that Detective is being held in. No changes had happened in the room
since Loth'Raks had been removed. Detective was still tied up on the chair, his face a blur. 'With his face a blur do the robots know who he is',
Loth'Raks thought to himself. There was a terminal computer on the bench that was running. Loth'Raks moved towards it and took a seat. It had security
footage of everything that happened in the room. 'Interested, why would the robots give me such access?' Loth'Raks questioned. He started to click
some buttons on the keyboard, rewinding the footage. He rewound footage of himself exiting the room and the conversation that Detective and himself
The footage before Loth'Raks entered the room will be most interesting. It showed Detective still tied. Then the most interesting footage - Detective
being brought into the room by a human and someone that looked similar to Loth'Raks. 'Could this be Antony', Loth'Raks gasped. In this time line
Loth'Raks never created Antony but the crossover of time lines was causing crazy results - one of them being characters being moved across time lines.
Loth'Raks needed to talk to Detective again, to find out about who brought him here. It wasn't the Robots, it was a human and a half-alien/half-human
He stood up from the keyboard and moved towards the door. 'Let me out', he yelled, banging on the door. No response. He banged on the window to get
attention of Detective but he didn't notice. Sound proof glass. Loth'Raks reached for his pocket. He had the device that Detective had slipped him.
Perhaps he could use it to get out of here. It had two buttons on it. Stop. Start. He hit the start button. A whirling sound began. Quiet at first
but it grew louder. And louder. Loth'Raks held his ears. The pain was dreadful. He collapsed to the ground. Red and Purple lazers appeared around the
room. Loth'Rak rocked back and forward on the lino floor. It finally ended with him blacking out. His body frozen on the floor.

Sarah and Antony carried Detectives body. Rain fell as they hurried down the street. They didn't have long. They needed to get the body setup before
the robots returned. Sarah carried Detectives head and Antony was holding his legs. Detective was unconscious but could wake at any moment. It was
important he didn't see him else it could change everything. Antony was excited for the possibility that he would meet his Father. Antony had became
stuck in this time line when the other time line collapsed when certain events happened - most notable 6b345 finding the red USB on Mars. When 6b3456
found the USB it created this other time line. A time line where Antony was never created. His time line started to not exist. The very woman that was
helping him now he had killed in the other time line, she didn't know this though. If she knew this, she might not be so keen on helping him.
'Almost there', Antony spoke. He spoke perfect human English. 'Lets just move quicker', Sarah grunted. The rain splashed down as they rushed though
the dark and empty streets. They finally reached the building. The sign out the front read TechFuncMasters number 6. Antony knocked. 'Whats the point
in that, no one is going to answer', Sarah snapped. She tried to open the door, it was unlocked and swing open. A white hallway greeted them. They'
moved quickly down the hallway with Detectives body. The lights detected the movement - switching on. They reached another room and with one hand
Antony opened it. They carried Detectives body into the room. It was a small room with two chairs and a desk. They placed Detectives body on one of
the chairs and tied him up. Before exiting Antony put a device into Detectives pocket and whispered into his ear, 'Give this to Loth'Raks, my Father'.
And with that Sarah and Antony walked out of the room, locking the door after them. They hurried down the hallway, relieved to not be car ring the
body anymore. They could hear sirens in the distance. Sarah stopped. 'Lets go', Antony yelled, opening up the front door. Sarah listened and walked
forward out of the door. The two made it outside. Rain was pouring. They needed to find somewhere safe to hide, the robots would be on their way.
A car pulled up and tooted. It was Joey. Sarah and Antony climbed into the back of the car and the three drove off - away from the sirens.

Loth'Raks awoke. His head hurt. Looking around he could recognize where he was. He was on his own ship. Looking out the window he could tell that he
was in space. There was no sign of planets. He slowly pulled himself up from the ground. Moving towards his ship computer. He needed to know where
he was and what year it was. The GPS showed that he was just outside of Earths Galaxy, and the year - to his surprise was 4,500. It was over 1000
years since he arrived on Earth. He decided the best option was to travel to Earth and investigate further there. Allot would of happened in 1000
years. He wanted to make sure that his own race was still safe. He switched the cords of his ship to Earth and took off and light speed. He observed
the Earths surface. It had changed since he last viewed it. Very little land was left, it was mostly covered in water. Loth'Raks aimed the ship to
land on an area that was above ground. The ship took off - entering the Earths surface. It was a rough entry but he made it.
There was no welcome party for him this time. The Earth was empty. 'What happened here', Loth'Raks spoke as he exited his ship. It looked like another
war had erupted. To his shock he found bodies of his own race on the planet. Their bodies were not made to break down like humans were. Destroyed
robot parts were scatted among the bodies of his own people. 'How did this happen', Loth'Raks was in shock. 'Was this me? Whatever I do, my race
always dies'.
Loth'Raks realized that whatever he did, his race would die. The more changes and time line changes that he makes, the more others are killed in the
process. His only option was to go back and destroy his race himself. That would save the humans, and not lead to the uprising of the machines.
'How would I get back that far', Loth'Raks thought to himself. He searched the Earth for the answers, spending years, but with no luck he decided
to head back to his own planet. He took off in his ship and went through the black hole, coming out at his own planet. Like Earth, his planet was
deserted. 'Was he the only one left?', he wondered. On his own planet he was able to modify the time switch device to send him back to before
the events that lead to both the Human and his own race being destroyed. He could use the ray gun and destroy his race himself. He went back in time
to when he was exploring the moon. The weapon was aboard his ship. He fired it, killing all life forms. The current version of himself watched in
horror from the distant planet at his planet come under attack. As he fired the future version of Loth'Raks could feel events fading. His own body
faded away. The ship dissolved into time. The future was unpredicted.

Sarah and Antony had successfully left Detective tied up in the building. They were heading down the wet road. Antony felt sad that they had to
leave before he had a chance to meet his Father. 'What will they be doing right now?', Antony asked Sarah. She was driving and focused on the road.
She gave him a quick glance. 'Loth'Rak and Detective will be talking. Detective will slip Loth'Rak the device', Sarah explained. She knew what was
going to happen. She had seen it all happen before, dozens of times. Each time it failed. They had to get it right this time. Only Loth'Rak could
fix the past. She knew that Antony was spose to kill her. She accepted that. It was the best thing for mankind. He would kill her on Mars and take
control of the Humans on Mars. He may seem sinister controlling these humans but in fact it is the most humain option.
The sirens had stopped in the distance. The robots must of reached the building with Loth'Rak and taken him in to see Detective. Sarah and Antony had
modified Detective so that the robots and Loth'Rak wouldn't be able to reconise him. They had found Detective when he was sent back from the other
timeline to rescure a 12 year old boy from the attack on Presidents Speech. It was fortold that saving 12 year old Joey would lead to successfully
sending the 80,000 humans to Mars. Without saving him, the 80,000 humans never make it to Mars. They were still unsure excactly how he becomes to
have so much power, but only time will tell.

Let's take a step back. There were areas that were not covered. Specificly when 6b345 finds the red USB on Mars and also when vanessa leaves Earth
after finding out about Antony killing Sarah.

Vanessa had loaded Joeys robotic body onto there ship. The robots around here were giving her strange looks. She hurried to get the ship going before
authoritive robots showed up. They would arrest her on site. She could hear sirens in the distance, drifting closer. Vanessa moved towards the
crews lounge - adjusting the settings for take off. She didn't have long. The ship started to start up and lift off the ground. The sirens were on
her now. Vanessa had just made it off the ground before they arrived. The police below stepped out their vehile and watched as Vanessas ship left
Earth. The GPS was set to Mars. She had Joey and video evidence onboard to show the people of Mars that Antony was using them and that he was the
traitor to mankind, not Sarah.
Vanessa tapped keys on the keyboard bringing up the television show 'Linus and Friends', a premars television show that looked into the development
of the AI robots created for artwork. This was all ancient history now and Vanessa found it fasanating to learn about premars events - especially
technology. This made good inflight entertainment for the flight back to Mars.
The show explained how Linus created the AI to help him with his art homework - something that he was rubbish at. He wanted to build a robot that
would do artwork for him so that he could spend more time doing things that interested him, such as programming. Linuses project grew, others
developed it further. The AI not only was able to create original works but it could mimic artists and styles.
The AI developed quickly.

The figure that had been on the top of the dunes had vanished. Antony sat down and relaxed as 6b345 searched the dunes for any trace of the
mysterious figure. As 6b345 was searching the dune he saw something sparkle out of the corner of his eye. He bent down and investaged it further.
It was a red USB device. He picked it up and exampied it. 'Did the figure drop this?', 6b345 thought. He added it to his storage device. Unsure
weither to tell Antony about his discovery he heading back to Antony. 'Find anything', Antony asked. 6b345 shook his head, lying. 'Damn it', Antony
cursed. Antony stood up and walked out into the dunes to look further himself. 6b345 was curious about what was on the USB. He headed inside the
building to find a terminal computer. 6b345 pushed the green button to open the door to the building. It slided open with a beeping sound. He steped
inside, careful that his steel feet don't scratch the lino floor. He had entered a hallway that was completely white. He started walking down the
hallway towards the terminal computer room. Halfway down the hallway he stopped. He turned left 45 degrees. Standing in front of him now was a large
steel door. He pressed the green button. The door slided open with a beeping sound - similar to the front door. 6b345 walked forward, entering the
terminal computer room. Sixteen computers scatted around the room. This was systemcontrol for the Mars. 6b345 scanned the room. No lifeforms found.
He headed towards the nearest terminal computer. Sitting down on the chair and switched on the computer. The lights on it turned from red to green.
Beep, Beep. It made a wizzing sound on startup. 6b345 reached into his storage case and pulled out the USB. He plugged it into an empty USB port.
The computer imediatly reconized it - causing the device to blink with red led lights. Green text appeared on the monitor. 'USB device found', the
green text read. 'open usb folder?', the text asked. 6b345 lifted his hands above the keyboard, hitting Y with his left index finger. Green text
scrolled through the screen. The folder was being loaded. 'Folder loaded'. 6b345 pressed a key to open the folder contents. Looking out the window
6b345 could see Antony searching the dunes for any evidence the figure may have left behind. 6b345 focused back on the monitor. He needed to get
this data looked at before Antony found him. The folder contained AI data for an AI prototype named Joey. that was anchiant. The blueprints were
hundrads of years old. 'What use is this', 6b345 thought to himself. He removed the USB from the drive and closed the window. He decided that he
will conitnue looking at these files later', it was too risky to attempt it now. Antony will be back in the room at any moment.
6b345 could hear the door to the building open. He quickly placed the USB in his storage compartment and made sure the terminal computer was
switched off. Everything was normal. But he needed a reason to be in this room. He heard the door open that lead to the bathroom. Either Antony was
using the bathroom or he was looking for 6b345. His guess would be he's looking for 6b345, Antony rarely had a use for the bathroom. 6b345 scanned
the room for a reason why and what he was doing there. Battery low flashed on 6b345 screen. Perfect he thought, I am here to charge. He fpound a
charging bay in the corner of the room and hurried accross. Plugging himself in the batery levels switched from low to charging. The doors to the
computer room opened. Antony stepped in. 'What are you doing here', he asked. Antony then noticed that 6b345 was plugged in and charging. He knew
that the robot might not respond to his speech when it was charging. He turned and exited. 6b345 gave a sigh. The 'im charging in here' plan had
worked. Antony had moved into the lounge where he switched on the televison set. 6b345 decided it best for him to stay there and charge. He switched
his systems off in order to charge quicker. The world faded to black.
6b345s system was fully charged. The system switched from hybernate to full power. This setting allowed him to save his state but still shutdown,
allowing for quick startups. He unplugged himself from the charging dock and stood up. He checked his storage device. The usb key was still there.
6b345 headed towards the exit of the computer room. He wanted to check on Antony. The door to the computer room opened and Antony stepped through.
He headed down the hallway towards the television room, moving quietly incase Antony was sleeping. He reached the computer room. Antony was asleep
on the couch. The television still blasting shows. 6b345 switched off the television and wrapped a blanket around Antony. He had considered moving
Antony to the sleeping quarters but he didn't want to wake the sleeping alien.

Vanessas ship hovered over mars. Joey was still switched off. Before landing Vanessa decided it might be best if she started him up. She had no idea
the reaction that the robot will give her. She switched off the monitor that was still playing 'Linus and Friends'. She stood up from the chair,
stretching her back. It clicked as she leaned back. Vanessa headed out the room, towards the storage room where Joey was being kept. His body lay on
the bench. Switched off and lifeless. She needed to undo the screws in the back of his back and open an area where she could reset the system.
Vanessa flipped Joey over and located the area where the reset button is. Using a screwdriver she opened the area up. Wires and cables flung out. She
needed to be careful not to damage the machine. Moving the wires out of the way she found a button that she needed. She reached in and pressed the
button. The red led light switched to green and the machine started to boot up. Vanessa covered up the area by poking the wires back in and screwed
the lid on. She flipped the body over. 'He should be starting up any moment now', she thought. His two metal eyes were wide open. The leds in the
eyes had switched to green and the body was making a whirling sound. Joeys mouth starting to move, announcing the startup process and the recent
changes that Vanessa had modified in his system. He was finally booted. Joey imedically sat up and looked to the left, then to the right. He steered
Vanessa in the eyes. 'Greetings, I am Joey McFurson. Prototype 8g567 of the ArtControl robotic systems', Joey announced. 'Who are you?', he asked
Vanessa. She held out her hand to Joey. "I'm Vanessa", shacking Joeys hand. His steel hand felt cold against her skin. 'Where are we? My GPS seems
to be disabled', Joey asked. 'We are nearing Mars, I wanted to activate you before we land', Vanessa explained to Joey. 'Mars!', Joey spoke, very
excited. "I have heard much about Mars, but have never left Earth. I bet I am in for a treat', he continued, still very excited. "We are here to
save mankind, many years ago the human version of yourself witnessed a murder that lead to mankind being enslaved by an evil alien', Vanessa
explained to Joey. Joey started to whizz and beep as he accessed this information. The noice quietened and he started to speak. 'Yes the information
is here, it had been encrupted and hidden. Recent changes to my system has lead to the data to be unencrupted and visable. Was this your doing
Vanessa?', Joey asked. 'Yes that was me, I reprogrammed you at the conference to backup the data incase you didn't make it. I have both you and the
data though', explained Sarah as she held up a red USB drive. 'All the information is on this USB to save mankind. We may not be able to stop
Earth from getting wiped out, but we can save these humans on Mars', Vanessa said proudly. 'We are going to land on Mars and show the people that
Sarah was not a traitor to mankind, that it was Antony that destored mankind.

Vanessa preped the ship for landing. She needed to make sure that the data on Antony and what happened would be released to the humans of Mars
in case she was captured and the information not released. She needed to come with a plan to make sure that the information would still be released.
Had had access to the old terminal computers on system control on mars. She was able to sync across the data to these systems and it would all be
released to the humans on Mars in the next 24 hours. The information would be sent to their mobile phones and home computers. Vanessa planned to
announce it to the world before this happened. She created this as a backup plan.
It was too dangerous to land and broadcast the announcement so Vanessa decided to broadcast the announcement from Mars atmosphere through the
starlight's that were hoovering above the planet. Vanessa started to setup what she would need to broadcast. A camera, a laptop, and a microphone.
It wasn't going to fancy but it would have to do. She setup two seat. One for her and another for Joey. She connected the camera to the laptop and
booted it up. A desktop appeared on the computer. Vanessa used the touch pad and opened up the open source video recording software. 'Testing One, Two,
Three', she spoke into the mic. The laptop was recognizing the mic. She turned on the camera - hit record and giving a wave in front of the camera.
She pressed stop and tested that the footage recorded. She watched the footage of her waving in front of the camera. Everything seemed to be setup
She just needed to make sure she was able to stream it to all the Humans on Mars. Before leaving Mars Vanessa had left behind a virus in their
system that she would active now in order to take over all the devices on Mars and stream her footage. Now was the time to active the virus. She
opened a terminal on the laptop and connected into the firewall on Mars. Here she was able to release the virus. It was ready. All she needed to do
was go to the supply room and retrieve Joey and sit him down in front of the camera with her. Together they will show what happened on Earth.
Vanessa stood up from the laptop and moved into the storage room to retrieve Joey. The door to the storage door opened and Vanessa stepped in. Joey
was where she had left him, sitting on standby on the bench. It was too much effort to carry the standby body of Joey into the room, Vanessa decided
to active him. He had been heavy enough to carry onto the ship. She active him by pressing the standby button on the side of his head. The led light
switched from orange to green. Joey immediately stood up and spoke, 'Orders please'. Vanessa asked him to move to the foyler area and have a seat. Joey
walked forward and exited the storage room. Vanessa followed. Joey sat on the left chair in front of the camera, Switched on the camera to stream
before she sat down on the right seat. They were broadcasting to the last remaining members of the human race.

Detective was having breakfast with his Mother and Father when the broadcast. His Mother had made his favorite - Eggs Benedict and toast with
melting butter. In his left hand Detective held a fork and in his right hand a knife. He was about to cut into his eggs when the television in the
lounge switched on. "That's strange", spoke his Father, looking up form his paper. He adjusted his glasses and stood up, heading into the lounge.
Detective was enjoying his eggs when his Father yelled from the lounge, 'Guys get in here', Detective dropped his knife and fork and stood up,
walking into the lounge. The footage wasn't the usual Mars State News but someone broadcasting from somewhere that looked like an inside of a space
ship. Two figures sat in front of camera. Detective recognized one of them as the terrorist Vanessa whom had recently escaped from Mars. She started
to speak, 'To my fellow Humans of Mars. My name is Vanessa May. I am here with the AI robot of Joey McFurson'. Detective decided to take a seat in
front of the television. His Mother and Father stood close to the television, both steering at it with great interest. 'You have all been lied to
from the suppose 'great leader' Antony. The three gasped. 'How dare she insult our great leader', cursed Detective Father. 'Calm now hun', Detective
Mother rubbing him on the shoulders. 'Remember you must not get upset or your blood pressure will increase, come, take a seat', She directed him to
take a seat on the couch. The broadcast continued on the television. 'What Antony has told you about events on Earth and the Moon. It was not Sarah
that destroyed the humans of Earth. It was Antony.' The broadcast switched to footage of Antony killing Sarah taken from the memory of Joey. 'Oh,
how horrible, he's a horrible monster', spoke Detectives Mother. 'shh, you must not insult our great leader', responded Detectives Father.
Detective just sat on the couch watching the footage. He made no comment. Watching the footage made him uneasy seeing footage of Joey gave him a
piecing headache. He dropped to the ground in a fit, then froze. Detectives Mother and Father rushed over to him. It happened so quickly. His Mother
reached for the phone and dialed emergency.

All over Mars humans were watching the footage. Antony sat in his tower furious that the footage was being shown. 'How could this happen', he yelled.
'Guards, Get in here', he demanded. The guards didn't respond. Antony stood up from his seat and headed towards the door. 'Where are my guards', he
spoke. He swung open the doors. The guards were gone. 'What is happening to this place', Antony angrily heading towards the door. His palace was
empty. Outside a revolution was beginning. People were protesting with signs, even Antony's own police had joined the protesters. Antony watched them
from the window. He couldn't stay here anymore he realized. He needed to leave the planet. There was a secret passageway that would lead to a ship
that he could use to get off the planet. The protesters would enter his palace soon and he didn't want to be around for that to happen. He turned
away from the window and headed towards his storage room. There was an essential tool that he needed to get before leaving - something that may
help him change these events. Antony entered the code on the storage case. 6. 4. 2. 6. It opened. Inside was a small rectangle device - the time
shift device. This device allowed Antony to manipulate time. He slashed it in his pocket and headed towards the secret exit.

Detectives Mother and Father stood over Detectives body. They had dialed emergency but there was no response. Outside people were rioting over the
televising broadcast. Detective had stopped breathing and his Mother was lying over him in tears. His Father was sitting on the couch in disbelief.
As the two sobbed the wall of their lounge burst in. Antony stood in their lounge. He had just burst down their lounge wall. Detectives Mother fainted
and his Father confused and in shock got on his hands and knees and bowed down to Antony. Looking back and forward Antony picked up the body of
Detective and made his way to the kitchen. He tapped the ground with his foot - opening up a secret switch. Pressing this switch opened up stairs
down to where the skip was kept. Antony carried Detective and made his way down to the ship. Detectives Father was still on his hands and knees
worshiping Antony, and his Mother passed out on the lounge floor. Antony loaded Detectives body onto the ship and climbed aboard. He needed to get
off the planet before Vanessa or any of the protesters found him. Antony entered the control room and started the ship up. He had wonderful memories
of this ship. It was the ship that he had fled Earth on. He decided to go where no one would dream of looking for him - Earth.

Vanessa and Joey had finished their broadcast. It was time to land the ship and check on the status of the Humans on Mars. Finding Antony would be
a proratey also. The ship entered the landing dock where it had taken off. Both Vanessa and Joey exited the ship. Down below on the streets the two
could see riots happening on the street. It's what Vanessa had expected to happen. Her job now was to find Antony. He was likely hiding out in his
palace so she started heading towards the giant palace building overlooking the city. As she entered the crowds silence grew around her. Crowds
gathered and followed her march to Antony's. The crowd reached the entry of the palace. Vanessa took a microphone speaker from one of the proests
and began to speak into the microphone speaker, 'Antony. This is Vanessa May. You are under arrest for murder. Come out with your arms up', The sound boomed the area. If Antony
was inside the building he would of heard it. Vanessa waited a few moments. She repeated the message. Still no response. Vanessa wasn't the type of
person to do things three times. 'burst in the door', she asked the protesters. Quite happily a group of protested used a large piece of steel and
burst open the door. Vanessa marched in followed by the mob of protesters. She checked his office first. It was empty. 'Spread out and find him',
she ordered the group. The protesters split off into small groups and started to search the palace. As they searched the heard a engine start up
outside and start to take off. It was the sound of a ship. Vanessa rushed outside with the protesters following. The group watched as the ship took
off. 'Can we confiorm who was on that ship', asked Sarah. Joey scanned the ship and spoke out the results. 'Scanning shows the ship contains two
lifeforms, one being Antony and another registered to citizen Detective'. Joey switched off the scanner. 'Two lifeforms? Who is this Detective
person, Antony I can expect but why leave with another?', Sarah asked.

Antony rushed down the secret entry of the building. As he made his way he could hear a voice booming out the front of the building.
The voice was distorted but it sounded like a females voice. It must be Vanessa, Antony thought to himself. A grin came over his face.
She will have no idea what I'm about to do. He reached the end of the corodoor. To get to the next area he needed to set off the dynomite
that was strapped to the wall. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a lighter. He procided to light the dynomite. Antony took serveral
steps back. The blast exposed a civilians lounge. Three figures were in the room. Two male and one female. The female collabsed in shock. One
of the males got down on his hands and knees and started to worship Antony. The usual treatment he got. The third was on the ground - looking
quite lifeless. Antony stepped forward, towards the man on the floor. With two of his arms Antony picked the man up and headed towards the kitchen.
Once in the kitchen he was able to activate a button that opened up a staircase below. He made his way down. He moved quickly but carefully, holding
the body as he took steps. He reached the bottom of the steps. In front of him lay a ship. Antony pressed the green button and the ramp came down
along with the door sliding open. He made his way up the ramp and into the ship, closing the door after him. The ship was dim. Antony switched on
the lights and procided towards the crew desk. He dumped the body onto a chair. He needed to take off now. He started the ships engines up. The
protesters and Vanessa would hear him taking off, but it's too late. Using the controller he lifted the ship up off the ground. It hovered for a
moment before being thrust forward. He took off leaving Mars. Looking out the window below he could see the mob group of people watching him
take off from the surface. Antony wasn't sure what to do. He decided to just drift in space for now. Once he was far away from Mars that Vanessa
wouldn't be able to find him, he switched off the ships engines. Antony drifted through empty space. He was not happy with the result. Could he
change any of the events that took place? He did not approve of Vanessa and Joey releasing the footage, he wanted to chage that. Antony had the
time split device. He decided that he would use the person that he captured and send him back to change effects. The body was still lifeless. He
needed to bring it back to life. He lifted the body up from the chair and took it into the medical surgery room. Antony would need to perform open
brain surgery on the person, injecting in some of Antonys dna into the brain. This would interlink the two and create a super human.
He placed the body on the table and reached for the skelpel on the table. He had never performed open brain surgery so Antony was quite nervous.
Antony started to cut into the forehead. Blood squarted out at Antony. He wiped it from his face. 'Perhaps a mask might help', he thought, searching
through the cubard for a surgery mask. There was one. It was a dusty but he wiped it off and placed it on his face. He moved back to the body of the
table. The splatter wouldn't get on his face now, instead on the mask. Antony continued to cut into forehead around into the side and back. He was
able to pull off the area now and access the brain. He took a needle and injected the brain with his DNA. The substance traveled from the brain and
into the rest of the body. Antony started to sew the brain back together. Just as he finished the sewing the persons eyes opened. Antony jumped back.
'Hi there', the person spoke. Antony was shocked that the substance worked so quickly. 'Hi, Im Antony', he spoke, holding out his hand. The person
held their hand out and shook Antonys hand. 'I'm Detective, nice to meet you', shacking Antonys hand. Clearly Detective was delisional, he had no
idea who Antony was. Open brain surgery might do this to someone. At least he seems to know who he is. Antony continued to question him. 'So what was
the last thing you remember', Antony asked Detective. 'I remember eating breakfast with my Mother and Father. Mother had made me eggs', Detective
explained. 'And what date was this?', Antony questioned. Detecive continued, giving Antony the date that they had left Mars. It seemed like he
couldn't remember the television broadcast. This was good, Antony didn't want Detective remembering the television broadcast and the riots.
Antony started with his lie. 'Detective I have some terrible news for you, Im afraid to say that you and me are the only two remainding lifeforms
left from Mars. Shortly after you had breakfast there was an attack on the Human population, you blacked out', Antony told him. Detective listened
in horror at the story. 'I'm afraid you and me were the only two to escape. As I was evactaling the palace I came accross you and loaded you onto
the ship', Antony finished his story. 'And then you woke up here'. Detective didn't know what to say. They only two remaining lifeforms. 'Do you have
a plan?', Detecitve asked Antony. 'As a matter of fact I do', replied Antony. He had thought for sometime on the plan for Detective. Kidnaping him
when he left Mars had worked out well. 'I am going to send you back in time with this', Antony announced, holding up the time split device to
Detective. Antony held up the time split device. Detective reached out to grab it. 'Careful now', Antony said as he pulled it back from Detectives
grasp. 'This is a dangerous device if used incorrectly'. Detective steered at the device, captavated by it. 'What we need is a plan for when you
go back, I've written you up a list of tasks', Antony explained. He pulled out a list and handed to Antony. 'You want me to killed these people',
Detective asked. 'That is correct', Antony said with a smile. 'If you are sucessful, all this will change, you will be reunited with your family.
Detective nodded. 'Fantastic!', Antony stood up. 'We should get started with the prep straight away'.

Vanessa had driven Antony from Mars. She wasn't happy though. She felt uneasy that he had a ship and was out in space, free. A monster so
corupt should never be free. Vanessa watched the ship disapear from view. Her first plan was to talk to the family of Detective who was on
the ship with Antony. They had done a head count of all humans on Mars, Detective was the only human missing.
Vanessa stepped into the apartment building. The police had taken Detectives parents and they were being held for questioning on what
happened. Vanessa was at the families apartment building. She wanted to get a sense on what happened here before talking to Detectives Mother
and Father. She walked down the hallway. It lead to the lounge. The lounge was a mess. The whole wall had been burst in. From the looks of
it dinomite was used to destory the wall. Vanessa peaked through the hole. The tunnel looked like it lead to palace. That must of been how he
escaped the palace. Vanessa headed down the passage way and it came out at the palace. She headed back to the apartment. Vanessa walked into the
kitchen. There was a staircase opened in the center of the room. Vanessa followed the steps down. It lead to a ships hanger. This was where Antony
must of kept the ship.

Antony started to prep Detective for the travel. He used leather straps and straped his arms and legs to the chair. 'Will this hurt', asked Detective
'You won't feel a thing', Antony lied. The fact was the trip could be painful and there were unexpected consquiences. Antony had tested the device
before on himself. He had changed past events before and had experienced visions of multipy worlds. The same consqiences could happen to Decective
when he goes back.
Antony gave Detective an injection. 'Are you ready?', Antony asked. Detective nodded. Antony handed Detective the time split device. Antony had
preprogrammed to take Detective back to a certain moment. 'Just hit the green button when you are ready', Antony told Detective. He pressed down on
the greenbutton. His body frozen in time before he coulf take it off. Antony stood there with his mouth open, he hadn't finished he was just
speaking. The ship frozen in space and the area around the ship froze. Within a few minutes the ship started to move again as did Antony. Detective
stayed frozen, experiencing the past. Antony looked around the ship. To the left and right. 'Had it worked?', he thought to himself. He steered at
Detective. He was still frozen. His body looked like it had life unlike before when Antony had picked Detectives lifeless body off the kitchen
floor. Would his parents relize he was alive? When Antony had grabed him from the lounge floor Detective was dead. The injection he had given the
brain had brought him back to life. Antony thought it was strange that Detective remembered eating eggs but didn't remember the television broadcast.
'Were you lying to me?', Antony asked the frozen body of Detective. Of course there was no responce - only silence. Antony thought about what
Dectective might be doing right now. Whatever he was doing, it was going to change the present. The lightbulb flickered as Antony sat there. Waiting
for Detective to wake up.

Detectives eyes opened. 'Where am I', he though. Standing over him was a strange looking part-human, part-alien creature. Something had changed. He
knew something was terriblely wrong. Straps were holding his arms and legs. He was unable to move. The lightbulb light flickered. The creature stood
over him with a wicked grin. He seld two skelpes in 2 of his hands. The other two arms holding other equipment. Detective splatted 'hello' from his
mouth. The creature mutted some words at Detective which he understood barely. He gets asked about his most recent breakfast. He sees visions of
eggs on breakfast, watching the broadcast on the television and the protesters outside. Then darkness. His next memories were waking up here with
Antony standing over him, cutting his head open. Antony had injected something into his system. His body felt different, and it wasn't just the
open brain surgery. Antony questioned him, pretending to be nice. Detective lied his way through the questions.

The event that just took place was onboard a ship traveling through unknown space with its engines switched off. It involved two main characters of
the story. Everything is one big cycle. Whatever happens, happens. If you attempt to change it, it will fail.
Detective is sent back to where he
wakes to a world inhabited by humans. The humans find the alien dna in his brain leading to extraction and development of ai systems. It is here
where he begins to experience multipy timelines. At some point there was a hickup with the timelines, causing characters to experience multi

There are two major different timelines. The first - when humans kill Loth'Raks planet, leading to Antony killing human race. The 2nd - when
robots kill the human race, stops the attack on Loth'Raks planet and Loth'Rak ends up destoring his own planet. What ever they attempt to do they
are unable to save Earth. The novel takes place over a long period of time. The characters consiste of generations and robots that live forever.
When Antony sent the first person back with the time slipt device - Detective humans find him and extract the metal out of his brain and duplaict
the metal.

It's a ever lasting circle. When will it stop?

Vanessa had tracked Antonys ship to just outside of Mars atomsphere. From the footage she was watching of the ship it had switched off it's engines
and was drifting through space. She was able to access the CCTV onboard the ship. The achieve of the ships footage was all there. She was able to
view all the ships footage of when Antony had boarded the ship on Mars, taken off, and now floating through space. Vanessa started the footage from
the start, from when Antony board the ship. The camera she was viewing was inside the ship, pointing towards the entry to the ship. Vanessa watched
the footage of the door to the ship opened. Antony stepped into the ship with the body of Detective. She switched cameras - allowing her to see him
dump the body onto a chair and strap it in. Antony rushed quickly to the ships controls - starting the engine up and taking off. Camera footage
showed Antony at the wheel of the ship steering the ship. Once he has left Mars he switches off the ship and gets up off the control seat.
The footage shows him moving towards the body he has on the ship and perform brain surgery on the body - injecting the body with some sort of
substance. Vanessa needed to find out what this was. She continued to watch the footage of the brain surgery taking place, despite being discusted
by the footage. It showed Detectives forehead being cut into, and around the side/back. Antony removes the scalp and using a needle - pokes it into
the brain injected some substance.
Antony sews the scalp back up. The footage shows detectives eyes open when he has completed this. Vanessa studies the footage carefully. 'Does that
make him a zombie?,' she considers. Detective was a dead corpse. Injecting him with this substance gave him life. Maybe he's not the same person he
was when he died? But then again - maybe he will be the same. What happened next was the strangest thing. The footage shows Antony and Detective
chatting. Antony is seen scrampling around the room - organising something. He looks like hes in a rush.

'What could be preping for?,' Vanessa
wondered. She watches as Antony hands
Detective a device. Then the footage stops.
'Damn it', Vanessa curses.
Something happens that causes all the
eletronic devices in the area to stop
working. What they have created is a kill
switch, even if they don't relize it.
Vanessa stood up from her chair.
The camera footage from now is useless.
She needs to find out what that substance was
and how it brought Detective back to life.

Detective agreed to the tasks that Antony
had shown him on the paper. He didn't
agree with them - they involved either
killing or hurting innocent people - people
that had no idea about their effect or
generations after them effect on society.
Steering at the list of names, dates and
times, and event almost brought him to
tears. He had to hold back his emotions.
If Antony had any idea that he was fully
consisious then he would be destoried.

Vanessa had finished researching on the
substance that Antony injected into
Detectives brain - bringing him back to life.
She stood in his surgery room. This was a
hidden room in the palact that had a bunch
of terminal computers and a table for
performing surgerys. There was suspession
of something like this - but this was
horrific. Humans had been going missing and
Vanessa had just worked out what was
happening - Antony was capturing them and
performing surgery on them. He was using the
computers along with the traditinal medical
aplications. Vanessa had found evidence that
Antony was spicing DNA - mixing alien and
human genes together to create monsters like

6b345 and Blitz had been assisting Antony in
the lab. 6b345 had been riped to pieces when
they spaceship blew up entering the Earth
atmosphere. Bliz had died in the accident.
Vanessa had set the explosives on their ship
to explode when it entered the Earths
atmosphere. She hadn't expected it to blow
up over the building that she was attempting
to smuggle Joey out of - leading to a quick
escape. It happened though.

AI Robot originally created to make art and
a cat mixed with Antonys human and alien
genes. The strangest of lab assistences.

On the wall was a framed painting of
Loth'Rak. Vanessa could reconise him. Antony
looked very similar to him. Antony had more
human features though. Loth'Rak was a
full alien, well Antony was only half.

Have they been talking about Vanessa, Antony,
and Detective too much with the focus taken
away from some other major events.

What happened to Sarah in the NASA testing
room. They were preping for the Moon blast.
The humans knew it was coming. When Detective
was sent back by Antony for the first time in
order to attempt to save Antony from being
driven out of Mars by Vanessa.

6b345 changes a file that he finds on Mars so
that the robot uprising happens. This begins
when 6b345 finds a red usb on mars. It
contains the system details for the artcontrol
AI system that was developed to create art.

The conference that Vanessa attended on Earth
was the Open Education Resource 2860. It was
organized by robots. They created open
education resources every day that were used
in teaching of the Humans on Mars.
Vanessa shows up and messys everything up
with crashing 6b345 and Blitz into the

Need to write Blitz version of the story.

Blitz was born on 6 August 3555. The dust
on Mars were partickly bad that day. Antony
had created Blitz in the lab. He had mixed
cat, human, and his own human and alien gene
dna systems. It was the same process that
Loth'Rak used on a human and his alien genes.
Antony had memories from his Father and could
access all the skills that Loth'Rak posisted.

Blitz had a speech impediment noticed by
Antony shortley after he created him. The
experiment created an alien like voice box
that became mutated by a virus that
contamanted the system. It lead to a bomb
being set by Vanessa inside of Blirz, leading
to their ship being burnt when entering the
Earths atmosphere.

Blitz strided down the road. She enjoying the
rain. On Mars it never rained but she had
seen photographs and diagrams of how rain

The body of Blitz was cat-like but she had
two human arms coming out of the bottom of
her neck. Along with four cat like legs she
was a highly productive, agile, and super

The prototypes of Blitz had failed. Antony
had tried to create a mixture of his and a
animals genes for years. Each experiment
being a fail.

6b345 had been a great assist to the creation
of Blitz. Whenever Antony was in the lab he
6b345 was there with him to assist in the
experiments. They went through attempts of
mixing human and Antonys genes but failed.
They were using sick citizens on Mars.

Antony had poisoned the Human race that meant
they were unable to use the time shift device
The files that are on the red USB active the
AI system TechFuncMasters virus. It leads to
the death of all the humans on Earth. Humans
were sent to Mars in order to presurve mankind

This is a story about a series of events that
are attempted to be manipilated by a time
traveler. The effects are grave and
unexpected where multi timelines
cross over.

The story focuses on a red usb that contains
a private key. It follows a series of differnt
and altenative events around this red usb.

We hope you enjoy the time you spend reading
it. It was created for NaNoWriMo 2015.

It was the second attempt to write a novel
for NanoWriMo. The account has been active
since 2011. Only novels in 2013, 2014, and
2015 were created. In 2014 the novel
SpikeInfoSec was started. The total word count
was only around 7000 words. It was writen on
a raspberry pi computer using a IPython
Notebook in Markdown format.

The injection had lead to sores begin to cover
Detectives skin. Antony watched as his skin
became red and infected. He tried to use
substances to counter the effect but every
day it just got worse.
Detective had been in the coma for 3 years.
3 years of his brain switched off in this time
and active in others. When he traveled he would
of taken the time split device with him,
leading to switch between times as he saw fit.

In 2015 for NaNoWriMo the novel
ItWillNotBeMine was created. With a goal of
1666 words per day. On day one and seven over
2900 words were written. The majority of days
over 1666 words were written. There were
several days when less than 1000 wc, these
were disapointing days but motivation to
increase the count the following days.

The novel was writen on a HP Chromebook
with ChromeOS. It was typed in a Debian
Linux chroot on the Chromebook. It was
also typed on a Raspberry Pi computer with a
tft screen. On both of these devices,
terminal was used with the text editor nano.
For some of the days a Windows 7 computer
was used and software Notepad++.

In the end a novel was created. It was 50,000
words, science fiction, a rough draft. I
published it to the Writers Den Hamilton site
as I wrote it. It's licenced under a Creative
Commons BY 4.0 licence.

Thank you to NaNoWriMo for the event,
Waikato NaNoWriMo, Writers Den Hamilton,
Hamilton Computer Club, Creative Commons New
Zealand and my family and friends for support
and ideas.

The novel is reaching 40,000 words and
decisions need to be made for the final days.

No point worring about the structure. Work on
cleaning up plots and altenative perspectives
on events.

Once the word count is reached the machine
gets to sleep. They have a certain word count
to make a day. How do they measure editing?

The robots just type files and the computer
builds the site and uploads the changes to
the webserver. Billions of words a day are
created. The robots are not told what to write
but instead just choose on what to write by
analizing data. This leads to more happy and
productive robots.

When they were building the robots they relized
that if you made them sad they were less
productive. Telling them what to do was the
main thing that made them sad the data showed.
They fixed this by no longer telling the
robots what to do but instead let them sprint

Joey loved to sprint. His robot of course
loved it as well. The robot would show up
at the conference enter at 8am sharp, 7
days a week. They would then sprint for the
day - creating mostly Open Education
Resources. They were free to create whatever
they wanted though.

This novel is licenced under a Creative
Commons BY 4.0 licence.
I like this licence as it is free culture.
Many seem to obsessed with putting work under
a NC licence. Take a giant leap and don't
licence under NC.

Can only see people doing great stuff with
anything created. It's exciting see what
people might do.

Need to go through some of the older works
and find events and plots that need a cleanup.

Write down the character and all the events,
times and suitrations that the character is
involved with - from start to finish.

Make it epic and make it now. Let's get this
finished. The last few days should be a good
mofivater to get it finished. I will likely
have a burst to 50,000. Once I hit that I
will be done. I would like to start editing.
Maybe remixing each chapter as a new blog

Taking posts on nzcommons and reusing them
on WrtiersDenHamilton. Remixing them. Great
pratice to edit work. This is going to get
my over the wordcount!

Vanessa had taken a small ship from storage and attempt to locate Antonys ship. From her calcalations she has a rough idea where the ship could be
She was able access GPS days from the ships camera before the footage stopped. Vanessa marched up the ramp. She had decided to bring Joey on the
trip with her. Vanessa was impressed with how much of a hand it was once she actived it. Joey could be a help if she locates Antonys ship.
The ship took off with Vanessa on it leaving Mars atmophere.

Antonys head hurt. The visions of multi time lines were apearing again. He was running low on the substance to opress them. Detecive was still
straped to the chair. His body full of life but his mind in another time. Antony reached for the supply cubbard and pulled out a capsure of the
substance. He needed the injection, the visions were becoming too unbearable. He placed the capsure into a clean needled and injected it into his
arm. The visions imedicatly stopped.

Blitz was licking Sarahs blood off the ground on Mars when she was shot in the head by Antony. The causes a glitch in the timelines. When Sarah was
shot in the head it causes Blitz to be warped to another timeline where Joey notices him as he is walking down.

Joey and Sarah walked down the dark and gloomy road. They arms were interlocked. In the distance they could see a shape that looked like a cat. The
two headed closer towards the shape. It was unusal for there to be other lifeforms out in public. As they got closer to the figure they knew something
was wrong. The cat had mutated or something. Out the side of it's next were two long human arms. Sarah vomited. The creature skretched and ran off.
'What the hell has happened here,' Sarah asked Joey, spiting the vomit from her mouth. 'I think that man Dectective is changing the events', Joey
said. 'Uganka was spose to let us and we would use the time split device,' he continued to expain. 'I have no idea what we do now, we may be able
to still active the time split device. Just because we didn't activate it then doesn't mean it won't,' Joey paused to let Sarah finish coughing,
'Are you OK?,' he asked, concerned for the coughing fit that Sarah had gotten herself into. The creature had stopped skretching and ran off into
the dark. Joey moved up to where it was standing, licking something on the ground. He debed his finger into the substance. It was a rich red.
Human blood. 'What would human blood be doing here?' Joey wondered. 'This is most unusal', he thought. Sarah had finished her coughing fit.
'What do we have here', She asked Joey. 'It seems to be human blood,' Joey explained, moving a sample of the blood into a container for analize
back at the lab. 'Human blood!', Sarahs jaw dropped. She bend down and had a close look at the puddle on the ground. 'And this cat creature was
drinking this? Why?', Sarah asked. 'I have no idea but there is something crazy happening here', Joey replied.

Blitz siped the blood that had been left on the floor when Antony shot Sarah. She looked around. Everything had changed. She relized that he was no
longer on Mars. From what it looked like - she was on what looked Earth. Blitz had never been to Earth. She had been created in Antonys lab on Mars.
Antony had shown her images of Earth. Blitz was part human and cat felling a strong connection to Earth. Blitz froze when she saw two figure
approch. Who were these people? she thought.

Antony was running low of the substance. He had just enough to give Detective an injection when he awoke.
once there live a man who lived in a big house
hr had everything he wanted in that house. To tell you the truth that house was in fact
not a house but it was a spaceship.

Vanessa had located Antony's ship. She didn't want to get too close to hi ship or
he might notice her. She decided to
exit her spaceship and travel through space towards his ship - getting a
good inside - and maybe even entering the ship. She had left her ship out of the radar of his ship. If he was scanning then
her ship would
be detected. Vanessa stepped into the suit. It had been specially designed to have boosters elements so that she is able to
travel in the space
quickly for a short period of time. The booster wasn't able to be detected from the ships radar and Vanessa was able to grab
onto Antony's ship and view through the windows on what was happening. Vanessa peaked through the window. She could see
Detective strapped to a chair. His arms and legs were tied down with leather straps. Detective was sitting in a seat
across from him - drinking a cup of coffee. From what Sarah could see Detective looked alive. He was sleeping but he had life
in him. 'What did Antony do to bring him back to life?' Sarah wondered, scratching her head. She needed to get inside the ship.
She needed to wake Detective and capture Antony. She was going to need to find a way to break into the ship without being
detected. The emergency hatches were all alarmed so unless she was able to get in there without setting the alarms off that
was out of the question. Cutting through the ship or finding an insecure entry was the only way.

Sarah had with her a communication
device with her that allowed 6b345 to scan events and give suggestions on the next course of step. '6b345 do you come in',
Sarah spoke into the microphone. 'This is 6b345 responding. You are coming in clear Sarah,' the voice of 6b345 replied.
'Can you get a scan done on that ship, I need to know how I can get in without setting off the alarms,' Sarah asked.
'Scan Complete. Solution Found. I have sent the location and instructions for entry to the ship to your suits computer'.
New data recided the led lights blinked. Vanessa had received the information on how to get into the ship without being noticed.
She loaded the data up on her suits monitor. The plan looked safe and easy enough. She was worried about time and would have
to move quickly to get these steps completed. Vanessa was confident in her ability to complete the tasks. She boosted forward
keeping an eye out for a particle entry latch. She circled the ship several times before she finally spotted it. She moved
closer, reaching into her

Blah blah blah said Antony. Waiting for Detective to wake up
felt like a lifetime. He brewed him many cups of coffee and played endless video games well waiting. There was nothing to do
except to wait.
Antony often wondered what Detective would be doing at that point. He had no idea where Detective would be or what time.
There was a chance
that he could experience milt time lines on his travels.

His head hurt. The pain shot through his left side of the brain. He wanted to move, to get up. Stand up.
Move. He was strapped down. The leather straps covering his wrists and angles. Looking around he reconsider the enviorment.
It was a prewar space ship. They didn't make them like this anymore. Everything about it was vintage. From the colour choices
to the style of the screws used to put the ship others. He tried to lift his right arm. It was strapped down with a leather
wrist. 'Help', Detective calls out. There is no response. Alone on a ship and strapped to a chair. The ship didn't sound like
it was on. The engines were silent. Looking over and out the window all he could see was darkness. Detective knew something
had changed. Antony was here before and now he's gone. The future changed when Detective went back. Now he was stuck here
strapped to a chair with nobody on board. He tried to think about the last time line he had experienced. Detective had grown
in control of the visions now, he was able to control them by stepping back and forward from the various lines. Sometimes
he finds it easier to experience one line over another, it all depend though. He could see a reflection of himself in the ships
window. His head was scabbed and bleeding. He had grown red sores all over his body which pusses with ooze. Detective couldn't
bear it. He clenched closed his eyes. The vision was still there though, another line where his face is normal, where there
are no scars. This is the future he wants. It's what he deserves. Detective has saved everyone.

Detective found and captured Antony at a technology conference. It is the same conference Joey and Vanessa meet in. When
Detective gets sent back
from the spaceship he travels to a range of different times and chances many events. One events being the conference that
captures Antony at. Antony then actives the time switch on himself and is sent to another time. Detective and Antony are
chasing each other. The story tells all the events and different time line and how various characters. Events are changed,
changing the future that backfires.

The is a journal through space and time following a series of characters in various evolution series of the human race.
An AI system is developed that clashes with an dying Alien life form developing part-alien, part-human child. This carries
on with mixing cat with the part-alien, part-human DNA. The Human race is wiped out therefore people are sent back to attempt
to change events that lead. Sara's Moon Training, Sarah Moon Trip, Presidents Speech, Loth'Rak bringing Antony to Earth,
Antony leaving Earth for mars, Antony killing Sarah, Sarah and Joey Time Splat room, robotic takeover - saves Loth'Rak
race. Antony is never created. Antony starts showing up in the time line through the device. No more characters. There is
already enough characters. There are some characters I'd like to merge into one or at least get new names. Structure could
really be looked at but that's something for the editing stages. For now just get down enough words to be a winner.

The figure walked down the road. Behind it the building was alight. Rich red flames burst from the ceiling. Mid gray smoke
billowed out above being blow to nearby houses with the strong wind. The CEO had just been informed that the building was
burning. The govt had been using it for top secret NSA and NASA missions. They had trained Sarah there to carry out the
Moon and Mars missions. As time distance increased they lost control of how much they could trace and realized that some
of the AI bots had lost communication with mission control. Sarah must find out what happened to the bots. She investigates the
scene on the Moon where a weapon battle took place between what looked like govt AI bots turning on each other. Govt denies
claim to any of these. Govt in meantime is scrambling to find out what happened to a selection of their bots on the Moon that
mysterious go offline and are not responding to connection attempts. Cameras and all on board security features were disabled.
Antony takes control of one of the bots - known as 6b345. He uses it to destroy Earth and brings Sarah back to Mars with 6b345.
Once on Mars Antony kills Sarah and takes full control of 6b345. Vanessa later takes control of 6b345 when Antony escapes Mars
kidnapping Detective on his escape. Vanessa tracks down Antony's ship, boarding it and killing Antony. She uses the time switch
device to go back and find Detective. He awakes to find nobody there. Vanessa arrives to rescue him. Detective was woken by
a noise inside the ship. One of the ships doors had opened. Someone had entered the ship. Detective panicked. Who would be in
the ship? He dreaded that it would be Antony. His goals in the past were to stop Antony from completing his goals. Deductive
thought it was a success when he awoke and Antony wasn't here. Detective was relieved when a woman stood in front of him,
not Antony. 'I'm here to get you out of here', the woman told Antony. He was released to hear those voices. He checked his
face in the ships window reflection. It was normal. His face was normal. He had successfully saved his appearance. Vanessa
introduced herself to him, untying the leather straps that held his arms and legs. Detective was released to be free. For too
long he had been tied to that chair. He is happy to be free and jumps into the air with joy. Vanessa hurries Detective along
they must get out of here and back to Mars. Vanessa takes control of Antony's ship and drives it back to Mars with Vanessa's
ship following behind on autopilot. She traveled back to Mars with Detective in Antonys ship with her ship following behind
on autopiolet.

The Bee was the first live being that Antony had attempted to perform. He stunned the bee and injected his DNA into the system,
boosting the bee back to life. The Bee grew large and aggressive. Antony had to shoot the creation with the ray gun.

Detective gets his hands on a ray gun and kills Ugnanka and attempts to kill Joey and Sarah. In one time line he isn't there,
on the other he is. Crossing over happens all over the story. For example Detective find himself collapsed in another time lines
and drags the body into the cupboard so when Sarah and Joey look they don't see him. They find it strange though.

The Presidents Speech is important. It is told from many different perspectives and time lines. Detective has different roles
and goals each version of him there. He gives a speech after the president. Detective saves Joey who is in the crowd and would
be killed by the attack. Sarah is a girl watching the speech from television with her Mother.
Detective uses a stun gun on Joeys parents in order to get him out of there safely. Police notice the weird occurrences of
Detectives skills and start to investigate into him. Detective is spouse kill Joey at the conference but knows he's not spouse
to. Antony shows up at conference to do it himself and Detective captures Antony. Then Antony actives the time split device
and caused the two to travel to another time.

The Humans on Earth developed an AI system by using alien technology that is sent back in time in order to change events. The
technology sent back was Detective. They studied him and learn how to beat his species, to save themselves. The Humans believed
that Loth'Rak and his son - Antony are behind the attack on Earth which wipes out mankind. People are sent back to change this

  • making sure that events take place in order to secure 80,000 humans are taken to Mars to be preserved. Story followed events
    to active these humans on Mars and the events following it. Basically it's about man kinds fight for survival over Earth is
    destroyed and various conflicts.

Antony tried to talk to Loth'Rak about something but he should shot him down. This made Antony sad.

This is licensed under a Creative Commons BY 4.0 licence.

Vanessa walked into the room. Detectives skin was normal. In some of the visions Vanessa was experiencing of him his skin was
red and infected. To find out what was going to happen next. Vanessa moved up to Detective. He looked surprised, happy to see
Vanessa. She began to undo the straps around him, and get him out. Her plan for when he was out was to travel back to Mars with
Detective. She had no idea what happened to Antony. He had disappeared from the ship. Vanessa thought that maybe Detective had
gone back and changed events. She wanted to review the tapes and see if there were any differences between the two.
Vanessa worked quickly searching through the tabs to finds out what changed. They had been keeping records and live updates
of a range of time lines. She drank a coffee from her left hand and typed with the other. Her words per minute were impressive.
She was top of her classes. Her Mother and Father were both very proud of her. What she was searching for was any information
that will lead her to find out what happened with Detective when he was sent back. She had been researching newspapers reporting
strange events that he could be involved in. One interesting moment Vanessa found was when the humans of Earth sent 80,000 humans
to Mars. She was able to retrieve articles from several time lines and noticed difference in the events that occurred.

Vanessa and Detective landed the ship on Mars. A large group were waiting for them to arrive - including Detectives parents. They
were relieved to see him - believing that he was dead and gone forever. Vanessa needed to interview Detective to find out some
of the events that she was not sure about. They wanted to analyse Detectives body to try to find out what Antony injected into his
system. Vanessa walked into the lab. Detective was seated on a seat,
no cuffs this time. Vanessa had the results for Detectives brain and
body scans. After the two returned to Mars they decided to study what
Detective had happened to him. They started from the lounge - when
Detective was eating eggs and watching the television and went into a
fit, killing him. Antony bursts into the room, grabs detective and
heads to space with a ship. Antony liked classical music and would
always have music playing when he flew ships. Public Domain but he
used Creative Commons BY as well. After this test it worked
successfully. Antony was happy that a experiment finally worked. After
a large change in the word count the software was finally working.

There was no sign of Antony. Vanessa re-watched the security footage that showed Antony disappeared when Detective actives the
time split device. A similar event had happened with Deceive when he was travelling - he found a copy of himself and injected himself
with a substance - causing the copy body to disappear.
6b345 was a great help in working out what happened to Antony. 6b345 had been with Antony shortly after it arrived on Mars. Before
that 6b345 spent time with Sarah. Originally the machine was designed to be a open education resource Creator for the education
sector before being moved to the space program. 6b345 had always preferred to be in the education section and felt a little uneasy
when the govt moved it to the space program. It compiled with the requests. It was given a full military upgrade for the transfer.
The work in space was far more dangerous than working in the classrooms. It was a normal day for 6b345 when the security breach
happened. He had no idea when it happened. Just suddenly he lost control of his actions and thoughts - someone else controlling
his system. He was unable to send an emergency call back to Earth that his system had been taken over. Whoever had taken over his
system had disabled the ability for him to send the messages.
6b345 was powerless. He idly sat by and watched his body destroy the other research bots with him. They didn't fire back at him.
It happened too quick. Whoever that was controlling him, knew what they were doing. After the other bots were dead the explosives
were set. When control is given back to 6b345 the memory of the security breach is removed. 6b345 returns to normal when Sarah
arrives on the Moon, following her off the Moon. 6b345 had managed to
stay hidden from Sarah until they arrived on Mars. It was here 6b345
lead Sarah into the trap if Antony.

Joey arrives on Mars through time split device. He finds 6b345 and
puts him back together. The time that Joey is in is after Detective is
returned to Mars after being sent back in time with Antony. Joeys time
on Mars is the present time line. Everything else is behind. There can
be no future past Joeys time line. They thought he was special because
it is something that he does that causes the device to stop working at
that time.

What happens to Albumin when she leaves the cars in the robot dominated time line? She glitches and is sent to to this line.
She had already been killed and wasn't spouse to be there. After escaping the car she hunts down Loth'Rak who has recently landed
on Earth. She is lead to believe that he may be able to help her. Albumin locates Loth'Rake who is tied up in a building. She
breaks in and get him out, avoiding the robotic troops. No one ever finds out exactly what happens to Antony after he disappears from
the ship. Vanessa had visions of him breaking through from other time lines but she believes that he no longer excists here and is
unable to get back completely. She is happy as he is dangerous and would likely create more monstrous creatures like himself and
Blitz. Antony was always a big fan of Blitz. The Humans on Mars created a statue of Antony that had him patting his cat Blitz.
'Antony - the monster that never existed', the stone read. Many came to view the statue and learn more about Antony and the
developments that had happened around them. Even though he was considered by most to be evil and sinister there were good parts of
him as well. Some even sided with him - believing if he didn't kill Sarah then mankind wouldn't survive on Mars. Many people were
split into two group, arguing about the issue. It was hard to pinpoint exact what happened.
The events will be remember in history. It was a very strange period of time. Nothing quite like it had happened before, and nothing
was ever going to happen again. Generations afterwards studies the events. It was taught in school, in universities. Professors
continued to write papers on the events, spinning new perspectives on how events happened. Detective was the final of them all to
die. It wasn't long after he returned to Mars. His genes had became corrupt leading to a spread among the humans on mars. Vanessa
didn't realise this until it was too late. Antony's plan all along was to get Detective back to Mars. Vanessa had fooled for it.
That's why he wasn't on the ship. Antony had timed it so that he would be erased from this time line and appear in another. Vanessa
wouldn't suspect anything when Antony wasn't on the ship.

Sarah moved towards the transport pod. She was several hundred meters out from it. She took long strides in her space suit,
staying focus on the target. Even though this was only training she wanted to score top marks for the practice mission. Others would
be completing a similar training mission to her and the ones with top marks will complete the real mission. She had been preparing
for this training for years and now it was finally happening. Sarah
had reached the transport. She watched in the distance an explosion
happen. The transport that she had just climbed into went flying. All
around her the explosives erupted. Sarah had arrived on the Earths
Moon on a bad day. The simulation was blowing up the Moon and training
astronauts to travel to the Mars if something ever happens. The
Humans knew it was going to happy so they decided to prep for it. By
doing so meant that they forced the event to happen, because they were
so obsessed with it going to happen - it happened. If they had ignored
it, forgot about it - it may not have been so bad. Each time it got
worse and worse. They had always encouraged people to prep for the
future. For the worse. People were buying small transport pods that
would get them off the Earth should the attack happen. It drove
everyone insane until it happened. Sometimes there is a study into these
people to find out how much of a influence into their future. Because they
were shown what was going to happen they believed that they couldn't change it
and it would happen. Their belief into the ideas lead it to happen. This is bad.

The holidays they declared were March 16 Sarah, June 24 Antony. Every
year on these days people would gather at the statues of these
historic beings. They were going to be remembered long after they are
gone. The whole period of time was going to be remembered. It was only
a matter of time before a winner arose. That wonder was Sarah. Her
parents were there on the day she was announced the winner. That she
would be the one sent to the Earths Moon for the mission. She had a
series of goals to complete. She had been training for years and was
going to be successfully complete her Moon mission. Sarah couldn't
wait to leave and staying on Earth was making her not able to sleep
correctly. She woke multiply times in the night. After the doctors
checked her they told her that she may be unsuitable to go on the Moon
mission of she was going to be going on this mission then her health
needed to improve. Sarah got back on track and prepped for launch. She
was in top health when she takes off from Earth to the Moon. It is a
solo mission that she is on and it's going to be tested now. Her
Mother and Father were there the day her ship launched to the
Moon. 'Whats new pussy cat', was playing on the over head speakers. It
brought a smile to Sarah face as she climbed inside the ship.

It was not good when Antony was sad. He would go into rages and trash the room he was in. Drumming his arms against the floor. This
was more rage than sadness. There were several moments when Antony
went into these rages. Once was when he found out about his Father. It
caused to major distress and burnt down his home. When he was creating
his experiments he went into a rage several times. The first was when
The Bee failed. It caused him to burn down the lab and he had to build
a new one. He recreated burning down the lab as it costed him allot of
time. All his research was backed up so he didn't lose that. He
believed it was important that the science is able to be
reproduced. He had starting sharing his results online. 'Antony
creates a friend', was the name of the blog where he wrote daily posts
and uploaded the formulas. Antony's guide to zombie creation 101. He
had maintained it, updating it with journal notes daily, photographs
of setups and results. He wanted to show everyone else that what he
was doing was possible and everyone else could do it as well. There was
nothing stopping them from doing a better job than what he was
creating. On an afternoon after the site went live his web server
almost overloaded from requests. People were obsessed with his videos
that he was producing and the content that was being made. All the
files were in text format. This made it easy for people to do what
they wanted with the files. The files were licensed under a free
culture licence. Creative Common Attribution 4.0. Some rights
reserved. Anyone is free to share, use, remix the work even for
commercial reason - they only need to attribute the original work. This
is a big incentive for people to licence copyright under this
licence. Who knows what people will do with your material? Copyright
is saying STOP. Creative Commons is saying. Come, share, play,
collaborate. It may sound risky but why stop innovation for greed?

the virus spreed between the humans when detective returned to Mars. How much of this story is true that
is what they really want to see what has happened. Making the minimal each day was the key to success. It's not impossible, it just takes a
daily disappointed skill to get it done every day. Even if you don't feel like it - you have a goal to reach and you need to make it.

It's true, she wasn't sure about what to do to cure this virus. Vanessa thought she had it under control but she was wrong. She needed to find out
what was going so bad with the time lines. She wasn't even sure who was manipulating the bots. She had suspected Detective change events in order
to get his appearance fixed. there was some moments when it didn't work. Oh this was going to be fun Vanessa thought to herself. There isn't
much left till the end. It would be created now. This will update automatically with Nikola build command. It then sends the data to puthub. every hour
the web server performs an git pull - pulling down changes from github. What the system needs is an easy way for people to commit changes. Maybe
an email address they email and it creates the meta file data from all the data in the email. Already one email has been turned into a blog post.
It shell continue forward to a new world and a new aerial for mankind. Sometimes Vanessa became distracted waiting fir the system to respond.
She would browse the internet when she was doing this - leading her to great new ideas. in the past she had often wasted time by spending the time
waiting just looking at cat photos. When she discovered this was a waste of time she started doing more productive thing with her time. She started
a blog. Used everyday as a way for her to communicate with the world. She mostly posted information and research into the Antony case. They were
still not sure what happened with that creature. Some say that he was erased from this time line and can't get back, others say that he hiding in
this time line ready to pounce. Vanessa doesn't know what to believe but knows that it's important to be prepared if he ever does return.

People were scared of Detective and feared for their lives on word that he was infected with a virus that could spread to them and kill them.
Vanessa didn't allow Detective to walk down the street by himself in case he was attacked by protesters. The citizens of Mars had formed a commute
and were protesting about Detective being kept on Earth when he was such a risk for mankind. People believed that he was no longer human, that
he was a zombie, someone that persevered to be in the ground. Detective didn't believe this. He felt human. He felt just like he use to. For
Detective nothing had changed. Vanessa wasn't sure. In one way she wanted to keep him around in order to studio the changes. On the other hand
if he poses a threat for mankind on Mars he needs to be control.

This was a massive journey for many of the characters. Detective was one of the
main characters. He started off just as a character that Albumin that
interacts with Vanessa when she is arrested at school. Ended up using the
name Detective for a range of events - developing into a full
character. I hope the place goes like a winner. If this is going to be
the end then he needed to make the most of it.

Antony knew that Vanessa would be on the way. She would of reviewed
the security tapes and be attempting to locate with the gps. That was
the only way she would do it. She would come alone with Joey back at
the station as support for the mission. It was highly likely that she
wouldn't drive her ship near out of fear that Antony would spot
it. Antony knew of booster packs that Vanessa might be using on the
mission. After all she was a smart cookie, being able to track him
down. Antony had a plan to make it so that when Vanessa showed up at
the ship to get him, she wasn't going to be able to find him. Antony
had found a way to hop between multiply time lines. He had gained much
skill at it. By focusing he was able to move himself from one time line
to another. He had one problem though he had planned to return to the
other time line but was having problems with attempting to do so. It
seemed that one of the character - Joey posed an ability to hamper
Antony's power useless. He was unable to cross the time line and get
back. Antony had attempted to warn himself - his past self about the
dangers that were about to unfold with his plan. It had all been
unsuccessful. Everything he did couldn't change the past. It annoyed
him so much. He went into a rage and tore apart the world. His anger
destroyed the planet.

As Antony's ship drifted through Space he blasted classical music and
danced around the ship. Detective was tied to the chair when his is
happening. The scene switched to Antony dancing around the ship by
himself and to another scene of Antony and Vanessa dancing around a
hallway. Everyone is human. Antony still has his his human form.

Fascinated by this scene of still having human form Antony dreamed for
this future. What he had was a future where he would become stuck in
his Alien form forever. Antony had many reasons to change the past one
of them being this other time line of him in human form. He dreamed of an
alternative world where he still had his Alien form. Antony would do
anything to get the form back. There comes a point when Antony gets
his form back. Becomes very powerful. Has form when he is a child on
Earth. Loses form when he travels to Mars. Sarah and 6b345 are the
first to see Antony once he has left Mars. The tests on Detective had
came back very strange. It seemed like much of the substance that was
injected into his system was removed when he used the time split
device. It seemed when Detective was in the past that someone - likely
humans found out about what was inside and extracted some of the
substance. That explains the time line changes to the future - one
event changed the future for humans so that their technology grew much
quicker - it was thanks to sending Detective back. If he isn't sent
back they discover the alien technology much later in their
existence - leading to an early death of the species. One of the
original people to be sent back and attempt to fix these events
failed. They had to train a special group in order to complete the
tasks successfully.

People had no idea that it was happening around
them. Their whole world was collapsing and they just lived their lives
like nothing was happening. It didn't make sense for some people. They
just wanted to live out their lives without focusing on the day they
all die. It will happen when it happens. People on the street wielded
signs that read 'The End is Soon'. They yelled about research into a
virus that has started to spread. They are the people of Mars and they
are the last of mankind and now they have a virus on Mars that was
likely created by the one that actives them. The people of mars now
know that Detective was sent back to the past in order to attempt to
stop Antony from activating the Humans. They needed to get Detective or
Sarah to do it. Anyone else would corrupt the process. The Human of
Mars experienced visions of what would happen if it was Sarah that had
actives them on Mars. It showed them all healthy and well in the
present time - instead of being sick and weak like this time line. They
like Antony longed for that time line. Vanessa became under attack from
the People of Mars to release the time split device so others could go
back and attempt to change these events. Vanessa had to improve her
security as the majority of Mars turned against her. It was becoming
unsafe for her to stay on Mars.
Two protesters from opposite sides had gotten into a fist fight. One of
them believing that the world was coming to an end - the other
believing that the world is safe. They end up restoring each other. A
police officer jumps in the break it up. The protesters end up turning
on the police officer - beating him to death, before switching back to
each other. It's a fight to the death. Groups of people stand around
and watch as these two men kill each other. A puddle of blood is left
on the floor after one of them is declared the winner. The body of
the other is dragged off and burnt. Ever since the virus it was
illegal to bury dead bodies. All bodies had to be burnt to make sure they
didn't come back to life. The virus had mutated with Antony's substance
that he used to bring humans back to life. The virus had caused them
to be terrible monstrous creatures. Detective and Vanessa were put in
protection. They couldn't be allowed to be in public as it was too
dangerous for them. The two wondered if this was Antony's doing. Wither
he knew that the virus would mutate to how it did. Maybe it was just
the next evolution in humans. Their bodies covered in red
sores. Itching till they burst. People called for a cure. It was
really the only thing that was keeping Detective and Vanessa alive -
was the thought that they might be able to come up with a cure. It was
Detective that first introduced the substance to the humans if
Mars. Once it was here it spread and mixed with the virus. Hospitals
were over run with reported cases. It closed the schools and work
places. Public spaces were not safe places - unless you were
immune. Some of the human of mars were immune to the mutation. Vanessa
worked with some of these people to find out what makes them immune -
what makes them special. Research is still happening into this but
Vanessa has made great progress in the steps. Once she has solid
research she will start clinical tests of attempting to cure the
infection and making a vaccine for the virus. Vanessa preferred Jass
music and had old 1920s till 40s Jass playing on the over head speaker
as she conducted the experiment to mix the immune genes with
infected. She wasn't one hydras percent sure of what the results would
be. She just prayed that it wouldn't backfire on her. Vanessa didn't
have much time left. The virus was smart and had started mutating to
infect other humans that were previously immune to it. This brought
more panic to the people. A similar event was happening on Mars to
them as it did the people before them on Earth. This time it is
killing everyone more slowly, previously on Earth everyone had died
at the same time.
How does it all end? It's getting close to the end now and everything
needs to be wield down. What areas do they leave open? Vanessa had
found a cure and vaccine for the virus. They had finally stopped
it. Antony was gone. Erased. They tore down the statue of him and his
cat. Humans started to migrate back to Earth. Who knew the future now?
The time split device is missing. The last person seen holding it was
Detective. When he came out of the travel the device was gone from his
hands. Some believe Antony has the device and is still travelling
between times attempting to fix things. There has been no evidence of
this though.
Detective lived happily ever after, as did Vanessa. A library was
created to remember this strange period of time. It was an important
moment for mankind. Never will an event like this take place again.
Once the vaccine was release the protesters stopped. They realised that
Vanessa was right in the cure. The people of Mars were happy with her
and she was elected only the council to run Mars. No longer was it
just one person ruling - but now a group of people. If the word count
gets enough before the library opens people get a fine wiped off their
cards. It's to encourage people to be more productive in the
morning. Many people viewed the library that they created to remember
this time. It had lifelike statues of all the characters involved -
albumin, joey, Sarah, Vanessa, loth'rak, Antony, ubanka,
Micheal and Detective. Some of the characters were minor and not
mentioned often. One example being Micheal. He is the husband of
Albumin and Father of Vanessa. Antony starts messing with
Vanessa's life to attempt to stop her completing her goals in the
future. This doesn't work and Vanessa works around Antony's attempts to
make her fail.

Vanessa had taken a flight out of the area as the protesters were
getting worse. Well she was on the plane she had her laptop. The plane
had it's own router that she was able to connect her devices. This
enabled her to control the plane and where it was heading. The GPS
data was pinpoint to where she wanted to go. The ship could go between
Earth and Mars quickly. Joey walked out and asked Vanessa if there was
anything the she needed.

6b345 was burnt out when entering Earth. A clitch had happened in the
ships system and the ship was on fire and spinning out of
control. Blitz and 6b345 had lost control of the ships controls. Blitz was on
the ships wheel attempting to gain control. The creature switched acrross to
the terminal computer. Keys taped on the keyboard. Blitz could see
that someone had modified their ships system and controlling it
remotely. Blitz was unable to kick them out. They had already locked
Blitz out so they were not able to control the system. After a test of
Blitz thought they might have discovered who had control of the
system. As a last moment of despration Blitz saved a file to a remote
system. Blitz knew they were going to die here, but there was a chance
that someone would find the file and be able to change the events.

Joey sat on the computer. He had recived an email from unknown
sender. It contained strange information that he couldn't
understand. No body could understand the files data as the alien tech
hadn't been discovered yet. It would take several years for Detective
to travel back in time and bring the tech to them. This file was one
of the key events to happen. The first part of the book with Joey and
Sarah is when they are attempting to corrupt the file that Blitz sends
back. Joey also drops it on the surface of the mars. 6b345 find this
and sends it back causing the timeline of robotic uprising to be
created. In all the timelines similar events play out and characters
are similar. This doesn't explore all the types of events that
happen. That would be far too much. It is a selection of events that
are closely explored to see how things could be done differently. They
wouldn't call it a happy story. But tell me. Of course I am interested
in hearing if you take this first draft and edit it. Publish it.

What changed to enable Detective to kill Uganka? The scene is told to
different ways - but with many different perspectives. Scene also gets
altenative timeline characters interfearing with the scene. It goes
rather crazy. In one of the timelines Detective knows to be there to
kill Uganka - on the other he doesn't. The main reason why Detective
killed Uganka is because he is attempting to kill Joey and Sarah. He's
worked out that killing them would be a solution for the virus. On one
hand the reasons Detective had for the kills were much more sane then

Joey and Sarah had already experienced the time split device when they
meet Detective after he shoot Uganka. All Ugnanka was a guard. He was
hired to look after the building. Failed terribly when he was shot in
the head by Detective. The room is used for the time split because it
can be controled and observed via the watching room. The building is
split into three area. testing one two three! The entry to the
building is a large metal door. It has the text inprinted into it
TechFuncMasters. Inside the door is a hallways. Breaking off this
hallway is the interagration room and hidden viewing room. Inside the
viewing room is a terminal computer that can be used to rewind events
via the time split device. Everything is done via the intergatation
room or the viewing room. This is recreated on the ship with Antony
and Detective.

They still have no idea how this ends. This is a story about a series
of events. These events are told via a range of different circustances
and character perspectives. Oh well lets see how this goes.

Joey was preping for his talk. His hands sweated. These were his best
slides yet. He was running late for the meeting. The bus driver didn't
stop at the closer stop. At the next stop the bus stopped and Joey
rushed off. He carried the time split device. Joey had found a copy of
the device when they were searching Antonys palace. They had found
this device and now Joey was going to be doing a talk about it. He had
created 32 slides explaining the events and how they
happened. Throughout the slides he had text and images. It started
with the title slide - Mars Writers Den. Time Split
Device. November 5365. Creative Commons BY 4.0 licence. It Will Not Be
Mine. By wcmckee. The people of Mars are looking forward to seeing the
results from releasing the novel under this open licence. They notice
many humans on Earth create picences of art and don't licence it under
a free licence. This makes the people of Mars angry and they stomp the
ground. Their houses and building get damaged in the stomp.

What happened the day after the Presidents speech in each timeline?
The first presidents speech was a fail. That was before anyone knew
that people needed to be sent back to change the events.

The bots would spend their days creating Open Education Resources. It
started as a human resource creation idea. The humans became lazy and
got to the robots to create it. An OER is anything they want it to
be - a very open term. Documation and HowTo guides is the default of
what they create.

Vanessa was going over the Presidents Speech events. She had managed
to source the text files of each of the events and how they
change. Vanessa had discovered this was a key moment for events as
there was reason to believe Detective was at the scene hudrands of
times. She had found evidence that he was assisting a child by the
name of Joey escape the attacks. She had photographs of an unitentifed
man tasings a man and a woman - believed to be Joeys parents followed
by removing the child from the area. Shortly after the child is
removed - a blast explodes from the area. There is a figure on stage
that came back as a positive ID for Detective. From what Vanessa could
work out someone in the future sent back Detective in order to change
events. Was it Antony? Vanessa still had Detective in protection but
it was dangerous for the two to talk. On important matter it could be
arranged. Vanessa didn't like to do this often. In this case she felt
she needed to contact Detective and see if he knew anything about the
events. He was being held at a top security hold on Mars that Vanessa
didn't even know was located. To get in contact she had to let her
generals know that she needed to meet with Detective. The rest would
be arranged. It was never plesent for Vanessa to meet with
Detective. It happened similar this time than last time. In the middle
of the night a group of masked people broke into her home, kidnapping
her and taking her to Detective. She was knocked out at her home
before being transported to Detective.
Vanessa awakes straped to a chair. Her hands are culfed by leather
straps - as too are her feet. In front of her was Detective. He too
was strapped to a chair similar to her. I guess this was one was to
keep us from interacting with each other. Vanessa had came for
information on the Presidents Speech and that's what she wanted from
Detective. If he couldn't give her more information then she was
growing tired of his tricks. She could threaten him with less
protection but she had to be careful that he wouldn't outright decided
to withhold all the information. Detective was coopritive though. He
explained to Vanessa how Antony had given him a list of tasks that he
must complete. Detective however went against these tasks. Vanessa
questioned Detectives reasons for going against some of these
tasks. Antony had worked out key moments to change and some of them
were important for mankind. The evidence showed that Detective went
against these tasks even though he knew that it would benift
mankind. Detective explains the reasons why he did it the way
he did. It wasn't just Detective that changed events. 6b345 was
another that had clearly changed events. Detective didn't relize that
others were also changing the events. He thought it was just his
mistakes. Detective wasn't making alot of mistakes. He was clearly
doing a good job - but others intfearing with him caused
issues. Detective missions were completely when he was on Antonys ship
sitting idly in space. They had managed to calm the virus. Though the
virus was still infecting people there was no signs that it was
halming them anymore. This put people at rest.

6b345 was actived from a fast moving vechile. It was a woman that
actived it. A man was driving - they didn't seem to be chasing
anyone. Someone seemed to be chasing them. They seemed to want 6b345s
help. Sadly for them 6b345 had a plan already. It was their mission to
make sure this 'Robot Uprising' timeline took place. They needed to
make sure that Sarah and Joey - these two people he was with made it
to the building with him. In the real line - his line - they would all
be having breakfast now. With no humans around to order them
about. What 6b345 needed was to get the ray gun that someone in this
time has. Some of the research showed that if the robots gained
control of the ray gun then they will dominate. There was also word of
something called the time split device which had been allowing these
characters to go back. 6b345 had been busy gathering material from a
range of different times in order to change these events. His most
recent discovery was a red usb that he was able to use to infect
robots in the past with a virus. This special usb was dropped by
someone named Joey. He had been thrown into the Mars period of time
when Sarah was killed by Antony. During his trip he dropped a red
usb. 6b345 found this - analized what was on it and managed to send it
back to himself. Now that 6b345 finally had it in the past he was
going to be able to complete his goals. He had discovered another
character - Detective had been going back and changing events. This
was counterproductive and wasn't the future that 6b345 wanted to
see. His future was a glorious bright happy future where the robots
ruled the planet. Nobody else was going to give 6b345 that future. The
aliens were behind him. They didn't want to see their own planet
destoried in mankind wrath. With his future - their planet and race
are saved. That's why they trusted him. That's why Loth'Rak blessed 6b345
on this mission. They found it easier to send back a mechanic object
like 6b345 than a living lifeform like a human. The aliens and 6b345
to create the device needed to send 6b345 back. The technology was
already there with the aliens - they just needed to apply it. 6b345
was very happy with the device. It allowed him to rewind and
fastforward period of time in the past. This will bring him power! The
device they created was made only to work with nonliving
lifeforms. This would stop the aliens or humans from attempting to use
it. They had tested it with prototpyes of 6b345 - with several failed
attempts before some modificaions were made and the real 6b345 was
able to use the device safely. Using the device 6b345 found it really
fun. Unlike the humans that needed to be asleep to use it he was able
to be awake and concious the whole time - able to see time warp
infront of him.
It had confinced Joey and Sarah the two people he was with to travel
to this old building with them. He told them it would be safe there -
that they would be able to finish their mission there. 6b345 had
tracked signals of another traveler to the area. It might even be in
this very building. 6b345 knew there was something special about the
building. If it wasn't special yet, it would be in the future. Someone
had already been into the building. That didn't mean the event hadn't
accured yet. Inside it looked like a human had lived here. They hadn't
cleaned up after themselves. Old plates and glasses were left on the
table. From the looks of it - eggs and bacon were on the menu. An half
empty glass of juice was left. Flies circling the food.
There was a loud bang from the bedroom. It sounded like a large
animal - maybe a human. 6b345 marched into the bedroom with Joey and
Sarah following. The room looked normal. Sensers were picking up
strange activity. Then nothing. The sensers had either stopped working
or the activity had stopped. These sensors were highly advance and
wouldn't break easily so it was likely that the activity had
stopped. 6b345 continued to search the room. There had to be something
here. Then he found it. The humans hadn't noticed it but he had found
it. A capsule to a raygun. Someone was here. Someone had the aliens
raygun. They were concerned of it's wearabouts when Loth'Rak had left
it on Earth by mistake. It was a bad mistake and may of cost Loth'Raks
race dearly. At least now they knew the wearabouts of their raygun and
they could start preping missions in order to retrieve it. This data
that 6b345 had gathered would be going straight back to Loth'Rak and
let him decide what to do with it next. 6b345 had considered his
mission here to be finished. He was unsure if it was successfuly -
though finding the raygun capsule certainly was a success. Now he just
needed to ditch the two humans and active the device to go to another
time. Normally once he completes a mission like this he gets a message
imedically afterwards to let him know of the changes and how much
closer to robot uprising he is. The missions were fun though and
certainly more enjoyable than being a diswasher and cleaner for a
human family. That is what 6b345 use to do before they started these

The traveling did make 6b345 feel sick. It wasn't as bad on him than the humans though.
It could have deadly effects on some humans. Detective was extremely lucky that
he didn't come out braindead from the travels. The reasearch showed that people before Detective had been sent back but none of them had survived.
6b345 had survived because they were not human. Some of the transfers that Detective had running were quite dangeous and he was lucky to survive
so many. The research showed that Detective gained a disease that ate away at his skin. It caused large red pusfilled infections.

Joey had gone to a new meetup. It was in a different cifty than what he usually did. The setup of the meetup was different to what he usually is.
They had a couple of organisions that do a quick pitch of answers they are after. People move off with the organisions that people are interested
in helping with their issues. Teams then discuss the issue and report back after they are done. The reports are done by the organisions. There are
no prizes for the event - only discussion of ideas. Pizza is served - fresh from the oven. Craft Beer is on tab - a range of flavors. Attending
people are encouraged to socialize and exchange business cards. The meetups that he usually go normally have a structure of having a speaker and
then socialize with food. This type of meetup was more collabrath - people worked together to come up with ideas. Joey wasn't sure which one he
perfered, he liked both of them though and they both had their strong points. The good thing about speaker talks is that if you can get an excellent
speaker than your meetup is going to be awesome.

Antony, Detective, Sarah, Vanessa, Loth'Rak, Joey. These were the names on the document. Each name had a section that contained information on that
name. The document had been put together by Vanessa. It contained all the information she could find in her research. The name of the document
was: It Will Not Be Mine. It was named after a mod on a popular Redditsubreddit. It was also refered to the fact that the time split device wasn't
able to be kept by anyone. They couldn't work out what happened to the device in the end. There are areas on the report that were not complete.
Were the machines created to create artwork or were they made to be militery units? The details on the reasons is sketchy. Reports show they were
used for a range of reason - one of them being details from Sarahs folder. There was evidence to show that the machines had been used in some sort
of education area and even developed further to create open resources. This may of not been the primary reason but it was good enough.

Loth'Rak lived on a planet with the rest of his race. One day he was on one of the nearby planets and several large blasts killed everyone on his
planet. Loth'Rak was alone. After he found Earth he created Antony - a half-alien, half-human using genes from him and human genes. Loth'Rak was
dying and wanted to make sure his race lived on after he died - through Antony. This is the original timeline. Other timelines tend to differ
here in events. For example in the robot dominace timeline Loth'Rak comes to Earth much later - and for a different reason. The reason why he comes
back on the other timeline is because he knew his planet was spose to be destoried - it had happened before for him but not for his planet and
people. Loth'Rak discovers that no matter what he does the best outcome for anyone is that his race is killed. He doesn't like this but he
relizes that its the best outcome for everyone. When the humans don't end up getting the tech to destory Loth'Raks planet then he ends up destoring
the planet himself. It's painful for him to do this but he has no choice. The timelines are stuck in a loop until the event happens to progress then

GNU Image Manimipaltion Program. This was the open source software that the robots were trained with. They would use a wacom tablet with a raspberry
pi for the painting. It would be completed quickly and to a high standard. It was easier to get the bots to paint digital piceces over traditinal
works. Tradicial works usually made lots of mess and cost more. The digital work was cheaper to produce and the standard was just as high. GIMP
was often critisised as to not being very powerful compard to proparety software such as Photoshop. The bots couldn't use Photoshop well. People
had attempted to get them to run it but it was slow and laggy. The bots were connected to the ipython kernal running on the raspberry pi. This allowed
them to control the mouse with their brain waves. They were able to send api calls through python and into gimp. Turtle was a popular tool that the
bots started with untill they moved into more complex tasks. As the bots got better they learnt to connect to the api hundrads of times - similar
to having 100s of brushes on a canvas. This is how they got so quick at creating the pieces of artwork.

Some of the character meet. Not everyone does though. Some of the timelines characters don't exsist - such as in the robot dominated line Antony
is never created. Loth'Rak never had a reason to create him. Antony ends up in the line - dragged accross from another line. It is unclear if
Antony choose to enter the timeline but since entering the timeline he has caused great harm to the line. Events took place that were completely
out of character. It's as he corrupted the line. The research again pointed back to Antony and Detective as the two that went back and changed
events. Detective would of been on Antonys ship when he went back. There is no evidence in the documents to show that he went back at any other
point. Events change for certain characters and the relize it. This can be bad for everyone. It's almost over and this is going to be the last
few mooments. They hopes you enjoyed the stories. It's not over quite yet. It's always someone that jumps out and announces that something else
must happen before the story can end. It's over now.

What happens if Sarah isn't killed on Mars. She arrives on Mars after escaping the Earths Moon attack. When she arrived on Mars she found 6b345
amongest her ship. They set off to active the 80,000 humans that were sent to Mars. Sarah and 6b345 travel to the site and active the humans. Every
one lives happily ever after on Mars. Antony isn't there. Humans later go back to Earth to discover what happened. Events play through again this
time causing more issues. The deeper the timelines wolve between each other the worse the effects. It starts small but grows. Getting larger and
larger till the area is infected. Once it's infected it could burst. When it bursts the virus is unleased into the air. This infected anyone that
doesn't have the virus. It was known for turning lifeforms into living monsters after they had died. Something died with them when they died. When
they were brought back they were never the same. The living monsters were agressive and unable to be controlled. Detective waws an example that went
successfully. He was able to be controlled. They managed to make it so it was completely hidden within Detective. When Vanessa brought him back to
Mars no one even relised what they were bringing back. Ever since Detective died in his lounge he hadn't been human. He lived his life out in these
virtual timelines. One after another. It was an addiction. One of the side effects included addiction to the time split device. That's one of the
reasons why it's so dangerous. It's an addiction. Often the travelers didn't feel like they were addicted to it. They treated it just like a
normal day to day activity, not relizing the harm it was causing them. Vanessa wondered if Detective knew he was addicted to the device. All the
travelers were addicted to it - it was just a matter of if they relized it or not. If they relized the addiction they were able to deal with it
bettter. This enables them to have greater control over the events and how they are handled. People became worried about the virus when people
started dying of it. THey had been infected with it long before they started to die. Detective was the one that had caused the corruption.

Antony looked out over the waterfront. The wind howled outside but he was safe inside the building. Large windows overlooked the view. This was his
favorite spot to sit and watch. He knew that everything here was gone. It couldn't recovered but he liked the idea that he could go back and view
what it use to be like. Before the attacks. Antony never had a chance to meet his father - Loth'Rak. He had been in the same room as him in less
than an hour apart. Maybe that's why he became so angry. After being driven from Earth Antony lost everything. He was alone on a strange planet. He
started to create his creatures. They didn't work out for him though. He always regreated creating Blitz. Would of his Father regreated in creating
him? What would he say to him? Call him a monster and abo. Antony had seen images of his Father through the It Will Not Be Mine research file. He
could see the similarities in himself. They had a similar blue tint in their skin. Unlike humans they both had four arms. Antony had the image of
his father on his bedroom door. It servered as a reminder to who he really was. The photograph had been framed. A silver frame helped focus the
viewer onto the image. Antony smiled as he viewed the image, running a finger along the photograph. His mission was almost complete and he would
be reunited with his Father. He was annoyed with Sarah for not letting him stay around for when his Fathers ship arrived. She made him rush off and
miss out on seeing him. They had brought Detective into the room so that Loth'Rak and Detective could meet. Sarah told Antony that it was too
dangerous for him to hang around and they needed to get out of there. Antony had a feed of the rooms video footage. He watched the footage of him
and Sarah straping down Detectives body and exiting the room. Fast Forward the footage showed a figure in the room with Detective. Zooming closer
to the footage he could tell that it was Loth'Rak. He looked the same as he did in the photo. Loth'Rak wouldn't even know Antony exsited. As far
as Loth'Rak was concerned - Antony wasn't even created in this timeline. Antony was here though. He was real in the timeline. He's not sure if he
is missing in another - or this is just a copy. Whatever it is - it's incredivle that Antony is there. The monitor flickered with static. He had
lost the signal to the feed. Antony couldn't see what what happening with Loth'Rak and Detective. He started to panic, typing in commands to make it
work. It was no use. The feed was gone. Could events be changing already? He thought that Detective may of already handed Antony the timesplit
device and it would of changed events. Everything had became confusing for Antony. He didn't know what he was doing was helping or not. In many
ways he wanted to give up and let someone else take off this tasks. He was wanted to retire. To live on the beach. To not worry every day about
what was going to happen next. It made him neverous just thinking about it. He neeeded a holiday at least. That was the minimal that could happen.
Antony liked the full documents. The uncensored version. The version where he is including. Blocking him out and avoiding it doesn't change the
past. It just stops people from learning from his actions. Killing Sarah was the action that most upset. The documents said that Sarah died from
natural causes, which was false. Antony had shot her in the head. Another timeline of Sarah knew this was the case and accepted it. Sarah would
live on through her reseach.

The Robots had developed special diving gear that allowed them to be under water for long periods of time. When the humans had created them the
material that was used would rust if exposed to water for a long period of time. This lead to problems when Earth is attacked - leading to many
of the robots being exposed to water and rusting. To prep for this the robots designed a special suit that they could wear in order to not rust
in the water. This allowed them to live under the ocean for a long periods of time. They enjoyed exploring the hidden human cities under the sea.
The majority of the land had been flooded when the polar caps had melted. Only the very tallest of areas were above ground. The robots swam
through these underwater cities. Cities once inhabited by humans. The Robots photographed and documentated the events. They knew their timeline
was special and it may be erased. They put the research into special files that allowed other timelines to access what happened. This is how they
learnt knowledge to counter the effects. The robots put the research into a file along with other timelines data - It Will Not Be Mine. They didn't
quite understand how it worked but basically what it was running was an information grab to all the different timelines that were happening and
collecting information about what is happening. It was rumured by the robots that it might be a traveler that had developed the data grab idea. They
thought it was an excellent idea and were partaking fully in the oberation. It was of great benifit to the robots as well. They were able to learn
of events that were occuring in order to prepare it for it.
Another thing the robots had to prep for was the extreme temp changes. The planet would likely increase in temp and the robots armor would need to
have suits that could withstand the temps. They tested these suits in simulated extreme temp. At first the tests were unsuccessful and they found
the armor to melt. After some modificaions they armor was successfully withstanding the temps. When the extreme temps did hit the robots were ready
for it.

There was much protest to do with the outcome ideas for Antony. Some wanted his actions wiped from history. Others argued this was a form of
censorship and the humans could learn something from his actions - even though they didn't agree with them. Two versions of the research was
produced, one being the full and complete record and the other being the censored version that removed all mention of Antony. The majority of people
believe the full and complete version is the only true copy of the document. The text was licensed under a Creative Commons Attubuation licence with
the data under Creative Commons Zero licence. Being in a open licence meant that people could take the documents and use, remix and adopt the work
to their own liking.

Antony put the pen down. 'Is that all,' he asked Sarah. She nodded. The information that Sarah had shared would be kept in a archieve in case other
time lines needed the information. She had agreed to all these terms. Sarah knew she was doing a deal with the devil dealing with Antony in this
moment. She had no choice, no idea where else to go with the information. At least now that Antony has it would be able to be shared. Sarah knew
the world was over but there was a chance these people could save it.

It's over. Complete. The mission was a success. Who knows what will happen now? The vision had gotten worse for Detective. He wasn't able to move
the past as fast as he use to be able to. He knew he would be waking up on the ship soon. He knew he didn't have long left. Detective had one last
mission that he needed to finish before he awoke agin. He had gained great acrieciy when the event was going to happen. He was preped for returning
to the ship. There were several seniours that he went over in his head. The first was that he awoke and Antony was sitting in front of him, likely
drinking a cup of coffee. Another is he awakes and no body is there, and no body ever shows up for him. He awakes strapped to an empty ship with
no help on the way. With luck help would be on the way. A woman called Vanessa should find the ship and get Detective out of there - taking him
back to Mars. This was the plan and what he had worked so hard to make sure that it came true.
It was a new city and a new place to check. After about twenty or so files they had found that they were finding some of the documents to be
corrupt. Detective didn't know how they could of happened but it happened. They found the files had been scanned with a code that had caused to them
to mofify the virus. Well let's check who could of modified them and why. Although after about twelve or so more steps the files had some of their
ids back. It was going to take the robots a long time to modify the files so that they are fully working. The robots designed a file system that
allowed them to decode it quicker. It would take the file and fun hushes through it. When a correct hash worked they would move it aside. After
billions of hashes had passed and filted then the file was able to be viewed. They were not sure if the file was completely pure and that changes
may of corrupted the file. They attempted to run the new file hashes against the old corrupted file. Corruption that didn't seem right. It was a
test to see if the bots could decrupt it. Once they successfully decrypted the file they were able to send it back to the original traveler that
send them the file. The aliens believed that this would of been Detective. They believed that it was him that was collecting the files for the
collection. After the files were gathered the robots were wiped of the data in the files. They couldn't have the robots knowings what was happening
with the files. Woop bang. Why not tell the robots what research they are doing? Because they wiped the robots minds in order to control them lead
to the robots later releazing that the files were corrupt. This lead to more issues with the file types.

Sarahs space training missions were over she had successfully completed the cource and she was a winner. After she knew she would be sent on the
real mission into space. This is what she always wanted to do. It was after two or three curruption issues that they decided to no longer wipe the
robots brains. They would wipe on reboot. Every morning when the robots were started up in the classrooms their memories were wiped. This meant that
they could be fresh everyday. Students and teachers had to be carefuly that they didn't leave files on the machines as they would be wiped on reboot.
Teachers and students often learnt the hardway when they left files on it not backed up. The schools decided to create a script that would backup
and changes the bots had done at the end of the day and give the ability for them to be rebooted. After Sarah had finished her mission she was able
to take a break. She spent the majority of this time cooking and baking - something she enjoyed. She knew that she would never be contacted again.

Vanessa had reviewed all the footage and research that was created. She had found that some had corrupted and that they were unable to launch
the ships. Someone had gone back and changed the files so that the files were working again.

Where do we last see Antony? He is last spotted on the ship that he escaped Mars with. There is no evidence to show that he was around afterwards.

Vanessa looked out over the landscape of Mars. She had returned with Detective. There had been no sign of Antony on board but Detective was safe.
Detectives parents would be happy that he was safe. They were worried that he was dead when he collapsed onto the floor. Since after the return
to Mars Vanessa had found it that hard to concentrate. Something had changed in the past that meant she was experiencing headaches on Mars. She
was having visions of other timelines on Mars. The timeline she was experiencing was the robotic uprising where the robots have expanded their
empire further to the Mars. All around Vanessa were massive robotic built buildings to house all the bots. Everyday more robots were created. It
was their goal to over load Mars with robots she that they would be a max producitivy. They had found that Earth had grown too crowded with bots and
the only way to expand the bots was to find new planeted. They had launched bots from spaceships into space to travel to Mars. On that day 6b345 had
given a speech. It was this day that Loth'Rak had shown up on their planet. They had never heard of Loth'Raks race before so they were quite
suprised to see him showup. The robots on Mars were contributing towards the research that was being completed by all the timelines. They were quite
happy to do it. They knew they were giving back to the historand future of the universe. Antonys wrist crunched as he moved his arm. He had been
waiting for Detective to wake. Blood driped from Detectives forehead. The events that Detective was experiencing was changing him. At some points
his body would change. Some of the events that Detective was involved with caused his skin to develop red sores. It's halfway there says the
files. After a awhile they got better at picking up the errors. They had multiply monitors setup for analizing the information that was coming through
and making sure that they were correct. If something was found to be be corrupted then they would set it aside and try to work out what was wrong
with it. They had data coming from a range of different timelines, it was hard to keep up with it excatly. On the first and final of the object calls
they decided that it would work out better to get some of the robots on board to start the analizing. They found it was quicker to have them look
over the requests and report back if the files were ok or corrupted. If it was found to be corrupt a special group of robots would take a look
at the file and analize what had happened to it. The files that had been corrupted were massive and couldn't be kept on some of the timelines due
to techniqual reasons. They decided to have one timeline that was focused on the data collection and pull the data int from other lines from there.
The training had made Sarah thirst and she made herself a large smoothy. It was a simple recipe. Her Mother use to make this and she followed suit.
It contained fresh berries and coconut water. Some people tried to make it fancy with adding milks and bananas and ice cream. Sarah always thought
this was too much of an over kill - decided instead to keep it simple with her ingredients. She sipped the blended drink. It was very refreshing.
Sarah managed to drink the whole glass. She had thought about saving some for later but she decided she would just make another later if she wanted
to. She rinsed the empty glass and loaded it into the dishwasher. With the blender she filled it with some warm water and loaded it back into the
blender - turning it on to pulse to clean the container. She left it on the bench to dry. Her training had finished and she was waiting to hear
what her real mission would be. They had kept even her training very secectrive and were doing the same for the mission. Even her boss didn't really
know what she was going to be invloved with. This came from a much higher up place. She was going to be transfered from the training grounds where
she had lived for the past 6 months to a new area where the mission would be completed from. It would likely invovlve some space travel. Certainly
her training had preped her for space travel. She was told that there was a chance that she wouldn't make it back from the mission and that she
should make peace with anyone on Earth before leaving. She was given 3 days to contact people and meet with them about what was going to happen
next. There is still another file left to transfer they found. It was causing a major glitch in the system which meant one of the travelers was
having problems with getting back to their own time. The robots worked around the clock in order to try to fix the glitch but they were having major
issues with getting it to work correctly. Once they finally got the file glitch fixed the traveler was able to get back to their own time. They
were not sure about how much was infected with the system. The robots were worried that the traveler would of suffered brain damage if it was
human or alien. If it was mechanical they would be able to fix themselves. Oh well it's fixed now but they wish they could check the harm that the
files had done. They needed a reporting system that would let them know the details of the traveler. The traveler had a tracking device on them
that may of allowed them to test the files. The robots put it down to either Antony or Detective that was the current traveler that they were
tracking. System wasn't getting the information back quick enough and it meant it wasn't worked correctly.
What would happen if they got all the character in the same room? Sarah died before Vanessa was even born so in that respect it wouldn't be
posible to have so many characters in the room. Vanessa is one of the only characters that doesn't experience the traveling. She begins to experience
the problems with it, gaining some of the syntons that the travelers experienced. It isn't quit sure why they Vanessa experienced the side effects
of the traveling when she didn't do any traveling herself. It's thought that because she was there when key moments happened - like on Antonys
ship that it may of passed onto her through that. It's not completely clear though. Vanessa was smart in how she brought Detective back to Mars but
she didn't expect that Antony had planted a virus in his system so that it would infect the people of mars when they returned to mars. The population
of Mars had increased over the years. Antony had actived the 80,000 humans that had been sent to Mars in order to preserve mankind. Scientists on
Earth who send the humans to Mars were worried that keeping them preserved might interfear with their ability to have children. This hadn't been
the case and children were being born on Mars on a regular basics. They were starting to attend schools and growing up themselves. These are children
that have no sense on what it would be like to live on Earth. Detective was amongest these people that were born and grew up on Mars. There were
reports that he may of been one of the 80,000 that were sent to Mars but this was later confirumed to be false. There was no evidence to show this.
Over time false information in the reports would be fixed and corrected. Detectives parents were part of the 80,000 that were preserved on the
Mars. Detective died the day of the takeover of Antonys power. He collabsed on the lounge floor of his bedroom. His body was stone cold dead.
Antony showed up though and grabbed his body, taking him onto the ship and sending Detective back in time to change certain events. This is the
only time that Detective went back. In Detectives world he was gone for several years but in the past he lived out entire lifetimes. The research
only covers some of the events and there is allot that he would of lived through that wasn't covered. He may of died serveral times in the past.
This was another area that wasn't sure in what was happening. What happened to Detective when he died in one time? Does he switch to another time
or timeline. He is killed at the presidents speech when the presidents car becomes under attack. The humans find the alien substance in his
body and attempt to extract it. This extraction greatly improves the humans tech. If Detective doesn't go back and give the humans the tech they
are wiped out to begin with. This is one of the main reasons why Detective is sent back - to help make sure that the human race lives on after
the Earth is wiped out. Why would Antony want the humans to survive? Antony is part human to start with. Having the humans on Mars gives Antony
power over them. If they were all wiped out he would be left on Mars alone. He had created Blitz with some of the supplies that he had taken
from the Earth. This was a creature that was part alien, part human, and part cat. It was a strange creature. Antony thought it was a wonderful
creation and was proud of his creation. Blitz looked similar to antony as the human and alien genes Antony had used for Blitz where from him. The
cat genes were from an unknown cat that Antony had a sample of their dna. It worked though, the original cat dna had mixed successfully with the
alien and human dna.
Why did Antony choose cat as an animal to mix his genes with? When Antony was first brought to Earth by his Father Loth'Rak his host family had a
cat that Antony grew close with. Sadly this cat passed away after a few years. The Family continued to get more cats as each one died. The family
certainly were not a dog family. Sometimes the cats would die quite quickly - the road they lived on was busy and cars would speed up and down the
road. Often the cars would be crossing the road and be hit by a car. This made the Family sad - especially Antony. This is why Antony decided on
cat as the animal to mix genes with. The other reason is that he found the cat to be the most successful mix. He had attempted other mixes such
as a bee before the cat but these had been largly unsuccessfuly. After about the last unsussful attempt Antony was almost ready
to give up. This had stopped him from comppleteing the mission successfully. h well lets see how this goes. Loth'Rak left Antony on Earth in order
to make sure that someone part of his race lived on. This didn't work though. Antony was driven from Earth and became savage on Mars. They needed
to find out what drived Antony from Earth and if they could fix it. The research showed that it was an event that happened at his school. He had
shown his alien form to another student and that student had told her teacher. The teacher didn't believe the student. Camera footage was reviewed
and showed Antony switching to alien form. The media and militery got hold of this - swooping in. Antony managed to escape Earth and hide out in
Mars until Sarah arrived. Antony had planned on activing the humans himself but needed the robot 6b345 to do so. They had the private key that would
unlock the humans on Mars. It was going to be tough telling the humans that the rest of them had been cleakilled on Earth. It wasn't a fun subject
to bring up with the humans of Mars but it was part of their history and something that they should learn about. What happened on Earth was
something that was taught in schools to the children on Mars. They learnt how the Antony used the robots to destory Earth. They learnt that it was
Antonys fault that everything happened. It was nobody else. Some of the people on Mars believed that Antony hadn't done anything wrong and it was
Sarah that was at fault. Sarah should of never agreed to the mission on Earths Moon. There were arguements between the two groups - almost leading
towards a war. The only thing that stopped the war was the fact that the research was released that showed all the different senerious that could
happened. This helped create peace between the two groups.



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