Fall of Copy

Fall of Copy

Fall of Copy. A Novel by William McKee rough draft written November 2016 as part of NanoWriMo.

The courtroom was almost completely empty. The doors were locked and crowds of people gathered other side in protest. Milerty police guarded the door and shot anyone with their stun guns that attempted to make their way in. A few tried and were knocked back by the powerful guns. They would wake in a few hours. People held signs that read slogans suchs as 'fair use not brute use', and 'protect our creativity'. People were angry. They knew the laws being changed inside this courtroom would affect the outcome of the human race forever. Once it was passed, there was no going back.
Inside the court the judge stood behind her desk with two corporate lawyers in front on either side. Even though they would never admit it both lawyers wanted the law to pass. They were both making a large amount of money from the bill passing. In the past these laws would be passed in a Parliament but the government had broken down and the company had ordered that the bill needed to be passed anyway.
Several police were scatted around the courtroom, just in case a protester managed to get into the courtroom. Both the lawyers and the judge had been given numinous death threats and there was a chance that a protester would kill them - more likely outside of court. A stack of papers sat in front of the judge. She looked though it skimming the content as she went. It wasn't the first time she had seen these documents. It had been over 30 years of work from both the private and public sector. The govt had wanted it to pass as they had became corrupt and were getting a large payout. The private sector wanted it to pass due to the control they would have of the people. The people didn't want it to pass because they knew they would be in danger if the dared to ever create anything due to copyright infringement.
The protesters knew that the bill might be passing soon and they had grown more aggressive. The police were becoming more worried, lined up in their suits. Looking forward with a neutral look on their face. They were helmets that protected their face. A wiper would automatic wipe the clear material that protected their face if something was detected on it. Many of the protesters spat at the police in disgust. They were automatic given a warning and if they offended three times they would be stunned. The protesters look turns cycling through the waves. Once they reached two warnings they were moved to the back. The software for warning - much like the bill that being passed was still in development and it became confused on the warnings it had given people. This was one of the points that the Resistance to the bill used. Today they were showing how the three strike didn't work.
More police troops had arrived and they were preparing to push the protesters back from the doors of the courtroom.
Along with protesters media were scatted around the building ready to break any news that would be announced. All the major news agencies were there. Channel 4, 6 and 9. In the past there had been many more but the company had shut them down due to reporting of news that was unfavourable for the company. The three media news agencies that excised now were owned by the company. Though the people didn't know that. Even though they were owned by the company they still reported slanted news, even contradicting to what the other agencies were reporting. This was to keep the people believing that they were free. Channel 4 openly admitted that they were owned by the company. They only reported pro-company news and were accepted by the people for this. The other two channels 6 and 9 were different and didn't admit to who they were owned by. Journalists had attempted to infiltrate the organisation and break the story about who really owned them. These people were killed by the company before they could do this. There had been some close calls and security had to be increased. No longer outside journalists could be hired, they had to be those raised inside of the company. Some had suspected something was wrong with the media when some of agencies started to close their doors over strange reasons - finance, economic, and personal issues. Many of the executives were threatened and if they didn't compile their family were killed. The company grew to have a great influence over the media, and once they had control of them they had the power to control the people.
Not everyone believed what was happening around them though. There was a few in the Resistance that wanted to rise up against the company and put a stop to their corrupt and evil ways. The company spent much time and money in attempts to hunt down. They knew very little about the leader of the Resistance. Their intell had revealed that they used the name John Smith. It had been the most common name. Nobody had names anymore though, instead everyone had given a unique ID so that they were able to be identified easily. The company believed that John Smith was not his real name and that it was just a code name - and a ironic one since it had been so common.

John Smith was amongst the protesters. He knew the company would be screening everyone there. That the police and drones would be taking photos of everyone there in order to identify them. Many of the protesters would later experience a visit from the police - likely undercover in order to extract information. Depending on the amount of information surrendered they would be arrested and taken to a company camp or left along with continued security. John had been part of the Resistance for over 30 years now and had grown in the ranks. He joined when he was in school. It started small and insignificant. Back when he first joined there was little reason to protest and resist. That grew as the company grew in power. Now the Resistance was all that stood between the freedom of the people and the company restoring everything. John wore a mask that randomised his features. When someone looked at him he looked like an average 50 something man. If they looked at him seconds later he would look completely different. This was in order to trick the cameras and those surviving him. The technology behind the mask was originally developed by the company to for the police and special forces. But the Resistance had stolen the technology and was using it against them. It had been very useful, especially for infiltrating the media. Several of the Resistance members were very close to getting inside of the media agencies. They had spent their lives undercover - working for the company but secectly they were passing information back to the Resistance. The Resistance had attempted this in the past but the agents had been caught and disappeared. One of Johns old school friends Harris White had been one. It happened so suddenly. One day Harris had reported to John that he was close to getting access to important company documents and at their next meeting Harris didn't show. He had never not shown to a meeting. The Resistance made attempts to find out what happened but nothing was revealed. Several other good people were lost in the hunt to find him. That was 15 years ago. It was assumed that the company discovered that Harris worked for the Resistance and had him shipped off to a company camp. Nobody in the Resistance knew what was inside the company camps. They were tall, metal, gray buildings with excellent security. Anyone that entered the building never returned. When the company camps were first setup - 20 years ago several of the Resistance members volunteered to attempt to sneak into the camp in order to try to discover what the company did inside. None returned and no information was leaked to the outside.

Harris had stepped in for John on the media mission. It really should of been John that had disappeared but Harris had volunteered instead. He knew that John was too important to the Resistance and there was a chance that it would fall apart if John was too fair. Harris knew that there was a high chance that he would never survive. Once Harris left high school he studied Journalism at University. It wasn't a subject often studied due to the low amount of opportunities in it. There were only three media companies left - and there were rumours that they were all owned by the company. Harris knew the dangers of studying Journalism. From the day that he signed up he would be under watch from the company. It would be unfair for him to have a family for fear that they would be killed. He wouldn't want to put that stress on any woman. His own family were all dead, along with Johns. The company had likely killed them. He was raised in a orphanage along with John. That's how they became friends. If the company had not killed their families they would of never meet. In someways attending the brothels as the risk was too high for the reward.
For graduation Harris and John both wore the universities blue uniform. John had studied Engineering - something that would be useful against the company. They never had any classes together and generally stayed away from each other in order to not compromise each other. The Resistance they missed out on the meeting for the month. If they were in a meeting needed to go to hey reach the safe spot. If the believe they are they can tap the device under their arm three times it will stop them from being transported to the meeting.

Company spends lots of time trying to discover how the Resistance members meet. Whenever a suspected Resistance member is killed the company performs a autopsy on the body in order discover the device that Resistance members use. Overtime the company performed the autopsy they would find traces of a foreign metal in the blood. They believed this was the left overs of the device. They had even attempted to performed a autopsy on a live captured Residence. Unfortunately this failed and the prisoner died before the device could be extracted. Getting the device was a key step in the company taking infiltrating and taking down the resistance. They were putting the majority of their resources into it.

Once the court had finished the security and police needed to get the judge and lawyers to safety. It was impossible for them to go through the front door without having a confidential with the public. A member of the courts public relations team would brief the media outside the court once the judge and lawyers were at a safe distance. All sensitive documents would be destroyed by the lawyers before they left the courtroom - on the chance that the building would be breached by the protesters. They couldn't risk the chance the documents would be retrieved by the Resistance and used against the company.
The judge had heard all the evidence from the lawyers and needed 24 hours to decide on the next step. Resistance had been attempting to find out information about the judge and evidence had been discovered for a plan to abduct the Judge. Security had been beefed up in response. The company knew the Resistance was planning something big but details were scares.
Mary Lynch headed the division of company to hunt down the most wanted Resistance members. She had been promised to be made an excelitve if she should succed in capturing John Smith. Like John Smith she was also amongst the protesters outside the courtroom. She was doing survaviance - hunting for any sign of resistence fighters. She knew the majority of the protesters here were not members but just concerns citizens protesting - about an issue that would affect them all. She understood the protesters anger, but know that the company came before them. Mary had been working for the company since they had opened the company camps 20 years ago. Before then she had studied phycology and economics at university. She had passed Univervisty easily and the company were quick to pick her up. They offered her a pay package that she could not resist. Working for the company meant she was protected. There was a war brewing and being on the most powerful side meant she had more of a chance of survival. Like most people her age her parents had been killed by the company. She didn't hold this against this. She knew they were part of the Resistance and knew it was important to purge them from the planet. All they did was offer war and suffering to the planet. The company protected the citizens from the Resistance. Mary had started working for the company just days before the first Company Camp was opened. It was a big deal. Govterment was still active during this time and the local major had been given the honor of opening the building. Little did the major later the company would wipe out his local govt along with the national govt. It had taken over ten years of planning but when it did happen it was swift and painless. Bills and laws were put in charge by the company. They had control over the people. It was a sync attack on all govt officals. Their main structures were attacked wiping the majority of them out. Their houses were visited by the police and they were dragged from their homes and shipped off to Company Camps. The media reported that the resistance was behind the attack on govt. All 3 media agencies reported that John Smith was behind the plan. Channel 4 reported that there had been reports of company employies commiting the crimes, but they later admitted that these people were in fact Resistance members that were discised as the company. Several of the reporters were captured and taken to the company camps due to this reporting. Mary Lynch was one of the company employies that was reported being spotted. It caused the company a headache when one of their leading agents was working for the resistance. They handed it well - attmiting that Mary Lynch was a resistance fighter. They found a lifelike lookalike which they were able to stage a chase and death. The real Mary Lynch was able to continue working for the Company after she had her face and features reconstracted. It was a common name and the company employed so many people so she was able to keep her name. Her husband and son had to be shipped to a Company Camp which was disapointing for her. It took her a number of years to accept it but like what the company had done to her parents she accepted it. She had pled with the company to do the facial constration to her family similar to what they had performed on her. They refused saying that it was punishment for the mistakes she made of the attack on govt - drawing media attention and getting on camera. In the end she finally accepted it and carried on to work for the company like nothing had happened. She knew if she fought the company she would be taken off to the company camp like the rest of her family. It was their way of controlling her. After a long wait she had finally decided that.

John Smith had spotted Mary in the crowd. He knew her true identity. That she had worked for the company during the attack on govt and that the company had pretended that she worked undercover for the Resistance - when really she didn't. Everyone in the knew the Company was lying and coving it up. The media agencies were owned by the Company and never would reveal the truth. John suspected some of the documents that the Judge and Lawyers were discussing had information about Mary Lynchs true identity. This is why it was so important that John got the information and he could reveal her true identity to the world - and show how corrupt they had been. A revolution would take place. And John would lead it.

Mary Lynch was born on a mild Autumn day. She was the first child of Patrick and Suz Lynch. Her parents adored her. Like her Mother she had bright blue eyes but did not have her blonde hair - her hair was a dark brown like her Fathers. Shortly after giving birth Suz was informed that there was complications and that it was unlikely she would ever have another child. This was upsetting for both parents but Patrick took it especially bad - wanted a have a son to carry on the family name. Like Mary, Patrick was also a only child and his parents had been killed in the first govt uprising. Patrick blamed the company for his unfortunate and began to organise a group to fight back. He spent less time at home and Suz became concerned about what he was doing outside of his work hours. He had a steady job as a accountant and they were well off. At first Suz thought that Patrick was having an affair - something that earned people a prison sentence. The affair itself didn't worry Suz who knew their relationship was strained after she gave birth to Mary and was told that she would never have another child. She thought that if he could Patrick would leave her and remarry - in order to have a son.
When Suz confronted Patrick about his long hours spent away he promised that he was not having an affair but couldn't reveal what he was up to. This eased Suz but she still wanted to know what Patrick was up to. She began to follow her husband from work in order to find out what he was doing. She followed him several times and he would just go to a pub and sit by himself. 'Is he just avoiding returning home?' Suz wondered. She made the home as welcoming as possible, it wasn't her fault that she wasn't able to have more children. One winter evening something was different about the pub visit. Suz noticed that Patrick began to scratch his arm and seemed to be concerned about something. He moved quickly out of the pub, leaving an almost full glass of beer behind. He exiting the pub he started down the road. Fresh snow flakes crackled under his feet. Suz wanted to follow him but didn't want to be spotted. She followed but kept her distance. Patrick turned down an alleyway. Suz waited at a distance, knowing that he might notice her down the alleyway. She waited. The pressure was too much and she decided to turn down the alleyway also. It was a dark tight fit. A single light on the alleyway flickered. Old boxes and rubbish layed the side. The city was turning into a dump. She squinted looking for her husband. There was no sign. It was long and he could of realised that someone was following him - causing him to run. Suz made her way down the alleyway in search of what Patrick was doing. The smell was gross and she held her nose in order to keep out of the smell. Something or someone had died down here she realised. She continued to search and walk down the alleyway but there was no sign of her husband. He couldn't of gotten away this quickly. Surely he would be somewhere. Suz heard footsteps behind her and before she could turn around she felt something go over to her head. Everything went dark.

John steered at the woman in the crowd. Her brown eyes darted around place. Clearly she was looking for him and other resistance members. Her eyes fixed on her for a moment. John knew this was clearly Mary Lynch, the head of tactic as the company. He knew more about her than she realised. They had even meet once and had lunch. Mary had no idea who he was though - that he was John Smith the leader of the resistance. He needed to get close to her in order to find out more information that would lead to the collapse of the company. Her gazy dropped. John knew that the Judge and Lawyers would be finished soon and it was important to intercept them. He knew the company wouldn't take any chances with them and they would not exit out the front of the building. There were special hidden underground pathways leading out of the courtroom and to various locations. The Resistance had got hold of these old blueprints and were able to map out various exits. There was no way of getting into the tunnels but John had stationed Resistance fighters outside each of the exits. He didn't know if the three would emerge from one or multiply exits. A number of police would be with him and it would be too much for the limited amount of resistance fighters to handle. John was worried that the company would be expecting Resistance fighters at all the exits and send decoys to every exit - causing resistance fighters to sound the alarm that the Judge and lawyers were at all exits. John didn't worry about the lawyers so much, it was more important that they captured the Judge. He was the key to everything. John looked around for Mary. He couldn't spot her. The protesters had grown more angry and violent. Piles of unconscious bodies lay in front of him. These were the ones that had been stunned by police. It was too dangerous for the company to be killing people in public. He knew they killed people but not in public where the three media channels were watching. He dragged a body out of the pile, he needed a change of clothes. Mary had seen him once and he didn't want her to see him again with the same clothes. His face changed, but his clothing stayed the same. The body was similar size to him and the clothes would fit perfectly. He started to unbutton his shirt and remove it. He removed the mans tshirt and slipped it on. He put his own shirt on the man and did the buttons up. He did the same for their jeans. The man was wearing black jeans and Johns were a navy blue. The mans jeans were a little loose on him. He checked his new pockets and found the mans wallet and keys. He slipped these into the mans pocket. John was no thief. Nobody had noticed him changing clothes. Around him protesters were yelling chants. There was no sign of Mary still. John assumed she had gone to the courthouse and was involved in the extraction team to get the Judge out of there. He assumed that she would be the one with the Judge. He radioed his team at each of the exits, giving them an update that Mary had been spotted along with a description of her clothes and look. John suspected the extraction would be happening soon. He didn't want to be outside when it finished. There was nothing for him to see or hear. The media had announced the plan for when the Judge and Lawyers were finished inside. A Public Relations court appointed represation would address the public and media outside the courthouse. No access would be given to the Judge and Lawyers due to security reasons. John didn't hear this. All three media agencies would be fixed on it and he could catch up later. It was more important that he intercept the Judge.
John made his way to his parked vehicle. It was several blocks away. Due to security reasons police had blocked off the area and no vehicles were allowed in. Police officers standing near their cars watching the crowd of protesters gave him suspicious looks. Several police approached him and asked to see his papers. John scrambled through his jeans pockets and was able to produce a piece of paper. Billy Jones. The name said. The image looked like him. The identity paper was linked to his identity mask. Whenever his face changed - the paper would also change. Along with a random common name. The identity mask technology had been stolen from the company but John had developed the identity paper himself along with other engineers at the Resistance. It had helped greatly over the years. The police officers looked over the document muttering several words to each other. One got out a device and started to type. John knew they would be looking him up in the database. It would come back clean. It always did. That's how he built it, So that when Resistance fights were stopped at these checkpoints they would get away - rather than arrested and shipped off to a company camp. The police officer holding Johns identity paper smiled and handed back his paper. Saying he was free to go but warning him to stay out of trouble. John nodded and placed his identity paper back into his jeans pocket. These police officers had made him late and the PR talk would be starting an moment now. He couldn't run yet - in case the police that just spoke with him suspected something, He walked quickly, glancing over his shoulder at the officers. They were crowding together talking to each other and watching the crowd of protesters. None of them were watching him. He increased his speed. Once he was out of view he would be able to run towards his car. Looking over his shoulder several times as he ran to check if he was being followed. There was no sign of anyone. The streets and shops were empty. Everyone was at home watching the news or at the courthouse. He spotted his car ahead. It was a dark red colour. He didn't choose the colour. It had belonged to a restiance member that had been killed by the company and John had acquired the car after their death. John had reached the red car. He fumbled in his jeans pocket - feeling the identity papers. Finally he found the keys and pulled them out. Inserting them into the car and unlocking it. John opened the drivers door and climbed into the car. The smell of hot leather engulfed him. It had been sitting in the hot sun when John was attending the protest. He turned on the air condition to help rid the car of the stink. The engine started and John started to drive. He needed to make it one of the courtrooms tunnel exits quickly. John put his foot down and sped down the road.

Inside the courtroom the Judge and Lawyers were finishing up. A public relations woman - Pepper had joined them and was briefed on the media statement. Several of the high ranking police officers gathered around they were finalising the details for how to get the Judge and Lawyers out of the building safely. More police officers emerged into the courtroom - dressed the same as the Judge and Lawyers. These were the decoys. The company knew that Resistance fighters might be waiting for them on the exits and they needed to make it as hard as possible for the Resistance to capture the Judge and Lawyers. The group started to make their way to the back of the courtroom, towards the secret exits. Two of the police officers stayed behind with Pepper. They were getting ready to walk out the front doors of the court building and speak to the media.
One of the police officer held open the hatch which the police offices ducked their heads as they climbed in. Followed was the real Judge and Lawyers and the decoys. These police officers had switched their weapons from stun mode to kill. There was no playing games with any Resistance they might encounter. The Resistance had shields that made the stun guns useless. Kill mode was the only option. The Police were advised to disable any Resistance as it was helpful for the Company to capture an in order to extract information. The group made their way down the hallway until it split. The decoys went the left and the real to the right. The Police were split evenly with each group.

The doors to the courtroom swung open and Pepper along with two police officers walked out. There was yells from the protesters. The police called for silence, aiming their weapons as the crowd. Ready to shoot anyone that continued to yell. Pepper stood in front of the speaker and tapped it twice. The noise erupted around her. Clearly the sound was working. All three media agencies had cameras and microphones in front of her - broadcasting live the speech she was about to give.
Pepper looking around at the crowd. Hundreds of people holding signs watched her. Police officers were in rows facing the crowd all with their weapons pointed at the crowd, ready to shoot anyone that yelled. Company agents were scatted around the area. It was impossible to tell the difference between some of the protesters and company. Most of the company agents were wearing black suits with a red power tie. It was company standard. Even the woman wore these outfits - though they were modified to fit their bodies and they had an option for a skirt. Pepper had been briefed on what to say. This was one of her most important public talks and was slightly nervous to address so many people. She didn’t let it show. This was what she was trained for. Pepper opened her mouth and began her speech.
“My fellow citizens. My name is Pepper and I will be briefing you today on the events that just concluded in the courtroom. As you are all aware it was a closed session due to the sensitivity of the laws being passed. Security was of grave concern. I trust you understand this need”. She paused. A few yells erupted from the crowd. Police in the crowd grabbed those yelling and threw them to the ground - giving them a final warning that they would be shot if they were to yell anymore. Pepper continued her speech.
“Over the years a group known as The Resistance has attempted to put a stop to the good work that the Company has made. They were behind the attack on Govt leading to the disappearance - and we assume death of many govt officials. This is unacceptable. Citizens in this world need protected. After the Govt was taken down by The Resistance the company stepped in instead - passing laws to protect you from the harm that the Resistance will bring you”.
Pepper paused and took a sip from the glass of water in front of her. Behind her a massive monitor appeared with slides for the rest of her talk. It showed images, diagrams and text.
I will now explain the law that was passed today. It is the trade restriction. This law puts a stop to some of the loop holes that was allowing the Resistance to profit. Passing this law weakens their power and gives company more power to take down any of their now illegal operations. Many of you may of heard of this bill - I see many of you in the crowd holding signs opposing this new law. I can assume you that you have nothing to worry about - unless you are working with the Resistance. The company is not out to hurt the average citizen, only those working with the Resistance. I ask you to please stop protesting and report any Resistance activity.

John tuned his radio in. There was only three public radio stations. One of each of the media agencies. Each one was just as bad as the other. All three of the stations were broadcasting the speech being given from some woman named Pepper. John had never heard of her, but he noted down her name. He would research into her later and see if the Resistance had any information on her. The Judge and lawyers must of been in the tunnels now. They could be emerging from the exits at an moment. John had no idea what exit they would emerge from. He just had to guess and hope he was right. Several of his Resistance agents were waiting for him as he pulled up. He parked the car around the corner in order to not arouse suspicion from the Judge when he emerged from the tunnel. John parked the car and made his way towards the tunnel exit. The resistance fighters came up to him and shook his hand. They were pleased to have such as veteran fighter with them. The other resistance groups might not be so lucky. The group of reliance fighters held their weapons ready. The settings were set to stun. The police officers didn’t matter but it was important not to kill the Judge or Lawyers. They had important information that the Resistance would want to extract from them.
It happened quickly. John heard the sound of a pin being removed and a clink as it was thrown towards them. Thick green smoke started emerging. John quickly changed settings on his mask to stop himself breathing in the harmful gas. His resistance fighters were not so lucky. They were rolling around on the ground chocking from inhaling the gas. It might not kill them - but they were out of action for this fight. John radioed that their group was under attack and requested backup. He got a report back that their other group was also under attack. John was annoyed. They needed more soldiers.
John took deep breath and hide behind the crates. His breathing seemed normal. The mask was feeding him normal oxygen and he had ingested the nasty green gas. With his fellow Resistance fighters down and backup on the way he was the one that could capture the Judge and Lawyers. He looked up from over the crates. The hidden hatch was open and he saw bodies scrumping up. They all worse masks similar to his in order to protect themselves from the green gas. It was hard to see if the Judge and Lawyers were the ones that were coming out. John squinted and noticed it was just police officers. Had he gone to the wrong tunnel exit? he thought. Would the Judge and Lawyers be exiting the other tunnel exit. And then he saw it. Someone dressed in Judges robes and two men wearing suits. These had to be the ones. He had made the right decision. John emerged from behind the crates and opened fire on the police officers. They were not expecting him to fire - they assumed that the gas would of paralysed any Resistance fighter waiting for them. He took them off guard and Managed to take down five police officers before they noticed and started to open fire on him. John took cover under crates. Reloading his weapon he emerged again. There were only 2 police officers left and they were protecting the Judge and Lawyers. John opened fire again and took down the two officers. He felt a sharp pain in his right arm and noticed a bullet from an officer had him. Blood squirted from his arm. He moved towards the fallen officers and removed one of their shirts in order to wrap around his arm to ease the bleeding. John noticed the Judge and Lawyers were trying to get away. With his good arm he took and fired. He missed. He needed to keep up and follow the Judge and Lawyers. They were moving quickly and John found it hard to keep up. He had had to decide between staying behind and helping his Resistance fighters who were still squirming around on the ground and coughing. He radioed for backup again. It was taking too long. John made the decision to follow the Judge and Lawyers - they were too important to let escape.

Mary had left the courthouse once Pepper had started her speech. She travelled towards a tunnel exit. She drove an electric scooter. It was standard company issue. Not only did it save on have to fuel which was a rarity but it was speedy, able to zip in between traffic quickly. The lack of protection was always a concern when riding the scooter. It was impossible to protect ones self from enemy fire. As she approached the exit tunnel she noticed green gas still hoovering in the area. She switched on her oxygen supply in order to protect herself. Two bodies were squirming around on the ground. These were Resistance fighters. She smiled, happy that the police hadn’t killed them. Along with the two resistance bodies there was a pile of bodies wearing police uniforms. She checked the identities of the bodies. They all were just standard police officers. Nothing to be too concerned. ‘What had happened to the Judge and Lawyers?’, Mary wondered. Had they escaped or been captured by the Resistance. There was a trail of blood leading away from the scene. Mary went back to her scooter and radioed in to company to bring in an extraction team to clean up the mess and arrest the Resistance fighters. They were not going anywhere soon. Mary wanted to follow this blood trail. It might lead her to the Judge and Lawyer.

It didn’t take John long to catch up to the Judge and Lawyers. They had no way of escape, no one to lead them to safely. ‘Freeze’, he spoke. The three figures stopped running and turned around to face him. John couldn’t see the face of the judge which was covered up under a hood. One of the lawyers made a sudden move for Johns weapon but he reacted quickly, knocking the lawyer to the ground. He heard footsteps behind him and turned around to see his backup Resistance fighters had finally arrived. The judge and lawyers were surrounded. There was no escape for them. The Judge and Lawyers co-obrated with Johns orders as he loaded them into the transport that the Resistance fighters had arrived in. They needed to get out of here quickly and return to base - Company backup would be arriving at any moment.

When Suz woke she was handcuffed to a metal chair. The room she sat in looked like an intergration room. It might of been used to condact interviews. She looked around at the suppoundings. A woodern table that looked like it was falling apart was in the room. A camera in the roofs corner was covered in a plastic shield. The red light on the camera blinked. It was clearly on and watching her. The steel metal door was very reinforced. The ground looked like it hadn’t been washed in sometime. The carpet was dusty. She thought back to remember how she got here. The last thing she remembered was following her husband down the alleyway. Footsteps behind her. But she never got a look at her attacker at they placed something over her head that made everything dark. It must of been a mask of some sort.
Suz heard voices outside the room. She jerked her hands but was unable to move from the handcuffs around her back. Looking around the room for anything that could be used as a weapon or to lockpick the cuffs off.
Suz heard the door unlock. She was still cuffed to the chair. There was no defence. All she could hope for would be those that came into the room would not hurt her. The door swung open. A figure wearing a black suit walked in. Their face was covered by a hood. They were male but Suz was unable to see their face features. It was not her husband. He would never do anything like this to her. Another figure followed the first man into the room - carrying a chair. He placed this on the floor the ground near the desk facing Mary and exited the room. The man was still silence but took a seat. Suz was too frightened to speak. She was trembling. The man behind the hood finally spoke.
“Do you know why you are here Suz?” he asked her. “I have no idea. I was minding my own business and then you captured me” Suz replied. A frown appeared on the mans face.
“We know you are lying Suz. We know you are part of this Resistance uprising”. “I have no idea what you are talking about” Suz spoke, her voice trembling. “You were seen entering a known Resistance area. You can’t keep lying to us Suz. We will find out”.
“I’m not lying” Suz screamed at the man. With that the man stood up from the chair and headed towards the door. “We know you are covering something up” the man spoke as he opened the door and walked out. The door locked as he closed it behind him. Suz was still helplessly cuffed to the chair.

When Patrick returned home that evening he found his teenage daughter - Mary home along. It was unusual for his wife to be out this late. He was concerned. He asked Mary if he had seen her Mother since she returned from school. She hadn’t been home all afternoon. He gave her work a call and they told him that she had left work early and didn’t know her whereabouts. Patrick was concerned. This was very much out of character of Suz. He rang the local police station but they said she would have to be missing for 48 hours before they would do anything about it. He could either go out and look for her, or stay home and look after his daughter. He decided to stay home and prepare dinner for himself and his daughter. Once she had gone to bed he would leave the house and search for his wife. He tried to act like everything was fine in order to not frighten Mary in the sudden disappearance of her Mother.
They sat at the kitchen table and ate in silence. Patrick had cooked pasta for dinner. It wasn’t as nice as Suzs meals but it was OK. Mary kept asking where her Mother was which didn’t help. Patrick lied and told her that she was working late. He could tell that Mary didn’t believe him.
After they finished their food Mary went to her room to study and Patrick cleaned up the table. Washing the dishes he looked out the window into the nights sky. The view was always breathtaking for him. For miles he could see tall skyscrapers. Lots of constriction was taking place. Old buildings where being tored down and replaced by tall gray complex.

Once in the car and driving one of the Resistance members who was a trained medic was able to take a look at Johns arm. The bullet was still in his arm so it was important to extract it out. He gave John a glass of whisky before he started to dig. John held a cloth in his mouth in order to muffle the screaming. They didn’t want to draw any attention to themselves with the Judge and Lawyers in the car. Finally the bullet was removed and the medic threw the bullet out the window. The bleeding continued but the medic wrapped Johns arm in a bandage in order to stop the bleeding. It wouldn’t be long and they would reach the Resistance headquarters. It was rare that any of the Resistance members visited - it was often too dangerous. Today was an exception. They had the Judge and Lawyers and needed to extract information from the about the company.
The car pulled up in front of a tall gray building. It looked similar to the companies camp buildings in order to blend it into the enviorment. A voice on the intercom spoke - asking for the password and Identification papers. The medic passed the driver Johns ID papers. The intercom machine scanned the identity paper. The driver also spoke the password. “There is a Pirate in every one of us.”
The gates leading into the building and the car drove in. They were safe from the company for now and had the Judge and Lawyer. It had been a successful day.
John wanted reports from the other group. The team of Resistance fighters that had been at the other tunnel exit. To his surprise he received intel that a similar tactic was used at the other exit. A green gas bomb was used causing Resistance agents to be temporary paralysed, coughing and squirming similar to the Resistance members at Johns exit tunnel. Looking over the surveillance footage captured by the helpless team he saw the police rise from the tunnel. What shocked John even more was the Judge and Lawyers also followed the police up. Unopposed they were transported off. The finally footage recording was of the company arriving. He watched as one of the people from the company stood over his resistance members. The footage ended. They must of disabled the camera. There was no point sending a team to the 2nd exit tunnel. The Judge and Lawyers would of long gone. John knew now that either the Judges and Lawyer that he had captured were fakes or real. He had no way of knowing. His only option was to take to them and see what information they would give him.

The blood trail had finished. To Mary it looked like vehicle tracks had left the area. Resistance fighters backup must of arrived here. She ordered company troops to search the area for any information. Mary would look around herself for any evidence. She got back onto her scooter and began to scout the area. Out of the corner of her eye she saw something sparkle on the ground. She pulled her scooter over the invested closer. It looked like a standard company bullet covered in blood. These were not usually used. Mary wondered how it got all the way out here. It must of been extracted from the Resistance members body when they were driving away. She thought how it was careless of whoever threw it out the window. It was good for the company though. This was a lead. She pulled a plastic bag from her pocket and bagged the evidence, also noting the location of where it was found. The sun was setting and it was growing late. It was dangerous for company employees to be out after day so she left the scene and drove to a company camp to report and process the information she had gathered.

John looked at the three prisoners behind a glass window. They were unable to see him but he had a view of all of them. They had been separated in order to make it easier to extract the correct information from them. It didn’t bother him that they knew where the Resistance Headquarters was not. If they were decoys or fakes they would be killed and bodies deposed of. If they were the real Judge and lawyers then they would extract the information from them they needed. Once the Resistance had this information they were ready to broadcast their story.
It was time for John to have a talk to the prisoners. He would start with one of the lawyers. They would be easier to extract information from - and he needed the less from them. Within minutes of entering the room and speaking to the lawyer he walked out with a smile on his face. It had been a breeze. The same happened with the other lawyer. He handed in his notes that he had taken from each. His team would check the details and get back to him. He was on a roll but the Judge would not be so easy to extract information from. John spent much longer in the room with the Judge but still emerged happy with the information that he had received. It was as it was too easy. He had a growing concern that they may of captured the decoys. He handed the final evidence that he had gathered to his team for processing. It was growing late and he decided to retire to the sleeping quarters. His team would work later tonight processing the information. John would decide in the morning the fate of the prisoners.

When Mary got to the company camp she went straight to the laps and handed in the bullet for processing. She was eager to hear reports from the other tunnel exit. It was highly likely the Resistance managed to get away with capturing both the decoy and real Judge and Lawyers. To Mary's shock she found out that the other team had not returned either. Both the decoy and real Judge and Lawyers had disappeared. This was not good for the Company. Had the Resistance managed to capture both the decoys and real ones? Mary was impressed if they did but disappointed by the actions that would put the company into a compromising position.

Harris was discussed as a police officer. For fifteen years he had no communication with the Resistance. He had gone deep undercover. At some point he forgot he was really working for the Resistance. He loved his job. He loved the company. But he knew that he was really working for the Resistance. That he would be key to exposing the corruption. He had managed to keep his identity hidden. The resistance thought that he had been taken away and his cover blown. This was wrong.

John woke with the screech of police sirens. He sat up suddenly. It took him a moment to realise where he we. The Resistance headquarters. Outside police lights were blazing. He knew something was wrong. He got out of bed and put on his jeans and jacket. He grabbed his car keys and exited the room. If they had came to arrest him he would try to escape. In the main hallway John walked past lines of dead bodies. They were all his Resistance fighters. What had happened here? Looking into the room where the prisoners had been kept brought a frown to his face. The Judge and both Lawyers were dead. Who had done this? The company wouldn't want to kill their own people. This must of been someone else. John couldn't think about who would do this. He heard voices at the main door. Police were yelling, asking to open the door. John had no escape. That was the only exit and his resistance fighters had all been killed. John decided to just open the door and let them in. Cooperating was his only chance of success. He pressed the button that opened the door. He got on the floor and placed his hands over his head. No weapons were nearby so prayed that these police would not just shoot him. Once there was enough room the police burst into the room. Aiming their weapons at John but did not shoot. They cuffed him and read him his rights. Dragging him out of the building he was placed in a police car and taken to the local station for processing. As he was being taken away in the police car John looked out the back window and saw flames and smoke erupting from the Resistances building. Tears flowed down his face. He had came so close to exposing the company but now it was up in flames. The Judge and Lawyer were dead. His only hope was that they were the decoys and that the real ones could still be found. That was looking grim though. All his Resistance fighters had been wiped out, and now the building was on fire. Resistance fighters in hiding would be scared to come out.

John sat in a jail cell alone. He had a view of a television set that was above the police front desk. He was in holding still waiting for be processed. The news was set to channel four. A reporter in his early 20s was outside the courthouse. He was talking about the days events - the laws that was passed, how aggressive the protesters were, how the Judge and Lawyers escaped successfully. There was no mention of the decoys or the fire fight that both the decoys and real Judge and Lawyers were involved with. John guessed that the company got the media to cover this up. He was annoyed that there was no such thing as a free media anymore. They were all under control from the company. The media cut away from reporting the courthouse story and switched to a video of the burning building. John recognised it as the Resistances building. The reporter voice over was saying that the building that was on fire was a company camp that had been attacked by Resistance fighters and burnt. It ended with reports that nobody was found alive in the building and that if anyone had information on the attack and arson to report to their local police station. The channel cut for a short ad break before switching to sports news followed by the weather. Rain.

Mary arrived at the burning building as the firefighters were putting out the blaze. She wanted to hear from the police officer who was in charge of the operation. There was some confusion over what happened and if it was a Resistance mission then it was Mary's duty to investigate what happened. Mary watched as the firefighters dragged the charcoal bodies from the building. Looking closely at the bodies she could tell that it wasn’t the fire that had killed them. Someone had murdered these people. Mary noticed that the next three bodies dragged from the building were not wearing the same uniform as the others. Taking a closer look she noticed that they were wearing Judge robes and the other two a suit. Mary wondered if these bodies belonged to the Judge and Lawyers or they were the decoys used. She had no way of knowing there and the bodies would need to be taken back to a company camp and analysed. If they came back as decoys then the real ones might still be out there. If they were the real ones then she would have to investigate what information the Resistance gained from them before they were killed. If the real ones were killed then it would delay company plans to go ahead with the laws. That Judge was meant to make a decision within 24 hours. Years of work would of been lost. Mary didn’t want to think about it. She just hoped that these bodies were the decoys and the real Judge and Lawyers were still out there - and they haven't been compromised by the Resistance.
Mary asked if anyone was found alive and a police officer told her that they found one male who was arrested and taken to a local police station. This was progress. Mary would ahead to the station soon and question this man that the police had arrested. Was he the one that had committed these murders and caused the arson?
There was little more for Mary to complete at the scene so she got on her scooter and headed towards the police station where the man was being held.

Patrick stepped out onto the street. His daughter Mary was asleep. He had just said goodnight but she had already fallen asleep. Patrick had to be careful out alone. There had been reports on the news of people going missing. He wondered if Suz was one of them. Patrick carried with him a flashlight. Many of the cities street lights had stopped working and no body had bothered to fix them. There was much focus on building these new gray tall buildings. Patrick thought they were a waste. They ruined the cities skyline and they were not needed. He had no say over them though. All he could do was go to his job and provide for his family. He remembered why he was out here. Suz. The streets were basically empty. There was a stray dog here and there. They did their best to avoid Patrick - likely worried that they would be hurt or captured. Patrick ignored them. A group of youths walked down the road in front of him. They were not much older than his Daughter. He showed them a photo of his wife. They took a quick look at the photo and rudely remarked
“Haven't seen her but I’d bang her if I did”. Patrick frowned and put the photo away. The group was drunk and no use. He carried on down the road. Patrick spent the whole night out, walking the streets asking anyone that he came access if they had seen his wife. He had no luck. It was getting close to sunrise. Mary would be waking soon and he wanted to be home when she woke. Patrick started to walk toward home.

Harris reached the transport with the other police officers and the Judge and Lawyers. It was planned to take the Judge to company camp in order to keep them safe. Harris had other plans. He didn’t want the company or the resistance to get their hands on the lawyer. He was quite sure that this Judge and Lawyers were not fake. He had to get rid of the police officers and make it look like it like it wasn’t him. He had organised for one of his old contacts to attack the vehicle. Harris would injury the attacker - leaving the Judge and Lawyer in Harris dept. It was important that the attacker took out the police officers before being killed himself. Harris had arranged a suitable pay package for the plan that would mean the attackers family would always be safe. The attacker had struggled to keep his family safe so he was happy to agree. Harris knew when it was going to happen. He braced himself for impact and undid the belts of the police officers. The Judge and Lawyers didn’t notice. Seconds later a car smashed into their transport. The police officers cars went flying out of the car. Killing them all. The attacker got out of their car and started firing - missing every time. He was ordered to miss. Harris grabbed his weapon and fired his weapon. Twice both shots hit and the attacker dropped to the ground dead. The Judge and Lawyers were tempting. They were safe though. Everything had gone to plan for Harris. The police had been deposed of and the Judge and Lawyers fully trusted him. Both of the cars wouldn’t start. They would have to walk. Harris helped the Judge and Lawyers out of the car. He had a hideout nearby that he would take them to. All four of them had not been badly injured in the attack. A few cuts and bruises. Harris had arranged another team to come in and take away the mess once he had gotten away from the scene. He would take them to safely then he had other plans.
Harris stood outside the Resistance headquarters. It was late so it was likely not many would be up. He had left the Judge and Lawyer behind for this. He couldn’t have them here to mess up his plans. He had discovered a secret entrance into the Resistance headquarters that even John Smith didn’t know about. It was created long before the Resistance had taken over the building. Harris made his way though the hidden tunnel. It lead to a hidden hatch in the sleeping quarters. His plan was to kill everyone except for John Smith. He needed John to stay alive. Quietly he crept around the sleeping quarters, slitting the throats of those sleeping. He got to the final room. He was about to slit the mans throat but noticed that it was John Smith. He stopped and moved back. John was too important in his plans to kill. He might come in some use. He moved out of the sleeping quarters. He switched from his knife to a weapon - changing the settings to silent. He didn’t want to wake John. Several resistance fighters were sitting over computer. Harris raised his gun and fired before they could react. Through the glass windows he could see the Judge and Lawyers. He wasn’t sure if these were the decoys or not so decided to switch his weapon to stun and remove take them with him. He switched their clothes with three of the Resistance fighters. When the bodies were found they would just think that the Judge and Lawyers were killed. He needed to do more though. Fiddling with the electricity system he set the place to explode. It was on a timer. Harris would detonate the building once John was removed from the building. He placed the three unconscious bodies of the Judge and Lawyers on a cart and wheeled it towards the sleeping quarters and out the secret tunnel exit. Once he had gotten to a safe distance he gave the police a ring with an anon tip of the location and that there had been an attack. Within minutes he could hear sirens. Harris was at a safe distance and was able to observe the events taking place. He watched as the police banged on the door and access was granted to them. Within minutes of entering the building several of the officers exiting the building with John Smith in cuffs. Harris waiting several more moments before hitting the switch which caused the explosions to explode. A few blocks in front of him he observed the police car whizzing past him - taking John to the police station.
Now that Harris had the other two people that could be the Judge and Lawyers and the building had been destroyed, with John arrested he could return to the other Judge and Lawyers.
Once Harris returned to his base he placed the unconscious bodies of the Judge and Lawyers in separate rooms. He had six rooms, each two with a judge and judge, and four with lawyer 1, lawyer 2 and lawyer 1, lawyer 2. Three of these people were decoys. It was up to Harris now to sort out who was who.

Patrick sat at the kitchen table. He hadn’t slept. Walking the streets all night in search of his wife. He heard the shower turn off and several minutes later Mary walked into the kitchen. She already had her school uniform on. Patrick had placed several types of cereal on the table along with fresh milk. An two empty bowls sat on the table. Patrick had already eaten, but he had left the dishes to make it seem like Suz had breakfast.
“Where’s Mother?”, Mary asked her Father.
“She had to leave for work early”, Patrick continued to lie to Mary. “She had breakfast and left her dishes”, he explained to Mary. Patrick pointed to the dishes by the sink. Mary nodded. Patrick was finding it hard to cover how tired he was. Mary picked up on this quickly.
“Why are you so tired? Did you not sleep?”, she asked.
Patrick replied by telling the truth somewhat.
“I couldn’t get to sleep so I went for a walk. Ended up being later than expected”. Mary nodded again but Patrick was sure that she knew he wasn’t telling her everything. Mary stood up from the chair and said goodbye to her Father. Patrick jumped up and opened the front door for her.
“Let me drive you” he said. She agreed and they both left the house. Patrick closed the door behind him and the locked the door. His and Mary's cereal sat on the table. Half finished.

John sat in the cell for what seemed like hours. He just steered at the television. The same news reports were repeated over and over again. Police officer were bringing other prisoners in and processing them. But they were just leaving John alone. He had considered yelling out but he thought it might not be best to draw attention to himself. Just after a repeat of the news report of the courthouse finished a woman walked in that he recognised from the courthouse. It was Mary Lynch. She had with her the public relation woman who had given the speech. Pepper he recalled her name was. They both wore the same uniform. Standard issue company outfit, with skirts. John started to panic as they walked towards him.
‘Mr John Smith’, Mary spoke. John stood up. He was speechless. She knew who he was. He was doomed. The company knew who he was. “You are John Smith, leader the Resistance?” Mary asked. She knew that he was the leader. There was no point lying to her. It would only make matter works. John still couldn’t speak. He gave a nod.
“Very good”, Mary said. A smile formed on her face. “The Company needs your help. We would like to offer you a partnership”..
John was shocked. The Company coming to him for help after all these years of fighting. Mary held out a folder to John. He snatched it from her hands and opened it up. The images and information that he was looking at was unbelievable.
“It seems an old friend of yours has returned”, Mary continued. John flicked though the folder. He knew the man in the photo. He was much older than when John last saw him but it was him. “Harris”. John passed out from shock.
John awoke in a white room. He had been sleeping on a hospital bed. Everything around him was white except for a few metal objects. He knew that this was a company camp. Even though no one from the resistance had every escaped they had managed to send photos of the company camps. He had seen photos of this exact room. He was no longer handcuffed. They had been removed. He examined his wrists. A mark was still present where the cuffs had dug into his arm. John noticed that Mary was sitting next to him. She was holding a clipboard.
“Ahh Mr Smith. You are finally awake” she spoke.
“Hello Mary” John finally spoke. He had send nothing to her at the police cells. Mary was happy that he was finally talking. They could now discuss the issues at hand. The Company was prepared to offer John and all members of the Resistance immunity of all previous crimes committed. Mary gave John a contract to sign. If he didn’t agree to help the company he would be tortured and killed. He was given no choice and ended up agreeing to the contract. Mary gave him a black ink pen which he used to sign. She thanked him and walk out the room with the document. A smile grew on Mary's face as she closed the door behind herself. It had been too easy to get John to sign the document. She thought he might ask to get a lawyer to look over the document before he signed it. But no. He signed it on the spot. It was a great success for herself and for the company. She would be given a large pay rise for the work she had done to bring in John Smith. No longer would the Company criticise her for the mistakes she made in the past. For being captured on camera during the attack on the govt. She remembered back to that horrible night. How everything had been going so well for her then a single mistake had caused her to be broadcast on television and the Companies future at risk. They hired the top public relations team in order to calm the situation. Pepper was part of that team. Pepper had stayed on after the attack on govt issues were over. She had became loyal to the Company and Mary enjoyed working with her. They made a good team. Pepper was good with the people. Mary was good at the action and behind the scenes. Mary wondered what she ever would do if Pepper left the Company. Not many people left the Company once they started working for it. They were usually too scared. That the Company would come after them and their families and harm them. Sometimes the Company did. Especially if the Company believed that information was being leaked from them. Sometimes the Company got it wrong but they never apologised or tried to correct their mistakes. They were too powerful and large to fail. There were times when Mary had considered leaving the agency. Taking Pepper with her. They would never be able to return if they did. The Company would hunt them down. In the end Mary decided against it. It would be too much of an issue and their lives would be in too much danger. She was better to live out her live working for the Company. Working her way up the ladder.

The Company had their best doctors work on Johns arm. Within days it was as good as new. John had read through all the reports on Harris. It was still somewhat unbelievable for him that he had been around these 15 years and not made contact with him. The Company had even lost control of him. Now they had came to him to track him down and put a stop to his plans. Looking at the evidence showed that Harris had been in the courthouse when the laws were being passed. He had gone with one of the groups - the Judge and Lawyer that wasn’t intercepted by John. He had helped the Company kill the Resistance fighters waiting for them and then killed the police officers with the hand of someone. He wouldn’t of been able to kill all these police officers by himself. He needed a hand with it. John made a note that they needed to find out who helped him kill the police officers. John continued to look through the evidence file. It showed surveillance photos taken by The Company of the Resistance Headquarters. It showed Harris killing Johns fellow Resistance members. John was shocked. What had happened to this man. He was killing people that he had previously worked with. The photos showed Harris setting the explosives and once John was out of the building the explosions happened. It was as Harris had wanted John to survive. The two had been through so much together in their lives. University, Resistance fighters - and growing into powerful leaders.

After several months Patrick had given up hope of finding his wife. The police had opened up an investigation several days after she went missing. Mary suffered at school with the lose of her Mother. She was a bright student but her grade were falling and she was getting into trouble. Everything Patrick did didn’t help. He tried but it didn’t work. In the end the two ended up moving cities. Everything about the city reminded Patrick about his wife. A fresh start. along with a fresh start he got a new haircut. His hair was long and blonde. But with the new haircut it was short and brown. Mary had started at a new school. Like Patrick it was a fresh start for her. She had made new friends at her school and her grades were improving. She was no longer getting into trouble like she was at her old school. Patrick was happy with his decision to move.

Mary began to brief John on the plan. The Company had received information that Harris had been working for the Resistance. They had considering revealing to him that they knew but they didn’t. Keeping everything as normal meant they were able to track the information that he was going to be give the Resistance.

Suz was thirsty. She hadn’t seen the man again that first came into the room. The security camera in the corner was still recording. She was worried that they had forgotten about her. Her clothes were soiled and she was embarrassed. Why had she followed her husband? She wished she just had stayed home and not followed him. She regretted so much. She would yell for hours but no one would come. She had tried to escape - hooping around the room on the chair.

Harris interviewed each of the Judges and Lawyers in order to try to find out if they were the real ones or decoy. Every one of them told him that they was the correct one. They even gave evidence that showed that they were. This frustrated Harris. He had got all the Judge and Lawyers and now he didn’t know who was who. Harris ended up having to resort to more desperate measures to find out if the judge/lawyers were real or decoys. He tortured them. He started small. Electric shocks and beating them. The torture grew. He started to cut body parts off. Fingers. Toes. All six men were to be mutated for life. There was nothing the Company could do to repair these scares. Harris made sure that he didn’t kill the men. If he was to kill the Judge and Lawyers then his plan would fail. Finally one of them admitted it. They they were really police officers decided as the judge and lawyers. With that he was able to kill the decoys and keep the real ones alive. They were in a bad shape but over time they would heal and improve.
Pepper was hired by the Company to sort out the issues that arise when Mary Lynch was broadcast by the media channels as being involved with the attack on the govt. The Company had been careful to blame the attack on the Resistance but Mary was a clear link between the attack and the Company. Pepper needed to come up with a plan and quickly or the Companies future would be in danger. Pepper devised a plan that would involve labelling Mary Lynch as a Resistance agent that had gone undercover at the Company. Of course this wasn’t true, Mary had never worked for the Resistance. What was key was getting people to believe that she was. The Company hired someone that looked very much like Mary to escape, to cause trouble, and to get in the media. It would show that Mary had gone off the rails - crazy. The Company then hunted down this lookalike and killed her. To the people this looked like the end of Mary Lynch. But the truth was Mary was safe at a Company camp. She would have facial surgery to give her a new appearance. Mary agreed to everything. She really had no choice. It was her mistake for being careless and captured on television.

On the day of the attack on the govt Parliament had arranged a special meeting at the ground of Parliament. The Company were behind organising. They wanted all govt officials to be there. The Company had lost control of the govt and needed to disarm it quickly in order to gain full power. Mary Lynch had broken into the building the night before, laying poison gas into the pipes. When the air condition was turned on in the morning, anyone that entered the building within 24 hours would be poisoned. It wouldn’t kill them straight away. The short term effect was harmless but within a few hours they would be dead. It still gave them time to pass some emergency laws that gave the company power to change laws as a fall back from Parliament. Most of the politions had been bribed into it. They had been offered large checks from the Company, promises that their family would be safe. Footage leaked to the media of Mary caring the gas into the building and setting it up into the air condition. She was known to be working for the Company so the only thing that the Company could do was blame that Mary worked from the Resistance and that the Company had broken all ties with her and were involved with hunting her down. This was all a cover up.

Mary was quite surprised to find that investigators had found DNA that they connected to her amongst the bodies retrieved from the bodies in the fire. Further investigation revealed that the DNA wasn’t from Mary but in fact her Mother - Suz. They had never found Marys Mothers after she went missing one night when Mary was a teenager. The body that was retrieved was found in a hidden room in the Resistance building. It was very decomposed and they had to look at dental records in order to make sure that the body was in fact Suz. It came back as positive. Mary's Father - Patrick had died several years ago. He had links to the Resistance movement and the Company ended up killing him. Mary wanted to know if Patrick had anything to do with her Mothers death. She wished that he was still alive today so that he could ask. Had the Resistance building always belonged to the Resistance. She looked through the buildings recorded and found nothing linking the building to any other groups except for the Resistance. Had the Resistance been the ones that had killed her Mother? She wondered if John had anything to do with her Mothers death. Mary doubted it. John Smith was too young to be involved with the Resistance around the time that Suz died. Mary wanted to talk to John about it anyway. He may have heard something about it. Harris had turned into a horrible man. Had he always been this bad? Mary wanted to check with the university details and see what Harris was up to around the time that Suz went missing. If her gut feeling was true - it was Harris that killed her Mother. Mary had no idea behind the motive. She decided to leave the office and head towards the University where John and Harris both attended. There she might be able to make some inquires behind her Mothers death. She left the Company Camp and got on her scooter and headed toward the university. The grounds of the University were massive but run down. It was not well maintained. The University had found it difficult to operate over the years, even closing it’s doors for a number of years. It was open now. It had enough students to justify being open. But still every year the Company pressured it on shutting down. The worse thing that the Company wanted was strong indepent thinking. That was something that the University produced. After the attack on the govt the Company stopped all public funding to the University. The University had found other means to make money instead of relaying on the govt money. The University would not be happy to see Mary today. She wasn’t there today on a inspection though. She was there to investigate any connection between Harris and her Mothers death.
Mary walked up the stone steps leading to the front entrance of the university. Leaves covered the steps. She had parked her scooter at the nearby motorcycle parking lot. Many of the students rode scooters to work so it took her sometime to find a space. There was more scooters in the parking lot than there were cars. The only ones that seemed to drive cars were the professors. Even then many of the professors also drove scooters or took public transport to work. Cars were just too expensive to own.
Mary opened the front door to the University and walked in. The door creaked as it opened. It had been sometime since it had been oiled. She walked up to the desk. The woman behind the desk was not happy to see someone at the university with the Companies uniform on. Mary was greeted with a frown.
“Hello. How I am help?”, the woman burst out. She realised Mary had the power to shutdown the University and send all the professors to a company camp. She forced away the frown.
“Hello. My name is Mary Lynch”, Mary began. The woman behind the counter twitched. She knew Mary was high in the ranks at the Company and that this visit might not be pleasant. Mary ignored the twitch and carried on. “I’m hear on Company business to investigate on of your ex-students. A Mr Harris” Mary asked. The woman began to type onto the computer and stopped.
“I’m going to need to see some identification. The University doesn’t hand out student information to just anyone”, the woman said quite nervous. Mary knew this was policy and handed the woman her identity papers. The woman looked over them and handed them back.
“Everything seems to be in order. What information are you interested in on Harris?” the woman spoke.
“I’d like access to all the information you have on him. From the classes he took, to absent days, to any trouble he got in” Mary asked. The woman nodded and started to type again. The printer started to print the documents off.
“It’s going to be some time printing. Could we get you a drink well you wait?”, the woman asked - forcing a smile onto her face.
“A coffee would be great”, Mary replied. The woman yelled behind her shoulder for a black coffee. Within minutes a man appeared carrying a coffee. He handed it to Mary and hurried back.
“Thank you!”, Mary yelled as he hurried away. Mary took a seat and drank her coffee. It was going to be sometime before the documents were printed.

Johns arm had now fully recovered. He was allowed to roam the Company Camp by himself. He walked down the plain hallways looking for Mary. He hadn’t seen her for sometime and wanted to ask what the next action was to find Harris. Everyone that he passed in the hallway ignored him. He sometimes nodded at them and tried to say hello. But they were like mindless zombies. Just walking from room to room doing the Companies bidding. John was worried that he would turn into something like that. Would he become a slave to the Company. He had only agreed to help them because he wanted revenge on Harris for betraying him. He could never fully trust the Company though. They were large and evil. They had tried to kill him many times in the past and they would of killed him already but they needed his help with Harris. He wasn’t even sure what he was going to do to help. John walked for what seemed to be hours. This Company Camp was massive. Hallways and rooms connected thorough out the building. Many of the doors were locked but John could see inside them through the glass windows. Most of the rooms looked like science labs. Flasks and chemicals covered the desks. There were cages that held something. John couldn’t see what was in it. He tried to focus and look closer. His face was against the window. There was a tap on his shoulder. He was Mary.
“You shouldn’t be in this area”, she spoke. Mary lead John back to his quarters and into the office they had setup for him. On the way John had many questions about the room he had seen. He knew the company was involved in many areas but he didn’t know they were so heavily involved in science. Mary dismissed his questions saying that it minor and there was nothing to worry about. John thought otherwise and wanted to know more about the room and what the Company were up to. Whenever he would ask Mary about the room she would change the subject and get him to focus on Harris. It was always about Harris. That’s all that the Company seemed to be interested in. Mary showed John the information that she had collected about Harris going back to his childhood and their time through University. John wasn’t quite sure why she was looking so far back into Harris past. The Company knew lots about him already - he worked for them for a long time. John finally convinced Mary to tell him the truth. The evidence that she had gathered that showed that Harris may of been involved with Mary's Mothers death. It was strong evidence. On the day that Suz Lynch went missing Harris had missed his classes at the University. John remembers the day. Harris had told him and his professors that he was sick. He even presented a doctors cert to show that he was in fact sick.

Harris climbed the Company Camp building. It was dangerous. If he was caught by the Company his plan would be over. It had taken him sometime but he had managed to find the area that John had been held. He watched as he talked to Mary. Harris had worked with Mary in the past. She was a good person but too loyal to the Company. Harris had to wait until John was alone. If Mary or anyone from the Company were there they would likely shoot him before he had time to explain what was happening with John. Just as he thought about giving up and returning later she finally left John. Harris held up a sign that read:
‘Open the window, don’t yell, You are in danger’. Harris tapped twice on the window. This caused John to look up and notice. John opened the window and let Harris in. They had been best friends so John let Harris explain the issues and why Harris had let the events happen as they did. John agreed to lead Harris to the room where he was earlier. Harris had gained information from the Judge and Lawyers about that very room. As John and Harris walked the corridors side by side many of the Companies employees walked past ignoring the two of them. The only one they seemed to be careful to avoid was Mary. The two finally reached the room. The Judge had given Harris the information of how to get into the room and what was inside the room. It was still a mystery to John. The information that the Judge had given Harris was a success and he was able to unlock the door. Together Harris and John walked into the room.
Mary returned from her officer to find Johns room empty. Mary checked with Pepper but she had not seen John. They both went and checked Mary’s office and the toilets. He was gone. Back in Johns office they noticed that Johns office window was open. For a moment they were worried that he might have jumped out the window. The two woman rushed out the building but there was no sign of him. He must of been in another area of the building. Mary remembered back to Johns interest in the room and decided that would be the best place to check. She took Pepper along with her for backup. Once they reached the room they both knew something was terrible wrong. The lock on the door was unlocked. Mary knew there was no way that John would be able to get into that room. He must of had outside help. Harris was the only one that had came into contact with the Judge and Lawyers that would of told Harris about the room. Mary was annoyed. The Judge and Lawyers were trained to not give away the information. Mary hated to think about what Harris would of done to get the information. He would of kept them alive but they would be on the verge of death. The Company had lost John but at least they knew that Harris and John were working together. It was still a big lose for the Company. Mary and Pepper opened up the door to the room. Inside was trashed. Paper was scatted everywhere. Cages that held the specimen were split on the floor. Harris and John must of taken the specimens out of the building. The Judge and Lawyers would of told Harris the plan for them. Now that the Resistance had them they could use them against the Company. It was the worse outcome. Classified documents had been taken. Mary was sure that the Resistance would be planning on releasing the documents. They would be unable to do it through the media. The Company would find out and take down notices would be issued before any media spoke.

John and Harris walked out of the Company Camp without being stopped. It was very weird for John. He had never seen anyone be able to escape from a Company Camp. Every Resistance member or Govt official that had been taken into a Company Camp had never returned. And there they were - John and Harris walking out of the Company Camp unopposed. They had with them the specimens from the cages along with classified documents. The Company by now would of realised what had happened and would be hunting for them. Mary would be leading the pack. They had no transport and it was too dangerous to take public transport. After several hours of walking they reached Harris Headquarters. The building looking much the same as the Company Camp they were just in, except that it was much smaller. It had once belonged to the Company but it had been abandoned, John noticed the two dead bodies of the decoy Judge and Lawyers that Harris had killed. They were beginning to smell. John recommended to Harris that they should bury the bodies. Harris said there was too much important issues to deal with for now. As a compromise they dumped the bodies into a chest freezer where they would freeze and the smell wouldn’t be so bad. The Judge and Lawyers looked like they were in bad shape. Harris had connected them to life support after they gave the truth to him about the Company and details of what was being passed in the courthouse just days ago. Harris was hoping that they would make a recovery. He promised John that he wasn’t a murderer but only doing what was right for the Resistance. John believed him but he thought that Harris was too extreme in his tactics. Harris said there was no other way to get the information and they wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the tough choices that he made.

Mary looked over the skeleton. It brought tears to her eyes the thought of her Mother being locked in that room. Cuffed and no where to go. They told Mary that she would of died several days after being locked up there due to no liquids. The thought was unbearable for Mary. He Mother was such a lovely and kind person, It puzzled her why someone would do something like this to her. She was a plain person - an accountant that was good at her job, a good Mother and Husband. Investigates had found that Mary had been following her Husband Patrick at the time she went missing. Patrick was questioned about it but they came to no connection between Patrick having anything to do with his Wives disappearance. Patrick was quite surprised to hear that Mary had been following him. He would go to a bar after work most days and then walk home from the bar. Somewhere between the bar and their home Mary had disappeared. Patrick remembered the night quite clearly and didn’t think anything was strange about it until he got home and found Mary was not there.

Mary decided it was best to contact her Father - Patrick. He had since remarried twice since Suz went missing. After a year of her being missing she was issued with a death cert and Patrick became a willow. There was no evidence that she had left the country and hadn’t been spotted in the country. The govt had no reason to believe that it was a scam.

The Prime Minister walked up the the steps of Parliament. Security guards to both sides of him. One of them moved forward and opened the front door to Parliament for him. He walked in. He had just dropped his son - Harris off to kindergarten. It was one of the only times of the day when he got to spend time with him. His wife would insist to let the nanny take Harris but he liked to do it himself. Just because of his role for the country didn’t mean he was going to negated his only child. He was thinking about the smile and hug that Harris had given him before he went running off to play with the other students. The teacher had approached him - wanted to talk to him about something. He brushed her aside. Telling her to bring it up with his wife. The teacher smiled and waved him goodbye. The air inside Parliament tasted strange. The Prime mister sent one of his guards to check out the air condition system. He returned shortly and reported that everything was fine. The Prime minister thanked him and walked into the main chamber. Over time he would adjust to the strange taste in the air. They had several important bills to pass today including one from the Company that gave transfer of powers. Many people in Parliament thought that it was a pointless bill but the Company had insisted. At the end of the day the Govt did what the Company wanted. Some in the past were against the Company having so much power but they had be removed from Parliament. They ended up either resigning or just disappearing. The Govt opened up enquires into the disappearance but nothing came from it.
The Transfer of Power bill was passed quickly before morning tea. There were lesser bills to pass. During morning tea was when the first signs of sickness was displayed in Parliament. A Janitor - one of the first to be in the building and the one to switch on the air condition collapsed in the hallway when he was sweeping. He was coughing and having trouble breathing. An ambulance was called and the building evacuated. He died before the ambulance reached him. Others displayed similar simplions - collapsing onto the ground and having issues breathing. Within minutes hundreds were infected. No one was allowed to enter the Parliament grounds and no one was allowed out in fear that they might effect others outside of the area. The Prime minister
wanted to go visit his son. He was coughing heavily. Company medic team had arrived - all wearing protective suit. He was detained. Outraged he tried to leave again. He finally dropped to the ground dead. Test were taken and the results released that it was not contagious and only those that had been inside the main Parliament building were affected.
Harris was too young to really understand what had happened to his Father. His Mother had died giving birth to Harris so he had to go with his Aunt Jenna - his Fathers sister. He liked to live with her - she had a son and daughter a few years older than Harris but still Harris missed his Father. A special funeral was held two days after the Prime minister died. It was well attended. Harris was there along with his Aunt and Cousins. Many people travelled from overseas to the funeral. People that the Prime minister had worked with and friends. Everyone was very shocked by the death and the attack on Parliament. The Company vouched to find those responsible. Prime minister duties were transferred to the Company board of directors which over saw new laws rushed in in order to prevent attacks like what happened to ever happen again. The Company released a public statement with Pepper their newly appointment Public Relations spoke person. When the news broke that someone inside of the Company was involved with the attack confidence of the Company dropped. People were outraged. The Company quickly cleaned up matters - blaming that those at the Company that were involved with the attack were really Resistance fighters that were undercover at the Company. The Company managed to hunt down and kill those that were involved. This brought little peace to those that had lost loved ones in the attack. They were still gone. Harris was still without a Father.
It wasn’t easy for Mary to find information on Harris childhood. Key details such as his parents identities had been erased from official records. Mary wanted to check who was involved with the erasing and if she could get the details. The details showed that Harris was brought up by his Aunt. The address in the details showed she lived several hours away. The best option for Mary to get to her was the train. She would be allowed to take her scooter on board the train. It was too dangerous for her to ride the scooter all the way to the location where Harrises Aunt lived. There was a high change that she no longer lived there. She looked up her details. She was still alive and the address matched her data. Maybe there was a chance.
Mary rode her scooter down to the train station and brought a train ticket to the area that Harris Aunt lived. She had to pay extra in order to bring her scooter on. The train trip was going to be several hours but she had hired a private cabin on the train so she was able to sleep. Pepper had offered to come with Mary but she insisted on her staying behind and help the Company track down John and Harris.

Pepper usually only worked on press releases. Mary had left her to work on finding Harris and John well Mary went and visited the woman who raised Harris. Pepper had a team of police and company people that she went door to door knocking on doors and showing photographs of Harris and John asking people if they had seen him. People were quite frightened to open their doors but when it was announced that they were from the Company the people opened them - fear that the Company would suspect of them helping John and Harris. They spent hours talking to people with no luck. Finally one old lady told them that she had two men that fitted the description of John and Harris walking down the road when she was watering the flowers in her front garden. She told them they were carrying several cardboard boxes and were moving quickly. Pepper knew that those boxes that they were carrying must of contained the specimen and documents that belonged to the Company. Mary would be happy to hear that Pepper had made progress on locating John and Harris. Pepper checked the time. Mary would of made it off the train by now and would be on her scooter to Harris Aunt house. She could try contacting her now but Pepper didn’t want to interrupt or slow down Mary from talking to Harris Aunt. Mary would ring Pepper once she was finished with Harris Aunt. Pepper was looking forward to telling Mary about the old woman and the fact that she spotted Harris and John. The Company was able to focus the search to this area.

John stood over the Judge. The Judge had been sleeping but Johns presences had woken him up. Harris had caused some serious damage to the Judge and John had pleaded to take the Judge to the hospital. Harris had refused but given John medical supplies to heal the Judge with. The Judges finger had been almost removed and John began to sew it up. There was a chance that he could loose the finger and it would never operate the same. But John wasn’t going to sit around and do nothing. There were other areas of his body that needed stickers along with bandages. John wasn’t trained as a doctor but he had medical experience. All Resistance fighters were given first aid and medic training. This was especially important for when they were in the field. It could mean the difference between a Resistant fighter surviving or dying. The Judge was weak and didn’t speak. He tried to say a few words but John told him that it was important that he rest instead. It seemed the Judge wanted to tell John something though. After John was finished mending the Judges wounds he gave the Judge some painkillers. The pills caused the Judge to drift back off to sleep. John walked out the room. He needed a break before he attended to the injuries of the lawyers. He walked into the kitchen and put the jug on to make himself a cup of tea. He opened the container that contained the tea bags and put one in the cup. He noticed the cup was quite dirty so before he dropped the tea bag inside he left it on the bench and moved towards the sink with the cup where he gave it a wash with warm water and soap. John remembered that Harris had always been terrible at washing dishes. Harris was in his office and John gave a yell - asking him if he wanted a drink also. Harris yelled back that he was busy. John helped himself from a cookie from the cookie jar and took a seat on the table and drank the tea. He looked through the documents that he and Harris had taken from the room at the Company Camp. Harris was in his office doing the same thing. Once the Judge was healed they would ask him more questions about the specimen and documents. John was quite surprised by the documents that the Company had in the room. He knew now why the Company wanted to keep him alive. Why he was so important to their plans. Even now he knew they wanted to keep him alive and he knew he was safe. Harris on the other hand. They had no need to keep him alive and John suddenly became scared that they would kill him. After all these horrible things that Harris that had done John still cared for him.

Mary arrived at the house that belonged to Harris Aunt. This was where he had grown up. It was an old house. Built before the Company came into power. Someone lived there though. The lawns and gardens were well maintained. Mary walked up the steps towards the front door. The steps were a similar style to the University that she had visited just days ago. There was no doorbell but she knocked twice at the door. She could hear voices inside. An elderly woman peaked through the door. She asked Mary who she was and Mary told her the truth - her name was Mary Lynch and she worked for the Company and she was here to ask about Harris. Mary asked if the woman was Harrises Aunt. The old woman nodded. It was a great success for Mary. She was worried that she came out all this way for nothing. The old woman opened the door for Mary and invited her in. She showed her into the dining room. The old woman asked if Mary would like a drink. Mary accepted and a drink well talking about Harris would help. The old woman went into the kitchen and started to make the drink - leaving Mary in the lounge. Mary walked around the lounge. The furniture was old but it was clean and well maintained. Photos covered the wall. They were mostly of people but several landscape photos were also present. The old woman returned into the room several minutes later She carried with her a drink for both herself and Mary. Strangely Mary noticed that she was shacking. Mary suspected that something was wrong. Her first thought that there were others in the house. The old woman handed Mary the drink. Having her suspicion she decided not to drink it. The old woman asked her what she wanted to know about Harris. Mary took out her notepad and started to take notes. She wanted to know as much information as possible on Harris and his background. The old woman went on about how he was an ordinary child and she took after him after his parents died in a car crash. Mary knew straight away the old woman was lying. There was no way that Harris parents died in a car crash. The answers had been reprised. Mary asked if she could use the toilet. The woman nodded and showed Mary where it was then went back to the lounge to wait for Mary to return. Mary peaked out from the toilet and saw that the Old woman was sitting along in the lounge, drinking her drink. Now was Mary's chance to explore the house. She crept up the stairs being careful not to disturb the Old Woman. After reaching the top the first door she opened was the old woman's bedroom. Nothing strange about it. The next door was jammed but she managed to open it. Mary gasped as she saw a trail of blood. Three bodies were piled up. The room was large and split into smaller areas. It had been used a lab. Three bodies sat in the corner belonging to the Judge and Lawyer. Mary was shocked. Harris must of brought the Judge and Lawyers back here. The room was empty. Harris and John must of escaped when Mary was talking the Old Woman. Mary rushed down the stairs and found the old woman had disappeared also. It was so close and Harris and John had gotten away again. Mary went back up to the room where the bodies of the Judge and Lawyers where. She checked them. They had been dead for several days. She checked some of the rooms - to her surprise she found the Judge and Lawyers in hospital beds. Harris and John had escaped without them. This was excellent news for the Company. The Judge and Lawyers looked like they were in bad shape a medic had attended to them - their torture wounds had been mended to. Mary assumed that this might be Johns doing. Harris would of tortured them to get information about the Company Camp room and then when he returned here with John it would of been John that insisted on performing medic on the Judge and Lawyers. Mary knew that John was a good man.
Mary checked with the Judge. He confirmed with her that he was the real Judge and not the decoy. He was able to give all the information to Mary that John and Harris had extracted from the Judge and the Lawyers. This was good for the Company. They knew now how much information John and Harris had. Mary decided it was time to contact Pepper and give her the good news. When Mary got hold of Pepper she gave her the news that Harris had been at Harris Aunt place all along. Pepper gave Mary the information that an old woman had given her information that she had seen Harris and John walk past her home. Mary doubted that this woman that Pepper was telling truth. Maybe she had dimentur or something. The Company would test her and see the details. The Company had wasted enough time searching around the area that Pepper was and they needed to pour all their resources into Harris Aunt home and the area. Mary knew that John and Harris wouldn’t get far with the specimens.

John sat in the car holding the specimens. They had left the documents behind but the specimens were too important to leave behind. Harris drove the car and his Aunt sat in the front seat beside him. Both Harris and John had to leave the building quickly and sneaky when Mary came knocking. They were not expecting that Mary would come knocking. They thought they were safely away from the Company. John wondered how Mary managed to track down his Aunts address. Harris had reassured him that the Company had no information on the link between him and his Aunt but they must of found something otherwise Mary wouldn’t of showed up. Harris Aunt managed to distract Mary long enough for Harris and John to get out of the building with the specimen and get the car ready for when Harris Aunt would walk out of the house and get into the car. When Mary sneaked upstairs Harris Aunt knew she had to get out of the building. She moved quickly and made it out of the door and into the car where they speed off before Mary came back down stairs and noticed that Harris Aunt was gone. They had nowhere to go. They had left the Judge and Lawyer behind along with the documents. The building would be swarming with the Company. They had bribed a woman near the Company Camp to say that she saw them in the area in order to slow down anyone from finding them at Harris Aunt. Mary had figured it out though and came to Harris Aunt house. They knew that the Company effects would be focused in that area. As they were driving John thought back to the last few days and how crazy and upside down his world had become. From the attempted intercept at the courthouse, the fire and killing at the Resistance base, working for the Company and having an office at a Company Camp, to discovering the room there and smuggling the specimen out with Harris, travelling to Harris Aunt home, and being driven out again. It seemed like everywhere he went he was driven away quickly. He couldn’t seem to say at a place for long without being driven away. John still didn’t understand the specimen and what Harris plan was. It seemed they ha been running in circles and John was worried about the danger that they were in.

Pepper arrived at Harris Aunt several hours after she got the call from Mary that she had located the location of Harris and John. The woman who had told Pepper that she had seen Harris and John was taken into a Company Camp in case she had any information that may turn out to be true on Harris and John. Pepper had a crazy few days. Her life was usually quite plain. It all started in the courthouse. She was there when the Judge and Lawyers were discussing the information. Briefed on what to tell the media and crowd outside. The middle man between the media and the Company. After the courthouse she had to give statements on the Judge and Lawyers being intercepted. Information was very limited - even the Company didn’t have the whole story so it was hard for Pepper to report all the information. She spent many hours working on her perching - getting them checked over by the Company for any information that that not belong or was sensitive. Everything she released was very censored and she had no freedom for her own thoughts on the releases. The Company made this up by paying her well. She had control and considered herself good at her job. She had survived at the Company much longer than any of the public relations workers before her. For the short time that John Smith had worked at the Company Pepper worked allot with him. His work was important for the Company and it disappointed her when Harris broke into the building and convinced John to escape with him. Pepper was involved with setting up the room and she was shocked when John and Harris had broken into the room and removed the Specimens and documents. It was her life's work. Publicly Pepper was seen a public relations spokesperson by really behind the scenes she worked on developing the Specimens in the room. It started when she was in High school and studied science. She started experiments on several organisms. It became increasing volatile and the school became worried that she would harm herself or others - shutting down her experiments. Pepper ended up moving her experiments to her home and dropping out of school. She was accepted into University and studies English and Science. She did well but didn’t continue the experiments she started in high school. It was too dangerous and she contained to only conduct the experiences from home. After leaving University she was hired by the Company. They understood her experiments and allowed her to continue them - along with her own team. This was another reason why Pepper liked working for the Company - they let her do what she wanted with her science. Any other organise would be restricted what she would be allowed to do. And when they found the truth, they would shut her down. The Company was different. They let her do this.

Pepper was able to remotely activate the specimens. Once she had activated them she could control them. They were dangerous creatures. This was the main reason why the High School put a stop to Pepper doing the developments. When she first developed the specimens she was unable to remotely active the specimens. They could only be actives by the persona physically there. The first prototypes were weak and harmless. But the modifications that Pepper did caused them to be more dangerous. The High School had issues when the specimens would attack other students. They would scratch and claw at other students. Pepper was unable to stop them. Pepper promised that she would keep them under control but she couldn’t they would still attack students. Pepper was ordered to remove the specimens from the school or she would be expelled. She had already been given a warning so there was no more chances. Pepper agreed and took the developments home, never to bring them back to high school. This made high school boring for her and she ended up staying at home focusing on the experiments. Her attendance at school was low. The only classes that she would attend were English. She enjoyed public speaker and writing. She dropped out of her Science classes. They didn’t let her do what she wanted. No longer she was allowed to do her developments. It was only writing and research that she was allowed to do. Her marks were dropping in the science class. She was doing well in her English class though. Once she left high school and started at University she had he same issues there. She was not allowed to do her science development due to the danger. Instead of doing Science at University she decided to focus on English full time. She did her specimen developments at home. Money was;t an issue. At her home lab she had a full setup.

Pepper was able to remotely activate and control the specimens. She didn’t know the location of the specimens but she knew they were with Harris, John and Harris Aunt. They were driving along with the activate happened. They jumped out of the boxes that they were kept in. Nobody in the car expected it. They began clawing and attacking Harris, John and Harris Aunt. Harris slammed on the brakes and jumped out of the car along with John. They both had several of the specimens hanging onto their bodies. They ripped and pushed them off their body. Finally free they checked on Harris Aunt. They found her dead. The specimens had killed the woman. Some of the specimens had scatted off but some still hanged around, looking ready to pounce on John and Harris. The two were back to back defensive with these Specimens ready to attack them. They had no idea what to do. The two had been so lucky in their tight situations the only way out way to distract them and get out of their. Harris and John backed up towards the car. They decided to pull the body of Harris Aunt of the car. The specimens crawled closer towards them. They threw the body at them. This caused the specimens to attack the body. They were distracted enough for John and Harris to get into the car and take off. They got away. One or two of the specimens seemed to follow them but the majority seemed to stay behind - feeding off the body of Harris dead Aunt. As they drove John noticed that Harris had tears in his eyes. He was brought up by his Aunt. He never knew his parents. Both John and Harris knew that his parents had been killed in a car crash when Harris was young. John put his arm on Harris shoulder telling him that everything will be OK and that she died to save him. Harris burst out into tears. He could not drive anymore, over come with grief. They parked and John took over the driving. They had nowhere to go but couldn’t stay here. Company would be looking for them in the area.

Mary and Pepper received report that strange specimen creatures in a area were attacked people. It had to be the specimens that Pepper had actives. They were still very experimental and she was unable to remotely reactive. They had to travel to the areas that they were loose and capture them. They told people to put something heavy over the specimens such as a metal bucket and to keep an eye on them. The specimens were lead in the direction that they were located. It was going to take sometime for Pepper and Mary to clean the specimens up and Harris and John and Harris Aunt could get further away from them.
The laws that were being discussing the courtroom between the Judge and the Lawyers was the expansion of specimen development that Pepper had been working on. The Company wanted to take her project worldwide. To build enough of the Specimens to attack the world. They could be powerful and the Company could unless great fury to any that stood in their way. It was slightly puzzling why they needed to be in court for it, but under the bill that the govt had passed to transfer power to the Company should anything happen to the Govt it had details that any law that was pass needed to be argued by two sides. The Company had corrupted both sides. The two Lawyers that argued their points in fact worked for the Company. The Judge was well paid by the Company. It was a corrupt system but it didn’t seem to be going away. People missed the govt and were annoyed at the Resistance for the attack. It left so many without their Family and Friends.

When specimen woke it was surrounded by children. They stood over it in amazement of what Pepper had created. It had no memory before this time. It was the first time that he had been created. It was quite helpless. With it’s two eyes it was able to look around the room. Posters and diagrams covered the walls. Mostly the children work. One of the children poked it’s finger at the specimen. The specimen was helpless to retaliate. It closed it’s eyes and the specimen heard gasps of amazement from the children. The finger moved away from the specimen. It opened it’s eyes again. There was one girl staring at it. The specimen believed this was the Creator. The specimen watched it carefully as they gently picked the specimen up off the table and bringing the specimen close to their face. A smile appeared on the girls face. There were some bangs on the door. Then everything went black for the Specimen. Pepper had deactivated it.
When the specimen woke up it knew it had changed. No longer could it only use it’s eyes too look around but it could move around the surface. It’s tiny legs allowed it to scurry around the surface. Looking around there was only one person looking at it. It remembered her face. It would never forget that face. A smile came over her face. It was the same smile as before. She must of been so proud of the Specimen and how it could now move. The specimen continues to walk up and down the surface. Suddenly it felt itself falling. Pepper reached out and caught it before it hit the ground. She had saved it. Not only did she bring it into this world, she saved it from death. The specimen would be forever grateful. Pepper held the specimen in her hands and brought it close to her - similar to the first time. Everything went dark again for the specimen. Pepper had deactivate it.
The next time the specimen awoke it knew it had changed. It’s legs had been improved. No longer did it just be able to scurry up and down on the surface it was able to jump and move quickly, dodge. A greater sense of agile. It was able to jump off the table and land on the ground safely. Like last time - Pepper was the only person in the room. Along with the improvement to it’s movement the specimen realised that along with the improved movement it had claws that it was able to open and close. In front of it was a glass test tube. It rushed forward and attacked the glass test tube with it’s claws. Pepper picked it up and moved it close to her. Like the previous two times everything went black for the specimen. Pepper had yet again deactivate it.
Again the specimen awoke. Along with all the previous changes the claws were improved. They were sharper and longer. More of a weapon than before. The specimen wanted to get out of the room. It jumped from the surface out of an open window. Behind it could hear Pepper yell and run out of the room. The specimen knew it didn’t have long but it would do as much damage as it could before it was stopped. It saw children sitting eating their food. It rushed towards them and attached itself to a child - clawing their body. The body screamed - trying to rip it off. Pepper rushed up and managed to rip it off the child. Pepper wasn’t smiling this time. Instead a frown formed on it’s face. Pepper brought the specimen close to her face. Once again everything went dark. Pepper had deactivate it. The next time that the specimen woke up it was in a different location. The windows were sealed so it wasn’t able to escape. It realised attacking the child had been too much and it wasn’t going to escape again. This made it sad.
Over the years the Specimen was actives many times. It grew in power and training. Every time in the lab at Peppers home. After a few years it was actives in a new room. The Company Camp. This was much like the lab in Peppers home. The only difference to the specimens here was Pepper developed a technique to remotely activate them. She had issues with reactive them remotely.
The specimen remembers clearly the say it was removed from the Company Camp. It along with the multiply clones of itself that had been created. It was unable to move but deactivated now put the specimen into a hibernate state. Two figures that specimen had never seen before had came into the room and removed the specimen from it’s cage and moved it into a cardboard box.
The specimen knew something was wrong. It was being taken away by someone that wasn't Pepper. The specimen knew that Pepper was the one that was in charge of the specimen and it was awkward and weird having someone else. The specimen could hear sounds around it but not see anything - except for the cardboard box that it was placed in. The specimen could hear the sound of the elevator opening and descending down. Out onto the street the specimen could hear more sounds. Cars and people going up and down the street.
When the specimen was finally actives it was driving down the road with three people. The specimen was happy to be activated finally. Pepper must of actives it remotely. It was able to jump out of the cardboard box - attacking the people in the car. The specimen attached itself to the old woman. Blood squirted over the cars internals. The other two figures jumped out of the car The specimen still hanged on to the old woman clawing away. It felt the old woman's heart stop and moved onto the two figures. The other specimens had surrounded the two figures. The specimen decided to stay back. It wasn’t sure attacking these two now was the best option. Instead it decided to hide under the seat. It wanted to see what would happen next. It watched from under the seat as the two figured backed up to the car. They reached for the old woman's body and threw it into the swarm of other specimens. Distracted they attacked it - giving time for the two figures to get into the car and drive away. The specimen knew it was different. It was the first that Pepper had created. It was smarter than the others. It had control of its self. It was able to think and decide for it’s self. The others didn’t have this. The specimen didn’t know if it wanted to go back to Pepper or stay with these new people. Maybe these new people wouldn’t lock it up. Maybe they believed that it could change.

John and Harris decided to stay at a motel. They had been driving for hours - trying to get away from the Company. John had been driving the majority of the ride as Harris was still grieving over his dead Aunt. A sleep might be just what Harris needed. In the morning he might feel better. They pulled the car over and went inside to the reception. They ordered a one bedroom room with twin beds. Harris was able to pay for the room with cash. An electronic transaction might be tracked by the company so they avoided using the cards they had - only cash. John was given the keys for the room and the two made their way over to the room. The sun was setting as they walked through the car park towards the room. Bright red rays shined down on them. A red sunset always meant for a nice day the following day John believed. They reached the door and John put the key in and turned. The door opened and they walked inside. The room was advarge. It had two single beds with a dresser next to it. There was a small kitchen along with a bathroom - shower and toilet. The place would be fine until they sorted out what they were going to do next. After brushing his teeth Harris went straight to bed. He was tired and just wanted to sleep and put the day behind him. John couldn’t sleep and stayed up - reflecting on the Documents and taking notes on what he could remember. He was annoyed that he had left them behind at Harris Aunt home. He had to try to remember what they had said - going over them in his head. As he was writing his notes a noise alerted him. He looked up and saw a specimen walking over the table. It must of been one of the ones that attacked him and Harris that day. This one seemed harmless though - like it didn’t want to attack him. It was moving back and forward on the desk - almost as it was dancing.
John dropped his pen that he had been taking notes with and moved towards the Specimen. It seemed to be calling him. Very slowly he moved his hands towards the Specimen. It stopped dancing and froze for a moment. John stopped moving his hand forward and froze also. To Johns surprise the Specimen jumped into his hands. It didn’t attack him. It wanted to be friends. John realised something was very different about this Specimen. Something all the others didn’t have. He wanted to wake Harris up and show him. He walked into the bedroom still carrying the Specimen.
John looked at the sleeping body of Harris and John decided to wait until Harris woke up. He had considered going to sleep but he decided it was best that he stay awake and make sure the Specimen was OK. By the time that Harris woke up he was extremely tired and just wanted to sleep. Harris awoke and John showed him the Specimen. Harris was happy. He knew that it could be used against the Company. The Specimen didn't seem to like Harris as much as John but he was able to tolerate him. Harris looking after the Specimen well Harris slept. Like John he knew that the Specimen was key to their fight back against the Company. With all the bad luck he had had he was happy that he had the Specimen. He missed his Aunt. She had raised him as his own. Nobody knew it but Harris knew that his Father had died on the Attack on the Govt. He was the Prime minister. All connections between Harris and his Father were destroyed. The Resistance and The Company both didn’t know who he was related to. His Aunt was the Sister of his Mother who had died giving birth to Harris. Harris was an only child.

Pepper and Mary arrived at the area where the Specimens were reported. They went house to house and gathered up each Specimen that was on the loose. Police had cornered off an area where a woman's body was located. After Pepper and Mary had gathered all the Specimen into their cages they went to the location of the woman's body. It was hard to recognise the woman but they were sure that it was Harris Aunt. The Specimens had killed and fed off her. It was a mess. Counting the Specimens that they had gathered up they realised that one of missing. Pepper knew straight away which one was missing. It was the first specimen she had created. Her priced position. No one had reported any more so they had to assume that Harris and John had the Specimen. Pepper couldn’t stop thinking about the Specimen. It had never been away from her. It was activated and she wasn’t able to reactive. She wanted more than anything to see the Specimen. Mary reassured her that they would track it down and she would be reunited with her Specimen. They had finished cleaning up the area and able to search for Harris and John. They knew the two would be running out of location to tay. They had been driven out of so many areas already - the Resistance Headquarters, The Company Camp, Harris Aunt Home. They would be getting desperate on locations. Mary decided to check all hotel and motels in the area. No payments were shown on either Harris or Johns credit cards. The Company had not cancel ed the cards on the rare chance that they made a mistake and made a payment. The last payment they made was from an eftpos machine in the area that that the Specials were reported. That was their last chance to use the card and know the could get away with it - because the Company was already looking for them in the area. The amount of cash that was withdrawn was the daily limit. It would last them for sometime. Pepper and Mary had several choices. They could keep looking for Harris and John or they could return to a Company Camp and gather intel - waiting for Harris and John to use their credit cards. It had been setup so if a credit card was used Mary would immediacy be informed - they would have to rush quickly to the location if they wanted to capture them. They may also get lucky an someone might report the Specimen that would be travelling with Harris and John. Mary and Pepper decided the best option was to go back to the Company Camp and wait for the next move. They had spent too much time chasing and needed to step back - waiting and hoping that Harris and John make a mistake.

Mary and Pepper decided to leave the scene with the specimens that they had collected. Out of the choices of heading to the Company Camp or hunt further for Harris and John they decided to go to the Company Camp. They returned to the Company Camp much the same way that they got there. Mary drove her scooter and Pepper rode on the back. They reached the train station and brought two trains tickets. The trip back to the Company Camp was long but they were able to sleep in a private cabin. Once they reached the destination they got off with scooter and rode it back to the Company Camp. Now they just needed for Harris and John to make a mistake.

Mary and Pepper were back at the Company Camp. Pepper was able to draft a statement to the media. She sat in her office and wrote.
“Today the Resistance unleaded a weapon known as the Specimen Project. Developed over years the Specimen Project had a goal of creating killing creatures that they would use to harm the People and The Company. This is unacceptable and The Company swiftly took action against the Resistance and the Specimens that they released. Three suspects were involved in the attack - John, Harris and a woman related to Harris. The Company believes that it was his Aunt - his Mothers Sister. The Company is happy to announce one of these criminals has died due to injuries from the unstable Specimens. The victim was Harris Aunt. John and Harris are still on the loose and anyone with any information about their whereabouts must contact The Company. Withholding information is a crime and The Company will punish. We thank the good people for their continued support in the Company.”
Pepper put her pen down. It would have to be checked over by The Company quality assurance department but she was happy with what she had written so far. Pepper transferred the file to the department. She would have to wait several hours before it came back to her. Likely changes would be made. If Pepper was happy with the changes they made she could release. If she wanted to make more changes she needed to send it back to quality assurance. This happened rarely. Pepper normally released a media statement once it returned to her. She only ever one or twice disagreed with some of the changes they had made. Pepper decided to catch up with Mary well waiting for quality assurance to get back to her. Pepper found Mary in her office working through the Documents about John and Harris. The majority of Specimens were returned to the Company Camp but there was still one o the loose. This worried Mary almost as much as Pepper. Mary knew she would be the one that would need to attack. Pepper was good at what she does - Science and Public Relations but not fighting. Both Pepper and Mary knew this. This was one of the reasons why they made such as powerful team - they had skills to complement each other. Pepper had made them both a cup of coffee. She knocked on Mary's officer door and walked in. Mary looked up with a smile on her face. Pepper passed Mary her the cup of coffee. Mary thanked Pepper. Pepper took a seat and started to look through the Documents with Mary. Pepper could tell that Mary had been busy sorting through the Documents and information that The Company had on Harris and John when Pepper had been working on the statement to the media. Finally quality assurance got back to Pepper over the media release. To Peppers surprise they had made changes to the release. They had added more details on the locations that Harris and John were last seen along with the fact they might be carrying a dangerous Specimen with them. They were not to be approached. Pepper was annoyed with herself for not thinking to add these details herself. Sometimes she was happy that she had the quality assurance team that would look over her releases. It was much different with her Science developments - she had free Regina. The Company was not happy with her about the Specimens leaving the building. They knew it wasn’t totally her fault though - Harris had came up with a complex plan. Still Pepper worried that her future Science Developments would not be so free and she may be given restrictions similar to what she has with her Public Relation releases. The thought of checking with quality assurance every time she wanted to make a change to the Specimens made Pepper unhappy. That’s not what she wanted. She was prepared to fight for not having the quality assurance. Pepper knew that Mary would back her up also. Mary always did. She was good like that. Pepper was happy with the media statement that quality assurance sent back. She decided to show it to Mary and get her feedback. Mary wasn’t interested in reading the statement. She said that she was sure that it was fine and that she should just release it to the media. Pepper didn’t pester her further - she knew that Mary wasn’t a fan of dealing with the media. That’s what Pepper is for Mary would say.

Harris was watching the news with the Specian in his hands when the news switched to breaking news. Pepper was in front of the company camp and gaves a statement about the events that had happened the previous day involving Harris and John. Harris was suprised how much of the truth they left in to the statment. They did lie about the fact that it was the Resistance that released the Specimans. Harris knew that it would be Pepper that remotly actived it. Aside for this everything else they said was OK. Harris was not worried. Once John awoke he would hear the news and would likely be more worried than Harris. They still didn’t really have a plan. They were stuck in this motel room until the Company busted down the door and killed them - taking back the Speciman or they could go on the offensive - attacking the Company again.
People were angry about the Resistance releasing the Specimens into the public. Marches and Protests increased. Lobby groups and hunting parties were formed in order to track down John and Harris. It was becoming increasing unsafe for them to stay at the motel. They had given fake names and tried to chance appearances - cutting hair, growing beards. The management at the motel was becoming increasing suspicious of John and Harris. Worse yet - they were beginning to run low on cash. They had avoided using their credit cards as they knew that the Company would be watching the transactions. They were gaining tired of hiding and really just wanted to face the Company. They had been training the Specimen. It had became very loyal to John but he still worried about how it would interact against Pepper - would it remember who created it and developed or would the loyally be given to John who had given it freedom and worthiness in life. John hoped that it would choose him.

The reason why The Company attacked the Govt and downfall of it was because they wanted to have control.

John and Harris diverse a plan to lure Pepper and Mary to where they were. They had two choices. They could run and avoid The Company. There were islands offshore that they might be able to travel to. It would be hard for the Company to find them. Being on the mainland meant that Company could easily find them. Decided to buy a boat with the last remaining money that they had left over. They had to buy the boat from the black market. The Company had made it illegal to buy boats in order to stop people from moving away from the mainland. The boat was going to be expensive and they would have little money left afterwards. They had organised to buy the boat. They packed the small amount of gear they had into the car along with the Specimen and drove to the nearby docks where they would buy the boat and leave the mainland. After they had brought the boat and as John and the Specimen were getting into the boat Harris said he had one last task to do and that he would be back soon. John waiting with the boat for Harris to return. Harris made his way up the path away from the water. There was a nearby money machine that he used his card and withdraw his daily limit. Pepper and Mary were immediacy notified of his withdraw. Harris knew this but he had a plan. He hurried back to the boat. When he hanged John the cash John knew straight away that The Company would be on their way. He was annoyed. They had the boat, they could get off this mainland and far away when The Company couldn’t find them. Harris explained that he had unfinished business with The Company and couldn’t come with him. John would have to take the money and leave the mainland - taking the Specimen with him. Harris had given him a large amount of cash - John would be able to survive for a very long time on the islands with it. John and Harris said their goodbyes. They knew it was highly likely that they would never see each other again.

Mary received an alert that Harris Credit Card had been used. She had been given approval to use The Company plane to reach the location quickly. Mary was sleeping at home when the alert went off. The alarm woke her straight away and she got up and dressed - heading straight out the door. She had no time to shower or drink. Mary sent a message to Pepper that she was heading to the helicopter. It was highly likely that Pepper would want to fly there also. Mary couldn’t wait for her to arrive. Pepper told Mary that she would be at the plane and to not leave without her. When Mary arrived at the airport Pepper was already there - ready to fly to the location that the alert of Harris card usage came from. The two boarded the plane. It was a small helicopter and would be able to land on the roof of the building. Mary and Pepper went into the helicopter and it took off. During the trip Mary looked over the data that had been gathered when Harris used the credit card. It had been used at a eftpos machine to withdraw the max amount of cash that he was able that day. Along with the data on the eftpos machine and cash withdrawn Mary received images from the security camera. It clearly showed Harris walking up to the machine and withdrawing the money. He made no effect to hide the fact that it was him. As he walked away from the machine he turned back and gave a wave. Mary gave a slight laugh. He knew she would be looking at this footage. Mary expanded the area around the eftpos machine - looking for key areas that Harris and John could be located. It was a small coastal town that he was located it. No known Resistance members were located there - although it was a hot spot for black market boats. Mary suspected that Harris and John might be trying to get away on a boat. They would of already needed to have received the boat before the cash was withdrawn. Mary and Pepper would arrive to stop them before they go away. Mary was a little worried that she might lose them again if they left the mainland. The Company had little control over some of the smaller offshore islands. It would be very problematic for The Company if the Specimen was taken offshore also.

Harris watched as John and the Specimen sailed off into the distance. He would of liked to be on the boat with them but he wanted to stay behind in order to kill Mary for killing his Father. That’s what it came down to in the end. Overhead he heard the helicopter. He knew that it would be Mary. She had tracked him to the location. Harris was prepared for her. He had with him a Specimen. It wasn’t the original one that had attacked them and followed them to the motel. It was a clone of it. When John had been sleeping Harris spent his time creating a copy of the Specimen. It took him sometime but he managed to successfully copy it. He never told John about it because he wasn’t sure if he would approve or not. The Helicopter landed nearby and two figures jumped out and headed towards Harris. Straight away Harris knew that it was Mary and Pepper. They approached him. They were not carrying any weapons. Harris took a cautious stance. Mary asked him where the Specimen was. Harris told her that it was far away by now and you would never reach it. Harris told Mary that he knew now that it was her that killed his Father. Harris yelled the order to attack and the Specimen rushed at Mary - blood sprayed as it clawed her body. Pepper screamed and rushed towards Mary - attempting to rip the Specimen off her body. She finally ripped it off and Mary collapsed to the ground. Pepper turned towards Harris and charged at him - knocking him to the ground. She begin the punch him. Harris just laughed. The Specimen crawled up on Peppers shoulder and looked down at Harris. It pounced into Harris face.

John and the Specimen were too far out to sea to hear any of the events that had taken place on the shoreline. John had with him a boat, a wallet full of money, and the Specimen. As long as he stayed safe and away from The Company he would be OK. He sailed for several hours before reaching a shoreline. He had never left the mainland so was not really sure what he was going to be facing. He reached the wharf and unlocked himself and the Specimen. He tired the boat up to the dock. The place seemed quiet and empty. He had only ever read about the island outside of the mainland - he hadn’t even seen photographs. He made his way off the shore and towards the nearby town. He was tired and needed to find somewhere to sleep. He walked for sometime around the town looking for anyone that may help him with somewhere to stay. The town was a ghost town. It seemed like no one lived there anymore. John finally came across a building that looked like a hotel. It was run down and looked like it had not had people in for a long time. John knocked on the door. No answer. He tried the door but it was locked. John decided to smash a window and climb in. He needed somewhere to sleep. John climbed through the window. He had entered the lobby of the hotel. There was no sign of a guest book or any information at the regisationion. He carried on. John was hungry and decided to check the kitchen for any food. He found some tinned fruit that he was able to open and eat. It wasn’t a hot meal but it was better than nothing. John washed his plate and headed towards the guest bedrooms. He found a room. The bed was already made and it climbed in and fell off to sleep straight away. John slept peacefully. The bed was better than the beds that he had been sleeping on at the motel. He wondered what had happened to Harris and if he was still alive. When John woke in the morning he got up and had a shower. There was no hot water but the cold water was still running. John was happy with a cold shower. He made his way to the kitchen for some more food. He opened another tin of fruit and started to eat it. He decided he was going to need to find some different types of food. These cans of fruit would not last him long. He had all this cash but nothing to spend it on.
John finished his breakfast and washed his dishes. He headed towards the hotel frontdoor with the Speciman and opened the door. He walked out and closed the door after him. John wanteed to search the town further to try to find what happened to the people or find someone. John was happy that the weather was sunny. Yesterday it had been overcast. Today there was no a dark cloud in the sky. This made John feel positive. Like yesterday the place seemed empty. John started down the road. The hot sun had caused the dust on the road to rise up as John walked along. John walked for sometime but there was still no sign of people. He reached a medical facility that looked much older than some of the other buildings. John decided to investage the building further. All the windows were blocked out so John was not able to see inside. He walked around the building and couldn’t see in. He decided to try te front door. To his suprise it was unlocked - unlike the hotel building. John tried knocking just in case someone answered but there was no answer. John opened the door and walked in. Like the outside inside the medical building was ancient. It was a pre-company faciliety. John hadn’t seen anything quite like it in his life. The Company had destoried all buildings that existed before they came to power in the mainland. They never bothered out here though. Documents were scatted about the area with the govt symbols on. It had been many years since John had seen any govt related material. It was quite fasanating for him. John wondered what the govt got up to in a place like this. He moved through the building with the Speciman following him. He reached a door that said dangerous substances ahead and warned to wear a hazmac suit. John looked around and found a hazmac suit hanging up. It was a perfect fit for him. He slipped it on over his clothes. John wasn’t sure it the substances would still be harmful over all these years but he perfered to be safe. After he got the suit on he made his way through the dangerous door. The Speciman stayed behind. There was a loud noice of the air decompressing as the door closed behind John and sealed. Another door in front of him opened and he walked through. Fully developed human sized specimans were in this room. The Speciman that John had was only small - not much bigger than a cat. The ones in this room were large adult sized. Some of them even had mouths and ears. Almost human like. John continued through the room. At the end of the room there were several tubes that contained the human sized specimans in water. They had breathing tubes attached to them. John went over to the control panel. He pressed buttons that drained the water and reactied the Specimans. Out of the three that were there only one of them was able to be activated. The other two had been daamged and were not able to be . John stood over the actived Speciman. He move the breating tube from it’s face. It had a human mouth. Complete with teeth and a tounge. John picked the Speciman body up from the ground and placed it on the workbench. It had been actived but not fully awake yet. John was curious to find out more about the Speciman. Clerly from all the govt documents around the building that it was the govt that ha develope the speciman. He always thought that it was Pepper from The Company that developed the Speciman. Now John knew there were people before her that had developed Specimans - and far more advance than what Pepper had created. The Speciman on the bench finally started to wake up. John stood over it as it awoke. It seemed confused as to where it was. Maybe it had never een activated before. John was happy that he had found someone in this empty town. Maybe it might know what happened. The Specimans eyes flashed opened and steered at John. John asked what it’s name was. It opened it’s mouth but no sound came out. John hoped that the Speciman wasn’t mute. Finally after several mouth movements the Speciman spoke. Khyati. It spoke. It lifted it’s arm and pointed at itself. John was releaved. It could speak. Khyati pointed at John. It wanted to know Johns name. John told Khyati his name. Khyati smiled and sat up. John had many questioned for Khyati but decided to head back to the hotel. The day was getting on and it would be dark soon. John didn’t want to be out on the streets at night - especially now that he knew there were other lifeforms on the island. He helped Khyati get up from the bench and headed towards the exit door. They both walked through the first exit door. It closed behind them. The same sound happened of the depressure of air. The second exit door opened. They walked out of the dangerous door. John was expecting to see the Speciman there but it was gone. Perhaps it had returned to the hotel or gone exploring. John hoped the Speciman would return. John and Khyati headed towards the building exit. John opened the front door leading outside and the two walke out. The sun was setting so John wanted to hurry back to the hotel. He walked down the dusty road with Khyati following closely behind. The two made it to the hotel. John opened the door and they walked in. John was hungry. He knew he was going to have to have tinned fruit. Tomorrow he would go to the supermarket and get something other than tinned fruit. Khyati followed John into the kitchen. John went into the cubared and got the tinned fruit. He poured the tin of fruit into the bowl. Khyati seemed interested in the tinned fruit. As John ate the fruit Khyati kept looking at him and the fruit. Khyati reached out and grabbed the bowl of fruit and started to eat it. John laughed and went to the cubard and got another two tins of fruit.

Khyati was happy to be activated. She remembered back to the first time that she had been activated. There wasn’t just one person that had been there. There were many. The people were all wearing labcoats and looking at Khyati in amazement. Khyati didn’t think there was anything special about it. It was as she had just woken from a long and deep sleep. She couldn’t remember anything before it. Khyati lifted her arms. They looked similar to the others in the room. Her veins were bulging unlike theirs though. She looked at them. A liquid flowed through her arms. The scientests asked her to stand up and walk around. Khyati obayed. One step after another. The sceientists had notepads and were taking notes about her walking. They seemed to be happy with her progress. Khyati was happy that they were happy. The scientists gave her an obsacule course that Khyati had to nagagate through. Khyati found that she could nagaiate quite easily through the course. The scientists continued to take notes. They had a neutral look on their face. Khyati wasn’t sure if she was doing it right. It was concerning for her. Khyati finished the course and the scientists got Khyati to lie back down where she woke up. Everything went black for Khyati. The scientists moved the deactived Khyati into a tube that they filled with liquid. They connected a breathing tube to her mouth. She needed this for the long term in order to keep the body alive. The scientists knew that it might be a very long time before Khyati was actived again. The scientist all packed up their gear and left the building. They knew they would never returned. They could not.

Pepper attended Marys funeral. The only other people at the funeral were were her other workmates. There was none of Marys family there. Mary never talked about her family to Pepper. Pepper wasn’t sure if any of Marys family was still alive. The Company had killed so many people.
John wondered if the island was post apocalyptic. Why did the scientists leave the island so quickly. It's as they knew something bad was happened. Khyati enjoyed the tinned fruit. John hoped there would be more tinned fruit at the Supermarket. One thing that John was missing was hot meals. He hoped that the Supermarket might have items that were not tinned meat. The island wasn't poisonous or anything. The Company had such control here. Did they make it illegal to buy boats to stop people from getting to the island? john was successfully surviving on the island. There were even life forms on the island that John had discovered. It would of been good for the mainland to have Specimens as advance as Khyati. John wondered what would the people think of Khyati. The Specimen was far from human. It could give them a fresh start. Something to live by. He wasn't sure if Pepper the scientist and public relations person that worked for The Company knew about Khyati. It might of been before her time. She must of discovered some of the same ideas behind Khyati though because her Specimens were similar - just not as advance and developed. The Scientists must have spent a long time working on Khyati. How many years of information did The Company manage to cover up? John tried to talk to Khyati about anything she could remember. Khyati seemed to still have issues with communicating. She could speak basic words and understand what John was saying. She spoke little of herself. It was as the language was a second language for her. The following day John and Khyati went to the supermarket the next day. John wanted something that wasn't tinned fruit. John was sure that Khyati might want to try something that wasn't tinned fruit. The door to the front door of the supermarket was locked but John smashed a window and was able to open the door from the inside and let Khyati in. John grabbed a shopping trolley and started to walk down the isles - throwing any food in that would be useful. After they finished they walked out of the supermarket and back to the hotel. The food that they had collected was long life. Many of the items in the supermarket was old and rotten. Though they were not as old as the science building that John had found Khyati in. It confused him the fact that the building that Khyati was found in was so old - pre Company time but that supermarket food would of been only a few months old. It's like the science building had been abandoned

The Specimen hadn't returned. John wondered where it went after he went into the dangerous door. He had told the Specimen to stay there and he would return soon. When he returned there was no Specimen. It had just disappeared. John wondered if the Specimen knew about Khyati. did the specimen leave because it knew that Khyati was too be activated. They were connected John knew. The Specimen was a later version of Khyati. The govt had closed the program. Something about the project had scared them. They had to get out. Was the specimen scared of Khyati? John asked Khyati many questions but there was little reply. They knew basics of speaking - saying hello. it was hard for them to develop it. Was the world worse when the scientists were there? What went so bad. The Company wanted command. Was there a weapon. They just wanted something. What was lost? What was gained? Show the people who where behind it.

Patrick died before the body of his wife was found. He had remarried. Only once. But just one day he gave up. He knew that she wasn't coming back. Mary went through her life without a Mother. Patrick never gave up. In his will he requested that the grave be deep enough for his wife to be buried above. World that recovered from a cruel world. This did not play it safe. No one wanted to live in the govt controlled area. It deals with the idea of slow death. It was never going to get better. Despair. Struggle. Dying Out. Tackle it out. Destroying the world and rebuilding as the Company. No one could remember how. It was never going to get better. The Company things they would do to keep their power. Create a new place. Seeing what it does. What would it be like have Specimens like Khyati in the world. Would the people find her a monster. Take fear create. Life advice. Everything else. Go all the way. Keep boiling. It will not be safe. Not as bad. Real sense of fear. Things never back to how they go back. Getting much worse. They had the funeral of Patrick and he was buried in the same grave as Suz. The grave next to it was reserved for their daughter - Mary. Gravediggers were out late digging the grave. They used big large flashlights in order to see at night. Normally they did this during the day but The Company said that the body needed to be buried quickly. No media. No public. Nobody showed up to the funeral except for Pepper and several work mates.

Pepper had tracked Johns location to an a small offshore island off the main island. Company data showed that there was no known life forms on the island. There was no record of people that had lived on the island in the past. Pepper scrolled through the data. The more she looked into it the more she began to think that there was something wrong. Why didn't the Company have more information

Harris woke. He was chained to a bed. Had The Company got him. The last thing he remembered was that woman from the company - Pepper. Harris squinted and looked around the room. Something was wrong with his vision. It wasn't the same as before. He was unable to focus. Everything seemed to be a blur. It didn't feel like he was on any drugs though. Harris jerked his arm but was unable to move. The handcuffs around his hand banged against the metal bed frame. Harris called out but there was no reply. He looked around more. Looking down to his legs and he was terrified. His legs had been removed and replaced with the Speciman type legs. They were similar to the Specimen that had came to John and himself. What had happened to him he thought. Had the Company done this? He could see no other exportation. It must have been The Company. What had they done to him he wondered. This must of been the doing of Pepper. She was the one that had created the Specimen. Now she was experimenting on his body. It made him sick. He only every wanted revenge on Mary. Had he killed her? He couldn't remember clearly. He knew that the cloned Specimen that he had attacked Mary. He tried to focus. To remember back to what happened. There were blurs, flashes of events.
John and Khyati made it back to the hotel with the trolley of food. John was finally going to be able to have warm meal. He had found a gas cooker and bottle at the supermarket that he could use to warm up the food. It was mostly tinned food but John was happy that it wasn't only fruit. He could cook the baked beans with the gas cooker. Khyati followed John into the kitchen. John had pushed the trolley all the way from the supermarket to the hotel. The two unloaded it into the cupboard and started to make food. John was very happy to have something other than tinned fruit. He setup the gas cooker and made Khyati and himself baked beans. Like the tinned fruit before Khyati was very interested in the baked beans and how they were cooked. She watched as John made them. Mesmerized by how they warmed up in the heat. It's as she was experiencing it for the first time. Everything that John and Khyati did together was new for Khyati. She had only ever walked around a lab to please a few scientists. Now she was exploring outside. Seeing sights she had never dreamed off. She had been deactivate for a very long time. John had tried to ask her many times about how long she had been deactivate for and why. What had happened to the scientists. Khyati ignored it. She hated to think about it. Khyati knew that she was to blame. Everything started to go wrong once she was developed. Scientists started to die. Funding was cut. Scientists didn't want anything to do with the project. Govt started forcing Scientists to work on the project. They were slaves. Scared and pressured into it. Like the slaves working on the Pyramids before them.

What was going to happen to John. He couldn't just live out his days on the island surrounded by nobody except for Khyati. Weeks went by and he continued to stay at the hotel exploring the town and surrounding areas. He still had the boat. What was the point in going back though? There was nothing left for him in the mainland. He had no idea if Harris was alive or not. His resistance fighters had all been killed by Harris. John thought back to all the messed up events that had taken place. If he had not been at the Resistance headquarters would of they still been killed? He had hardly talked to Harris about the events. He just tried to accept it when he was with Harris but now that he was gone he had so many questions. And it was likely that Harris was dead. Killed by the Company. And if he wasn't dead then he would of been taken by the Company. What would they do with him. They could never trust him again after what he did to them. He tried to take them down. If he had been successful then it would be completely different. John would likely still be in the mainland. John had found out about who Harris father had been. He had known Harris almost his whole life and Harris had never told John. Never told anyone.

Pepper opened the door and entered. Harris had woken up and realized somewhat had happened to him. She had merged Specimen and Harris together. There was no way Pepper and the Company could of saved his life without the operation. Hopefully Harris would learn that. He was under their control now. Everything they told him to do Harris would do. He had no choice. No control. The Company had finally gained everything over him. He had nothing. In the past he had worked for the Company in order to gain information that was returned to the Resistance. This stopped because he was working on something big. Harris never had a chance to reveal what it was that he worked on for such as long time. For over 15 years he spent at the Company without any contact from the Resistance. He was not front line. The Resistance would of seen and heard him if he was. Instead he was behind the scenes. Pulling the strings that directed the future of the Company. The hours were long and Harris didn't have time for anything else except his work. He had no friends and talked to nobody outside of the Company. The only events that he attended were Company events that were a regular event. The hours took their toll on Harris though. He grew tired and sick. It had pushed him to the edge. He needed a break. Something else to do. It could of been anything. A holiday. Somewhere away from the large gray buildings that were Company Camps that just consumed him. There was no color. He dreamed of color. The Company had taken that away. Everything was a mid shade of gray. Harris couldn't remember if the Resistance brought him joy. He had wondered why he worked for them in the first place. Then he was reminded. Because of Harris Father. Because of who he was. The Prime minister. Harris had no memory of him. He didn't know how much was the truth. Both the Company and the Resistance seemed to lie to him. He felt he couldn't trust either. The Company had kept the identity of Harris a secret. Even Mary didn't know his background. She worked it out later. But by then it was too late. Mary was killed by Harris and a Specimen he had developed. The Company was able to analyze the Specimen and realized it was similar to the one that had escaped with John. They worked out that when John, Harris and the Specimen were on the run Harris must of created another version of the Specimen an developed a plan to kill Mary with it. And it worked. The Company came in and removed Mary's body. They talked to Pepper about what had happened. Harris was there. Alive just. Still. The Company knew they were going to have to operate on him. Pepper would be useful. Things would never be the same at the Company without Mary. She was an important part of the Company and she was going to be missed by all. She was a workaholic. She never seemed to have much of a personal or social life. It was always just working on projects and tasks for the Company. It's what she was good at and she enjoyed it. Right up to the moment she died.

Pepper scrolled through the data. The more she looked into it the more she began to think that there was something wrong. Why didn't the Company have more information. The Company only seemed to maintain data about the mainland and nothing about the island surrounding it. Even history on the islands didn't exist. Pepper knew the island where there - there was no drought about it. The Company seemed to pretend they didn't though. It puzzled Pepper why the Company would go into so much effect to hide them. To keep people away from them. It was as the islands contained something that the Company didn't want found. Khyati was a name that seemed to pop up in the data. There was a little amount of information on it. Not Allot but from what Pepper could gather it was a govt experiment. It happened before the Company was formed. Something about Khyati trigger the Company to be formed. It's as the Company formed in order to hide the events that surrounded Khyati. The more Pepper looked into it the more she realized that it was similar to the Specimens that she had developed. Khyati was based on the same principal and ideas. Only Khyati seemed to be far more advance. Pepper wondered if Khyati is what John had discovered. He must of found something on the island. Pepper knew that John wasn't the type of person to just run away and do nothing. He must of been planning something. Pepper realized that Khyati was a very dangerous life form. The Company had been formed to stop Khyati and now John might have activated the creature.

It was Harris that had attacked Suz and locked her away in the room. He had been doing study at the university when it happened. He had started his first assignments with the Company. They had tasked him to follow and capture known Resistant fighters. Harris had been following Patrick believing he might be part of the Resistance. When Suz came and started to follow Patrick also Harris freaked. He made a major mistake capturing Suz thinking that she was the Resistance. He was afraid of letting her go - she might let the Company know that he had messed up. In the end Harris decided to just let Suz die. It would take many years for anyone to find the body. And it worked. Harris got away with it. After speaking to Suz to the first time and realizing that she wasn't part of the Resistance he left her to die. He didn't just kill her or let her go. He left her to die alone in the locked room. She could scream until she was to weak to scream more but no one would hear her. Her calls would go unanswered. Harris tried to not think about it. He just tried to forget what had happened. He had thought about letting her go - telling her she needed to leave the mainland and never return. Harris couldn't trust her though. If she came back and the Company had found out about his mistakes he would be done. Everything he had worked for in the Company and before that - in the Resistance would be for nothing. His cover would be blown. One innocent life lost was worth Harris being able to continue his role in the Company and continue to give information to the Resistance. Harris had thought about telling John. His best friend. But he couldn't. He could never tell John. Harris wondered if this had turned him into a monster. Would he be able to kill other innocent people in the future just as easy? He had done it once there was nothing stopping him from doing it again.
Harris wasn't able to think for himself. Pepper maintained full control over his actions. She had cuffed him to the bed in order to test that the Specimen was fully integrated into his system and that she maintained control of it. It seemed to be working as intended though. Harris would be extremely useful in finding John and Khyati. They might even trust Harris. But Pepper had Harris wrapped around her finger. John and Khyati wouldn't know this though. They would think that he had just been captured by the Company, experimented on and then escaped. Pepper could use Harris to find out the whole story behind the islands and the Companies lack of connection to it. Pepper knew the only way to the island was on boat. The Company helicopters would not get there. It was even hard for the Company to get a boat. Pepper had to go outside of the Company and look into the black market for a boat. That's how John and Harris would of got a boat before. Pepper realized that she could use Harris to tell her and help get a boat.

He would tell her anything. She already got him to tell him all the details about his Father and why the information was wiped. Harris Father was the project manager for Khyati. It was his life. Pepper knew like her Harris Father maintained a secret life behind their public appearance. For Harris Father it was being Prime Minister, for Pepper it was Public Relations. Pepper preferred her cover - it was easier to maintain. This was why the Company had attacked the govt. It was because of their program of developing Khyati. The Company wanted to do it themselves. They wanted to steal the development and do it themselves. Without the govt getting in their way. Pepper got Harris out of the building no problem. He was her toy and nobody questioned it. Pepper had arranged to meet the black market boat dealer that had delt with John and Harris in the past on the waterfront. The same place that Mary had been killed by Harris. Everything looked the same for Pepper. Nothing had changed. It gave her shivers thinking about what had happened there. Right in front of her own face. The Specimens that she had created where turned violent on her and the people around her - like Mary. Pepper guessed that it was only a matter of time before this happened. When you create something to harm others - they can turn it around and use it to harm you. It wasn't what Pepper wanted. She wanted Mary back. But Mary wasn't coming back. She was gone. Forever. And Pepper would just have to move forward. She had Harris - the one that had killed her as her slave. The mixture of Specimen and human. Some people would come out and say that it was wrong that Pepper had mixed the two. That humans and specimens should be kept apart. There is no known long term affects of mixing the two. The Company could do with it liked though, it would just blame the Resistance for any mistakes that it did. There was nothing that people could do then. They just accepted that it was the Resistance and moved on. People were gullible.
The same black market boat dealer that sold John and Harris a boat showed up shortly after Pepper and Harris had arrived. Pepper gave one look at him and was instantly disgusted. She just wanted to buy the boat off him and leave to the island. She was getting annoyed with the boat selling talking to her. Pepper hurried him along. She was relieved when he finally handed over the boat and left. Pepper guessed that he didn't get out often. Harris said nothing the whole time the deal was happening. The boat dealer gave Harris a few strange looks. Pepper wondered if the boat dealer had reconsider him from last time Harris had brought a boat from him. Pepper got Harris to help her with getting to boat into the water. It was the same type as the boat that John and Harris had used. The boat was finally setup and the two got in and started saying off - leaving the mainland. It was both of their first times leaving the mainland. Pepper was quite excited to see this island. To see what the Company kept so hidden. She wondered how long it would be until they found out she had left the mainland. The Company didn't like people leaving the mainland. They had laws against it. Pepper had planned to return with good news for them though. With progress for the Company. That's what she was hoping for. It might not come true. But whatever happened Pepper would give it her best. Pepper and Harris sailed for several hours in the boat before reaching the island. Pepper was quite surprised of how different the island looked from the mainland as they sailed into the dock. Quite expertly they did not see someone. There were several small towns in the area that were abandoned that Pepper and Harris would search - looking for signs of John and Khyati. Pepper knew that they would be somewhere on the island. The two got off the boat and walked off the dock towards the town. Harris followed behind Pepper mindlessly.

Khyati enjoyed spending time with John. They would explore the town together and the surrounding areas. Just walking for hours. John had nothing left on the mainland and Khyati never knew anything different. John told Khyati about his past - the Resistance, the Company. Harris. Mary. Pepper. All those that had died. There was little that Khyati could tell John. She told him her first and only memory - of being woken up in the lab where he found her and given instructions such as to walk and climb objects around the lab. The next and only memory Khyati had was being activated by John. Since then she had not be deactivated. Khyati didn't want to be deactivate again. She liked being active. When she was reactive she was not any use. As time went on Khyati saw visions. Other memories. They were terrible visions and Khyati did not like them. She couldn't remember them. It was as they were wiped. It made Khyati wonder if she had her memories wiped. To keep secrets hidden. From the visions that Khyati was having she was not sure if she wanted to get the memories back. But she was curious. Khyati asked John about it but he didn't know of anyway of accessing the memories. He was interested in her finding out about the memories as it might shred some light on what happened to the island.
Khayati had a dream of visiting the hotel. It was unlike it was now. People would be coming and going. Workers would be helping guests with their bags and assisting. People seemed happy. There was no Company. People just did what they wanted. They didn’t have the Company breathing down their neck giving them grief if they did something that the Company did not approve. The restronot where John and Khayata ate food was filled with people. They area was filled with people eating food. The waiters were taking peoples orders - and bringing them dishes of food. The food was beatiful, unlike anything that John had made. Rich meats and vegetables. Sauces. The deserts. Choclate and creams. The scene switched. John sat in front of Khayati. He poured a can of tinned fruit into a bowl. There was going to be no choclate and cream for them. Khayati asked John about leaving the island. She wanted to go to the mainland. Tried to vision what Company occupied area looked like. Khayati wondered if the Company would accept her. John had explained everything. The whole timeline that had lead him to finding her. She felt bad that so many people had died. She didn’t want people to die. That wasn’t her way. She wanted peace for the world. The Company confused her. She didn’t understand why they attacked the govt but thought the Resistance had attacked the Company in the same ways. Khayati wanted to talk to something that wasn’t John. To get a perspective on the Company that wasn’t John. She knew he was biased because he had always been on the other side.

The house that Pepper had broken into wasn’t as nice as the hotel that John had been staying in. Pepper checked the hotel one morning once John and Khayati had left to explore the area. She walked through the foyal. It was similar to the science lab she had visited. Everything had been left as it was - like the people that lived here needed to leave the building quickly. Pepper decided that it would be best for her to talk to Khayati on her own. She needed to come up with a plan to seperate John and Khayati. It wasn’t often that they were far apart. Pepper needed to distract John. The convosation would not take long with Khayati but it was important that John didn’t know they talked. Pepper felt she could trust Khayati to not talk to John about their trust. The more that Pepper watched Khayati the more she thought that Khayati didn’t fully trust John. She seemed annoyed that she was stuck on the island and John didn’t seem to want to leave. It was a dangerous task and it could risk everything. Pepper didn’t even know where her loyalaties stood anymore.

Patrick stood on the shore where John, Harris, Pepper, and the Speciman had left and traveled to the island. There was no way that he was going to travel but he was putting pressure on The Company to do something about these tratiors that had left the mainland. Every one of them had put the people in danger but leaving the island. There was no knowing what had happened to them being exposed to such danger. The Company had their best interest at heart. All Patrick wanted to do was talk to Harris. To find out in his words why his wife had been killed. And now Mary. All of them had been there when Mary was killed. He had lost his wife to these monsters and his daughter. Did they have no morals? He knew Mary was a good person. She worked for the Company to keep everybody safe. She didn’t want to hurt anybody. Unlike this Pepper who had developed Specimans similar to the Govt had in the past. The Company had stopped working on Specimans as it was too dangerous for mankind. The Govt had insisted and pushed the agenda forward. The Resistance was a spinoff of the Govt after the collabse. Everyone was confused over the time line. Dates were moved and timelines were mixed up. Patrick guessed that was why they were so confused. If the island was infected then the Company couldn’t had any of them returning to the mainland in danger of affecting the people in the mainland. Would they guess that something was terribly wrong with the island since there was nobody there. Even the Company didn’t have a presence there.

After the govt building was considered safe it was turned into a Company Camp. Many of the govt officals that were not killed during the attack were rounded up and shipped off the the Company Camp where they were experimented on with the technology that the Company had stolen from the Govt. The Speciman project. Originally developed by the govt the Company found out about the project and wanted it for themselves. They devised a plan to take out the govt and get the tech. To cover up the govt attack they blamed it on the Resistance. The few govt employaies that were left joined the Resistance.

Harris looked through the documents on the laws that had been passed by the judge and lawyers. The media was still talking about it. They never mentioned the Specimans and the islands. Khyati was never talked about on the media. The media was reporting still on the court events but nothing on the island. The Company wanted to keep it blacked out. It was important for the Company to protect the people from the island.

The scientists left Khyati. Together they decided it was too dangerous to take her to the main island. They were all rushed off the island quickly. The sirens blasted warning of people to leave. The scientists were told that the govt had came under attack and that the Company were requesting all personal to leave the island and head towards the mainland - reporting to the Company. They gave a message to leave everything behind - to deactive Khyati and all other Specimans. Some of the scientists were upset about leaving the island. It had been their lifes work and they didn't trust the Company. They had worked for the Govt and enjoyed the work. The Company blamed the Resistance on the attacks but not all the scientists believed them.

Pepper finally came up with a plan to seprate John and Khyati. One day when the two was entering the science lab danger room. Pepper was able to set the door to close after John had walked through the door - locking it for a short time. This locked Khyati out the door and gave Pepper a chance to talk to Khyati. Pepper had both the Speciman and Harris with her in order to show Khyati the creations that Pepper had created. The plan worked fine. Khyati was locked out and John was inside. There was no way that John would be able to get out until Pepper actived the door again. On the otherside of the door John banged the door and pressed the buttons. It would not open for him. On the outside of the door Pepper was able to approach Khyati with her followed Speciman and Harris. She explained quickly why she was on the island and the danger that Khyati was assested as. Khyati was able to meet Speciman and Harris - the later developments of herself. This was something that Khayti didn’t relized had happened. She thought that she was the only one. Having others like her changed things. It meant that she wanted to learn more about them, to spend time with them. John continued to bang on the door. Pepper gave Khyati the choice. She could open up the door and John would come out. Pepper and the others could leave first. John wouldn’t know about them. Another option was to let John out and see how he would interact with Pepper and everyone standing outside. There was enough of them to overpower him but then he would know everything. The final and most brutal option was to leave John. Everyone could go back to the hotel and just leave John locked in the room. Going back to the mainland could also be done but it’s unknown how the Company would react to the Specimans being brought back to the mainland after being on the island. Everyone stood around Khayti waiting for an answer. It was a hard decision for Khayti to come up with. She felt loyality to John since he had been the one that had actived her. But he felt that he was using her for something. He was looking for something. Khayti thought that it might be the Speciman that he was looking for. She found out that John had lost contact with the Speciman when he activated Khayti. One thing about leaving John in the room is it would be the end of the Resistance. He was the ring leader. There would be nothing standing in the way of the Company. Except for Pepper. Her loyalities had changed. After everything she learnt she no longer trusted the Company so much. She felt they had manapilited her into a way of thinking. She didn’t want to be on their side during their downfall. She had already done so much hard in the name of the Company. Pepper pestered Kahyti for an answer but no reply was given. Kahyti went over all the options in her head. Forcing Pepper and other others to leave now - she might never see them again. John would then come out of the room. He wouldn’t know that Pepper was here. John and Kahyti would continue searching to island. It would be somewhat pointless. Kahyti would have no idea how John would react to just letting him out of the room and letting him see Pepper and the others. He could be angry, or he might not care. Leaving John was the final answer. John would be able to only survive for several days in the room. Then he would die. Kahyti could go with Pepper and the others. They could stay on the island and be happy together or they could leave the island and head back to the mainland where they may clash with the Company.
Kahyti had made up her mind.

The door shut suddenly behind John as he walked into the lab. It had trapped Khyati on the outside. He banged on the door trying to get Khayti to open it from the otherside. It seemed the door was jammed and John was unable to open it from the inside. Khyati might not be able to open it from the outside either. John was quite frightened to be locked in the room. He needed to find a way to unjam the door or another exit. He continued to look around the room for any clues on how to get out. There was nothing. The room was a forturse. No windows. No exit doors. Where he had found Kahyti were other prototypes. These were the ones that had failed. John wasn't able to active them.

John was growing worried. He was concerned that the door had been shut and locked from te outside. Khyati would’t answer when he banged on the door.

When John returned to the mainland everything had changed. No longer was the Company in control. There had been an uprising and the Resistance had taken control. They glorified John. Considered him a hero for activating Khyati. John tried to find out what had happened since he had gone. The media stations were completely different. Tehere was still 3 but they were controlled by the Resistance. Specimens similar to Khyati walked amongst everyone. John had to question whether he had done the right thing activating Khyati. He had made it off the island on the boat he had arrived in. Losing track of time but he knew it had been many years since he had left the mainland. He expected it to be different. A govt still hadn't’t been setup. There were no elections like there was before the attack on the govt. The Resistance had control now. John was offered a seat on the table of decision makers. They knew he had gone through allot and wanted to reward him. The Resistance had taken control of the Company Camps. The experiments that they had been doing to create Specimens were shutdown. Those that worked for the Company were arrested by the police

There was nothing that could be done for Harris. Any attempt to separate the Specimen from him would cause him to die. He had to live the rest of his life being controlled by to Specimen. Pepper stayed with him. Assisted him in getting through it. It was her development and she felt that she was the one that needed to oversee everything. Pepper had been working on giving Harris more control but attempts had failed and only made the Specimen want more control. It had started infecting his mind. Taking over his thoughts.

Khyati decided to just leave locked away in the room. She had had enough of being around him and wanted to get spend time with her own kind and someone that understood her more. Khyati took Pepper, Harris and the Speciman back to the hotel where they ate tinned fruit. Khyati was excited that there were others in the world similar to her. It was interesting for her to find out that Pepper had created others like Khyati after the govt program had shut down. It confused Khyati why the program was shutdown. Pepper told her that it was because the world considered Khyati to be dangerous. Khyati did not feel dangerous though. She didn’t want to harm anyone. Khyati leant about Mary and how she worked for the company. How Mary had been killed by Harris when John had left for the island.

Fall of Copy is a novel written by William Mckee as part of the National Novel Writing Month in November 2016. It was his third attempt at writing a novel for the event. The first year only 9,000 words were written. In 2015 William successfully wrote 53,000 words and ‘won’ the event. 2016 started off steady keeping ahead of the wordcount for the first 15 days. Then he went to a conference in Wellington and didn’t write for several days. Time went on and he felt blocked and sick of the novel. He felt he needed feedback in order to procide with it. After bening misrable he wrote some code instead. Behind on the wordcount it is unlikely that the novel will be finished for the event but see how it goes. A sudden burst of inspiration may happen.

Improvement on last year. No weird time or character things. Focus on a few but consistent characters. Tried for more realism but didn’t last when the idea of Specimans were introduced. Idea of mainland vs island. Company dominates the mainland and the island is abandand. Kill off few major characters. Work with and develop families more.

Khyati felt sick. She felt bad that she had left John locked in the room. She decided once Pepper was asleep to go back to the lab and let him out. When Khyati returned to the lab to let him out she noticed that he wasn’t in the room. He had been locked in there but he had gotten out somehow. Khyati had no idea how it happened. She was confussed and missed John. Had he left the island or was he hurt. She wanted to go to the mainland and search for him. The boat that Pepper had arrived on was still docked in the water. Khyati prepped it to go to the mainland. She always wanted to see the mainland. John had told her what it was like. Khyati had finished prepping the boat and was ready to take off. As she took off she looked back on the island and reflected on the time she had spent there. She was ready for something bigger. She had spent her whole life there being ordered around by others and now she had decided to be free. To escape. Khyati wasn’t sure what the mainland would bring her. She knew that it would be much different to the island. She was worried that people might not accept her because she was different to everyone else. She was a development of the Speciman program.

Pepper noticed that Khyati was missing when she woke up. Straight away Pepper went to the science lab. Pepper knew that would be the first place that Khyati would of gone. She likely would of changed her mind in leaving John. Pepper entered the lab and yelled through the door that she was going to enter. John might still be there - Khyati might of taken off by herself. There was no reply from John. Pepper entered the lab. There was no sign on Khyati or John. Pepper knew that Khyati must of came and escaped with John. She rushed towards the dock. A boat was missing. They would of gone to the mainland. Pepper paniced. Khyati going to the mainland would be extremely dangerous. Khyati or John didn’t know how bad it could be if she made it to the mainland. Pepper rushed back to the hotel to get Harris and the Speciman. She couldn’t return to the mainland without them. Once Pepper had collected Harris and the Speciman she rushed back to the dock and prepped the boat to take off. She moved quickly and swiftly. Once the boat was ready she took off, not looking back.

The infection from the Speciman had spread quickly amongst the people. It overpowered the Company and the Resistance took rise. John lead them to victory. Some of the people were imune to the infection but many were infected and the result was a hybrid human and speciman creature similar to what had happened to Harris. Some of the effects were worse on some - they lost control of themselves and the Speciman took full control. These were the ones that the Resistance had to hunt down and kill. Others it didn’t affect so much - the human was still able to maintain control. The Resistance spend a long time attempting to find Pepper. They sent troops to the island to find her and bring her to the island. There was no luck. They couldn’t find Pepper on the mainland or the island. The Resistance knew if they had Pepper she might be able to help with the hybrids that lost control of their bodies. The Resistance searched the hotel where Pepper had stayed after John had left the island. Empty fruit tins were everywhere. The ga

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